Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Count Me In As A Hater

"That's Canine Racism!"  

A common tactic used by the pit bull industry to shut down any public safety discussion is throwing out the pit bull race card. The Pit Bull problem is an entirely man made creation which could be solved by breeding safer dogs in responsible numbers. Instead, the breed community seems to be locked onto the blaming others and creating excuses for the situation they've created. Pit Bull attacks are always the fault of the owner or victim, and never caused by reckless breeding or the dog fighting industry. Then the tone deaf advocates hide behind the excess pit bulls they created and blame society for the "Hate".... totally oblivious that the hatred is not toward these poor animals, but that it is aimed toward the grotesque and criminally irresponsible breed stewardship that they toil day and night to perpetuate.

 Hypocrisy: Some enterprising Pit Bull Canine Supremacist outfit sells this merchandise 

This 2003 New York Times piece discusses the developing Canine Race Card Phenomenon:

Frederick Schauer, who teaches a course on the first amendment at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, was reading about some dog lovers who claimed ''canine racism'' in response to measures to curb attacks by pit bulls in New York City. That particular race card, he said, was an extreme example of how society has become so obsessed with avoiding any stereotypes that it ignores reality. Pit bulls are more aggressive than other breeds, he said, just as statistics show older people have slower reflexes than the young, and there are more bad drivers in Massachusetts than in Vermont. A fair number of generalizations, he insists, turn out to be accurate.

Let's explore reasons to hate the Billion dollar a year, tax free Pit Bull Industry:

I hate it when a kid is laying on the coroner's table.

I hate it when someone's Grandmother is poured into the life flight helicopter.

I hate it that dogfighters kill 250,000 pits a year...hell bent on engineering a better mauler.

Fatal dog attack, Rosie Humphreys
I hate it when a nice lady and her dog are killed walking through her neighborhood by a chain breaking pit bull and the owner gets a mere $150 ticket

I hate it that the dog lobby is behaving as corruptly as the tobacco lobby in the 50's and 60's.

I hate that the ATTS website contains the following disclaimer: "The pass-fail rate is not a measure of a breed’s aggression, but rather of each dog’s ability to interact with humans, human situations, and the environment. See a description of the test on the TT Test Description page." and no one actually reads it...

I hate it that Pit breeders pump out one Million excess dogs that the taxpayer has to euthanize....to top it off they don't pay taxes.

I hate it that only convicted felons seem to be able to properly identify Pit Bulls.

I Hate it when well intentioned Dog Safety Legislation is perverted into a Pit Bull Breeder's and Dog Fighters Bill Of Rights

I hate the grotesque breed stewardship exerted by the Pit Bull community.

I hate that President Theodore Roosevelt's Bull Terrier Pete was Banished from the Whitehouse after several maulings
I hate it that Pit Bull Advocates know less about their dogs than just about anyone.

I hate when family members of Officers in a State Pit Bull club are busted trafficking fighting dogs.

John Eldice's baby sitter tries to save his life by branding the dog with a hot iron
I hate The Nanny Dog Lie

I hate it that Law Enforcement is continually having to shoot these animals.

I hate it that the Animal Control Professions and Animal welfare Community have abandoned their public safety responsibility and turned on the American People

I hate it when a pit bull owner leaves a blind person and their injured service dog helpless.

I hate it that 29 Life Saving Medals have been awarded to Heroes that have rescued someone being mauled to death by a Pit Bull.

I hate it when radicalized Humane orgs like the Toronto Humane Society spend in excess of $400,000 saving a Pit Bull that attacked on 4 separate occasions, yet this woman can't get plastic surgery:

Marie-Helene Tokar

I hate it that Pit Bull mauling victims have to hold bake sales and blood drives to pay medical costs, while some Pit Bull advocates live in 500K plus houses.

I hate it that nearly 130 Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls since the Vick Bust in 2007, yet they claim a resounding success.

I hate that Michael Vick's Beagles have been erased from history.

A first for mankind!
I hate that Break Sticks, Bear Gardens and Prosthetic limps for Horses were invented.

I hate it that Pit Bull advocates show zero respect to their victims by not wearing black on Pit Bull Awareness day.

I hate it when the neighborhood Mail Carrier is put on the disability rolls.

I hate it when a neighborhood dog is ripped apart by a Pit Bull.

