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A pit bull once saved it's "unconscious" owner by pulling her off the railroad tracks...

Nearly everyday someone is rescued from a berserk, sustained attack by a Pit Bull. The rescuers could be a police officer with a gun, a construction worker with a hammer, a neighbor with a 2x4 or just a good Samaritan who takes a mauling for a child.

Recently, pit bull advocates have been milking an incident where an "unconscious" pit bull owner was supposedly pulled off the railroad tracks before an oncoming train by her dog. Lost in the story was the fact that the "unconscious" woman had actually passed out drunk while walking home from boozing with a friend!

Periodically, the pit bull advocates will cycle contrived pit-heroism stories. These normally consist of the phantom sexual attacker that no one ever sees, the reckless trailer dweller without functioning smoke alarms or taking a bite from a venomous snake and instantly dying. The purpose of the stories is to create a smokescreen as to why the public should tolerate the continued breeding of pit bulls and absorb the ever increasing stream of maulings.

As of October 2013, 226 Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls since the last CDC Report which documented 330 DBRFs from all breeds in the US between 1979 and 1998. Pit Bulls are currently on pace to exceed 330 DBRFs by September 2017.

Moving onward...Real Heroes!

The Carnegie Medal is the most respected and recognized Life Saving award in the world

The highly respected Carnegie Foundation has been recognizing heroes in North America since 1904. Of the nearly 150 Life Saving medals they have presented to rescuers during animal attacks, 49 have gone for canine incidents. Excluding the 12 medals awarded for rabid canines in the earlier part of the 20th century,...Since 1985; 30 of the 38 awards have gone to individuals saving lives during pit bull attacks. In many instances, the selfless hero sustains a mauling saving the victim. The remainder of awards have gone to a handful of Rottweiler, Doberman and GSDs attacks.... nearly mirroring the current DBRF pattern in the United States.

Many rescuers take a mauling saving a victim...How would you like to jump in and tangle with these two canine freak shows?!? 

The Good Guys Part I, Pit Bull Carnegies...The sustained, berserking attack is the hallmark of the pit bull and provides plenty of opportunities for heroism!   
John Nash Hale
  • 2013:  Mr John Hale helped rescue 45 year old Jeffrey Lennox who was pulled to the ground by loose pit bulls during his morning walked. Mr  Hale launched out into the darkness, saved Lennox and allowed him to escape, then sustained a mauling himself. John Hale becomes the 30th North American Pit Carnegie "Winner". Mr Hale will use the $5000 Carnegie grant to help pay his medical bills.
  • 2012: Sean C. M. Vorel helped to rescue Marcella M. Gilbert from an attacking dog, Bennington, Nebraska, June 2, 2011. Gilbert, 78, was in a fenced-in yard of the kennel she operated when a 70-pound pit bull terrier she was keeping attacked her. The dog took her to the ground and mauled her, inflicting severe injury. Driving by, Vorel, 27, construction worker, saw the attack. He stopped at the scene and, finding the gate to the yard locked, climbed inside. Having obtained a 2.5-foot-long board, Vorel approached the dog and struck it repeatedly about the head. Its attention distracted from Gilbert, the dog attempted to attack Vorel as he climbed a fencing partition. A sheriff’s deputy arrived about then and used an electroshock weapon against the dog, stunning it. The dog was secured, allowing emergency medical personnel to attend to Gilbert. She was taken to the hospital, where she was detained more than four months for treatment

  • 2011: Gerald A. LaMonica (Dearborn Heights), Michigan rescued Madison P. Boljesic from an attacking dog, on September 25, 2010. Madison, 10, was on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood when a 45-pound, adult male pit bull dog charged her without provocation. It took her to the ground and bit her repeatedly. Across the street, LaMonica, 75, retired merchandiser, was approaching the scene on foot when the attack took place. He immediately ran across the street toward Madison and the dog, yelling at the dog to distract it. When he had nearly reached them, the dog turned to LaMonica and charged him. LaMonica landed a hard kick against the dog’s chest, but it recovered and charged him again, biting him forcefully on the right calf. When Madison’s brother then arrived and threatened the dog, it released LaMonica and left the scene. Both Madison and LaMonica were treated at the hospital, their bite wounds requiring sutures.
  • 2011: Joseph D. Hayes, 51-years old (Sayreville, New Jersey) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Cheryl Napolitano from an attacking pit bull August 31, 2007. Hayes heard the woman screaming and burst out of his home, covering 150 feet to the scene, and grabbed the dog by its hind legs and pulled it off Napolitano. When the pit bull resumed its attack, Hayes entered into hands on combat with the animal.

  • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2010: Keith Sampson, 13-years old (Flint, Michigan) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving 3-year old Brooklyn Gibson from an attacking pit bull October 18, 2009. Brooklyn was in the backyard of her home when the pit bull entered the yard, clamped its jaws on her head began shaking her. Keith pulled the dog away and struggled to restrain it in a chokehold while his half brother took Brooklyn inside the house.

  • 2010: Kristine Kelly Keaton, 37-years old (Flint, Michigan) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after intervening in the above incident involving Keith Sampson and Brooklyn Gibson. Upon hearing the children screaming, Keaton rushed into the yard and came to the aid of the half brother who was helping another child to safety. The pit bull escaped Keith's choke hold and latched onto Keaton's arm causing severe injuries.

  • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2010: Duane VanLanHam, 48-years old (Saginaw, Michigan) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Bridgetta Hadley from three frenzied pit bulls March 5, 2009. Hadley screamed for help as the pit bulls took her to the ground. Duane ran to her aid, placing himself between Hadley and her attackers, enabling her to get into a nearby car. The dogs then turned on Duane nearly chewing both of his legs off. (Related post)

  • 2009: A. J. Skiptunas III, 49-years old (Wrightsville, Pennsylvania) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving Mary Caldwell, 63, from an attacking pit bull-mix. Caldwell was campaigning in the neighborhood when the dog bit into her leg and pulled her to the pavement. Skiptunas ran to her aid and suffered a hard bite to his right hand. Using his left hand, he pulled the dog off then pinned it to the ground with his knee!

  • 2008 Charles H. Monnier rescued Christopher J. Friesen from attacking American "Pit" Bulldogs on December 25, 2008. Before dawn, Friesen, 21, was walking on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood when two adult dogs charged him without provocation. Taking him to the ground, they bit him repeatedly and tore off much of his clothing. His screams for help drew the attention of Monnier, 66, retired lumber foreman, who lived at the scene. Clad only in his nightclothes, Monnier left his house and, taking a shovel with him, ran across the street toward Friesen. Swinging the shovel, Monnier hollered at the dogs, one of which backed off. The larger, 80-pound dog turned on Monnier but then backed down, and both dogs left the scene. Friesen required hospital treatment for numerous bite wounds. The dogs were captured the following day and later euthanized.

  • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2007: Randall K. L. McConnell, 41-years old (Ottawa, Ontario) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Guy J. A. Clairoux from three attacking pit bull-mixes February 24, 2005. Clairoux had been trying to save his young son from the dogs when they knocked him to the ground and began mauling him. McConnell ran to his aid and began punching and kicking the dogs, which responded by tearing into his upper right arm.
  • 2007: Francisco Santiago, 30-years old (Waterbury, Connecticut) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving Teresa Sciortino, 52, from a ferocious pit bull attack March 6, 2006. The dog viciously mauled Sciortino in her backyard. Santiago witnessed the attack when exiting his house. Armed only with a 3-foot piece of wood, he ran to the scene and began to strike the dog. After the dog fled, Santiago helped the victim back into her home.
  • 2006: Kenneth LeRoy Joseph, 49-years old (Albany, Oregon) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Barbara Miller and Rita Baker from a berserking pit bull March 24, 2005. Miller was assaulted by the dog when she went to visit Baker. Joseph heard the attack and ran to the scene. He removed his belt and noosed it around the dog's neck to pull it away from Miller. He later saved Baker after the same dog attacked her. (Related post)
  • 2006: Thomas J. Moehler, 17-years old (Bayville, New Jersey) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving Mark Stanfield, 10, from a violent pit bull attack April 29, 2005. After fleeing the dog on his bike, Mark turned into a friend's driveway -- that's where the dog caught him. Thomas burst through his front door, with one arm in a cast, and began pounding the dog. The pit bull then attacked him. The incident re-broke Moehler's arm.
  • 2005: Randall K. L. McConnell (Ottawa, Ontario) selflessly rescued Guy J. A. Clairoux from attacking dogs, on February 24, 2005. Clairoux, 39, was attacked by three dogs while rescuing his young son from them. Fighting off the dogs, which were part pit bull, he made his way toward the home of a neighbor, McConnell, 41, where the dogs took him to the ground just outside McConnell’s backyard and mauled him. Alerted to the attack, McConnell ran from his house to Clairoux. Screaming, he pulled at the dogs and punched and kicked them. The dogs turned on him, biting him on the foot and severely on his upper right arm. McConnell backed into his yard, two of the dogs following to resume attacking him there as well as a friend who had responded, while the third dog remained at Clairoux. The friend fought off one of the dogs with a hockey stick. The dogs' owner arrived shortly and removed them from the scene. Clairoux and his son and McConnell were taken to the hospital for treatment of their bite wounds, McConnell’s arm requiring sutures. They recovered.
  • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2005: Michael Redice, 48-years old (Charlotte, North Carolina) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after attempting to save 8-year old Roddie Dumas Jr. from his father's four vicious pit bulls. The event occurred on April 16, 2004 while he walked his letter carrier route for the U.S. Postal Service. Redice first tossed his mailbag at the dogs then used a piece of wood to free the boy from the pit bulls' jaws. Roddie did not survive his injuries.
  • 2005: Karl Vaartjes, 43-years old (Mississauga, Ontario) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Deborah Fowler and Ryland Jacobs from a pit bull December 8, 2003. Fowler and her son Ryland, 4, were playing in their front yard when a loose pit bull clamped onto the boy's wrist then attacked Fowler. Vaartjes ran to the scene and lifted the boy up by his coat, out of the dog's reach. Both Vaartjes and Fowler were badly bitten.
  • 2005: Sharon Gardner, 50-years old (Tucson, Arizona) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving Margaret V. Wiles, 54, from two attacking pit bulls October 8, 2003. Gardner witnessed the pit bulls attack Wiles and her dog while she was driving. She exited her car and positioned herself between Wiles and the attackers and began shouting to distract the dogs. The pit bulls then turned on her, one taking a fierce bite out of her leg.
  • 2004: - David Ware, 50-years old (Brampton, Ontario) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Lisa Suzuki, 5, from a predatory pit bull October 20, 2003. Lisa had been walking along a sidewalk with her mother when the male pit bull charged, knocking her to the ground. Ware saw the attack from his car and Lisa's mother trying to free her from the dog's jaws. He flew out of his car and wrestled the dog to the ground while the child fled. Note; Ontario has three Pit Bull DBRFs and 3 Pit Carnegie awardees..Pit Nutters do not know this
  • 2004: Kathleen Imel (Hillsboro, Oregon) rescued Joshua Pia Perez from attacking dogs, Aloha, Oregon, July 27, 2004. Joshua, 7, was outside playing when two pit bulls approached, then began to chase him. The larger dog, a male weighing about 70 pounds, caught up to him and began to maul him in the street. Imel, 51, caregiver, was approaching in her vehicle at the time. She parked and, responding to Joshua, screamed at the dogs and kicked them. Joshua and Imel were taken to the hospital for treatment, including surgery, of their wounds
  • 2000: Arthur Prisco, 44-years old (Randolf, Massachusetts) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving 11-year old Jake Louis from two attacking dogs March 26, 1999. Jake was attacked by a pit bull and rottweiler while walking down a street near his home. Prisco saw the scene unfold from his taxicab. He jumped out and began kicking the dogs. He pushed the boy behind him then beat the dogs with his fists. Prisco next pulled out his pocketknife and began stabbing the pit bull. That dog latched onto his arm until Prisco was able to free it.
  • 2000: Darryl R. Dupont, 35-years old (Randolf, Massachusetts) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after assisting in the rescue of Jake Louis in the above attack. Dupont was another motorist who stopped at the scene. Armed only with a cardboard tube, he rushed over to help Jake. Dupont picked up the boy and carried him to his car as the dogs continued to menace. Police officers arrived quickly and shot the blood-covered pit bull to death.
  • 1999: Margaret Hankes, 42-years old (St. Paul, Minnesota) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving 42-year old Kaye J. Peterson from an attacking pit bull April 24, 1998. Peterson had been raking her backyard when a pit bull broke free of its tether in an adjoining yard. The dog took her to the ground and viciously mauled her. Hankes heard the woman's screams and ran to the scene with a baseball bat. She beat the dog until it let go.
  • 1999: Jessica R. Richardson, 44-years old (Belleville, Illinois) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Brandon M. Robbins, 7, from a brutal pit bull attack March 27, 1998. Brandon was in the backyard of a home that he was visiting when a pit bull existed the residence and began mauling him. Richardson, a neighbor, heard the attack and ran to the scene striking the dog with a piece of wood. Jessica ended up badly bitten.
  • 1998: Harvey Randolph, 53-years old (Palm Bay, Florida) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving 37-year old Jill Fitzgerald from a gang of pit bulls. Fitzgerald was jogging in her neighborhood when four pit bulls approached and attacked her. Randolph was alerted by her screams and ran to her aid unarmed. Though being attacked by the dogs himself, Randolph managed to pull her to her feet and into a van parked 40 feet away.
  • 1998: Glen Edward Nikkel (Surrey, British Columbia) helped to rescue Elizabeth J. Dupre and Danielle M. J. R. Ovenden from attacking dogs on December 18, 1998. Ms. Dupre, 49, was attacked by two adult pit bull dogs outside her home shortly after the dogs had attacked Ms. Ovenden, 39, as she walked nearby along the street. Nikkel, 43, general contractor, and his wife had stopped at the scene to tend Ms. Ovenden. When the dogs turned on Ms. Dupre, taking her to the ground and mauling her, Nikkel removed a heavy-duty extension cord from his truck and ran across the street to her. He struck the dogs with the cord, drawing them away from Ms. Dupre. The dogs returned to Ms. Ovenden and resumed their attack on her. Nikkel ran back to Ms. Ovenden and struck one of the dogs with the cord, the other having retreated. Other passersby used their vehicles to create a moving barrier to keep the dogs from Ms. Ovenden. A police officer arrived and shot one of the dogs, felling it. Ms. Dupre and Ms. Ovenden both required hospital treatment for numerous and severe bite wounds, which required suturing
  • 1989: Karl R. Schreiner, 75-years old (Indianapolis, Indiana) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Brandon L. Spradley, 6, from two pit bulls October 3, 1988. Brandon was attacked by the dogs while waiting for a school bus at a residential intersection. Alerted to the attack, Schreiner grabbed a wooden club, ran into the street and began beating the dogs. He clubbed the pit bulls until they desisted and left the scene. Brandon was badly injured. Schreiner was also honored by the Mayor of Indianapolis, William H. Hudnut III.
  • 1993: Calvin D. Sawyer (Salem, NH) rescued Cristal M. Harmon from attacking dogs, on October 13, 1993. Cristal, 13, was walking home from school when she was attacked by two Rottweiler-Pit Bull mixes. She shouted for help. Driving nearby, Sawyer, 67, retired refrigeration technician, heard her scream, then stopped his car, exited, and approached the dogs. He shouted at them, then grasped the leash attached to one of them and took that dog into the street as Cristal climbed onto the hood of Sawyer's car. Both dogs attacked Sawyer, keeping him to the pavement as they inflicted severe bite wounds. An off-duty police officer, who had just passed the scene before the attack on Cristal, responded; he distracted the dogs, one of which then bit him. The dogs fled after the officer fired his service revolver. Cristal required hospital treatment for lacerations and bite wounds over her body; she recovered. Sawyer was hospitalized overnight for treatment of his bite wounds, which required suturing. He recovered in about two months
  • 1988: Mark S. Wood, 38-years old (Detroit, Michigan) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving John J. Gehringer, 55, from two attacking pit bulls March 18, 1987. Wood saw the attack in progress from his car. He got out, obtained a club from a nearby business and approached the dogs. Both of the pit bulls turned on him, allowing Gehringer to regain his footing and escape. Woods finally escaped by jumping onto the hood of a car.
  • 1985: John M. Walker Jr., 62-years old (Fort Lauderdale, Florida) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Arrick Denson from an attacking pit bull-cross October 2, 1984. Arrick, 8, was knocked to the ground by the dog and badly bitten in the head, chest and back. Walker heard the boy's cries and flew into action. He hit the dog repeatedly on the head with a board, diverting it away from Arrick and allowing him to escape.
  • Original Citations may be read here: http://carnegiehero.org/search-awardees/

