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An international crime wave, Pit Bull Owner "Dine and Dashing"

"Man biters were always culled"

Let’s face it, America’s relationship with dogs has changed with the proliferation of Pit Bulls, the Pit Bull Advocacy Money-Machine and the non-stop, Serengeti-like daily maulings. Despite assurances from the Pit Bull community and the Dog Lobby, America’s annual death rate from dogs has surged from just five in 1974 to an average of 31 annually over the past few years with Pit Bulls and Rottweilers leading the body count. On a population adjusted basis, this represents a quadrupling of the Country’s DBRF rate. Deaths are just the tip of the iceberg as there have been thousands of terrible maulings, not to mention the countless, unlucky neighborhood dogs shredded by Pit Bulls.

The Pit Bull Play Book: Now believed to actually be a cookbook 

The latest craze taken from the Pit Owner playbook is fleeing from stunned attack victims using the Dine and Dash, or “the D&D“. A variety of techniques can be used during a D&D, from blatantly hauling ass, to giving phony names and offering a worthless promise to pay med/vets bills. Sometimes the reckless owner will traffic the animal to another locality to avoid it‘s euthanization. There have even been cases where serial D&Ders have plagued a region for months intentionally siccing the dogs on victims while using a pre-planned exit strategy to disappear during the ensuing shock and mayhem. 

By fleeing the scene, the owner escapes financial liabilities, citations/fines, and the possible euthanization of their fur-baby. They also avoid a punishment worse than death for them; condemnation/banishment from the world of Pit Nutterdom from becoming "The Bad Owner".  The crazy legal twist about the D&D, is that unlike car accidents, there is no criminal penalty for leaving the scene of a dog attack in most cities. The owner is merely looking at the fines from the bite citation even if caught, so there is no legal incentive to stay. To keep from being mauled again with un-recouped vet/medical bills, and lost wages, you must keep your wits about you and be “at the Ready” for the Pit Owner to execute their D&D plan. Additionally, one must consider the other dreaded consequence of a successful D&D…painful and expensive Rabies vaccinations since the offending wigglebutt will not be properly quarantined.


Below, are tactics you can use to defeat the D&D. From this point forward the Perp will be referred to as “the Flea-Bag”….

1. Despite pleas from the Flea-Bag, report the attack immediately. Don’t even mess with calling the Pit lovers at Animal Control, they will probably be busy subsidizing Pit Bull Spay Neuters anyway.... Call 911 and report to police you have been attacked by a Pit Bull. Law enforcement will be handy in getting proper Identification from a potential Flea-Bag. Insist LEO’s actually ask for the Flea-Bag’s ID and record it on the Police Report.

2. If the Flea-Bag offers to exchange phone numbers, have them “Hit you on the hip with their Digits” by calling your cell number. This way you will have the real one instead of a phony.

3. Expect a phony name to be given, so use your smart phone to take a picture of the dog and the Flea-Bag. This will be extremely helpful in a subsequent Flea-Bag Manhunt. Recently, Mobile technology and social networking successfully manhunted down a Flea-Bag in Chicago who turned out to be a city police officer. No wonder Chicago is one of the nation’s top Pit-Holes! Pit-Hole

4. If the Flea-Bag starts hauling ass in a car, try to write the license plate number down with anything available; in the dirt with a stick,…use your finger to write with blood on a fence or on the side of a car in a parking lot. If in the parking lot of a business and the above tactics are impossible, the last resort may be asking the business for surveillance video of the Flea-Bag‘s nutter-vehicle.

5. Get names and phone numbers of any witnesses. They will be handy if the Flea-Bag generates the ole “You or your dog provoked mine” excuse in Court.

6. When the Pit Bull Social Workers from animal Control eventually contacts you, don’t be surprised to get an semi-adversarial response from them, since one of their precious Pit Bulls is involved…They may ask you to drop charges against the Flea-Bag if they agree to euthanize the dog. Don’t. The public safety determination of the animal is a separate matter from any citations and fines to the owner. These need to go on record since the Flea-Bag can easily obtain another Pound Pittie in fifteen minutes and start the maul-cycle all over again.

