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The Most Famous DBRF in American History: A Pomeranian Once Killed a Baby!

"The most horrifying example of the lack of breed predictability is the October 2000 death of a 6-week-old baby, which was killed by her family's Pomeranian dog." 

How many times have imbecilic Pit Bull Advocates reflexively parroted the above line making it the most cited DBRF in history?!? 


Sure, this 2000 California DBRF of a 3 week old baby infant by an 18 lb Pomeranian was horrifying.... Yet, this Golden BB attack was a bona fide freak accident and statistical outlier. The incident is the only documented case of a Pomeranian causing a DBRF in the history of the breed. In contrast, California's ever increasing Pit Bull body count currently stands at 47 and can be seen below:

The red balloons are pit bull DBRFs.  Almost blocking out the sun in SoCal! 

 pit bull money
A Billion Dollar a year Tax free Pit Bull economy of Dog Fighters, breeders and rescue organizations exists in the United States

Another example of the systematic lies and deception that the Pit Bull economy uses on the public to stay in business is the 2012 incident where a weird, block headed looking Golden Retriever killed a child in South Carolina. A little research reveals that the last American child killed by a Golden Retriever occurred nearly 40 years ago in 1973.  In fact, the CDC DBRF report covering 1979-1998 doesn't list a single DBRF from a Golden Retriever! This is a reasonable safety record considering the size and popularity of the breed yet the pit bull community uses it to throw the Golden Retriever breeders under the bus.  During the last week of June 2013, the pit bull community didn't even make it a week between child deaths and so far in 2013 a pit bull kills an American every 12 days!

Horrifying: An owner improvises by using  a tooth pick as a break stick on a fierce Pomeranian 

Actual Pit Bull break sticks which are crafted and sold to pit bull owners with the warning "Never use a break stick on another breed"

 Real world use example:

CASKET STACKING: A Graphical Presentation of Lethality

Back to the Pomeranian vs. Pit Bull Comparison....If one was to stack the caskets of victims on top of each other, the Pomeranian stack would be a minor trip hazard at 23 inches high. The FAA would need to issue a Flight Advisory for the ever-growing Pit Bull stack which is currently at 904.6 Feet tall.   

* As of April 2013. A standard adult casket height of 23 inches was used on the graph resulting in  the Pomeranian Community getting unfairly screwed by nearly 300 percent on the graph. Pit bulls kill adults nearly as often as children so they get screwed just a tiny little bit...Note: Of the 472 documented Pit Bull fatalities, nearly half were adolescents/adults.  This pattern of killing adults in such a high percentage is not seen in other breeds, but the Pomeranian fatality is "horrifying!"

The DBRF which should be the most famous in American history is the Pit Bull mauling death of Bert Colby Leadbetter on Feb 2, 1909....

You see,... Bert's uncle, John P. Colby, was the dog owner, and perhaps the most famous and worshipped Pit Bull breeder in history.  Colby was said to have bred and sold and trafficked  over 5000 fighting Pit Bulls across America and was known as the "Fountainhead of the American Pit Bull Terrier"  as well as "The Mainstay of the American Dog Breeders Association".  Additionally, Colby's APBT "Primo" was also the first dog accepted by the AKC as an American Staffordshire Terrier and served as the Registry's breed standard. Despite having several books written about him by dog fighting freaks, they all somehow omit Bert's untimely death!

The Breed Standard of the APBT and American Staffordshire Terrier is a Kid Killer......
Who knew?!?


In another revisionist tale, if you let the pit bull people tell the story, there were only 53 dogs at the Vick complex when it was raided back in April 2007. In fact, there were actually 65 dogs; 53 pit bulls, 9 Beagles, 2 Rottweilers and 1 Presa Canario.  The last media mention about the Beagles and the others was in this August 2008 story
One of the Vick Beagles, JR...erased from history by the Pit Bull Advocacy Machine

The 9 Vick Beagles were used for blood donations and baiting, kept in cages, and were totally unsocialized. Yet, amazingly, once released by the court, they were all immediately placed in homes with no rehabilitation, expensive liability insurance or financial dowries!

