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Animal "Un-Control": Have the Animal Control Profession and Humane Community Turned on the American People?


My Cousin Benghazi Bill is a Dog Catcher and says it's the Cocker Spaniels you have to watch out for!

In an example of the current trend in Animal Control Departments across the country, San Diego County Animal Services recently launched the controversial "Dare to Bull-ieve" free Pit Bull Adoption program. San Diego just experienced one of the bloodiest years for any Animal Control District in memory, yet they seem to feel adopting out Pit Bulls to those who can't afford the $69 adoption fee is good policy. The current situation in San Diego is that dog bites have gone up steadily over the past four years and Pit Bulls clog the shelter system.  San Diego's Dog Bite data reveals the following

Highest rate in the analysis:
"Pit bull, 8.85 bites per 100 pit bulls, three times higher than the next closest breed"

Second-highest rate in the analysis:
Rottweiler, 3.03 bites per 100 rottweilers

An average rate in the analysis:
Bichon frise, 1.57 bites per 100 bichon frises

Lowest rates in the analysis:
Pug, 0.35 bites per 100 pugs
Golden retriever, 0.34 bites per 100 golden retrievers

Source: San Diego County Department of Animal Services

 It would be bad enough to launch such a radical Pit Pushing program based on the off the chart bite data alone...but SDCDAS also knows that over the past year, Pit Bulls produced by San Diego Breeders have killed San Diego residents: Tyzchel Williams, Mail Carrier Diane Jensen, and Emako Mendoza.... Additionally, a 4th DBRF victim died in August when her grandfather picked up a Stray Pit Bull in Balboa Park, then took it down across the border to Tijuana. It ended up killing his 4 year old grandaughter a few days later.

So what the hell is going on here?!? Why are these agencies with a public safety mission abandoning their responsibilities?  One just has to look at the radicalization of America's Humane and Animal Control communities that has been festering since the 1980's. The turning point took place in the summer of 1986, when Tufts University held the Animal Control and Humane Symposium "Dog Aggression and the Pit Bull Terrier" which produced the following meme: Pit Bull Bites Are Worse, but it would be unfair to penalize Pit Bull owners. This is tantamount to Law Enforcement lobbying for laws that don't criminalize drunk driving until after the accident due to unfairness issues for drunks who haven't plowed into a family yet..  The results of the Unfairness Meme is that according to this 2010 federal study, between 1993 and 2008, Dog Bite Hospitalizations have skyrocketed a population adjusted 86 percent with the average stay costing four times that of other injuries. The Taxpayer is also bitten since 37 percent of the costs are covered by Medicaid and Medicare.

What 30 years of Pit Bull Education has Produced:


Additionally, the United States DBRF Rate is approaching Third World status due to Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, yet the disconnected Animal Control and Humane Communities don't seem to think this is a problem. Communities also have to deal with the divided loyalty that comes with an Animal Control Department receiving grants from Humane Organizations and Dog Lobby Companies such as Pitsmart. Once the department takes the grant, they are now expected to tow the pit bull party line and become a "Pit Bull Services" Department...mauling victims be damned.  It is important for the public to insist that Animal Control Departments remember who they work for.

Several Compilations below show how Animal Control is now Animal Un-Control:

Animal Control Officers, Shelter Workers and Vet Techs mauled and attacked by Pit Bulls: Its a real jungle out there!

Nov 2013, Chicago, IL; Last year CACC had its Pit Bull loving Director fired, now a review is ordered after a shelter worker is mauled by one of the facilities Pit Bulls. The original articles state that the 47 year old woman may need her arm amputated

Oct 2013, Longmont, CO; After a pit mix that was previously designated as a Dangerous Dog in another County attacks a Longmont Humane Society Shelter worker, then is fostered out into the community... only making it 4 days before attacking a man walking his dog, the Director receives a citation and is charged by police.  The report says that in 2011; 16 percent of dog bites in the town came from dogs "rehabbed" by the outfit Normally, OMS would recommend suing their Nutter asses but they are over $700K behind on their mortgage payments

Aug 2013, Portsmouth, VA; Two seized pit bulls maul shelter worker at the Portsmouth "Humane" Society.  The woman is hospitalized for three days with a broken wrist and numerous puncture wounds  Another pit bull OSHA violation...

Aug 2013, Lee County, FL; Ethereal Pit Mommy becomes enthralled with pit bull "Lily" on the internet, then drives all the way down from Georgia to pick up her from Helping Paws Rescue. When Lily is being put into the car, she starts mauling both her and the Rescue operator and ends up being hacked to death with a knife. Both women are hauled off in meat wagons.  *OMS Note: Georgia has plenty of maulers, next time pick one up there and save on gas!

June 2013, Cumberland County, KY; A/c Officer and Afghanistan war veteran Mirelle Dilitz describes her mauling from a pit bull. Former A/C officers chime in about how the requested that the Officers be armed to deal with the County's pit bull problem

June 2013 Lincoln County, MT; Lincoln County A/C Officer Sarah Pisciotta  “These dogs are just all muscle. They bite you and they just don’t let go,” said Pisciotta, who was once attacked as she tried to euthanize a pit-bull mix. “It attacked me and broke my arm. Still, I’m kind of in the middle, but I have to enforce the law.”

May 2013, Williamson County, IL; Animal Control Officer attacked and mauled by a pit bull he had previous run ins with. A good Samaritan rescues him by shooting the pit bull off him  Be sure to watch the heartwarming video!

May 2013, Islip, NY; A/C officer and a shelter volunteer are injured when taking the resident pit bull on a walk and it attacks another dog. The pound pittie had been housed at the shelter since Oct 2012

March 2013, Bluefield, WV; The city tried playing nice with the pit bull owners by passing mere muzzle and containment restrictions. After the town's A/C officer is mauled and hospitalized, they are now going for an outright ban

Feb 2013, Gaston, NC; Prospective pit-pup adoptee self-mutilates by attacking a boy and his mother who were thinking of adopting him at the Gaston County Animal Control Facility

Feb 2013, Port Clinton, OH; Rescue angel mauled at Island Safe Harbor Sanctuary.
"We've had no issues with it at all," Brown said. "It rode with me in the car, I took it out walking. I sat in the kennel with it, I fed it out of my hand."
Emergency services were called to the shelter. Brown said she tried to get inside to calm the dog herself, but the sheriff's deputies wouldn't let her.

Feb 2013, Louisville, KY; Metro Animal Services Animal Care Specialist mauled by and hospitalized by two pit bulls inside the shelter. Her rescuer was also bitten. The two pitties euthanized.

Feb 2013, Hopkinsville, KY; Animal Control officer sustains serious wrist gash when attacked on a pit bull run

Feb 2013, Selma, CA; Police officer tasked with transporting 5 aggressive pit bulls from the Selma Animal Shelter to the veterinarian for euthanization has "a threatening situation" and has to shoot them.  Selma just had a man fatally ripped to pieces by pit bulls a few weeks earlier.

Jan 2013, Pikes Peak Region, CO; Worker at Central Park Dog Daycare mauled by pit bull that the business owner had taken in. "Taken to the hospital with pretty bad bites to the leg and shin."

Dec 2012, Baton Rouge, LA; Shelter worker attacked and hospitalized at the City A/C Shelter

Dec 2012, Indianapolis, IN, After a well meaning nutter takes in a stray pit bull, it bites her. The responding A/C Officer is attacked with police being summoned and shooting the misunderstood animal.

Dec 2012, Los Angeles, CA; Los Angeles A/C Officer is dubbed "Hero of the Week" after sustaining injuries dealing with a recalcitrant pit bull that had attacked another dog."Referred to a hand specialist for further evaluation due to the unknown extent of the wounds."

Nov 2012, La Mirada, CA; Police Deputy shoots Pit Bull that was attacking Animal Control Officer Mireya Martinez. "Authorities say the Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy fatally shot the dog in order to save Martinez's life."
Dog Trainer points the finger at owners
Nov 2012, Los Arm-geles, CA; Local dog trainers publish you tube promotional video trying to generate business from the pit bull community. Towards the end, he reveals that his finger was bitten off by a pit bull. You Can't Make this Stuff Up!

Oct 2012, Pembroke, NC; 53 year old Rescue Angel Mary Jo Hunt is killed by 7 Pits and 2 GSDs that were heading for unsuspecting families. Has a crazy Canine IED cell set up in your community?

Oct 2012, Riverhead NY; Animal Control Officer Jessica Eibs-Stankaitis is lucky to be alive after a pit bull attack on Friday that left her badly injured. The Police Chief says "It was bad"

Oct 2012, White Oak, PA; After three shelter workers are badly bitten, shelter owner surrenders a Pit Bull and Rottweiler to the local A/C shelter for euthanization. Nutter volunteers raise a stink that public safety triumphed

Sep 2012, Fresno, CA; A/C Officer bitten when responding to loose Pit Bull that was chasing school children. Police had to shoot the defective Nanny dog

Sep 2012, Ronkonkoma, NY; Four people treated at the hospital after a pit bull named "Gino" goes berserk at the Houndstown Doggie Day Care Center.