Dine and Dashes may also be called "The Maul and Haul" or "The Bit and Split". Click each snippet to see the real world Dine and Dash techniques used on victims:

"Pit Bulls score higher on ATTS than Beagles, MFer!"
Aug 2013, San Francisco, CA; Police are asking assistance for tracking down the pit mook in the above photo. He owes a $3300 vet bill

Aug 2013, Staten Island, NY; 60 year old woman mauled by two loose pit bulls. The owners are seen loading them into a car and leaving. Neighbor's provide police the license plate number  When is this behavior going to be felonized?

Nov 1987. Galveston, TX; 83 year old Johannes Wilkins is mauled beyond recognition by his pit breeding neighbor's loose pit bulls.  Surgeons had to amputate his arm and he dies from his injuries 5 weeks later. The pit perps vanished from Galveston while he was hospitalized

Aug 2013, Chesnham, UK; While a pit mook takes a nap under a tree in a public park, his pit bull attacks a blind woman and her guide dog. The pit-snoozer awakens just in time to leave the scene

Aug 2013, Minneapolis, MN; 7 year old disabled boy is bitten by a Pit Bull at a YMCA Women's Triathalon Event. The owners slither off and he is now on his 4th Rabies shot.

Aug 2013, Columbus, OH; Pit mook arrested for failure to keep a nuisance dog confined, hindering the capture of an animal, failure to vaccinate one of the dogs for rabies, and failure to register both of the dogs after his two loose pit bulls attack a woman walking her dog.  Claims "He is a victim too"

Aug 2013, South Ponte Vedra Beach, FL;  After Pit Bull owners the Schumers and their insurance company Dine and Dash on three victims a law suit is filed. "The victim asked Ms. Shumer to call the dogs away and was told “they don’t bite.” After she was injured and Emergency Medical Services was called, Shumer ran away with the dogs."  This was F-Troop Animal Control by the county

Photo: Darwin Award: Owner steals pit bull from shelter, flees after it attacks two people, then pit bull attacks owner
Aug 2013, Graves County, KY; After his pit bull attacks a woman and child, this Nutter breaks into the A/C facility to redeem it and goes on the lam. Police locate him when he is treated at a hospital after beast attacks him.  The police shoot it when it attacks them  Not only does the pit bull community not cull man biters, they worship them!

Aug 2013, Jackson, NJ; Man attacked by his "friends" pit bull.  Police APB after he traffics it

July 2013, Duquesne, PA; After 3 year old boy is bitten by a pit bull in the face, neighbors see "one of the men run out the back with the black dog"   
UK D&D Blood covered Nutter Scum caught in action! 

Criminal goes back to jail for D&D attempt
July 2013, Victorville, CA; Pit Nutter Cheryl Morrow who tried to flee the scene of her pit bull biting a boy on a high school playing field, then almost ran over a Good Samaritan with her car. She gets a two year prison sentence

Photo: Dine-n-Dash: Unleashed pit bull-mix bites boy while running laps with his baseball team
July 2013, Providence, RI; Unleashed pit bull bites boy on a public baseball field. Owner collects the animals, was nice enough to say "Sorry", then hauls ass.

June 2013, Peoria, IL; After a 10 year old girl is severely mauled and rescued by two construction workers with hammers. Pit Bull Owner Rita Washington scuffles the mauler back into her home without even attempting to help the child. When authorities arrive she attempts to give them another dog.  A crowd had gathered and cheered when Police hauled her off in handcuffs
May 2013, San Diego, CA; Pit Perp who was taking care of his brother's dogs is convicted of 4 misdemeanors after allowing four pit bulls to maul two joggers. When they asked him to call for help, he told them to "Fuck Off" and left them to crawl through the darkness until they found help and were life flighted. The attack strapped them with $130, 000 in medical bills  This was an attempted Murder!

Nice use of smart phone technology, but get those license plate numbers!
May 2013, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada; Angry dog owner launches cyber web after two pit perps flee the scene of their crime.