I hate it that Pit Bulls are approaching 500 world wide DBRFS yet their breeders insist they aren't human aggressive.

I don't mind it so much when a consenting adult pit bull owner is attacked by their own animal, but I do hate the first responder costs...just being honest!

I hate that none of the massive effort going toward rebranding pit bulls goes toward breeding a safer pit bull in responsible numbers.

 Oh well...Hose the blood off the sidewalk and pump out another litter!


  1. Count me in as a fellow hater. You gave a great list of reasons to love pit bull haters.

  2. I love the new updates. I'm inspired to add more.

    I hate pit bull owners, be they they crotch to the sidewalk draggin' thugs or the college educated vegan rescue angels.

    I hate the yards of pit bull owners, they always feature dirt, a ton of dog shit, and an old tire, and usually, a decaying davenport on the front porch.

    I do like it when I'm walking my dogs, and these two pit bulls start fighting each other when I walk by. The two Chihuahuas next door, only bark at us, they do not attack each other. I need to make a movie someday before the two pit bulls kill each other.

    I hate it when I'm walking my dog, and there's a loose mutant. I feel exactly like the gazelle being circled by lions on National Geographic.

    I hate it that my neighbor still thinks that a mere screen door is enough to contain his dog that went through my wrought iron gate.

    I hate it when I go to the feed store, there are posters of puppies for sale, and some crotch draggin to the pavement thug, or college educated vegan rescue angel is there with their new pit bull puppy.

    I hate pit bulls, they are ugly. Ugly. Ugly.

    I hate it that the people in charge of public safety down at animal control are all either crotch draggin' to the pavement tattooed covered thugs, or college educated vegan rescue angels.

    1. I really think they are the UGLIEST damn dogs out there. Their faces look like elephant's assholes-with teeth.

    2. I hare it that I have to arm myself like a soldier whenever I walk my dog, to protect us from Pit Bulls

  3. I hate any ads that have pit bulls in them, making them to appear like normal dogs. I would rather see a Nanny Lion, at least it would be a beautiful animal to look at.

  4. Meals a lion engages in species specific behaviours which are completely predictable and reasonable. Bulldogs do none of those, they just engage in bulldog specific behaviours when triggered by whatever. Got any sugar free gum on you when you walk?

  5. I hate it that although I live in a decent middle class neighborhood at the end of a cul de sac I have a neighbor three houses down that has 5 pit/pit mixes.I hate that noone has walked down our street in months because of fear of these dogs due to their running loose or tied on a chain in their dirt front yard. I hate that after months of dealing with TWO of these dogs and calling animal control after their 6 attempts to attack my dog I had to go to court. I hate that the judge decided that since these people put chicken wire around their DECK with propane tanks on top that they had a suitable enclosure. I hate that I only knew they had two pits-not six(SCARY). I hate that I still drive down the street to check to see if any of their dogs are loose before I occasionaly walk my dog in MY own neighborhood (I almost always drive her to a park to walk now). And I hate that I now am always armed with mace and a stick, as well as other neighbors doing the same. Though one has a lead pipe,one carries a knife, two carry mace, and one carries a gun. I just love these dogs!

    1. That sucks so badly, Anon. I'm sorry. Nobody should have to live like that.

      Your neighbor is a major douchebag.

      Stay safe.

  6. I have to add to my "hate" comments. My neighbors have 5 pits not 6. They do have six dogs though, believe it or not, the sixth is...a beagle.

    1. Mike Vick had Nine Beagles too...He used them for baiting and blood donations for the fighters. Amazingly, they were immediately adopted out into homes without expensive rehab or Million dollar insurance policies. I am told repeatedly that breed doesn't matter though...

  7. I hate that I have to be afraid for my granddaughter and for my mother because this idiotic girl who walks her shitbul in front of our property without a muzzle and you can see that she has barely any control of the dog....I cant stand the breed and the selfish immoral and stupid people that insist in having them...I almost hate both alike. Cont me in.

  8. Well said! I hate that I seem to see more of these ugly UNdogs every day in spite of the fact that the information is out there if people would just take five minutes to look.

  9. hate something

    change something

    make something better

  10. What might be the largest, best known dog advocacy group in the WORLD, the American Kennel Club, has this to say:


    Every dog has a distinct personality based on its breed. With 175 AKC-recognized breeds to choose from, doing your research is essential to finding the right breed for your lifestyle and a lifetime of happiness!