Aug 2012, Dekalb County, GA, Just 90 days after Dekalb lifts it's Pit Bull zoning restrictions, ethereal 23 year old Rescue Angel Rebecca Carey is killed in her 2 Pit, 2 Presa and 1"boxer-mix" private nutter zoo collection. Incompetent A/C officials say it's the County's first DBRF, but its actually their 5th DBRF involving a Pit Bull. Have the Nutters infiltrated your A/C organization? Better check!

July 2012, Callaway, FL; Veterinary Technician has arm severed trying to save a customer's poodle who was being attacked by another customer's Pit Bull at the Parkway Animal Hospital

April 2012, Fayetteville, KY; A/C Officer takes a ride in the meat wagon thanks to family Pit Bull that had the neighborhood on lockdown

March 2012, Gloversville, NY; Woman attacked inside Vet's office while euthanizing her adopted Pit Bull for aggression/dangerousness issues

Jan 2012, Longview, TX; A/C Officer Jacqueline Lynch gets hospitalized at the friendly neighborhood Pit Breeder‘s maulspawning facility

Dec 2011, Luzerne County, PA; Luzerne County SPCA is sued by a woman who was mauled by a Pit Bull in quarantine for biting a shelter employee. $20 worth of euthasol could have avoided this unpleasantness

Oct 2011, Wichita, KS; A/C Officer requires emergency surgery to save finger after being bitten by Pit Bull in the shelter

Oct 2011, Cape May County, NJ; Prison inmate receives a sentence reduction after saving a County Shelter worker being mauled by a pit bull

Oct 2011, Richland County, SC; Two Pitties break chains to attack A/C Officer

Oct 2011, Anderson, SC; County shelter worker mauled by Pit Bull being held per Court order..."out of work for a week"

Sep 2011, El Paso, TX; Roaming Pit Bull attacks Dog catcher

Another Sgt Stubby dog trainer points the finger at pit owners....
Sep 2011, PA; Dog trainer Lisa McDonald of Leader of the Pack K-9 Institute points the finger at owners for Pit Bull Animal and Human Aggression

Aug 2011, St Petersburg, FL; Attack from 2 pit bulls hospitalizes St. Pete dog catcher

Aug 2011, Humboldt County, CA; A veterinary worker who sustained serious arm damage from multi-time biting pit bull "Hoddy" at the McKinleyville Animal Care and Control facility wins $300,000 judgment from the county  "I'm a Vet Tech who got mauled..."

Aug 2011; Leon County, FL; A/C Officer returns to work after one month off the job due to Pit Bull Mauling

Aug 2011, Pimaulus County, FL; Bullets fly when A/C officer and Police Officer try to round up a delinquent Pit Bull and Boxer tag team. Note: Notice how these A/C Officers bring Police back up when responding to a Pit Bull call. If only neighborhood children had the same luxury

Aug 2011, Adelanto, CA; After running out of taser darts when dealing with a "frisky" Pit Bull, A/C Officer Steve Pelletier is accidentally shot by his armed Police backup who was falling to the ground and shot in self-defense. The bullet went through the Pittie and grazed his leg

June 2011, Omaha, NE; Sean Vorel scales an 8ft chain link fence and rescues longtime Gilbert's Boarding owner Marcia Gilbert  who was down on the ground being mauled by a pit bull she had taken in. Mr Vorel subsequently won the Carnegie Foundation Lifesaving Medal

June 2011, Wadena, MN; Pit bull up for adoption by the Wadena Humane Society attacks service dog at a pet exposition

2011, Prince William County, VA; Shelter Manager and Shelter worker receive Lifesaving Merit Award for rescuing another shelter worker being mauled by a Pit Bull that was being reclaimed by it’s family

March 2011, Escambia County, FL; Temporary worker at the County Shelter mauled by Pit Bull

Feb 2011, Arizona City, AZ; Animal Control officer that let 3 starving  pit bulls and rottweilers rip the ear off a 10 year old boy keeps job

Dec 2010, Las Vegas, NV; Tax Payers get bitten in the ass when Pit Breeder‘s maulspawner jumps fence to attack A/C Officer

Sept 2010, Taft, Maulifornia; Animal Control Officer is Down!

Sep 2010, Roanoke, VA; A/C Officer down on the ground being chewed up by two Pit mixes. Luckily, he was allowed to carry a service revolver

July 2010, Manhatten, NY; After Drug Dealer's Pit Bull "Cash" mauls two victims in separate attacks, three Animal Trainers are bitten at the Manhatten Animal Care and Control Facility.  Why spend resources trying to rehabilitate such an animal?

May 2010; Preston , CT; After responding to a call where a Pit Bull was attacking its owner, A/C Officer Patty Daniels is attacked and injured while leading the animal out to the A/C truck. State Police pump lead into the disloyal mauler

March 2010, Camp Pendleton, CA; Dog trainer Liz Palika is bitten in the face handing out CGC Certifications to the base pit bulls

May 2010, Dayton OH, Local Humane Society Director brings armed Police back up with him to save him when attacked during a Pit Bull call…Then spews the Pit Bull Party line to keep the Pitsmart and AFF dollars flowing in

April 2010, Pittsburgh, PA; A/C Officer Christine Luffey utters “I just wanted to survive“ then starts spewing the Pit party line

*Note: These 370 plus Americans wanted to survive also

April 2010, Mendicino County, CA; Two animal control officers who were injured in the attack were identified as George Hodgson and Torsten Werner. The more seriously injured in the attack was Werner, who was bitten on the hands and the groin area. Hodgson, a veteran animal control officer, struck the dog with his service weapon killing it.

March 2010, Hamilton County, IN; Boy attacked at the Hamilton County Shelter by a Pit Bull that was lurking behind door Number 2. In 2009 a child was attacked by an Akita at the same Shelter

Feb 2010, Prince William County, VA; After being is Shelter quarantine for attacking three family members, Pit Bull attacks shelter worker. Owner finally decides to put it down.

March 2010, Delaware, Pit owner expresses Pit Owner's regret after her experience adopting "Bella" from an unnamed SPCA Lesson: You Can't Beat the Dogmen!

Dec 2009, Willingsboro, NJ; 62 year old A/C Officer is mauled by two loose Pit Bulls producing 32 separate wounds. Police stated that this was the third time they have had to shoot Pit Bulls at the address. Pit Owner Kevin Frink characterized the shooting as “an execution”

Dec 2009, Bayonne, NJ; Two pit bulls in quarantine and pending vicious dog designation for scalping a 70 year old woman attack kennel worker causing "ripping into his leg and biting his arm"

Dec 2009, Dickson, TN; Pit Bull placed by ELEVEN ELEVEN BULLY RESCUE attacks it's new owners within 30 minutes of taking it home. A/C shelter worker is subsequently attacked while the animal is in quarantine losing part of a thumb

Nov 2009, Thibodeaux, LA; Pit Bull "Shank" mauls A/C Officer after being saved from euthanization by the Ponchatrain Humane Society and a foolish judge. Shanks previously attack a boy and a woman, and would not release even when repeatedly beaten with a 2x4.

  The whack jobs at Toronto HS oppose this trend!
Nov 2009, Toronto Canada; When the Toronto Humane Society is raided by police for being a house of horrors, Police are attacked by notorious Pit Bull "Bandit". Bandit had been under euthanization order for mauling a boy to the tune of 200 stitches and had bitten 3 shelter workers. Bandit had become the Director's pet.

Oct 2009, Fairfield, CT; A/C Officer Theresa Foss never wakes up after being knocked to the ground by a Pit Bull…Dies of internal organ failure...Happens with poodles all the time...

Oct 2009, Davenport, IA; A/C officer attacked by two Pit Bulls, Police rescue her

Sep 2009, Clinton Township, MI; Police shoot Pit bull when A/C officer “Bitten up Pretty Good“

Aug 2009, Johnston City, WA; Police shoot Pit Bull attacking A/C Officer at Pit Bull Breeder’s Maul Spawning Facility

Aug 2009, Bloomington, IN; Animal Control Shelter worker has end of thumb ripped off by Fight Bust Pit Bull.

May 2009, Bell Gardens, CA; A/C Officer loses half of her thumb during follow up visit on two sweeties

May 2009, Oklahoma City, OK; City Officials consider protecting A/C Officers with bullet proof vests after A/C officer is stabbed twice by Pit Bull owner

Feb 2009, West Paris, ME; Bite by pit bull at the Moose Pond Shelter triggers the 18 year old victim to have a seizure. Transported by ambulance to local hospital

Feb 2009, Indianapolis, IN; "I have worked at a veterinary hospital for 10 years and have seen many different pit bull personalities and felt poor ownership and mistreatment was the cause for attacks by pit bulls but last year I changed my mind. One of the vet's adopted a pit bull and it's puppy (to save from being euthanized). She has had the puppy from birth and it was in a very caring and loving environment. We tried over and over to socialize this male puppy but it was always standoffish and distrustful of everyone no matter what we tried. Then a couple of months ago it attacked the veterinarian and also it's own mother. This dog was afforded the best of care in a social and loving environment but still reverted to it's inherit desire to maim, fight and kill. "  Oh well, Bleach out the office and pump out another litter!