May 2013, Edmonds, WA; After a dog scuffle video makes it's way onto the internet, pit bull foster mommie is arrested.  She can't make her court hearing due to head lice quarantine  The pit bull mauled in the video was imported from California where they just had their 47th Pit bull DBRF...These pit crazies are a public safety threat!
March 2013, Warner Robbins, GA; Pit owner dine and dashes from Petsmart after "Nos" attacks a boy. Police are looking for a red Chevy 4-door with the plate: ATW0455 from Forsyth County. This Nanny dog apparently didn't "Nos" not to bite a child in a Pitsmart!...

The pitbull's owner grabs his dog during the prolonged attack
Former British Army Colonel uses social media cyber web to ensnare pit mook!
March 2013, Biddenham, UK King Charles Spaniel owner posts pics of the pit owner who gave her a phony name after this 25 minute attack

March 2013, Sand Springs, OK; When a being attacked by a pit bull drags it to a nearby to a house where it is stabbed off by rescuers, Pit owner Gary Brashears flees the scene. Turns out Gary had 11 arrest warrants and previous vicious dog citations

Feb 2013, Atlanta, GA; Belligerent pit owner refuses to leash his pit bulls in a public park. Assaults woman with 2 kids. Caught on video and arrested for simple battery. Use those camera phones folks!

Jan 2013, Anthem , AZ; Pit owner gives phony contact information to the owner of a collie that was attacked at a dog park.

Jan 2013, Kelso, OR, When A/C shows after a mail carrier is bitten a pit bull, the owner and the dog jump out a bedroom window, go on the lam and become D&D fugitives  Man biters were culled back in 1881! 

Jan 2013, Washington Heights, NY; Members of the J. Hood Wright Canine Club ask for public assistance in policing a local dog park after a woman and her dog are attacked by three pit bulls. The scum owners fled

Feb 2013, Castroville, CA; Man loses finger trying to save his min-pin when they are attacked during a walk. The pit owning scum do not assist, instead they flee the scene

Nov 2012, Seattle, WA; When a loose pit bull runs across the street at two teenage girls, they brush the animal away. This discriminatory act enrages the pit bull owner, who gets in her car and runs them over at 35 MPH.  The Nutter later tries to dictate her surrender terms to police

T-Bone's owner got T-Boned with a $6600 Vet bill
Dec 2012, San Diego, CA; An Active duty sailor stationed in San Diego becomes deeply distracted and immerses herself in the off-duty world of pit bull foster mommying. After her third attack on neighbor' s pets, she trafficks the vicious pit bull, and transfers leaving a chihuahua owner with a $6600 vet bill  PS...This is why vets love pit bulls. T-Bone's lucky vet will get to retire a month earlier now

Oct 2012, San Diego, CA; 22 year old Pit Nutter offers to allow her 4 year old cousin pet her Pit Bull, neighbors have to pound it with rocks to make it release the Girl's head. She is caught by Police loading her Pit Bull into her car and heading for Tijuana

Being a Pit lover means having to say "I'm sorry" without really meaning it
Sep 2012, Fremont, CA; Pit Bull attacks girl in public park and the owner throws it in his car and hauls ass. He was nice enough to say "I'm Sorry" before hightailing it. Witnesses got his license plate number.

Aug 2012, Longview, WA; Boy back in the hospital for rabies vaccinations after Pit Nutter refuses to produce her mauler. She falsifies rabies certificate and traffics the animal out of town. OMS Note to Longview Authorities: Next time this happens, deliver the perp to the DOD SERE school at nearby Fairchild AFB. Two minutes on the water board and you'll have your mauler!

Aug 2012, Washington County, PA; 11 year old boy gets mauled by Uncle's three Pit Bulls while playing a video game. The Uncle coaches him to lie about the attack, then disappears with the three Pit Bulls resulting in his nephew receiving rabies shots
There should be felony child endangerment charges here, but preparations for Pit Bull Awareness month have started, so A/C is swamped...

Aug 2012, TX ; Crazed Nutter sics his Pit pack on family and their dog. After fighting them off, determined father gets the perp's license plate number. Two Months later Nutter is indicted by Grand Jury.

Aug 2012, Alberta Province, Canada; Police have laid aggravated assault charges against Rita Phillip, 57, Phillip disappeared shortly after the Pit Bull attack that landed her friend in the Calgary ICU  D&D International Crime Wave!