In contrast, the filing from the Vick Amicus brief where the Pit Bull Rescue requested the following financial resources for the Vick Pit Bull Cash Cows:

"Rehabilitation of fighting dogs is a time consuming, labor intensive effort which requires 4 to 6 hours each day per dog. Qualified trainers earn between $50.00-$75.00 per hour. At 5 hours a day, 30 days a month, this $9,700 dollars per month of training. To this, add food and veterinary care, and the price to rehabilitate a fighting dog is a little more than $10,000 per month. If training and rehabilitating a dog takes 18 months, the cost rises to $180,000 plus the run cost of $10,000 or $190,000 per dog."

Still after a million dollars and 24/7 training, 33 percent of the Vick pit bulls still languish in the above ground cemeteries at Best Friends and other rescues.  Since the Vick bust in April 2007, Pit Bulls have killed 128 Americans and put another 200 into life flight helicopters.  Beagles have zero kills...yet the Pit bull community claims success!  F-Minus Breed Stewardship rating is assigned.


Ummm...That would be zero, but check back!


  1. June 2013, Florence County, SC
    Arianna Merrbach, 5
    Fatal pit bull attack
  2. June 2013, Almeda County, CA
    Nephi Selu, 6
    Fatal pit bull attack
  3. May 2013, Dorchester County, SC
    Carlton Freeman, 80
    Fatal pit bull attack
  4. May 2013, Los Angeles County, CA
    Pamela Devitt, 63
    Fatal pit bull attack
  5. April 2013, Fulton County, GA
    Beau Rutledge, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  6. April 2013, Jasper County, IA
    Jordyn Arndt, 4
    Fatal pit bull attack
  7. April 2013, San Joaquin County, CA
    Claudia Gallardo, 38
    Fatal pit bull attack
  8. April 2013, Bay County, FL
    Tyler Jett, 7
    Fatal pit bull attack
  9. March 2013, Bryan County, GA
    Monica Laminack, < 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  10. March 2013, Walworth County, WI
    Daxton Borchardt, 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  11. March 2013, Knox County, IL
    Ryan Maxwell, 7
    Fatal pit bull attack
  12. February 2013, Uvalde County, TX
    Isaiah Aguilar, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  13. February 2013, Riverside County, CA
    Elsie Grace, 91
    Fatal pit bull attack
  14. January 2013, Montgomery County, TX
    Christian Gormanous, 4
    Fatal pit bull attack
  15. January 2013, Greenwood County, SC
    Betty Todd, 65
    Fatal pit bull attack
  16. December 2012, Shawnee County, KS
    Savannah Edwards, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  17. December 2012, Fresno County, CA
    Esteban Alavez, 34
    Fatal pit bull attack
  18. October 2012, Wayne County, MI
    Tarilyn Bowles, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  19. October 2012, Robeson County, NC
    Mary Jo Hunt, 54
    Fatal dog attack involving pit bulls
  20. September 2012, Oklahoma County, OK
    Nellie Davis, 60
    Fatal pit bull attack
  21. September 2012, Johnson, Tarrant Counties, TX
    Rayden Bruce, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  22. September 2012, Perquimans County, NC
    James Hudson, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  23. September 2012, Jefferson County, AR
    Deborah Wilson Roberts, 45
    Fatal pit bull attack
  24. August 2012, Cook County, IL
    Charles Hagerman, 44
    Fatal pit bull attack
  25. August 2012, DeKalb County, GA
    Rebecca Carey, 23
    Fatal dog attack involving pit bulls
  26. July 2012, Hamilton County, OH
    Ronnel Brown, 40
    Fatal pit bull attack
  27. June 2012, Washoe County, NV
    Kevin Latz, 50
    Fatal pit bull attack
  28. June 2012, San Deigo County, CA
    Tyzhel Latella McWilliams, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  29. May 2012, Person County, NC
    Eugene Cameron, 65
    Fatal pit bull attack
  30. May 2012, Allen County, OH
    Makayla Darnell, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  31. May 2012, Maricopa County, AZ
    Maryann Hanula, 73
    Fatal pit bull attack
  32. May 2012, Doña Ana County, NM
    Jazilyn Mesa, < 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  33. May 2012, Santa Fe County, NM
    Clifford Wright, 74
    Fatal pit bull attack
  34. April 2012, Bryan County, OK
    James Hurst, 92
    Fatal pit bull attack
  35. March 2012, Victoria County, TX
    Kylar Johnson, 4
    Fatal pit bull attack