Feb 2009, Wilkesboro, NC; HSUS representatives try to bamboozle a Superior Court judge by asking for $190,000 per dog to rehabilitate the pit bulls seized during the Wildside Kennels fighting bust.  The $190,000 comes from the Vick Amicus brief:

Rehabilitation of fighting dogs is a time consuming, labor intensive effort which requires 4 to 6 hours each day per dog. Qualified trainers earn between $50.00-$75.00 per hour. At 5 hours a day, 30 days a month, this $9,700 dollars per month of training. To this, add food and veterinary care, and the price to rehabilitate a fighting dog is a little more than $10,000 per month. If training and rehabilitating a dog takes 18 months, the cost rises to $180,000 plus the run cost of $10,000 or $190,000 per dog.

Money Grabbing Parasites!...Wouldn't it be cheaper to send them to Harvard for a proper college education?!?

Dec 2008, Marshfield, MA; A/C officers shoot a Pit Bull that had gotten out of it‘s cage and was killing a lesser dog. This was the second lesser dog the Pit had killed at the shelter.

Texas Vet Clinic implements Pit Bull Spay Neuter Policy after vet tech is mauled twice by her Pit Bull

Dec 2008, Pocatello, ID; A/C Officer Tamara Anderson almost killed by Dangerously Declared Pit Bull that had been trafficked into her area.

Feb 2008, Blount County, TN; A/C officer mauled by two Pit Bulls that had previously attacked two humans and two neighborhood dogs. The Officer later sues the owner for $500,000

July 2008, Stockton, Maulifornia; Two A/C Officers bitten by Pit Bull that jumped out of a window to attack them. It took them 24 hours to respond to the report of a girl being bitten by the same animal

July 2008, Providence, RI; After being bitten in the leg by a pit bull at the Providence Animal Shelter; volunteer Sarah Marsh made it clear that the dog was not to blame since she was carry a treat in her pocket  OMS Note: Add "Treat in Pocket" to trigger list

July 2008, Harris County, TX; Animal Control Officers make plea to the state legislature to allow them to carry “bite sticks“ for protection against Pit Bulls

July 2008, Las Vegas, NV; A/C Officer mauled and hospitalized after Pit Breeder‘s Maulspawners escape fence

May 2008, Lakewood, CA,; Animal Control Officer Vince Hernandez describes his Pit Bull attack

April 2008, Macon County, GA; Three pit bulls that attacked an A/C officer and put him out of work for a week are euthanized

April 2008, Canton, OH; Pit Bull owner in jail and charged with Felonious Assault  after siccing his three pit bulls on responding A/C officer.  The Officer who was packing heat, shot the animal.

Dec 2007, Buffalo, NY; Investigation ensues after alcohol consuming A/C employees play slash the pit bull's throat during a holiday party

Oct 2007, Orange County, CA; Police shoot Pit Bull after it attacks A/C officer

Sep 2007, Mahoning County, OH; Deputy Dog Warden Sean Toohey discusses being attacked by pit bulls several times and recently shooting one that had latched onto him and began ripping his clothes

Sep 2007, Erie, PA; Two pit bulls dragged the city's animal control officer to the ground and mauled him Friday...Witness: 'This guy's going to get eaten'

July 2007, Covington, OK; The mayor of Covington who is also and animal control officer is knocked down and sustains a cracked skull responding to loose pit bull that was terrorizing the neighborhood. Life flighted to St Anthony Hospital Hospital in Oklahoma City.

Feb 2007, Knox County, TN; Animal Control Officer bitten six times by Pit Bull, carried out on stretcher

Jan 2007, Dayton, OH; A/C workers attacked and mauled by fighting pit bulls intercepted during interstate transport operation

 Nov 2004, Louisville, KY; A/C officer hospitalized responding to call where family Pit Bull mauls 16 month old toddler

Aug 2004, Martin County, FL; A/C Officer praises two heroes that saved his life from being mauled to death by two Pit Bulls

Aug 2004, Martin County, FL; A/C Officer severely bitten in the face and on the head when pulled down to the ground during a Pit Bull call. "This was a level of viciousness that I had not experienced before."

* Update...Martin County A/C Officer sues the owners and landlord of Bubba and DJ

June 2004, St. Lucie County, FL; Two pit bulls savagely attacked a St. Lucie County animal control officer Tuesday morning and were later shot to death after charging at law enforcement officers.

July 2004, Salinas, KS; Animal Control officer sues pit bull owner for $75,000 stemming from 2002 attack when his was severely bitten in the arm and face

July 2004, Humane Society of Port St Lucie offers $500 reward to find the Pit Perp from the above attack

Jun 2004, Roslindale, MA; Police shot and killed a pit bull after the dog attacked an exterminator, a dog catcher and a cop and killed another dog yesterday afternoon in Roslindale

May 2004, Providence, RI, It takes an entire canister of pepper spray right up the nostril to make Pit Bull release longtime A/C officer’s arm during shelter attack.

Feb 2004, Fort Worth, TX; A Fort Worth animal control officer was recovering from a dog attack Tuesday night. A pit bull reportedly charged Graeme Rushing as he tried to impound four dogs. Doctors had to put 30 stitches in Rushing's face and arm.

Dec 2003, Hayward, CA; A Hayward Animal Shelter employee is recovering from severe wounds sustained after being attacked and bitten by a pit bull at the shelter, according to Greg Armes, Hayward's animal services manager

Nov 2003, San Francisco; CA; Local SPCA volunteer’s Therapy Pit goes berserk upon seeing it’s first Police horse in Golden Gate Park. The horse is a attacked, Police officer thrown onto disability rolls and the volunteer is kicked in the face during the Death Therapy session. After the attack, Police Horse Triple A Andy has to be retired. Ultimately, Nettie the Therapy Pit gets lead “Clicker Training“

Aug 2003, Person County, NC; After local dog fighting bust, accused dog fighters set a trap on a desolate country road with phony call about a dog hit by a car. When the A/C officer shows up, they sic a human aggressive pit bull on her.

May 2003, Fayetteville, NC; Rescuer scales 8ft fence and "chokes out" pit bull to save to workers being mauled at the Fayetteville Veterinary Clinic

Feb 2003, Brooksville, FL; Four Paws Breeding and Boarding Kennel owner Alfred Makuc is killed by a customer's pit bull. Mr. Makuc had 4 decades professional dog handling experience

Aug 2002, Martinez, WA; Pit Bull owner Linda Steed lures Animal Control Officer into her backyard to examine her chaining set up and puts him on “Desk Duty“

Feb 2002, Fulton County, GA; Animal Control Officer taken to the hospital after dealing with a Pit Bull that had bitten a child

June 2001, Topeka, KS; Animal Control Officer recalls her 1987 Pit Bull mauling where she was saved by two Police officers, who shot the beasts

2001, Arcata, SC; After "Kennel Technician" a is mauled by previous owner biting pit bull "Mugsy" at the Arcata Animal Hospital she sues the owner. 5 years later the state supreme court rules that professional animal workers may not sue owners under the "Veterinarian's Rule"   "I'm a vet tech and I just got screwed..."

Oct 2000, Providence, RI; Shelter worker attacked by pit bull that liked to be taken on walks and have it's belly rubbed during the six weeks it languished at the shelter

Jan 2000, Roanoke, VA; Police shoot Pit Bull that had attacked an A/C Officer

Nov 1998, Allentown, PA; Police shoot Pit Bull after it attacks A/C Officer

March 1998, Anne Arundel County MD; 22 year A/C Veteran loses thumb and flesh from arm because of Pit Bull “Apache”

July 1998, Montgomery County, MD; County Shelter worker Kevin Hoffman nearly loses hand after being mauled by Pit Bull whose owner was fighting euthanization order

April 1998, Canton, OH; FAMILY PIT BULL MAULS WIFE OF OHIO DOG WARDEN  Police had to shoot this one

Oct 1997, Chicago, IL; Lucky A/C Officer is able to escape Gripper by slamming it repeatedly with a fence gate

Aug 1996, Berks County, PA; Shelter employee loses part of a finger at the Berks County Humane Society during pit bull cage cleaning incident

May 1994, Norfolk, VA; Police shoot Pit Bull that killed a Rottweiler and attacked an Animal Control Officer 

Sep 1991, Big Pine Key, FL; Animal Control worker mauled when opening cage containing misunderstood Pit Bull…”Tears, cuts and teeth punctures all over his hands, arms and legs“

May 1990, Portsmouth, VA; A/C Officer bitten by Pit Bull

Aug 1989, Broward County, FL; Animal Control officer cut by broken glass when Pit Bull smashes through the window of her truck to get to her. The Canine Freak show is shot by Police. *Window aggression is different than human aggression!