*UPDATE: Rita was apprehended after a tipster spotted her living it up in a local Casino. She missed her first Court appearance due to malingering in a hospital so the Judge revoked her bail

pit bull money
Santa Monica CA: City slammed for $325,000 D&D Bucks!
Aug 2012, Santa Monica, CA settles for $325,000 with family of boy mauled in one of it‘s public parks by a Pit Bull. The owner has left the state and is thought to be in the Great Dog fighting State of Georgia working in Pit Rescue or possibly Dekalb Co Animal Control
person county fatal dog attackDMX the pit bull fatal maulingAntonio Ford denies dog is responsible
Piticide: The Ole "Wash the victim's blood off the pit" trick fails!
Aug 2012, Person County, NC; After his pit bull "DMX" kills 65 year old Eugene Cameron, pit owner Antonio Ford tries the Ole "Wash the victim's blood off the pit trick".  DNA Testing proved that DMX did the deed and Ford is arrested for Manslaughter and Obstruction of Justice  DBRF!

joel nevarez Sic Her: Man, Dog Attack Bride At Denver Wedding
This one puts the capital "N" in the word Nutter
 Aug 2012, Denver, CO; Mental patient Joel Narvaez sics Pit Bull Skylo* on wedding couple, thought to be heading for Mexico…*Skylo is likely to be an “Emotional Needs” Service Pit  This one pissed off the OMS Staff, so we wrote a song about it. Here it goes!

 Hey little sister who's your crazy man,
Hey little sister who's the one you didn't want,
 Somebody grab a shot gun!
It's a nice day to snarl again.
It's a nice day for a red wedding!

Aug 2012, Oklahoma, After DNA test results prove that two Pit Bulls killed 92 year old James Hurst, it turns out the owners have fled the jurisdiction DBRF!

Flying Pit Dine and Dash...Jeez!
June 2012, Milwaukee, WI; After pit bull leaps off second story balcony to maul a man walking on the street, the 37 old pit owner lies about his identity. The suspect is currently on probation and according to police, he faces charges of state obstructing, violation of probation and will receive numerous citations

2012*** PIT NUTTER APB***, Silver SUV Washington Plates ADF6496. Attacked Service dog in Vet office parking lot , Owner considered armed and dangerous with all sorts of “facts” regarding Pit Bull safety

July 2012, Gilroy, CA; Unnamed Pit owner owns Pit Bull less than 24 hours before grips a small dog and injures its owner at a Starbucks. Despite CA State Law require dog owners to provide License and vaccination info within 48 hours, no charges!

*Update...This D&Der actually did receive a $100 dollar ticket for violating the CA penal code provision of not providing license information to the victim. She has offered to write a "Letter of Apology". No word of compensating the victim for  medical costs and killing her dog.

Abusive city cop ensnared by social media cyber web 

Karen Stewart, on left, sits with her attorney, Patricia Locke, as court proceedings begin in the civil trial of Adam Bemis in Lincoln District Court on Tuesday, February 7, 2011. After being mauled by Bemis's dog in November, Stewart's right arm had to be amputated, and her left arm also sustained considerable injury which required skin grafts from her leg. Bemis failed to appear for the court proceedings, during which Judge Kevin Stitham imposed a fine of $1,000, the maximum allowed by Maine state law. Stitham also imposed restictions concerning Bemis's ownership of any dogs.
Lesson: Never be friends with a pit owner

pit bull money
$1000 Pit Buck reward, social and broadcast media use prevents pregnant victim from receiving Rabies vaccinations! Pitco and Pitsmart really cater to the Pit Bull Dine and Dash clientele

 Arson D&D!

pit bull money
A jury mauls Pit owners for $519,000 Dine and Dash Bucks!

Authorities offered a $10,000 reward for the location of the trafficked pit bulls!
Pit super mommie tried hiding her kid mauler from the dog warden!

2006 Salem MA; Diabolical Flea-Bag claims to be Animal Behaviorist and leaves phony name   "John Winston, Certified Animal Behaviorist and I am an expert!"
 Anybody have a lead on this Pit-Cue Ball?!? 
 Police ask for public assistance hunting down this pit-perp 

The pit bull and one of two people with it when Ellen Sy and her daughter were attacked are seen on a videotape made at Sy's apartment.
Wanted Dead or Alive; $500 Reward for this Pit Perp caught on surveillance video!