  36. March 2012, San Diego County, CA
    Diane Jansen, 59
    Fatal pit bull attack
  37. January 2012, Montgomery County, TX
    Jace Valdez, 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  38. December 2011, Bradley County, TN
    Mable McCallister, 84-years old
    Fatal pit bull attack
  39. December 2011, San Diego County, CA
    Emako Mendoza, 76
    Fatal pit bull attack
  40. December 2011, Lowndes County, GA
    Misti Wyno, 40
    Fatal pit bull attack
  41. December 2011, Winnebago County, IL
    Tonia Parks, 39
    Fatal pit bull attack
  42. December 2011, White County, IN
    Joseph Hines, 58
    Fatal pit bull attack
  43. November 2011, Harris County, TX
    Edna Dyson, 71
    Fatal pit bull attack
  44. October 2011, Potter, Randall Counties, TX
    Mya Maria Maeda, < 1
    Fatal dog attack involving pit bull-mix
  45. September 2011, New Haven County, CT
    Nevaeh Bryant, < 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  46. September 2011, Harris County, TX
    Brayden McCollen, < 1
    Fatal dog attack involving pit bull-mix
  47. August 2011, Bladen County, NC
    Addyson Camerino, < 1
    Fatal pack attack involving pit bull
  48. August 2011, Philadelphia County, PA
    Carmen Ramos, 50
    Fatal pit bull attack
  49. August 2011, Pima County, AZ
    Michael Cook, 61
    Fatal pit bull attack
  50. August 2011, San Mateo County, CA
    Darla Napora, 32
    Fatal pit bull attack
  51. June 2011, Chesterfield County, VA
    Salvador Cotto, < 1
    Fatal dog attack involving pit bull-mix
  52. June 2011, Putnam County, FL
    Roy McSweeney, 74
    Fatal pit bull attack
  53. June 2011, Spotsylvania County, VA
    David Quyon Haigler, 38
    Fatal pit bull attack
  54. April 2011, Sierra County, NM
    Margaret Salcedo, 48
    Fatal pit bull attack
  55. April 2011, Carter County, OK
    Virgil Cantrell, 50
    Fatal pit bull attack
  56. March 2011, San Bernardino County, CA
    Jennie Erquiaga, 47
    Fatal pit bull attack
  57. February 2011, Kalamazoo County, MI
    Darius Tillman, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  58. January 2011, Pontotoc County, MS
    Ronnie Waldo, 51
    Fatal pit bull attack
  59. January 2011, Union County, NC
    Makayla Woodard, 5
    Fatal pit bull attack
  60. January 2011, Colusa County, CA
    Linda Leal, 51
    Fatal pit bull attack
  61. December 2010, Riverside County, CA
    Edward Mitchell, 67
    Fatal pit bull attack
  62. November 2010, Dillon County, SC
    Justin Lane, 25
    Fatal pit bull attack
  63. November 2010, Rusk County, TX
    Kaden Muckleroy, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  64. November 2010, Riverside County, CA
    Christina Casey, 53
    Fatal pit bull attack
  65. October 2010, Duval County, FL
    Justin Valentin, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  66. October 2010, Callaway County, MO
    Rev. John Reynolds, 84
    Fatal pit bull attack
  67. September 2010, McMinn County, TN
    Mattie Daugherty, 85
    Fatal pit bull attack
  68. August 2010, Marshall County, IL
    Jason Walter, 7
    Fatal pack attack involving pit bulls
  69. August 2010, Calaveras County, CA
    Jerry Yates, 69
    Fatal pit bull attack
  70. August 2010, Bibb County, GA
    Tracey Payne, 46
    Fatal pit bull attack
  71. July 2010, Contra Costa County, CA
    Jacob Bisbee, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  72. July 2010, Shelby County, TN
    William Parker, 71
    Fatal pit bull attack
  73. June 2010, Lorain County, OH
    Michael Winters, 30
    Fatal pack attack involving pit bulls
  74. June 2010, Howard County, IN
    Savannah Gragg, 9
    Fatal pit bull attack
  75. May 2010, San Bernardino County, CA
    Nathan Aguirre, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  76. April 2010, Pasco County, FL
    Thomas James Carter Jr., < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  77. March 2010, Lee County, SC
    Ethel Horton, 65
    Fatal pit bull attack
  78. February 2010, Rockdale, GA
    Baby Jane Doe, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  79. February 2010, Philadelphia County, PA
    Christine Staab, 37
    Fatal pit bull attack
  80. February 2010, Hinds County, MS
    Anastasia Bingham, 5
    Fatal pit bull attack
  81. January 2010, Cook County, IL
    Johnny Wilson, 56
    Fatal pit bull attack
  82. January 2010, San Bernardino County, CA