April, 1988; A Los Angeles County animal control officer was injured near Hawthorne when she was attacked by "a sick pit bull" terrier and, in a separate incident Tuesday, sheriff's deputies shot and killed a second pit bull that was chasing and attacking children on the grounds of Lennox High School

July 1987, Sikeston, MO; Director of Sikeston-Bootheel Humane Society is looking for someone to sue after being attacked by a pit bull housed at the shelter

July 1987, Los Angeles CA; A/C officer bitten by Pit Bull

Feb 1982, San Jose, CA; A/C officer almost mauled to death by three Pit Bulls and a GSD. Police Officer saves his life by blasting them to the Great Dog Fighting Pit in the Sky

Dec 1902, New York City; ASPCA Agent has ear ripped of in old school bull dog attack. * Note: this is before the dog fighters came up with the APBT moniker

Part 2: Animal Control/Shelter Breakdowns, Corruption and General Dysfunction: Is there any oversight on these organizations?!?

jordan ryan mauled to death by a pit bull
5 year old Jordan Ryan...Killed by Pit Bull Rescue

 Interstate trafficked rescue pit shot by police!
Aug 2013, McHenry, IL; A pit bull trafficked in from Kentucky by Dog House Humane Group is shot by police after it's new owner calls 911. "Kahleesi" had decided that the Pug in the home needed killing and the new owner was helpless to stop the 15 minute shredding. Dog House collected $300 pitbucks during the "dealio".

Aug 2013, Pierce County, WA; The Washington State Court of Appeals upholds a liability judgment against Pierce County for the F-Troop like Animal Control performance which led to a woman being mauled in her own bedroom by her neighbor's pit bulls.  And the normally zero accountability world of Animal Control is stunned!

Pit Grifterin' Gone Bad Again!!!
July 2013, Milpitas, CA; Professional Pit flim-flammer Kris Crawford's "Knock Out Dog Fighting" fundraising apparatus is under the spotlight again, after one of her supporters, MMA fighter Elena Maxwell's pit bull attacks a Boston Terrier and it's owner

July 2013, Saginaw County, MI; A pit bull mix adopted out of Saginaw County Animal Care and Control attacks it's owner's adult son. It takes three people to save him from the unstable beast.  The Nutters are actually organizing a vicious dog fan club to save this one!

June 2013, Rittman, OH; Whack job outfit once known as Utopia Kennel, then Utopia Rescue and Rehabilitation and now Canary Island Dog of Prey Rehabilitation and Rescue Center traffics Boston into Ohio. Boston had previously bitten a toddler in the face twice in California and was designated as a Dangerous Dog. Boston appeared on petfinder with no mention of bite history nor his Dangerous Dog Declaration.  Shame on the judges that fall for these con jobs!

June 2013, Melbourne, Australia; In one attack outside a vet's clinic, veterinarian Dr Sheree Mars had to anaesthetize one of the three staffy terriers to unlock its jaw from its canine victim.

June 2013, Charlotte, NC; Local media becomes involved when F-Troop Animal Control performance threatens neighborhood after biting pit bull incident.  After media scrutiny, they begin enforcing the law. 

Antelope Valley woman killed by pack of pit bulls
An animal control breakdown led to Los Angeles County's 10th Pit Bull DBRF
May 2013, Los Angeles County, CA; After an Animal Control breakdown leads to the death of 63 year old Pamela Devitt, who is LA County's 10th pit bull DBRF victim, the Los Angeles County Supervisor spews pit bull shixt fed to him by the county dog catchers..."This is the first fatal attack in the county's history"  Media bias...Yeah...That's the ticket!

May 2013, Lorain, OH; Pit centric Rescue Animal House/Ohio Pet Placement finally collapses after years of problems. 55 starving dogs are rescued during the raid

May 2013, Edmonds, WA; After a dog Scuffle video makes it's way onto the internet, pit foster mommie is arrested.  She can't make her court hearing due to head lice quarantine  The pit bull mauled in the video was imported from California where they just had their 47th Pit bull DBRF...These pit crazies are a public safety threat!

Photo: Adopted out pit bull attacks and kills two dogs in under 5-minutes - The Humane Society for Hamilton County

May 2013, Hamilton County, IN; Pit Bull trafficked into an apartment complex by the Hamilton County Humane Society kills two dogs in 5 minutes. One of the dogs, a Doxie Named Rory, was brought home from Serbia by a former US Marine

May 2013, Winsted, CT; Pit bull adopted out by the Torrington Animal Shelter jumps fence, enters neighbor's house and attacks the family Shih Tzu. The pit bull is then euthanized

May 2013, Baltimore, MD; After a Labrador is gripped at a community dog park, a Petsmart Dog trainer pushes for a "No dog Toy" regulation so pit bulls aren't triggered.
The irony here is that Pitsmart does not allow pit bulls in its doggie daycare over liability and safety concerns.

April 2013, Billings, MO; Dog catcher arrested for driving the city A/C truck around town waving a gun. When police pull him over they also find drug paraphernalia

April 2013, Forks, WA; Olympic Animal Sanctuary which gleaned media attention for saving maulers and fight bust dogs deteriorates into a Slo-Kill Above Ground Cemetary  This outfit took in nearly $500K in tax free dollars over the last three years, yet doesn't even have clean water for its "captives"

April 2013, Cloverdale, BC, Canada; Family mourns the loss of their 5 year old terrier "Sparky" after he is killed by a neighbor's rescued fight bust pit bull.  Hope the pit mooks who did this feel good about themselves!

Apr 2013, San Diego, CA; Previously declared "Nuisance" Landshark escapes fence and attacks a woman walking her dog on a beach. The Caesar Milan wannabee owner receives lacerations to his hands and arms during the rescue  According to the distraught owner, this animal was a rescued fighting pit!

April 2013, San Francisco, CA;  After blowing through the $17,000 collected to "Save Charlie", homeless, able bodied welfare recipient and former pit owner David Gizzerelli owes the city of San Francisco $5000.  There is no mention of reimbursement to the federal gov't for the veterinary treatment of the attacked police horse, nor the medical/disability costs of the thrown federal officer.  Hope everyone who donated feels good about themselves!

* "A broom behind a garbage truck for every able bodied pit grifter"

April  2013, Tarentum, PA; Breeder's pit bulls with attack history burst through screen door to attack and hospitalize three children who were playing on a neighborhood playground. Neighbors have to save the kids with baseball bats. Now that there has been hospitalizations, A/C will finally pursue Dangerous Dog designations.

* "A ditch and a shovel for every able bodied pit breeder!"

Apr 2013, Weirton, WV; Family member brings home a pit bull recently adopted from a local unnamed shelter. It attacks 5 year old boy removes the majority of one ear and he is hauled off to the hospital.

March 2013, Elma, NY; Oft cited Smilin' Pit Bull Rescue proprietor Eric Gray arrested on five counts of animal cruelty. Authorities seize financial  records looking for "inconsistencies" * Note.. On the Truth about SPR website, they claim this guy killed more pit bulls than Michael Vick

March 2013, Lorain, OH; One week after being lauded by the Cincinnati City Council for placing 27 Fight bust dogs, Animal House/Ohio Pet Placement Director is arrested for Forgery and ID Theft  Pit Grifterin' ain't  easy!

March 2013, Montgomery County, TX; Authorities investigate notorious pit bull hoarder Leah Purcell of  the raided Spindletop Pit Bull Rescue over her new dog training and dog boarding business. Unbelievable...these otherwise unemployable,  professional pit mooks will do anything to avoid an honest days work!

March 2013, Chicago, IL; Fired Chicago Head Dog Catcher and Pit bull Social worker Cherie Travis is sued by the State Attorney General due to financial shenanigans from her PACT "People and Animals in Community Together Humane Society" which was stripped of 501C3 status for not filing income tax returns for three years by the IRS. Travis also lost her teaching gig at Dupaul University when the improprieties were exposed. 

March 2013, Calgary, AB, Canada; Oft heralded Calgary Animal Services goes down the dark path of providing identification immunity to the owner of a pit bull who mauled a neighbor's dog, leaving the dog owner saddled with $2K in vet bills  Five bucks says they adopted out this mauler and are practicing CYA....

March 2013, Montgomery County, TN; Family sues pit mix owner for the mauling of a little girl that occurred in 2012. Inspection of Montgomery County Animal Shelter logs by the family attorney shows the incompetent A/C department had been called 17 times about the animal.

Feb 2013, Port Orange, FL; Three pit bulls escape out of window at the Pawside Connection Rescue and tear into a couple walking their two GSDs. The GSD owners suffer bites to their hands and their dogs are injured.

Feb 2013, New Port Richey, FL;  Newly established "No Kill" All Volunteer A/C outfit under fire. Pit Bull "Keona" was slated to be euthanized after attacking a pedestrian, killing neighborhood pets and attacking a police officer...Instead, Keona received $1400 in taxpayer funded vet care and was trafficked out to a pit bull rescue without dangerous dog declaration.