Pit advocacy stunt goes bad!
2010 PA; Pit pushing Police officer who was hell bent on using Pits and Cane Corsos as police dogs tries the ole “Above the Law” trick. Nailed when a witness wrote down her license plate number.

Feb 2010 Idyllic Calgary; Serial Pit Bull D&D psychopath escapes jail time

2005, Colorado, This Pit perp couldn't be troubled to attend his Manslaughter trial: Charged with criminally negligent homicide for the November 2003 fatal mauling of horse rescuer Jennifer Brooke, 40, by three pit bulls in Elbert County, Colorado, William Lawrence Gladney, 48, is still at large. Missing a scheduled court appearance in the case on January 18, 2005, Gladney was additionally named in an arrest warrant in connection with the October 23, 2004 shooting death of Marlo Earl Johnson, 35, at an Adams County motel.

Nov 2009, Fredericksburg, VA; 60 year old woman sustains mauling trying to save her Lab from her Ex-Con Son's Pit Bull. The son convinces her to lie and tell authorities that a Rottweiler attacked them while out on a walk. Both are convicted of filing a false police report and charged $2652 to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of the wild goose chase

May 2009, Van Buren, AR; Scott Pullman's Pit Bulls attack a 76 year old man out walking his dogs. The victim suffers significant arm and nerve injuries and may lose hand, Pullman tries the ole "Hide the Pit Trick" and was arrested on charges of obstructing government operations, harboring a vicious dog, allowing a dog to run at large, and for having no city tags or vaccination for the dog.  

Date Unknown; After pulling ole “Leave a phony name and screwing up the wedding” Trick, Flea-Bag gets mauled by determined victim who went over Animal Control's head and all the way to the State Dangerous Dog bureau
ALBUQUERQUE, NM 2004: 20 year old Nutter Dine and Dashes from his own attack after his Darwin Doggie bites off his Pee-Pee (Ouchee!). Officials at a nearby school call parents to pick up students due to school siege threat from loose Pee-Pee eater..   Darwin Dog, Dine and Dash and school siege attack all rolled up in one attack...A world record!

 2008 London,; Douchebag Flea-Bag caught on CCTV attacking guide dog and leaving her owner helpless

1998 Florida; Flea-Bag captured by police boat during amphibious D&D attempt

2011; Yet another Calgary Dine and Dash

1998 Philadelphia; Boys sic 6 Pit Bulls on 100 school children in epic D&D

When his Pit bull kills his brother,  a Nutter tries the ole "Dye the pit trick"
1997 NY;  When his Pit Bull kills Flea-Bag’s own brother, he traffics it to another community and tries the ole “Dye the Pit” trick

Sep 2008, St Louis, MO; In perhaps the zaniest D&D of all time, when a volunteer has leg amputated from a Tiger mauling, the exotic big cat nutters conjure up a story that a pit bull did it.  Authorities actually believed the injuries were caused by a pit bull until several days later when one of the group confessed  *OMS Note: This Tiger mauling may be the only time in history where Pit Bulls actually did get a Bad Rap!

April 2007, Mount Carmel, TN; Pit bull mauls woman at Laurel Run Park; dog's owner gives victim bogus ID. Victim now needs Rabies shots

2008 Vancouver, BC, Canada; Homeless Nutter living in a blue van down by the river perpetrates three D&D attacks over a period of months

2012 Tennessee Man desperately seeks Flea-Bag to avoid Rabies shots

Wisconsin 2010; Crazy Pit Mommie tries the ol “The Lab did it” trick to save the animal that bit her own 18 month old son, sigh…

Department of Fish Game tracking dog leads agents to this Darwin pittie still covered in his owner's blood stashed in their garage!
2008 WA couple tries the ole “Blame the Cougar “ trick to save their own wiggle butt that mauled them

2011 FL; Babysitters try the ole “Blame the stray Boxer” trick when their Pit Bull puts a boy in their care into life flight helicopter