    The Good Guys Part II;  International, State, City and Local Heroes:

    Claire Mosley and Sharron Brooker with Princess Alexandra at Buckingham Palace
    Oct 2013, UK; Two Heroes honored at Buckingham Palace after saving a man being savaged by a Stafford-shredder Terrier and an American Pit Bulldog. This was the dogs tenth victim

    Waterloo Mayor Buck Clark presents certificates of recognition to Karon Bennett-standing, Tanner Cornwell and William McNealy III (both seated) for their actions to save a woman being attacked by pit bulls.
    Sep 2013, Lubbock, TX; 63 year old Bus Driver Steve Cortez is recognized by the Lubbock City Council for saving a 7 year old girl who was being killed by a pit bull

    Sep 2013, Lubbock, TX; Lubbock fire fighting Crew from station 10C are honored by the by the South Plains Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross for saving 7 year old Randa Westbook when she was being attacked by a Pit Bull

    July 2013, Clifton Township, MI; Disabled Tim Harte leapt into action when his elderly neighbor was being mauled to death by two loose pit bulls. Mr. Harte charged into the yard and shot the dogs off the man. and was presented a medal in front of the City Council

    City Pit breeders thwarted by good Samaritan!
    July 2013, Surprise, AZ; The Mayor of Surprise honors Joseph Sana from rescuing a 12 year old girl that had a pit bull "locked onto her leg". Santana subdued the animal until police arrived

    Abbotsford resident Byron Wiebe, centre, got a commendation Tuesday from Mayor Bruce Banman, left, and Abbotsford Police Chief Bob Rich for his bravery in fighting off two pit bulls that were mauling a woman.
    June 2013, Abbotsford BC, Canada; Bryon Wiebe and Adam Papalon received commendations from the Abbotsford Police Board for fighting off two pit bulls running wild that mauled an 80-year-old man and another woman in March.

    Top Photo
    Awarded Silver Star of Valor
    June 2013, Stockton, CA; Stockton Unified School District Police Officer Megan Robinson receives her agency's first  Silver Star of Valor awarded in over two decades for saving an elderly man being mauled by two pit bulls  California just sustained it's 47th Pit Bull DBRF!