Feb 2013, Dayton, OH; After an 82 year old woman is nearly killed by loose pit bulls, A/C affords the owner home quarantine privileges...citing no legal authority to seize the animals  Pit lobby donations are corrupting A/C departments

Jan 2013, Essex County, VA; Two pit bulls involved in an Alpaca massacre are "sprung" from the county pound on the eve of their euthanization. Local investigators believe it is an inside job

Jan 2013, West Toledo, OH;  Dogo Argentina "Bones" was involved in the murder of a New York City man in 2010 and trafficked to Toledo rescue outfit Northwest Ohio Underdog Rescue Inc by the pit bull freedom fighters at the Vicious Dog Fan Club  "Lexus Project". While the proprietor was away, Bones came up missing. It is not known if Bones has a proper Ohio dangerous dog declaration with requisite insurance

Jan 2013, Edmonton AB, Canada; Edmonton Humane Society oversteps it's bounds to overturn the City's ban on pit bulls despite having the following bite rate data:

In nonfatal aggressive incidents, the pit bull did rank highest in 2000 and 2001 (2.84 bite incidents per 100 licensed dogs of this breed type) in 1 Canadian municipality (Edmonton, Alberta) (12). Other breeds that followed in this municipality included the rottweiler (1.60 bite incidents per 100 licensed), Akita (1.52), mastiff (1.47), Dalmatian (1.40), and Great Dane (1.21) (12).

Dec 2012, Shawnee County, KS; Pit Bull adopted out by an unnamed local shelter kills 2 year old girl  This one ought to be worth a few $Million...

Dec 2012, Middle Smithfield Township, PA;  Pit bull owning veterinarian charged with 13 counts of animal cruelty for allowing her dog to maul customer's pets.  Stated he preferred to allow to "Let the dogs work things out for themselves"

Dec 2012, Moriarty, NM; Crazy dog lady who runs Alliance Against Animal Abuse Inc  is arrested after being caught red handed stealing two pit bulls – then throwing them from her moving car as the dogs' owner gave chase. Police say about 60 dogs have disappeared in this town

Dec 2012, San Diego, CA; Three pit bulls escape their foster home to commit three attacks in two weeks.  The last attack involved them ripping a neighbor's Chihuahua to the tune of a $6600 vet bill. San Diego pit social workers arrange for the pit perp to rehome one of the dogs  Cha Ching! This Vet will retire a month earlier now!...

Dec 2012, Mendocino, CA; County shelter puts in place new Pit bull specific adoption and training guideline after an adoption blood bath on a man walking his dog.

Nov 2012, Yadkin County, NC; Rottweiler belonging to a dog trainer with 28 years experience and former president of the Yadkin Humane Society kills her 1 year old Grandaughter.  Pit Bulls and Rottweilers have killed nearly 280 Americans since the CDC Report..but don't worry, the dog lobby assures breeding isn't a factor!

Pit bulls in 'brutal' surprise attack on Calgary woman will be euthanized after owner's court appeal fails
California has sustained 48 Pit Bull DBRF's so let's bring another mauler down!
Nov 2012, Calgary, AB, Canada; Noted dog trainer Karen Kennedy Ross flies up to Calgary to try and overturn Calgary's A/C's Dangerous Dog Assessment of a drug dealer's pit bulls that ripped a woman's nose off. The Judge doesn't listen and orders euthanization. State licensing, Bonding and Background checks for Dog Trainers are needed to weed the crazies out.

Nov 2012, Austin, TX; Austin AAS brags openly that very few dogs on the county Dangerous Dog listing are "repeat attackers". Only problem is that there are just 38 dogs on the 20 year old list, despite the county sustaining over 6000 dog bites since 2007. The county has also sustained a 44% increase in dog bites despite massive funding increases to the department....piss poor Animal Control performance by any measure

Nov 2012, Ormond, FL; Two Pit mixes owned by A/C Officer and her husband are euthanized after killing a cat and attacking neighbor.  Since they volunteered to euthanize, no charges.  wink wink..nod...nod

Nov 2012, Hillsborough County, FL; Local news crew exposes that new A/C Director Ian Hallett is allowing shelter volunteers to take pit bulls out of the shelter to compete in canine weight pulling competitions. Ian recently came over from Austin, TX, Animal Services hell-bent on increasing pit bull adoptions. Austin AAS is currently under scrutiny from the city of Austin due to a massive 44 percent dog bite rate increase over his tenure

Oct, 2012, Manitowoc, WI; Two school children are attacked by a Pit Bull that was being fostered for adoption by the LAKESHORE HUMANE SOCIETY

Oct 2012, Trumbull, CT; Unvaccinated Pit Bull mix bites pedestrian while being walked by it's foster-handler.  How does an animal in the system not have a rabies vaccination?  Must have been an oversight during busy Pit Bull Awareness month preparations...

Oct 2012, New Castle County, Delaware; Unleashed Pit Bull being walked by an employee of Faithful Friends is shot and killed by the owner of a small terrier when it tried to kill his dog

Oct 2012, Effingham County, GA; Pit bull that mauled a boy and put him into a life flight chopper gets an attorney. A/C head states: “There has to be a lesson for dog owners and for people not to allow their children to go to other people’s houses with dogs,” said Romie Currier, director of animal control for Effingham County.

Sep 2012, Woonsocket, RI; Newly adopted Pit Bull "Biz" gets into "a scuffle" with the other family dog, then re-directs onto mother, son and daughter. Police had to taser the beast.

Aug 2012, Austin, TX; After receiving new $12 Million "Pit Bull Mahal" Shelter and a $2 Million annual funding increase, Austin Animal Services rewards the tax payer with a 44% dog bite increase since 2007. They even had the nerve to ask for another $1Million funding plus up for 2013!

Aug 2012, Calgary AB, Canada; After being heralded as the model Animal Control Program with it's Chief Dog Catcher relishing the spotlight on the Dog Lobby Cocktail circuit, shocking breed specific attack rate data comes out of Calgary: Calgary data from 2003 indicate that certain breeds are overrepresented when it comes to aggressive incidents such as bites, chases and injuries. Nearly two per cent of German Shepherds, five per cent of Rottweilers and their crosses, and 15 per cent of pit bulls had been involved in an incident Note: If Calgary's Model A/C Laws can't protect it's citizenry from Pit Bulls, shouldn't your community? Wait a minute...That doesn't make sense!

July 2012, Willis, TX; Nationally renowned Pit Bull rescue "Spindletop" is raided and shut down after deteriorating into a Slo-Kill nightmare without 501C3 status Note: Texas has sustained 46 Pit Bull DBRFs...BSL Never Works!

June 2012, Havelock, NC; The city of Havelock cuts a deal with Victoria Moore allowing her to rehome a Pit Bull named "Sunny". that had mauled two children to be taken to Greenville, NC instead of being euthanized. 3 months later Sunny mauls two women. Enter now the legal question: When a city enters an agreement with a Nutter, does it absolve them of liability for the next victim?

May 2012, El Paso; TX; A/C Officer arrested in gang shooting…No wonder dog fighting festers in TX

May 2012, Fairfax, VA; Despite the Police Department's objections, the Marin Humane Society arranges for Pit Mix "Beezley" the multi-time biting/bullet/pepper spray recipient to be "shuffled" to another town We need a Beezley's Law; When a town deems a dog too dangerous to live in city limits and sends it to another community, the recipient town will send a registered sex offender to the sending city. The Sex Offender shall be given free room and board in the Mayor's home.

April 2012, Huntley, IL; Recently adopted out Pit mix attacks neighbor’s dog, new owner hospitalized trying to separate them

April 2012, Rochester Hills, MI; 6 year old girl hospitalized by rescue pit bull taken in by her family

April 2012, Westminster, CO; 10 year old boy goes over to see his a pit bull belonging to the grandmother of his friend. Leaves with serious injuries to his face and abdomen.
"The owner provided proof of current rabies vaccination and said it had just completed a six-week obedience training course."   The trainer who issued this "certification" should be professionally liable for his/her incompetence like in other professions

April 2012, Delaware County, DE; A Class action lawsuit is filed by dog bite victims against the Humane Society of Delaware County for systematically trafficking out dangerous dogs despite veterinarian's recommendations for euthanasia. The article states that the former kooky director has been cited and fined numerous times for being a neighborhood hazard with his personal dogs

April 2012, Chicago, Illinois; A/C Director with a sweet spot for Pit Bulls fired after declaring Pit Bull Attacks "Rare" despite nearly 40 percent of Cook County's 3500 dog bites being caused by them. She was also running an above ground Slo-Kill cemetery

April 2012, Gainesville, GA;  Third grader mauled by recently adopted Pit Bull takes a life flight to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

March 2012, Albuquerque, NM; A/C supervisor fired for running Pit Bull breeding business and using Gov't Computers to "Pimp" it.

Feb 2012, Lancaster, County, PA; A Pit Bull adopted out by the HUMANE LEAGUE of LANCASTER COUNTY mauls a 7 year old boy. The marketing director of the shelter said it had passed a "seven step behavioral Test" during the 5 days in was in the shelter.

Feb 2012, Baxter County, AR; Pit Bull adopted out by the Baxter Humane Society puts boy into a life flight helicopter. The Society claims the mother of the boy lied on the adoption form about having children in the home. Begging the question, Which neighborhood doesn't have children making this animal safe to place?