    Omar Martinez, 3
    Fatal pit bull attack
  83. December 2009, Monroe County, WV
    Lowell Edison Bowden, 70
    Fatal pit bull attack
  84. November 2009, Clay County, IL
    Rosie Humphreys, 85
    Fatal pit bull attack
  85. November 2009, Union County, MS
    Destiny Marie Knox, < 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  86. October 2009, Nevada County, AR
    Matthew Clayton Hurt, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  87. October 2009, Merced County, CA
    Colten Smith, < 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  88. September 2009, Orange County, VA
    Jasmine Deane, < 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  89. August 2009, Hardy County, WV
    Baby John Doe, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  90. August 2009, Loudoun County, VA
    Carter Delaney, 20
    Fatal pit bull attack
  91. June 2009, Williamson County, IL
    Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage, 3
    Fatal dog attack involving pit bull(s)
  92. June 2009, Rusk County, TX
    Justin Clinton, 10
    Fatal pit bull attack
  93. April 2009, Macomb County, MI
    Leonard Lovejoy Jr., < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  94. March 2009, Bexar County, TX
    Izaiah Gregory Cox, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  95. March 2009, Caldwell, Guadalupe Counties, TX
    Tyson Miller, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  96. January 2009, Thomas County, GA
    Cheyenne Peppers, 5
    Fatal pit bull attack
  97. December 2008, Riverside County, CA
    Gerald Adelmund, 60
    Fatal pit bull attack
  98. November 2008, Clark County, NV
    Alexander Adams, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  99. October 2008, Delaware County, IN
    Chester R. Jordan, 62
    Fatal pit bull attack
  100. October 2008, Honolulu County, HI
    Iokepa Liptak, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  101. September 2008, Ventura County, CA
    Katya Todesco, 5
    Fatal pit bull attack
  102. September 2008, Clark County, NV
    Cendi Kia Carey, < 1
    Fatal pit bull attack
  103. September 2008, Evangeline County, LA
    Luna McDaniel, 83
    Fatal pit bull attack
  104. August 2008, New York City (Richmond), NY
    Henry Piotrowski, 90
    Fatal pit bull attack
  105. August 2008, Anchorage County, AK
    Isis Krieger, 6
    Fatal pit bull attack
  106. August 2008, Wayne County, MI
    Robert Howard, 38
    Fatal pit bull attack
  107. July 2008, Jackson, MS
    Tony Evans Jr., 3
    Fatal pit bull attack
  108. June 2008, Hidalgo County, TX
    Pablo Lopez (Hernandez), 5
    Fatal pit bull attack
  109. May 2008, Stephens County, TX
    Tanner Joshua Monk, 7
    Fatal pit bull attack
  110. May 2008, Onslow County, NC
    Julian Slack, 3
    Fatal pit bull attack
  111. January 2008, Beauregard County, LA
    Kelli Chapman, 24
    Fatal pit bull attack
  112. December 2007, San Bernardino County, CA
    Kelly Caldwell, 45
    Fatal pit bull attack
  113. December 2007, Rabun County, GA
    Blanche Brodeur, 76
    Fatal pit bull attack
  114. December 2007, Dorchester County, SC
    Holden Jernigan, 2
    Fatal pit bull attack
  115. December 2007, Placer County, CA
    Cora Lee Suehead, 61
    Fatal pit bull attack
  116. November 2007, Knox County, TN
    Jennifer Lowe, 21
    Fatal pit bull attack
  117. November 2007, Bell County, TX
    Seth Lovitt, 11
    Fatal pit bull attack
  118. October 2007, Pontotoc County, OK
    Rosalie Bivins, 65
    Fatal pit bull attack
  119. October 2007, Clay County, FL
    Tina Marie Canterbury, 42
    Fatal pit bull attack
  120. August 2007, Dallas County, TX
    Scott Warren, 6
    Fatal pit bull attack
  121. August 2007, Hennepin County, MN
    Zachary King Jr, 7
    Fatal pit bull attack
  122. July 2007, Steuben County, NY
    Sabin Jones-Abbott, 6
    Fatal pit bull attack
  123. June 2007, Volusia County, FL
    Mary Diana Bernal, 62
    Fatal pit bull attack
  124. May 2007, Collier County, FL
    Carshena Benjamin, 71
    Fatal pit bull attack
  125. May 2007, Chatham County, GA
    Dandre Fisher, 3
    Fatal pit bull attack
  126. May 2007, Shelby County, TN
    James Chapple Jr., 59
    Fatal pit bull attack
  127. May 2007, Bexar County, TX
    Celestino Rangel, 90
    Fatal pit bull attack
  128. April 2007, Dorchester County, SC
    Brian Palmer, 1
    Fatal pit bull attack