    Another one for the good guys!
    June 2013, Keller, TX; Larry Foster received the City's second ever Civilian Lifesaving Award for saving 13 year old Austin Dye who was being mauled by two pit bulls after being dropped off at his bus stop  Texas has sustained 46 Pit Bull DBRFs

    May 2013,  Washington, DC; Benjamin Srigley avoids criminal charges from violating DC's strict gun control laws after shooting three pit bulls that were tearing apart 13 year old Jayeon Simon. When he is fined $1000 for his unregistered hand gun, Gun Rights Activists fundraise to pay his legal costs.  In another selfless act, Srigley instructs them to donate the money to the boy's medical fund

    Pellegrino Honored
    March 2013, Plainfield, NJ;  Firefighter Mike Pellegrino is honored with a "Proclamation of Bravery" by the Mayor and the Borough Council for saving a a Grandmother and boy who were being attacked by a loose pit bull

    March 2013, Tulsa, OK; Mike Harrell to be honored by the city council for saving the lives of two women being mauled to death by a pit bull while the owner was helpless to stop the attack. Mike shot the beast after the defeated owner gave permission.

    Ever notice the pit bull community hates other breeds, especially chihuahuas?
    March 2013, Chiliwack, BC, Canada; Honey the Chihuahua lauded as a hero for saving an 8 year old girl being mauled by the neighbor's loose, fence jumping pit bull in her grandfather's yard while visiting.

    Feb 2013, Visalia, CA; 11 year old boy honored by the Visalia Unified School district for rescuing a 80 year old woman being attacked while she was getting her mail

    Jan 2013, Indianapolis, IN; Police Officer nominated for Medal of Bravery Award after rescuing woman being mauled by her son's pit bull

    Sgt Stuart Banks
    Medal of Bravery for saving a Pit Bull owner from his dogs
    Dec 2012, Lancashire, UK; Police officer Sgt Stuart Banks received of Medal for Bravery when he entered the home of a man being mauled by his two illegal Pit Bulls and saved him

    article image
    Hero of the Week!
    Dec 2012, Los Angeles, CA; Animal Control Officer Omar Munoz is named KNX News Hero of the Week after taking a pit bull mauling so that nearby children wouldn't be bitten

    658921 _NY_Can_Bliss.JPG
    Evil pit bull forces thwarted again!!!
    Oct 2012, Canandaigua, NY; 75 year old school bus driver David Bliss is honored by his School District and the Ontario County Traffic Safety Board and the Pupil Transportation Safety Institute for fighting off two pit bulls that were attack a woman and her son while walking their golden retriever.

    In California, It's an Earned Rap!
    Oct 2012, Berekely, CA;  Mr Pang Ho is honored be the University of California Police Department for stepping in and rescuing two children being mauled by loose pit mixes on a campus Soccer field.

    Sep 2012, Phoenix AZ; Mail Carrier Michael Holman III is honored as the National Letter Carriers Association, Southwestern Region Hero of the Year for scaling a fence to distract a pit bull that was mauling a woman  6th such award on this list!

    Two young girls awarded for courage and heroism during vicious dog attack
    Two young heroes!
    July 2012, Tangipahoa Parish, LA; Two girls receive bravery and courage awards from the City Council for fighting off the pit bull that attacked them. One of them faces a long recovery from her injuries