Jan 2012, San Diego, CA; "I Had to Kill My Best Friend" Article describes adoption mishap..."Nancy was a shy animal when I brought her home from the San Diego County Department of Animal Services in Carlsbad"

Dec 2011, New York City: Blogger piece exposes Social Tees Rescue for adopting out pit bulls with behavior issues while collecting subsidies from the Mayor's Animal Alliance Fund  Note to Trial Lawyers, The Mayor's Pit Alliance has $25 Million in Maddies Funds...Take it!

Nov 2011, New Kensington, PA; Vet dimes out Animal Protectors Rescue for not reporting Pit Bull attacks in the shelter to the State, then trafficking the dogs out onto an unsuspecting public

Nov 2011, Memphis, TN; Report: City Dog Shelter workers had ties to Dog Fighting Rings

Oct 2011, Lowell, MA; Two Pit Bulls adopted out by the Massachusetts SPCA attack their owners.

Oct 2011 Verona, PA; Pit Bull kills Maltese at Tail Wag N's AT Kennel. The Pit Bull had been trafficked out by Animal Protectors Rescue

Oct 2011, Youngstown, OH, Less than a month after her arrest for Animal Cruelty, pit rescue angel Marisa Bodnar is attacked by one her pit bulls. Police have to taser it 23 times!  Nutters never learn!

Sep 2011, Youngstown, OH, Pit Bull rescuer who received rescue dogs via Animal Charity is arrested for Animal Cruelty...Later sentenced to 180 days in jail after losing the appeal of her conviction

Sep 2011, Chicago Ridge, IL; A pit bull being surrendered by it's owner attacks a woman's Shih-Tsu in the parking lot of the Animal Welfare League. After the dog dies, the woman adopts two Maltese ups. The Pit owner receives a mere $50 ticket  When was this fine level set, back in 1938?!?

Sept 2011, Largo, FL; Jury convicts pit bull movie star  and owner of Healthy Paws pet food store owner Carla Ann Thomas of felony animal neglect after her non celebrity Akita dies while she is parading her famous multi-titled pit bull at a fly ball tournament.  Carla was featured in the Pit Bull propaganda film "Beyond the Myth"  The pit bull community and killing dogs go together like peanut butter and jelly...Maybe it has something to do with dog fighters creating the breed...

Aug 2011, Humboldt County, CA; The county gets slammed for at least $300K when a shelter worker is attacked by thrice biting and viciously declared pit bull "Hoddy"
Hoddy had been taken to the shelter for a county provided Rabies vaccination.

pit bull money
$924,000 Pit bull bucks!!!
Aug 2011, Pierce County, WA; Pierce County A/C pays out $924,000 to woman who was mauled by neighbor's Pit Bulls in her own bedroom. A/C had been called on previous occasions.

Aug 2011, Philadelphia, PA; Pit Bulls with a history of attacks kill 50 year old Carmen Ramos, after they were released by the Philadelphia SPCA for home quarantine. Mayor's office investigating

Aug 2011, Ft Worth, TX; Metroplex Animal Coalition involved in $17,000 "Save Mimi" fundraising scam after a Pit Breeder's dog attacks its second victim. Steven Woods fraudulently portrayed himself as a disabled Iraqi war vet suffering from PTSD.  MAC was successful at saving Mimi temporarily...she was euthanized after being involved in an  another attack on a family 8 months later.

July, 2011, Chesterfield, VA; An outfit called Deafpaws fostered pit mix "Polar" onto the public. When Polar ended up killing a 1 year old baby, they held a campaign to save him, even dropping the "Nanny Dog" shtick  DBRF!

July 2011, Douglasville, GA; 8 year old Dakota Holt was mauled by neighbor's pit bull that had been cited 12 times by the pit lovers at pit bull services for leash law violations. The owner was slammed with a $700K liability judgment but has flown the coop.

June 2011, Putnam County, FL; Pit Bulls that had been previously involved in attacks and quarantined in the County A/C Shelter kill 74 year old Roy McSweeney. Note: There is something called Euthasol...Use it!

April 2011, Guffey, CO; Pit sanctuary Mariah's Promise is given "Cease and Desist" order by the Colorado Department of Agriculture due to numerous fencing, shelter and documentation violations. This outfit has since relocated to the warm, open mauling plains of Texas  Where's vicious Massachussetts pit bull Tyson?

Feb 2011, Beaufort, SC;  Recidivist Pit Bull "Big Head" had been in the county A/C Shelter several times but always passed his temperament test with flying colors until he seriously mauled a 3 year old boy. 

Dec 2010, Auburn CA; Star struck judge allows Animal Planet star Tia Torres to take human aggressive pit bull Otis back to her LA based Los Villa Lobos Rescue. Torres is under court order that Otis is to never leave her ranch. Unfortunately, Los Villa Lobos has relocated twice due to financial and license issues.  Where's vicious Auburn, CA pit bull Otis?!?

Dec 2010, Bristol, RI; Pit Bull "Cali" attacks a lab and bites rescuers within 24 hours of adoption from the Potter League. Cali was fully evaluated as "Safe" by a pit bull specific dog training "expert" at Potter League....

Oct 2010, Kanab, UT; one of Michael Vick's Pit Bulls living at the above ground cemetery a Best Friends named "Tug" chews out of the metal fencing in his run, attacks non celebrity Pit Bull "Beans". Beans head is later found in the dirt.   RIP Beans!

Sep 2010, Manchester, NH; Pit Bull mauls it's new owner just three weeks after being screened and adopted out by the Manchester Animal Shelter.

Aug 2010, Bay County, FL; after an unfortunate incident where a shelter employee takes home "Fluffy" and eats him, famed Canine Fatality investigator James Crosby resigns as A/C Supervisor promptly before they fire him. “Mark Bowen, who is Jim Crosby’s supervisor, told Mr. Crosby that he had gathered some information that was leading him to recommend termination. Prior to that recommendation, Mr. Crosby resigned.”  Oh well...Back to investigating pit bull is booming!

July 2010, Concord, CA; Unspayed, pregnant Pit Bull adopted out by Lake County Shelter involved in killing 2 year old boy

This new movement of redeeming pit bulls involved in maulings makes pit advocates feel good about themselves...Then in the next sentence the lecture about how the thoughtful dog fighters culled man biters...
July 2010, Burien Washington; After a woman is sent to a trauma center from one of the town's pit bulls, the city comes under fire for allowing the animal to be sent to another city.

July 2010, Memphis, TN; Police and Animal Control failure leads to the death of William Parker

June 2010, Indianapolis, IN; Indianapolis Humane Society sued after boy mauled by one of it's carefully evaluated adoptees

June 2010, New York City pays out $3 Million judgment after "Setting up fertile breeding Ground" when two city residents are mauled by Pit Bulls and Rottweiler's back in 2001

May 2010, Trinity County, CA; 63 year old man attacked and hospitalized by two loose pit bulls and a Rottweiler that had severed a man's leg just three months earlier These animals were released back to the owner after a previous attack...bad move!

March, 2010; Atlanta, Georgia; Pit Bull "Rescue" PawPrints has its State License yanked after fraud is revealed. Apparently, the proprietor collected continued support donations for Pit Bulls that had taken been down to the county shelter and euthanized.
Pit grifterin' ain't easy!

March 2010, Adrian, MI; Two rescue pitties escape from Hensen's Henchmen Kennels and go on a mauling spree at a nearby petting zoo.  Ian Hensen, with 17 prior A/C citations, goes to jail for 15 days.

Feb 2010, Vancouver, WA; The Humane Society of Southwest Washington prevents the identification of a pit bull involved in an attack on another dog citing "it may hinder its chances at adoption".

January 2010, Acton, CA; Pit Mix escapes from Pit Bull Advocate Linda Blairs' Worldheart Foundation and is shot attacking a Rancher's pig.

Nov 2009, Nasheville, TN;  Apparently, 261 defeated pit owners dropped their dogs off at Southside Bulldoggin' Rescue along with a donation, only to have them euthanized down at the county shelter. Like taking candy from babies... Failed Pit owners so easily duped again!

pit bull money
Officials pay out $600,00 pit bull bucks after F-Troop A/C performance
Oct 2009, Archuleta, County, CO; 7 years after Garrett Carothers was scalped and bitten over 80 percent of his body, the county and the sheriff's insurance company settle for $500.000 due to non-responsive A/C performance

Sep 2009, Indianapolis, IN; After coming over from the failed PACCA organization in Philadelphia, new A/C Director Doug Rae is fired after just 10 months on the job due to the same predictable results...Pit Bull bites skyrocket, bite reports are suppressed and slo-kill misery ensues

Sept 2009, King County, WA; Pit Bull "Snaps" deemed unadoptable due to continued human aggression. Sent to unlicensed above ground cemetery Olympic Animal Sanctuary in Forks, WA

Aug 2009, Hornell, NY; The Hornell Humane Society arranges a dealio for two pit bulls involved in mauling children to be saved from euthanization and trafficked to a rescue in Maryland

Aug 2009, Onapah, WI; Pit bull adopted out without rabies vaccination or adoption form by the Checotah County Animal Shelter mauls 19 month old toddler  Great!! Streamlined pit bull adoptions!