All aboard the Pit Bull Crazy Train!...Next stop;  Maulville!, Second Stop; Euthasol Avenue, Third Stop; Coroner Station!
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  1. I am thankful my child producing years are well behind me as I live with THREE Pomeranians, so I have nothing to fear there.

    Also, to safeguard myself and my husband, we do not live in an area where there is ever thunder, electric storms, loud construction noises, and we have no ladders in the house.

    We keep multiple break sticks around the house, in the car and everywhere we possibly can in the event one of the Poms just snaps.

    I of course can not end the post without posting this Mythbuster and once again sharing the PHOTOGRAPH and article of the alleged "Pomeranian" that killed the baby.

    1. That is NOT a pomeranian. It may be a mix, but it certainly isn't a full blooded pom. At 18 supposed pounds, that is very large for a pomeranian and should ring some alarm bells. Pomeranians are generally between 3-7 lbs.

      Those ears are NOT a pomeranian's ears.

  2. i don't know. i think that trip hazard looks a little too high :)

    but seriously, there are freak accidents (poms and westies) and then there is gross negligence.

  3. Ah yes, the beloved story of the Pom that killed a baby! Celebrated by nutters the country over. Thanks for the graphic of the caskets, I'll be sure to point to it the next time "OMG A BABY WAS KILLED BY A POM I GUESS WE SHOULD BAN POMS!" comes up.

  4. I believe there is a picture available of the so called "killer Pomeranian."

    it is clearly NOT a Pomeranian.

    This was another mislabeling.

    It was a medium size CHOW mix.