      2012: Cadet Airman 1st Class Christmas Mary Rowlands of the Youngstown, Ohio ARS Composite Squadron has been awarded the Civil Air Patrol Bronze Medal of Valor for heroic and selfless acts of courage that may have saved the lives of her two brothers in a pit bull attack in August. Note: this mauler was on home quarantine and scheduled to be euthanized..WTF?!?  
    • 2011: Winfred Davenport, Sammie Huggins and LaJayron Negrin (Deerfield Beach, Florida) - Recognized for their heroic acts by the City of Deerfield after rescuing Tayla Johnson from a family pit bull attack. Davenport and Huggins "wailed on the dog" with baseball bats until LaJayron arrived with a Ruger and shot the dog to death. Other persons honored were: Lamar McThay, Kevin Johnson, Kurtis Santiago and Myra Velez.
    • 2011: Joseph W. Osinski, Paul Kelly Jr. and John Banscher  (Greenwich Township, NJ) Were honored with City Council Proclamations after to coming to the aid of a woman walking her Labrador with her 10 month old son when a neighbor's pit bull exploded through the owner's storm glass door to attack the Labrador.
    •  2011: Chris Bartoz (Waukesha, WI) receives Citizens Service Award from the city council for saving pit bull owner Trisha William's life when she was being mauled by her own dog. Williams was life flighted to the hospital and survived.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2011: Larry Jones, Steve Thurman and Douglas Rochelle, City Sanitation workers (Dallas, Texas) - Honored by the Dallas City Council for their heroic acts September 13 that saved 9-year old Shannon Craig from the jaws of two pit bulls. While first believing the dogs were "tearing up some trash bags" then realizing it was a young boy, the three men leapt into action. With the aid of a pitchfork, they fought off the dogs and carried the boy to safety.
    • 2011: Adam Gould and Adeel Aslam (Marshfield, Wisconsin) - Honored by Marshfield Police Chief Gary Jepsen after rescuing 5-year old Trystan Weiler from being killed by an attacking pit bull-cross last June. The two men came running when they heard screams. Adam smashed the dog's head with a hammer, but the dog only paused before resuming its attack. Adeel dragged the girl away from the dog. Police later shot and killed the animal.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2011: Sam Granata (Maumee, Ohio) - Presented with the Award of Heroism by the Safety Council of Northwest Ohio after rescuing 11-year old Sarabeth McAdams from two pit bulls. Andre Kynard and Thomas Lydon were given the Good Samaritan Award for their efforts and officer J.D. Dormer was recognized for his actions too. In the same ceremony, Kevin Wehrle was given the Award of Heroism for saving Kayla Irby, 17, in a 2010 pit bull attack.
    • 2011: Joe Auckerman, County Sheriff’s Deputy (Lexington, South Carolina) - Presented with the American Legion Law Enforcement Officer of the Year Award and Medal of Valor after rescuing 10-year old Kenzie Griffin from a near fatal pit bull mauling. Auckerman shot the dog three times then ran to help the girl, whose right arm was "basically torn from her body" and a cable bound to the dog was still wrapped around her neck. Auckerman was also awarded the Life Saving Award by Woodman of the World Insurance.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2011: Katie Juneau, 23-years old (Lafitte, Louisiana) - Jefferson Parish Council members declared February 2 "Katie Juneau Day" in the Parish after she rescued 9-year old Jacob Maise from an attacking pit bull. Katie suffers from cerebral palsy, but her physical challenges did not stop her from springing into action to save the life of her young friend. Her mother Lori Juneau said that Katie was a Shriner’s Child until she was 18-years old. (Go Katie!)
    • 2011: Security Officer Bertha Trevino, Capitol Complex in Austin, TX, received a Director’s Citation when she intervened in a pit bull attack, enabling a man and his dog to retreat to safety.  While walking off duty on July 14, 2011, she saw two large pit bulls attacking a man’s dog.  Without regard for her safety, Trevino screamed and kicked the dogs repeatedly, ending the violent encounter and preventing further injury to the man and his pet.
    • 2011: Cindy Pace (Devonshire, Bermuda) - Honored with a Bermuda Bravery Award from Governor Sir Richard Gozney after rescuing Jeffery Shaw and his dog from a predatory pit bull June 28. Shaw, who had worked as a dog warden, was walking his own dog on Ocean Avenue when the pit bull launched an assault. Pace immediately ran to his aid upon hearing the attack. "I knew this was really serious. I didn't hesitate," Pace said.
    • 2011: Patrol Officer Steven Hawkins (Chelmsford, MA) received the Meritorious Service of Valor Award for saving two individuals being attacked by loose pit bulls
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2011: Shelter Manager Douglas Norman and Animal Caretaker Kristina Spoon of Prince William County Animal Shelter (Virginia) - Received the Lifesaving Merit Award from the Prince William Chamber of Commerce after rescuing a co-worker from a violent pit bull attack. The dog had been in quarantine for biting three family members. When its owner came to "reclaim" the dog, the pit bull berserked and attacked the co-worker.  
    • 2011: Bernard Moultrie, Herbert Swain and Henry Murphy (Savannah, Georgia) - Recognized by Savannah City Council for their heroic acts after saving 7-year old Javon Roberson and other children from two vicious pit bulls June 21 in Treat Park. Both Moultrie and Murphy beat the pit bull latched onto Javon's head with bricks, the closest tools they could find. Swain shot that pit bull dead after it let go of the boy. (Related post)
    • 2011: 8th grader Antania Watson (Belleville, IL) couldn't stand watching a sixth grade student get pulled down to the ground and be torn up by two loose pit bulls so she ran off her bus and start kicking them which stopped the attack. Her school plans to recognize her with a Citizenship Award and special recognition at her graduation.
    • 2011: Stuart McKenna of the British Transport Police (Stuart, UK) receives a Bravery Award for saving a man being mauled by an illegal Pit Bull on a city Street. Officer McKenna pinned the animal down for 30 minutes before help arrived and sustained 14 puncture wounds to his hands, arms and legs.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2011: Dotty the donkey (Yorkshire, England) - Presented with the Certificate of Animal Bravery by the PDSA animal charity after rescuing Stanley, a sheep, from a pit bull's jaws in 2009. When Dotty saw the attack unfold she charged down the field to save him. She pinned the dog to the ground until it let go of Stanley, who lost two teeth and suffered facial injuries in the attack. Dotty is the first "non-dog recipient" of the award. (YouTube) (Craven Desires)
    • 2011:  Time Warner Cable Guy Dave Dargan  and 9 year old Skyler Sprague (Saugerties, NY) were honored  by the City for their quick thinking when the baby sitter's pit bull started mauling on her and the 3 year old girl under her care. Dargan held the animal down until police arrived and shot it.
    • 2011: Andrew Hardison (Las Vegas, Nevada) - Received a Certificate of Appreciation from the North Las Vegas City Council after rescuing 15-year old Kyle Foglesong from two attacking pit bulls April 21, 2010. The Southern Nevada Chapter of the American Red Cross honored his actions with the Adult Good Samaritan Award, and in 2011, The Nevada Chapter Community Associations Institute granted him the Lifesaving Award.
    • 2010: Mikel Orlowski and Camron Alcott (Westminster, Colorado) were named winners of the Westminster Fire Department Citizen Award for their role in helping a man who was being attacked by a pit bull.honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims
    • 2010: Chris Hedden (Clemson, South Carolina) - Proclaimed a hero by Clemson Mayor Larry Abernathy in front of City Council for saving a woman from a charging pit bull. From his truck, Chris saw the pit bull spot Beth Smith walking her dog, Cosmo. When the pit bull charged, Chris grabbed a bar from his truck and took off after the animal. He arrived just in the nick of time, before the pit bull could take its first bite. (Craven Desires)
    • 2010: Joplin, MO; Empire Electric Company Lineman Matt Warner becomes the first civilian to win the Police Chief's coin for shoving his hands down the throat of a pit bull to make it release a woman. The rest of his crew receive Certificates of Congratulations