2009 IL; Another D&D in a Vet office parking lot, leaves victims facing Rabies vaccinations

Broke out her granddaughter's three teeth but the pit granny tried to traffic the animal to an unsuspecting community!
April 2008, Aurora, CO; Pit Granny‘s illegal Pit Bull mauls 4 year old Granddaughter in the face while pit sitting. The Nutter attempts to traffic the dog to a more maul-friendly city

Nov 2005, Omaha, NE; Pit Nutter is arrested after her Pit Bull attacks a boy and she traffics the dangerous mauler to an undisclosed location. The boy faces Rabies shots but she refuses to give up the mauler. OMS Note: Too bad we can‘t send these neighborhood Pit Terrorists to Gitmo for a 20 minute waterboarding session

Dog bite victim's injuries
They used them as Nanny dogs in England...
Oct 2004, Edinburgh, Scotland, Staffordshredder Bull Terrier attacks girl at the Royston Primary School Police asked for the public help finding the owner when she left this girl bleeding at the scene

April 2001, Providence, RI; Pit Nutter lowlife pulls the Ole Dine and Dash routine after his Pit Bull bites children at a school for the Deaf

Nov 1995, Yakima, WA; Two pit bulls that fatally mauled 75 year old retired Animal Control Officer Walter Feser are stolen from the Yakima Animal Control Facility  Ever wonder where the meth dealer's get their guard dogs?!?

And Now For The Grand Finale!...
Pit bull breaks it's leash to rip the voice box out of a talking concrete pig at a BBQ joint and the owner slithers off! * Disclaimer: You Can't Make this shit up!

These were just a small sample of the many D&Ds selected for training purposes. Takeaway should be, never, ever trust a Pit owner! As stated earlier, America’s relationship with dogs has changed. Until Dine and Dash behavior is criminalized, you are pretty much on your own.

 CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully completed On-line Dine and Dash Prevention Training. Sorry, there is no certificate….but Remember!....


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And You Can’t Make this Stuff Up!


  1. Well it seems here that all you have done is make the case that no, its not the pit bulls fault, its the OWNERS FAULT. 1. You should not be taking your dog aggressive pit bull to a dog park. 2. There were a few articles here describing owners who allowed, even encouraged, their pit bulls to attack. This is the dogs fault how? The OWNER is encouraging and allowing the dog to attack. 3. You should NEVER let any dog run around off leash in a public area. 4. The news articles that describe the pit bull turning on its own owner or family member are just a composed of a quick short paragraph. No description of what may have provoked the attack, nothing. Basically all that you have done is put together a whole list of news articles showing that its all about irresponsible ownership, and that is exactly what pit bull supporters have always said, its not the dog that is the issue, its the person who owns the dog that is the issue, and you have put that fact into a correct light. Very nice job.

    1. of course the owner is in the equation! only psychopaths and idiots would own one of these mutants.

    2. Nah Pit Mook...The common thread in every pit bull attack is that a Pit Breeder produced and sold a mauler. Many of the "Perps" here are young, ethereal, well intentioned owners who panicked when the bull baiting genetics kicks in and their nutter world is flipped upside down.

      Please stop disrepecting the dogmen...They toiled day and night killing many animals selecting these things.

      “Genetics does play a role and people who think it doesn’t are kidding themselves,” says Dodman. “The pit bull is notorious for a very hard bite. They are always No. 1 in the lethal dog bite parade. The dog was bred for pit fighting. It was bred to never give up, to bite and hang on.” Dr Nicholas Dodman

      1987: The injuries these dogs inflict are more serious than other breeds because they go for the deep musculature and don't release; they hold and shake, says Sheryl Blair of the Tufts Veterinary School, in North Grafton, Mass., which last year held a symposium entitled Animal Agression: Dog Bites and the Pit Bull Terrier

      "I'm not aware of any other breed of animal that has ever been singled out this way," said Franklin Loew, dean of the Tufts University school of veterinary medicine in Boston. "This is man biting dog."