    1. The first Stafford-Shredder accepted by the AKC and used as the breed standard was famous pit breeder John P. Colby's "Primo". Colby had one pit-rendered dead nephew and 5000 trafficked fighting dogs to his credit at the time.

      Most people don't know that the certificate Peddling AKC is actually a Tax Free Organization. The director makes nearly a $Million annually.

      Hopefully, one day it will be liquidated via class action...

  11. If they have a pit, you know they're shit.

    1. "If you have a Pit, keep 911 on speed dial and a stabbing implement handy"

      There...fixed it!

    2. "If you have a Pit, keep 911 on speed dial and a stabbing implement handy"


      I actually went and bought a lockback knife to keep on my person, because during the one minute trek from home to the nearest bus stop there are at least three houses with pit bulls and several more with pit mixes. Some think these measures are ridiculous and paranoid but whatever. If one of those beasts breaks containment and charges I want something to help even the odds. At this point it would seem a tempting of fate NOT to carry a weapon, like when people insist on leaving their doors unlocked at night.

  12. The myth of the ATTS winning pit bull: http://www.thetruthaboutpitbulls.blogspot.com/search/label/ATTS

  13. You MUST see this:Breed SPECIFIC report on dog attack deaths and maimings in the US and Canada from September 1982 to January 2012: http://images.bimedia.net/documents/Dog+attack+stats+with+breed+2012.pdf There is a persistent allegation by pit bull terrier advocates that pit bulls are overrepresented among reported dog attack deaths and maimings because of misidentifications or because “pit bull” is, according to them, a generic term covering several similar types of dog. However, the frequency of pit bull attacks among these worst-in-10,000 cases is so disproportionate that even if half of the attacks in the pit bull category were misattributed, or
    even if the pit bull category was split three ways, attacks by pit bulls and their closest relatives
    would still outnumber attacks by any other breed.

  14. Oh dear...
    I just finished reading this and I believe, America isn't the same than it was once and I am glad to live here in good old Germany where such breeds are forbidden by law since years.
    Nonetheless - as an owner of Great Danes and Irish Wolfhounds for more than 25 years now (which I must say are gentle Dogs that hurts or threatening neither man nor other animals) I've had my own bad experiences with those shit bulls and their dumb owners, before breeding and owning such beasts was shut down by law here in my country.
    But - I really don't get, how such a mass of dog attacks as reported in the US, not cause your country's government to act?
    - If here in Germany a person is intentionally hurt by a pet, the owner will be inflicted heavy penalties and he has to pay in any case for the follow-up costs - also there are a number of obligations on the owners to come if he keep this beast on and further wants it to walk with it in public - only leashed and muzzled of course !
    If there's a similar incident with this species / breed repeatedly, this breed gets banned in future easily and puts every other possession or breeding of these animals under punishment !
    We also believe, that animals are valuable and worth preserving creatures, but it can not be, that the life of an animal is raised above that of a human.

    It's simple, if anyone understands, that his own freedom ends where the freedom of another begins ... !

    kind regards from Germany

  15. What a bunch of small minded, ignorant gibberish. You are losing your fight across the country because you are fear driven and you ignore the fact that the most dangerous animal on the planet walks on two legs you knuckle draggers.

    1. LMAO!...An extremely dangerous two legger is the typical 22 year old female who decides to bring the dog men and millions of dead animal baggage into the neighborhood.

      Please redirect your efforts into breeding a safer pit bull in responsible numbers....It can't be that hard!

  16. Conclusions from the extensive fund of a duller... XD

  17. Ouchie...A Pit Nutter hate bomb!

    Just remember that if you ever find yourself reflecting in the Life Flight Helicopter...You will be thrown under the bus as "The bad owner" by your breed community, but OMS will always be here for you.

  18. PS. * Note to Self: Add "I hate that the AVMA, HSUS, ASPCA and AFF bitch non stop about insurance companies discriminating against pit bulls, but they won't put their money where their mouth is and sell low cost insurance to pit bull owners."

    1. there is no such thing as LOW cost insurance for nutters silly.

    2. It could be done if those orgs leveraged the Hundreds of Millions of tax free dollars they are sitting on...They do subsidize adoption, rabies vaccinations and spay neuter for pit bull owners as part of "owner responsibility" programs...but never the most important owner responsibility; indemnification of the future mauling victims.

      I hate that...