    • 2010: Anthony Quick, State Police Trooper (Little Rock, Arkansas) - Awarded the Arkansas State Police Lifesaving Medal for rescuing Reverend Charles Causey from four attacking pit bulls June 10, 2009. The dogs had already taken Causey to the ground and were mauling him when Quick arrived. Concerned he might hit the victim, Quick took aim and fired twice, hitting two of the pit bulls and causing the other two to retreat.
    • 2010: Danny Ubario, Lancaster Shelter Manager (Los Angeles County) - Given the Key to the City by Mayor R. Rex Parris after helping rid the city of more than 1,100 dangerous pit bulls. Ubario's sweep of pit bulls followed the 2009 enactment of a vicious dog ordinance by the Lancaster City Council. Since its enactment, violent gang crime -- which includes homicide, rape, robbery, and assault -- dropped a staggering 45%. (Related post)
    • 2010: Ten year old William Kunert (Cheyenne, WY) receives the Every Day Heroes Award from the local EMS Response Team after saving his 2 year old brother from a neighbor's pit bull which had jumped it's fence to get them. He pushed his little brother inside their house and took the mauling for him.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2009: Dave Kuehnel, East Alton Trustee (East Alton, Illinois) - Honored with the Life Saving Award during the annual banquet of the Southern Illinois Law Enforcement Commission and Southern Illinois Police Chiefs' Association for risking his life to rescue Kristen Baze from two attacking pit bulls August 19. When Kuehnel saw the dogs mauling her, he began beating the dogs. The dogs then turned the attack on him. (Related post)
    • 2009: Matthew Branon and Amy Harris (Fort Morgan, Colorado) - Honored with the Citizen's Citation of Meritorious Service Award by the Fort Morgan Police Department for saving two dachshunds under attack by a loose pit bull February 16. Despite the risk to their own safety, the two bolted into the yard and prevented the dog from further injuring one of the small dogs. They also kept an eye on the pit bull until police officers arrived.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2009: Tage Wright, 60-years old (Montville, Connecticut) - Honored as a "Good Hammeritan" by the local USPS office after intervening with a hammer to save letter carrier Jeff Glen from two vicious pit bulls. Wright had been doing carpentry work when he heard a commotion and ran outside. "I thought someone was being killed," Wright said. Police had been called to the pit bull owner's home 28 times in the past! (Related post)
    • 2009: Doug Frei, City Police Officer (Pocatello, Idaho) - Presented with a Lifesaving Award and Medal of Valor by the Pocatello Police Department for saving the life of Animal Control Officer Tamara Anderson who endured a life-threatening pit bull attack. One of the bites by the pit bull tore into an artery in her arm and she was bleeding out fast. Frei used his necktie and gun magazine to make a tourniquet to stop the blood flow. (Related post)
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2009: Stefan Ray, 50-years old (Omaha, Nebraska) - Honored by the Mayor of Omaha, who declared a "Stefan Ray Day" after he helped rescue 15-month old Charlotte Blevins from an attacking pit bull. After the dog ripped off part of the toddler's scalp, Stefan quickly brought the little girl and her mother into his home. Due to previous medical training, Ray was able to preserve the scalp piece, which doctors reattached. (Related post)
    • 2009: Animal Control Officer Kerry Petit (Henderson, Nevada) receives the Distinguished Service Award for fighting off two Pit Bulls attacking a citizen and his dog using a break stick. The Police Chief stated "She rescued a man and his dog from what could have been a fatal attack"
    • 2009: David Miller, County Sheriff's Corporal (Montgomery, Texas) - Presented with the MCSO Life Saving Award after helping to save the life of a 3-year old girl mauled in the face by a pit bull September 10. Miller assisted EMS on scene and volunteered to drive the ambulance so that medics could care for her life-threatening injuries. Paramedics told Miller's supervisors that without his efforts, the child might not have survived. (Related post)
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2008: Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando, Florida - Honored with a Pet's Best Friend Award at the 41st Annual Pet Fair at Loch Haven Park by Orlando Science Center officials after saving a Jack Russell from the deadly jaws of a pit bull. In response to the award, Dyer said, "I've been in public office for years, and I think I've accomplished a lot, or a little bit, at least. But I have never had more response from any single thing than this." (Related post)
    • 2008: Juby Mathew (Hudderfield, UK) is lauded as the "Toast of Britain" and receives several heroism awards for saving the life of a 4 year old boy being killed by a pit bull. Mr Juby suffered severe injuries saving the lad and was out of work for five months.
    • 2008: Jeffery F. Madeira, a data processing manager (Rancho Cordova, California) - Honored with the Silver Award by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger at the annual Medal of Valor awards ceremony after rescuing a woman from a vicious pit bull. The victim had been walking her dog near Birdcage Center when a pit bull attacked her pet. The woman was knocked to the ground and suffered "savage bites." Madeira bravely fought the dog off.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2008: Collin Jensen, 16-years old (Orem, Utah) - Received the Boy Scouts of America Lifesaving Honor Medal after saving his mother from an attacking pit bull. The dog came onto his family's porch and began attacking a schnauzer in their care. A tug-of-war ensued as Collin's mother tried to pull the schnauzer away. Collin kicked and punched the pit bull's head until the pair managed to wrestle the schnauzer inside their home. (Related post)
    • 2008: Chris Mazza, 16-years old (Vallejo, California) - Honored by the Heroes of Solano County men's group after rescuing his 6-year old brother, Antonio, from an attacking pit bull. The dog, which had jumped into the family's yard, ripped off part of the victim's ear before Mazza could wrestle the muscular animal away. Mazza also picked up his brother's detached ear, washed it off and placed it on ice to go with him to the hospital.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2008: Cody Phillips, 17-years old (Tulsa, Oklahoma) - Recognized as a Hero by Americantowns.com after saving 4-year old Zachary Miller from the jaws of two dogs. Cody heard the boy's bloodcurdling cries for help and vaulted over his neighbor's 6-foot fence. He saw a pit bull and shar-pei dragging Zachary across the yard fighting over his body. Phillips scared the dogs off, but they circled back. He then threw himself on top of the boy to protect him.
    • 2008: Officer Troye Dunlap (Shenandoah, Texas) receives Meritorious Service recognition for shooting two pit bulls that were savaging a 61 year old citizen.
    • 2008: Mail Carrier Ron Rivera Jr (San Antonio, TX) is named Western Region Hero of the year by the National Association of Letter Carriers. Mr Rivera saved two little girls being attacked by apit bulls in his neighborhood
    • 2007: Zohnn Griggs (Memphis, Tennessee) - Recognized as a Hero by Americatowns.com after rescuing 58-year old James Chapple, Jr. from two savage pit bulls. Griggs made a u-turn with his two children in the car to help the man. What unfolded was a nightmare: a father wanting to save a man and protect his own family. In the weeks following the attack, Griggs regularly visited Chapple in the hospital. Sadly, he did not survive.
    • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims
    • 2006: David Ware, 52-years old (Brampton, Ontario) - Honored with a Canadian Medal of Bravery by Governor-General Michaelle Jean after saving a mother and two girls from an attacking pit bull. In 2004, Ware was also a recipient of a Carnegie Medal for this heroic act October 20, 2003. Ware suffered lacerations to his hands and body while he wrestled the dog off the 5-year old girl. His actions allowed the little girl and her family to flee.
    • 2006: School Custodian Russell Brown (Lancaster, CA) receives a standing ovation from the school board meeting for saving the life of an 4th grade boy who was being mauled by a loose pit bull mix on the school playground. Brown kicked and punched the animal until it let the boy go.
    • 2006: Olivia Hudson (Youngstown, Ohio) and a woman who wished to remain anonymous are recognized by the Mayor's Task Force on Crime and Violence for rescuing a girl who was attacked by a pit bull while waiting for her school bus.