  5. If some people glanced at that early newspaper story, they would think the child-killing dog in Newburyport Mass was what we think of as a "Boston terrier," but of course that term at the time referred to a pit bull terrier of a Boston area line, in this case one of Colby's line of pit bulls. Fighting dogs, bred to kill in ways demonstrated by the attack on the child, purchased by dog fighters to kill.

    Colby got some grief from other dog fighters who complained that Colby was cashing in by selling these pit bulls "outside the game dog community," to "civilians," which he was, and they knew it was a mistake. It was. It just called attention to the dog fighters, and people gradually learned what these people were trying to hide.

    He knew his dogs would kill children, he knew he was breeding a man killing line, yet he kept on doing it and he sold them to people with kids and living in communities with kids. Think of the injury that his dogs and their descendants have caused over the years.

    Never had a licensed business that was ever discovered in some digging and probably didn't pay a dime of taxes either. Would be interesting to see his records.

    That mankiller line has proliferated, and may be in the blood of your neighbor's pit bull.

    The Colby family is still breeding this line of killer pit bulls, last I knew. His grandaughter was shooting her mouth off to the media opposing breed specific laws with the usual lies to protect her family's fighting breed line, right in there with the corrupt jackasses at MSPCA of Boston, the fake humane association, run by cashing-in vets that cater to breeders, and people like AKC affiliated breeder and "show dog" enthusiast unethical Amy Marder DVM who has helped destroy Animal Rescue League of Boston and turn it into a promotion house for fighting dogs. She also works for Betsy Saul Berkey of Animal Farm Foundation aiding and abetting pit bull attacks.

    The infiltration of the dog fighting breeder interests into the Massachusetts fake humane (and breeder connected) organizations like these two is an interesting and pitiful story, involving an educated class like breeder Marder who should know better, but chose to pursue lobbying for pit bull breeders and inevitably dog fighters, and protect breeder business interests over public safety or even humane treatment of the dogs themselves!

    Middle class, unethical creatures like Marder have helped to expand the attacks on pets and people with their lies and lobbying, and pressure on the media and politicians to lie. She has the Animal Rescue League adopting out pit bulls they know will kill other pets. The ones that will kill other pets will also kill kids.

    After a baby was attacked in Lynn Mass, (the pit bull was trying to pull the baby out of the father's child carrier that was on his person to kill it) Marder showed up with the usual lies and liars to oppose muzzling laws that would protect people AND the dogs. How unethical can this poor excuse for a human be?

  6. There is a pit bull rescue operating in Massachusetts importing Brooklyn fighting dogs into the state and selling them over craigslist into unsuspecting homes.
    The nurse who runs that travesty, Sylvia Mitka or Mifka Logan, Wags n Wiggles Rescue, published under her maiden name how much she loves and admires her Colby bred pit bulls and recommended Colby's book. Yeah, dog fighting! Yeah, man killers! Yeah keep on breeding for these traits!

    She is running this pit bull sales oparation out of a $700,000 plus house on Cape Cod, and Marder appears to have given the ok for this debacle and put pressure on local animal control to look the other way, even though there were also health certificate questions and quarantining failure.

    Think she's telling the people she sells these dogs too how much she admires man killers, or what's in the genes of the fighting breeds she's selling, fresh from the Brooklyn pits.

    This is the pit bull lobby, tied inextricably with the pit bull breeding lobby, and operating under this giuse of "rescue."

    All of this is a lesson to anyone out there who wonders why these lies are perpetuated and who is doing it, and why they get away with it in the media and politicians. Primarily rich educated middle class white women preying on others with these dogs and cashing in, and coming up with these infantile lies and tall tales, that their friends in the media gladly reproduce to "sell" to the ignorant. Selling dogs they admire for their game bred aggression to families, senior citizens, teenagers, college students, ex cons the naive.

    Their political connections also get cops and local authority figures to join in the game, and the bodies keep piling up.