June 2009, Cohasset, MA; A judge allows double mauler Tyson to be trafficked to Mariah's Promise slo-kill sanctuary in Colorado.  The Colorado Department of Agriculture would later rescind the Sanctuary's operating license due to numerous violationsThis is reckless policy as Mariah's Promise financially collapsed!

May 2009, Pittsburgh, PA; Steeler's Linebacker James Harrison's son spends five days in the hospital after being attacked by Pit Bull "Patrone". Patrone escapes PA Dangerous Dog Declaration and appears listed for sale on Pet Finder by FurKid Rescue Note: Former Steeler's Linebacker Joey Porter's Pit Bulls killed a Neighbor's horse and also appeared to escape DD Declaration by star struck A/C officials. You can get away with almost anything if you are associated with a good football program in PA!

July 2009, Ogden Township, MI; An outfit called Pitformance Kennels that claims to be a rescue, is arraigned in US District Court for Dog Fighting.

April 2009, Los Angeles, CA; A/C Director Ed Boks is forced to resign after poor performance on collecting license revenue costing taxpayers Millions.  Distractions included setting up "Hooters for Neuters" and unauthorized Pit Bull Training Academy using convicted felons.  Previous failed terms in New York and San Francisco produced futile attempts to rebrand Pit Bulls as "New Yorkies" and St Francis Terriers".

April 2009, Wappinger Falls, NY; Pit Bull adopted out by Out of the Pits Rescue rips young Frankie Flora to the tune of 1200 stitches. Frankie later meets President Obama.

April 2009, Tampa, FL; The Tampa SPCA is now officially "on the take" after becoming involved with Pit Bull advocacy mothership Animal Farm Foundation's Good Canine Citizen certification subsidy program. They receive $150 for each Pit Bull that "passes" the test.

Oct 2009, Woodbury, MN; Retired Police Officer is nearly killed by an American Pit Bulldog that was trafficked up by an unnamed Rescue in Texas  

March 2009, Ewing Township, NJ; Pit Bulls owned by an animal control employee escape and tear into a man and his two greyhounds.

Feb 2009, Newport News, VA; Pit Bull that had been adopted out by the Peninsula SPCA mauls the 7 month old baby of a Navy Couple resulting in a Life Flight

Feb 2009, Franklin County, OH; Top managers at the Franklin County Shelter fired after investigation reveals conditions that were "dysfunctional and toxic". Whistle blowers revealed systematic mislabeling of Pit Bulls and suppressing bite histories to increase adoptions

Feb 2009, Pierce County, WA; Two girls placed in Protective Custody after their convicted sex offender and animal abusing father jumps into to Pit Bull Rescue. Neighbor's rescue daughter being attacked in the backyard while the father is inside asleep on the couch.  *Note...This is why the Pit Bull Community is different.... Which Rescue is giving Pit Bulls to an individual convicted of animal cruelty and a sex offender to boot?!? Shut them down!

Nov 2008, Fulton County, GA; A/C Pit Bull loving Director steps down after I-5 News team investigations uncovers making bite tickets disappear, and trafficking of vicious Pit Bulls out of the shelter

Nov 2008, Fulton County, GA; Vet tech  and Adoption Coordinator Sherri Self is fired from her  county A/C dog when here husband is convicted of Interstate Trafficking of Fighting Dogs.  Self is the former President of the Georgia American Pit Bull Terrier Club.  Animal Un-Control to the Max!!

Nov 2008, Happy Valley, OR; It takes four grown men and police gunfire to stop the attack of a pit bull on a 7 year old girl. The pit bull was being fostered by her family. No mention of which rescue stuck the family with this "Turkey" of an animal.

Nov 2008, Philadelphia, PA; Philadelphia Animal Care and Control Association loses city animal control contract after scandalous audit citing "did not adequately maintain separate bite files and lack of control of controlled drugs". Chief Operating Officer Doug Rae would take over Indianapolis Animal Control and be predictably fired after a mere 9 months.

Sep 2008, Seattle, WA; One of the greatest all time pit bull advocacy moments occurs when the President's of Families Advancing Bully Bites (FABB) pit bull attacks a labrador at the Organization's first pro-mauling rally. The president allegedly steps  down after receiving a $269 Animal Control violation. You can't make this stuff up!

Aug 2008, Pinellas County, FL recently adopted Pit Bull attacks 6 year old boy after he steps on ant bed and starts screaming, producing a life flight. Ironically, the attack takes place in "Safety Harbor" Park

Aug 2008, Corvallis, OR; A 9 year old boy suffers numerous punctures and bruise while being attacked by a loose pit bull at the Heartland Humane Society

July 2008, Itta Bena, MS; A pit bull that administered a 1500 stitch mauling on a woman escapes fencing at the Leflore County Humane Society. The Director states "Unfortunately, we don’t have cages that hold these vicious dogs"

May 2008, Marshfield MA; A/C Shelter worker summons and  begs police to shoot Pit Bull that ripped apart a bichon friese in the Shelter. "Blood was splattering everywhere"

May 2008, Manhatten, NY; Ritzy Biscuits and Bath Spa is sued for $200,000 after a customer's Schnauzer has leg nearly ripped off by a pit bull. The owner added that dogs of all breeds and sizes mingle at the pet spa and that problems are rare. "The type of dog is irrelevant," Smith said. "We don't discriminate based on breed."

March 2008, Ojai, CA; Actor Peter Strauss is attacked on his own ranch by a Pit Bull adopted out of an LA County Shelter

Dec 2008, Franklin County, OH; Ohio State University stops training veterinary students at the county A/C shelter after the following: cited the adoption of pit bulls and other dangerous dogs as a concern in a 2007 memo that also described animal suffering, altered medical records and disease at the shelter at 1731 Alum Creek Dr. Soon after, OSU's veterinary college stopped training students there and providing the shelter with free services.

March 2008, El Centro, CA; County shuts down Lulu Belle Animal Shelter after it deteriorates into a Nutter metastasized disease ridden above ground cemetery

Dec 2007, New York City: A jury in the Bronx just last week fixed the blame not only on the pit bull, but also on New York City, paving the way for Makailah's family to receive millions of dollars in damages...Note to Attorneys: The Mayors Animal Alliance has $25 Million in Maddie's Funds which is mainly going to Pit Rescue...Take It!!

Nov 2007, Maricopa County, AZ; American "pit" Bulldog "Kane" passed three evaluations by behaviorists at the Arizona Humane Society and was described as a snugglebug. After adoption, Kane fails his real world temperament test by killing 5 year old Tori Whitehurst  Hopefully, these behaviorists are now employed in the ditch digging field...DBRF!

pit bull money
A/C Breakdown leads to undisclosed settlement
Nov 2007, Knox County, TN; Massive animal control breakdown involving pit bull breeder with a criminal record leads to the death of 21 year old Jennifer Lowe. Later, Knox County would pay an undisclosed settlement to the Lowe family. DBRF!

July 2007, Milford CT; 22 year old A/C shelter employee Emily Harrison faces a long road to recovery after being attacked by a pit bull

May 2007, Haverhill, MA;  Leo had been overly aggressive recently and needed training, Gaylord said, so she hired Methuen dog trainer Spense Shepard of Make No Bones Dog Training to help.  As Shepard entered Gaylord's home Tuesday, the dog suddenly began attacking its owner, police said. The animal aggressively moved its head back and forth while biting, physically removing pieces of Gaylord's flesh, she said. The attack continued until Shepard momentarily distracted the dog, at which time Gaylord escaped to a small bathroom and closed the door, she said.  Dog trainers love pit bulls as they need to be trained not to attack everything!

May 2007, Ventura County, CA; Pit Bull evaluated and adopted out by Ventura County Animal Shelter involved in multiple attacks on neighborhood pets and people

May 2007, Hesperia, CA; Man and his family come home two find neighbor's pit bulls killing chickens in their back yard. The male pit bull jumps the fence and attacks the man who sustains arm injury and 4 days out of work. Animal Control will not release the name of the owner so he can be compensated for $1700 Medical bills, lost work time and cost of 9 dead chickens.

Dec 2006, Los Gatos, CA; The proprietor of famous For Pits Sake (SarPits) is convicted of felony theft and has a civil fraud judgment levied against  her, resulting in her SAR license being yanked.  Still a good story that is mindlessly parroted by nutters to this day...Pit Grifterin' ain't easy!

Sep 2006, Garfield County, CO; Animal Control Officer with a "Fondness for Pit Bulls" that used them in in school dog bite education presentations,  has one jump a fence to attack neighborhood child

June 2006, El Paso, TX; ROTTWEILER APERTIF: 2 year old girl killed by a Rottweiler owned by an employee of PET GUARDIAN ADOPTION SERVICE

March 2006, Palm City, FL; Pit-Mastiff mix "Amos" was featured as pet of the week by the Humane Society of the Treasure Coast. Unfortunately, Amos mauled a shelter worker about the head causing her to be life flighted. Amos will be elevaluated for aggression to see if he can be adopted after a ten day quarantine Madness!