    • 2006: Ronald O'Neill of Cambridge (Ottawa, Canada) receives the Medal of Bravery from Gov. Gen. Michelle Jean during a ceremony at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, yesterday. O'Neill received the medal for saving a man from being mauled to death by his own pit bull.
    • 2006: Richard Termyna (Old Bridge, New Jersey) receives a $10,000 scholarship as a part of a State heroism award for saving his cerebral palsy afflicted brother from a neighbor's loose pit bull. Richard,  just 10 years old at the time, used a plastic sword to fight off the animal.
    • 2006: Irwindale, CA; The City Council on Tuesday honored Irwindale police officers and a 6-year-old girl who helped save the life of her twin brother during a vicious pit bull attack while visiting their grandparents.
    • 2006: Guy J. A. Clairoux (Ottawa, Ontario) - Recognized by the Governor General of Canada with a Medal of Bravery for saving his 2-year old son from three attacking pit bulls. The two had been walking through a park when one of the dogs jumped the fence from a neighboring home and attacked the boy. Clairoux punched the dog in the head until it freed his son. He shielded his son and wife with his own body and suffered the results.
    • 2006: When Bob Hoppas (Topeka, KS) heard his neighbor screaming he ran to help and corralled a pit bull that had just killed a woman's dog into his garage. Honored by the Rolling Hills Neighborhood Association for protecting his neighbor.
    • 2005: The Wilmington Police Chief honored three officers for Courage by presenting them with Certificates of Merit after they saved a 3 year old girl being mauled by a pit bull
    • 2005: Cole Manes, a Eureka, Kansas High School sophomore. On Aug 7 near Goddard, the 15-year-old rescued his 7-year-old sister from a vicious attack by two pit bulls. He received the Sheriff's Silver Medal of Valor.
    • 2005: Golden Retriever "Osh Kosh" is named Hero Pet of the Year by the Kansas Veterinary Association. When 3 year old Caitlyn Forster was being attacked by two fence jumping pit bulls in her own back yard, Osh Kosh distracted them and took the mauling. Osh Kosh did not survive his wounds 
    • 2004: Victor Soto, letter carrier (Las Vegas, Nevada) - Honored by the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) at the annual Heroes of the Year Awards ceremony for rescuing a boy from a vicious pit bull. After hearing the boy's screams while delivering mail on his route, Soto ran to the youngster and forced the dog off. He then fended off the pit bull's numerous additional attempts to further maul and severely injure the boy.
    • 2003: Local Legislators and officials from the US Postal Service gather to honor mail carrier Gilbert Jaimez (Santa Fe Springs, CA) who saved a woman being mauled by a pit bull mix by picking the dog up and throwing it over a fence.
    • 2003: 16 year old Brian Little (Arlington, TX) was honored as the National Youth Hero of the Year by the Veterans of Foreign Wars for saving two young girls from a Pit Bull attack. Brian was flown to Washington DC to receive the honor and received a $2000 savings bond.
    • 2002: Verizon Services Technician John Daley (East Liberty, PA) is awarded the company's highest public service award for rescuing a woman being mauled by two pit bulls
    • 2002:  During a National Police Week Ceremony, Police Officer Carlos Rodriquez (Allentown, PA) receives a commendation for saving a woman and her poodle during an attack that occurred in January 2002.
    • 2002: Kemberley Covarrubias, 15-years old (Three Points, Arizona) - Honored with a Citizen Medal by the Pima County Sheriff's Department after saving her 4-year old brother, Oscar, from further attack by two pit bulls in the front yard of the family's home. Six months after the June attack, Oscar's family was disappointed that no charges had been filed against the dog's owner. The Citizen Medal, granted in November, hopefully lifted their spirits.
    • 2001: 15 year old Brian Little (Arlington, Texas) received a Certificate of Merit from the Arlington Police Department for saving two girls who were being  attacked by a loose pit bull. Mr. Little received 15 bite wounds and received 70 stitches during his selfless act.
    • 2000:  Boston City Officials honor Richard Soul as a hero for saving three girls and a woman being attacked by a loose pit bull. "Occasionally, we see acts of individual heroism," City Councilor Charles Yancey said. "... Mr. Soul took action."
    • 1999: 23 year old Marshall Williams (Providence, Rhode Island) is honored by the city council for saving a woman who was being mauled in the street by two pit bulls.
    • 1999: Mail Carrier Donna Cutler (Sudbury, Massachusetts) is named Hero of the Year by the National Association of Letter Carriers for saving Joseph Klein from being mauled to death by to loose pit bulls.
    • 1998: Mail Carrier Andre Ford receives heroism award from the United States Postal Service and the Prince Georges County Sherriff's Department for saving an elderly man during a pit bull mauling.
    • 1995: Wayne Hamersley (Altus, Oklahoma) was honored by the city council for saving the life of a 3 year girl being mauled by two pit bulls. For his efforts, Mr. Hamersley received a commendation, a plaque and a certificate for new boots which were damaged during the rescue
    • 1993: Charles Hookstra, City Police Sergeant (Oxnard, California) - Awarded a Medals of Merit by the Peace Officer's Association after rescuing a 10-year old boy and young woman from an attacking pit bull. Hookstra ran to the boy's aid and began yelling to distract the dog from the child onto himself. The pit bull let go of the boy and turned its attention upon Hookstra who drew his service revolver and shot the dog in the leg. The dog retreated.
    • 1992: Shawn Brennan, A Chicago Public Parks employee received the City's Civilian Award for Heroism after using a hockey stick to fight off a pit bull that had been urged by gang youth to attack a young girl.
    • 1992: Don Heflin and Kenneth Taylor (Spotsylvania, VA) were recognized by the Fraternal Order of Police and the local Veteran's of Foreign Wars post for rescuing a jogger being mauled by a Pit Bull and Rottweiler duo.
    • 1991: Mail Carrier Eugene Parker is Named Eastern Regional Hero by the National Association of Mail Carriers for saving an 8 year old girl from the jaws of a pit bull
    • 1989: Charles Oliver Simpson, 11-years old (Alexandria, Louisiana) - Received the Boy Scouts of America Lifesaving Honor Medal after rescuing a young boy from two vicious dogs. Oliver chased away a Doberman pinscher and pummeled a pit bull to make it let go of the boy. The committee chairman for Oliver's Boy Scout troop said, "He went in there and fought those dogs off with a plastic bag, which to me is mind-boggling." 
    • 1989: When Marie Syke was down in the street being mauled by two loose pit bulls, Kim Queen, James Davidson and Tanny White (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) rushed out and spent 15 minutes braking boards and rakes until they found a pipe to break the animal's ribs. The three men received the Citizen's Award of Merit from the city,
    • 1988: When a pit bull attacks a boy during a field trip, New York City Teachers  Lulu Daniels, Magdalena Alvarez and Dina Duquesnay and responding police officers Robert Losada and Anna Competiello. All receive Certificates of Merit from the City.
    • 1987:  Patrice Anderson (Atlanta, Georgia) saves a 9 year old boy during a pit bull mauling. Atlanta Mayor Andrew Young gave the young man just that Tuesday, presenting Anderson with a certificate of merit for his "courageous act" and proclaiming Tuesday "Patrice Anderson Day".
    • 1986: 17 year old Jonathan Spatz (Long Island, NY) receives the New York Post's Heroism Gold Medal and Citation of Honor Plaque for rescuing a 13 year old news Carrier who was being mauled by pit bull. "My mother is proud of me".
    • 1985: 7 year old Albert Hernandez Jr ( Sacramento, CA) is awarded $250 for his bravery by the Sacramento Regional Foundation for saving his little brother from a pit bull attack in his yard. Albert used a baseball bat to fight off the animal.
    • 1985: 15 year old Nicole Stewart (Del Ray Beach, Florida) receives The Community Service award from the De Ray Beach Kiwanis Club for saving a four year old girl being attacked by her high school's pit bull mascot during cheer leading practice.
    • 1983: 13 year old Michael Strunck (Oxnard, California) receives the Medal of Merit from the Ventura County Peace Officers Association. Michael drew two attacking pit bulls away from a four year old boy and took the mauling for him.