    It's all about the money. Isn't is always?

  7. Colby also breeds fighting birds, and his clientele have posted online about bird fighting, and why they buy his stock. Take a look at an old entry about Colby on the craven desires site.

    Operating in plain sight, with the blessings of the Newburyport cops and mayor I guess and the MSPCA and Animal Rescue League. Maybe some were/are clients?

  8. Thanks for this post about the THIRD attack by Teddy R's beloved pit bull. I wasn't aware of that one or had forgotten it. Its hard to keep track of all the attacks by America's Dog.

    And Colby's dogs have been called Boston Terriers, and he advertised his pit bulls as bull terriers, bulldogs, and pit bull terriers.

  9. Pete has been credited with at least five attacks.


  10. It is amazing that people drink the Kool Aid and justify taking risks with the lifes of innocent people. It is almost like the deaths prompt these weirdos to like the dogs more.. SICK.

  11. You forgot one thing: a majority of attacks are done by unaltered males. In fact, that makes up 90% of all attacks. How many of those dogs listed are just labeled "pit bulls", just because of their looks? There is close to a dozen breeds that look like pits, and that doesn't include mixes, like American Bulldogs/lab mixes, and boxer/lab mixes. Also, these are not just dogs you can throw in your backyard. They need stimulation, they are highly intelligent, and highly driven. If you cannot provide the proper mental stimulation that these dogs need, like any other breed, they can become aggressive. They also have a lot of allergies, and food allergies have also been proven to be a source of aggression.

    . I have known many pit bulls, as I worked with dogs, and only one has ever attacked. The circumstances surrounding that, was that he was tied to a tree for several months on a six foot tether, with a bullet lodged into his leg. The only human interaction he had during that time, was his POS owner feeding him and giving his water. Not even for clean up. The poor dog was surrounded by his own feces, and even had burns from his own urine, as it soaked the ground around him. He bit several rescuers, who were just trying to help him, but it was out of fear, not aggression. He is fine now, and is a therapy dog, for wounded vets, being rehabbed. Living near Fort Carson, I know for a fact, that the number one breed used as therapy dogs for disabled vets in this area, are pit bulls.

    I was attacked by a lab, when I was a teenager, I know two people who were attacked by golden retrievers as children (those attacks are rising due to poor breeding), with both of them needing surgery. Working with dogs, the most bites I have had, or narrowly missed, came from dachshunds, who were bred to hunt badgers. Then it was cattle dogs, chihuahuas, huskies, cocker spaniels (Google "cocker rage"), an assortment of other little dogs, and two German Shepherds.

    Ask any vet, vet tech, doggy daycare workers, etc., about pits, and you will get the same answer over and over again. One, maybe two, pit bulls that they see on a regular basis are aggressive. Then ask about dachshunds and chihuahuas.

    Just because a dog is smaller, it doesn't mean that they should be allowed to be aggressive, or that it is any better. It is just as bad. Also, BSL doesn't work, and has been proven not to work, because the same irresponsible people that would raise a "bad pit", will also apply their poor raising skills to other breeds. In some cases, serious bites and attacks actually escalated in those areas In fact, several countries that enacted BSL, have thrown it out the window, because bites have been increasing.

    I'm sure you are set in your ways, but as a victim of a pretty bad dog attack, and a victim of dozens of dog bites, I have no grudges about any breed, only towards the people who do not breed, or care for their dogs properly, that lead them to biting.

    1. that's some wildly speculative bullshit there mr nutter.

  12. Hi Anoni-Nutter

    The fact that you are compensated for "working" with Pit Bulls is not germane to the public safety situation.

    More pit bulls equals more blood money for the industry.

    PS...Quit provoking Labs!

  13. At last, the voice of common sense. Thank you. Gayle Button - Paws With Potential Dog Training. BSL is flawed in that ANY dog can bite, given the wrong circumstances. I thought I would share a website where more information and education is available on dog bite prevention go to Doggone Safe website