      “No doubt about it, pit bulls are genetically predisposed toward aggression,” he told the magazine. “Just as certain breeds of dogs were bred to herd, certain were bred to hunt, certain to point, and others to swim.” Dr Nicholas Dodman

    3. Congratulations anon, all your list has proven is that pit nutters are grossly negligent and incapable of reason, even when consistently proffered facts. That nutters are psychopaths, victim blaming and assault excusing, and that pits are the farthest thing from a safe and reasonable pet for families, and exposes the nanny dog hoax.

      Your reading comprehension is nonexistent as well. Pits attacked other dogs outside dog parks. Pits attacked people and pets while still ON the leash. Some of the pit owners themselves tried (or succeeded) stopping the attack and high tailing it immediately--a far cry from encouraging or "egging the pit on".

      Your little bullet list confirms that Pits are too powerful, too violent, too aggressive, too volatile, too unpredictable and attack spontaneously for no good reason...
      Very nice job.

      All pit attacks are a result of provocation?
      Yeah... I'm so sure a woman walking to her car or riding a horse or strolling her baby or being blind or a disabled boy spectating a triathlon were irrefutably provoking an attack. This doesn't even factor the scores of helpless (often sleeping at the time of attack) infants slaughtered by the familys unabused, raised from puppyhood wiggle butts.

      You are just as disgusting and reprehensible as the rapists who assert their victim was asking for it or pedophiles claiming a child seduced them or was "too sexy". No words for your brand of evil.

    4. I'd like to add one more thing--there is nothing, absolutely nothing these victims could have done to solicit such violence. Are you going to assert a whole bunch of what-ifs?? What if the person looked at them funny, or exhibited body language the pit didnt like, or smelled weird, or walked within a 10ft radius of the animal, or breathed weird or laughed or cried or made a noise that bothered the dog...? What a crock. Like any of that is a viable excuse.
      If those things "are enough to provoke the pit", how in the hell can you nutters assert the animal has any place in human society?? That they should be pets to anyone, anywhere?? Which is it? Harmless family wiggle butt or hyper sensitive animal overreacting over some 3rd party stimuli/doesn't know any better?
      You can't have it both ways. These are mutually exclusive temperaments. Any dog that would rend people/things/animals to peices over even the most subtle, innocuous things cannot EVER be a good pet.

    5. Jenny,

      Thanks for your comments. There has been some debate to pull the D&D piece down as it may serve as an "how to" manual for idiot pit owners like anoni-nutter. The stories here probably have the hamsters on the treadmill in her brain generating phony names in case of an "unpleasant incident".

      The D&D piece shall remain with the hope that one day leaving the scene of a dog mauling will be treated the same as leaving the scene of a car accident...A felony.

      They tell us "Punish the Deed", after all...

  2. great quote from the dean of tufts. i added it to the collection.

  3. i prefer snack n dash , since pits and their owners seem to have it in for snack -sized dogs .....not snack-sized dog. though maybe her too .
    love the waterboarding idea , dawn

  4. i can't take credit snarky. this is vintage's fine work.

  5. well , its a fine idea , i wish it could be implemented .

  6. The simple act of breathing is the Number 1 provocation for attack by a pitbull, that's all it takes !!!! But be warned, pitbulls have also been known to attack dead people and animals and even inanimate objects. So maybe I should change the Number 1 provocation from 'breathing' to simply 'Existing'

  7. "Pit Bulls score higher on ATTS than Beagles, MFer!"

    your best caption for a photo to date.

  8. So you're telling me that if a child acts bad, it's the child's fault? No its the parenting. Same goes for dogs. I AM A PROUD PIT OWNER. Who was rescued by me, from a dumpster. She's never ever been aggressive, not even to the two cats i have that paw at her or play with her wagging tail. Shes not aggressive unless she feels like I'm in danger. For example, this one guy was passing by me and was less than 6 inches from my face which made me feel uneasy and trying to cope a feel on me while I was walking her one night, she barked which made him back up, she stepped closer to me and barked again with a growl when he took off running. It has a lot to do with obedience training and how you raise them. She is so nice with children and to new people, she just loves the attention. Stop spreading ignorance. Pit bulls aren't the only dogs that attack, but yet get the most media attention. Every dog can attack, most dogs can cause serious injury, but that doesn't mean that those breeds are all aggressive. Good God, I guess ignorance is bliss.

  9. i am amazed at what these mutants dogs find edible.