    Courageous canine hero honoured for giving life to save children in Pit Bull attack
    George had a statue made in his honor
    Meet George the JRT with the heart of a lion...sacrificed himself to four pit bulls that were attacking children. This was real, not a cockamamie and dreampt up story about snakes, phony sexual attackers or drunk pit sisters passed out on railroad tracks.


    1909 Newburyport MA; John P. Colby, perhaps the most famous pit bull breeder of all time wins the OMS "Close but no Cigar Award" for his valiant attempt to pry the jaws of one of his cash cow fighting pit bulls off the neck of his two year old nephew:

    John P. Colby was known as the Fountainhead of the American Pit Bull Terrier, The Mainstay of the American Dog Breeders Association and his Pit Bull "Primo" served as the AKC breed standard for the American Staffordshire Terrier.

    Quite Simply; Pit Bull Breed Standard= Kid Killer

    This is just the tip of the bloody iceberg, sincere apologies to any heroes that were missed!

    *Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!


    1. the way nutters embellish these stories is mind numbing. lily the pit bull went from a pit bulldog that laid down next to her drunken owner to a pit bulldog who heroically risked life and limb to pull her unconscious owner out of the way of a speeding train. another little fact that is omitted from the story of lily, the train stopped in time and the son of the boozer took lily away from his derelict mother who seems to be unable to care of herself.

    2. I posted on facebook how I HATED pit bulls, even pit bull puppies . They are a psychopathic breed. I have years of experience studying psychopathy and the only animal that comes close to the human counterpart? That's right: The Pit Bull.

      My friend decided to post the usual bullshit excuses and video's of children with pit bulls (shudder)

      I decided to just drop the ridiculous argument because that's all it was, a list of BS excuses. It's clearly NOT the owner it's the breed.

      My neighbours kid was attacked by a staffy months ago, and I was attacked by a rottweiler in the street on the way to school with my 12 year old child. I had to throw my kid over a brick wall and fight this heavy beast of a dog with my umbrella. Funny thing is, the rotteweiler was sitting next to a ginger cat as we stumbled across it, but it decided to go for me and my daughter by circling us. I am 115 LBS, and only 5"4 , if I didn't have my umbrella that day? I'd probably be recovering from a mauling.

      My story made the front page of the local newspaper here in the UK, but does anyone listen? hell no!

      There are hundreds if not thousands of psycho pits in the UK, yes they are banned but the typical council chav scum think they look tough when walking one.

      These are not dogs, Pit Bulls are deceptive, manipulative monsters, who should be wiped off the planet.

    3. I find it funny that the article you use clearly states the Colby nephew was killed by a Boston Terrier. Some breed research will show you that the Boston Terrier of 100 years ago is not the Boston Terrier of today.
      I have seen nasty pit bull type dogs that I would shoot myself given the excuse. But I have also seen very nice pit bulls that embody what all dogs should be.
      I'm not going to say that all of the dogs mentioned were not pit bulls. I don't know,I wasn't there, but I do know that a number of people have a had time actually identifying a pit bull. Example, I had a champion show pit bull. No one ever believed she was a pit. She was too small, her head wasn't blocky enough. I also had a big rottie/boxer mix that was the guard dog. Every swore that he was a pit bull, though he had not a drop of pit blood in him, (unless you want to count the historical origins of the boxer... )
      I would not consider myself a "nutter" as many of the very anti pit bull people would probably label me. I do think there is a problem in the pit bull fancy, in so far as too many of the wrong people have them and too many of the wrong type are being bred. I think that too many pit bull lovers are blinded by their fervor, just as the pit haters are blinded.
      I do not believe in rehabilitating fighting pits, I do not believe in adopting out pit bulls that have been abused in any way. Studies are showing that dogs have the capacity to experience something similar to human PTSD. I think that fighting dogs and abused dogs not only are too dangerous to be adopted out, but the time and costs it takes to rehab them (and I do not believe that they can be 100% rehabbed, that some dogs seem to be 100%, but that is because they are owned by strong willed owners that have a careful eye on their dog and can prevent the dog from lashing out in any way) can be too great a resource strain, and would be better used to help dogs that do not need as much medical care, retraining, and psychological rehabilitation.
      That's not just for pit bulls, I feel the same about all dogs, though other dogs typically are not used for fighting.
      Also, I have noticed a trend... And you can call this apoligista talk, but the thing I have noticed is most pit bulls involved in attacks on people and other animals are almost always owned by unsavory characters. Not all of them of course, but most of them.
      I do not think this is a case where the exception proves the rule either.

      1. the confusion around the what to call this ugly gripping dog is very old. the colby flub is proof.

        currently there is no DNA test that is 100% accurate in determining breed.

      2. Bella Nuttress,

        It's not funny that you find the death of a two year old boy killed at the site of the greatest APBT Breeder in history funny.

        Unsavory characters...That's a good one...but those are the individuals who created the breed and are responsible for the breeding standards, which quite frankly, are grotesque.

        Agree with your thoughts on the reckless rehab movement. You are wasting time here though..... You should be concentrating your efforts on pushing the pit bull community to regulate itself.

        It is FUNNY that you were ripped off by a pit peddler... As you said, unsavory types they are!

    4. Attica toddler, 2, attacked by dog
      ATTICA — A court hearing on April 10 will determine the fate of a dog which attacked a toddler Sunday at a village residence.

      Described as a mixed breed service animal, with Lab, pit, shepherd and husky ancestry

      another aritcle on the incident
      Two-year-old girl attacked by dog (Warning: Disturbing photo)
      has a video of the dog and looks like a PB not a shepherd lab mix again it is said to be a certified service dog...