Dec 2005, Robeson County, NC; Robeson County settles lawsuit after one of its A/C professionals failed to protect "the people" from a vicious dog

April 2004, Calumet County, WI; 7 year old girl mauled, scalped and life flighted a pit bull named "Mystique". Mystique had previously attacked two family members and was under a euthanization order which it's owner, 18 year old Jennilee Barlament defied. Barlament was charged with felony reckless endangerment.   F-Troop public safety performance here...Mystique should have been put down already.

Sep 2003, Newark, NJ; DOBERMAN APPERTIF: After a woman was bitten in the head by her Doberman, she surrendered it to Associated Humane Societies and paid the $55 Euthanization fee. The dog was subsequently adopted out and killed a Medford woman This was a Murder!

June 2003, Westchester County, NY; Vicious dog fan club "Pets Alive" tries to prevent the euthanization of  man-killing Stafford-shredder "Mr B"...Thankfully, a judge later neutered this idiocy.

May 2003, Westchester County, NY; 75 year old Bonnie Page is killed by Pit Bull "Mr B" who was adopted from local Shelter  DBRF!

Jan 2003, Marlboro Township, NJ; Animal Control Officer charged with stealing $50, 000 of donated pet food and supplies when they are found at her home and dog grooming business

June 2002, Okaloosa County, FL; The County and Panhandle Animal Welfare Society is sued by the husband of Rhonda Chaney for a 1999 Pit Bull mauling caused by systematic animal control failure

May 2002, El Dorado County, CA; After 8 Calls to "Animal Services", a Pit Bull is finally picked up, but only after it predictably mauls an 11 year old boy 

April 2002, North Richland Hills, TX;  Pittie that attacked  a child in an apartment complex is banished and shuffled to Spindletop Rescue near Houston.  Spindletop would later deteriorate into an unregulated bankrupt mess in 2012. Famous pit rescues Los Villo Lobos, Mariah's Promise and Spindletop have taken in maulers and later encountered financial issues requiring shutting down and or moving out of state....Who is tracking the shuffled maulers? The Pit Bull community?!?.... Holy shit!

March 2002, Charlotte, NC;  Pit Bull attacks woman in New Hanover County Shelter parking lot, dog had just been released after being confined for a similar incident  Again...but manbiters were always culled!

July 2001, Baltimore, MD; 7 year old girl is mauled by pit breeder's escaped maul-spawner. The owner had 10 previous A/C violations and no kennel permit

pit bull money
One Million Pit Bull Bucks!!!
Dec 2000, New York City; While conducting a $300 an hour Pit Bull  training session on a public street, renowned Animal Behaviorist Dr Peter Borchelt assures a retired firefighter that the dog is "OK". Later, a jury mauls Borcheldt for $1 Million dollars since the "A OK" pit bull bit of part of the man's penis

Oct 2000, Anne Arundel County, MD;  Doomed pit bull involved in mauling disappears from the A/C jurisdiction

Sep 2000, Boca Raton, FL; 6 year old boy attacked by Pit Bull at the Boca Raton Shelter

April 1999, El Dorado County, CA; While picking up his lost Rottweiler at the county shelter, Pit Bulls from dog fighting bust escape fencing to attack them.

April 1998; The American Kennel Club recalls the "The Great Dog Book" after Breeders have a tizzy fit that it listed some breeds not suitable for families with children

April 1998, Preble County, OH; Illegal Marijuana growing operation found at the County Dog Warden's home after police respond to his wife being mauled by the family pit bull

July 1998, Memphis TN; City officials have wanted to have more control over the dangerous-dog situation since the 1990 death of St. Mary’s teacher Betty Lou Stidham, who was mauled by two pit bulls. Last year the city was held liable for the incident because the animal shelter failed to follow up on its order to have the dogs undergo obedience training. Though state law caps such liability settlements at $130,000, with accumulated interest the city had to pay more than $176,000.

May 1997, Spokane WA; Lawsuit reinstated against the Spokane Humane Society for F-Troop performance leading to the mauling of a boy in 1982. The attorney for the Humane Society was "extremely disappointed"

Jan 1996, Petuluma, CA; The City Council votes unanimously to terminate the contract of Thunder and Lightnings' Cause (TLC) after a family is terrorized by a two pit bulls. Police evicted them off them premises.

Sep 1994, Bangor, Maine; Animal Behaviorist Dr Randall Lockwood formerly of the HSUS and now ASPCA is known as the "Pit Bull Point Man' for his radical advocacy of Pit Bulls which lead to the deaths of hundreds of Americans.  He comes out against wolf-hybrids for the very same reasons pit bulls should be regulated: "The animal slept in my sleeping bag and appeared friendly but was eventually shot for hunting down and killing a sheep"  Why exactly are these radicals allowed to influence public safety policy?!?....

Feb 1992, Citrus County, FL; A/C Officer fired for trafficking out vicious dog and asking other employees to lie about it.

March 1990, Santa Clara, CA; Workers at the Santa Clara Valley Humane Society take up a collection to have 'Willy" the toddler killing pit bull cremated so they can keep his ashes in a box at the facility "They grew quite attached to him during his three years at the facility"

July 1989, Union, SC; Animal Control Officer severely reprimanded for adopting out pit bull with a mauling history after it had been ordered euthanized. The new owner refuses to give it back

Aug 1988, Ft Walton Beach. FL; WOLF-HYBRID APPERTIF: Four-year-old Nathan Carpenter killed by a neighbor's recently acquired hybrid that had been featured as "pet of the week" at the shelter from which it was adopted; Panhandle Area Welfare Society (PAWS) paid a $425,000 settlement to the boy's family.  PAWS closes up shop, it is not known if the employees are still enjoying fulfilling careers in Rescue

Nov 1987, Killingworth CT; Two pit bulls that were paraded around the country as "gentle creatures" by Ruth Teeter of the Canine Defense Fund are destroyed by a local farmer and Dog Warden after attacking livestock.

Oct 1987, San Jose CA; A pit bull that was spared euthanization by the local Humane Society  after mauling a 94 year old woman, goes on to attack and maul a Mail Carrier

Dec 1987, Fresno, CA; A Pit Bull attacked an 8-year-old Fresno girl playing in a neighbor's back yard. The dog was owned by Cynthia Sailors, president of the Fresno American Pit Bull Terrier Club and a vocal defender of the animals. If the President of a Pit Bull Club is a danger to neighborhood children...Shouldn't you get one? wait a minute...That doesn't make sense!

The AKC Breed Standard for Staffies is champion fighting dog and kid killer
1936, United States, After decades of resistance, the American Kennel Club finally accepts pit bulls for registration under the regal sounding 'Staffordshire Terrier" moniker. The first "Staffy" accepted by AKC is infamous breeder John P. Colby's "Primo". Colby was thought to have bred and sold over 5000 fighting dogs and has one child DBRF to his credit.   Today, the AKC still sells Staffy registrations and frequently meddles with canine safety legislation.

Pit bulls are just dogs!
1898, United States; Dog fighter C.Z. Bennett forms the United Kennel Club to exclusively register "American" Pit Bull Terriers. The UKC actually drafted rules and regulated dog fighting in the US, until disavowing the practice decades later.  Today the UKC merely registers pit bulls for a fee and chimes in on canine safety

Part 3: The Experts say the strangest things:

American Humane Association:

Other dogs bite, back off and attack again." "Pit Bulls are latchers and shakers. Once they attack, that's all she wrote."  1986, Dennis White, Director of Animal Protection for the American Humane Association


Call the Mayor's Office and demand they install a Pit Bull Panic Buttons in your neighborhood.

Animal Control Officers:

"Typically bites are more severe, so they get a little more attention from the media because they are severe bites," said Al Aguinaga, a field manager with Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. "People go to hospitals. Animals are attacked or killed. That gets more people upset, and they feel it's not safe."

"Having a pit bull in the home is like having a loaded gun. Would you leave a child alone with a loaded gun?" asked Jackie David, spokesperson for the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services

Robert Miller, director of the Riverside County, CA  Department of Animal Services
“Pit bulls were bred to be champions,” Miller said. “And they were bred to be champions in one type of work: fighting.”

"No matter how big and bad your family dog is, he's no match for a pit bull that's trained to fight," said Mark Kumpf, president of the Virginia Animal Control Association.

Because some pit bulls have a biological disposition toward aggression, attacks can be triggered by kids just being kids, running or yelling or playing with the dog, said Billy Biggs, a Metro Health Department Animal Services official.

Karen Walsh of the Mckamey TN Animal Control Center chimes in after a 4 year old boy is attacked and the boy's father has to stab the Pit Bull ten times:  I think that when a pit bull does bite somebody the injury's usually severe. and severe attacks are what the media would report. When people are bitten by something like their Chihuahua, that happens a lot too, but most people don't report those types of injuries because the damage isn't as severe"

"They are relentless and won't let go" said Ken Childress, Director of the Memphis Dog Pound.

Dane County, WI, Humane Society Officer Patrick Comfert: "Other breeds of dogs don't genetically have "a basketball sized head and jaws that can crush the bone of a cow," Comfert said. "I'm not saying we shouldn't have pit bulls," he said, but added he would like people to meet a higher degree of responsibility to own one.

"I do exercise more caution with them than with other breeds," said the 15-year veteran of the police department's animal control unit. "I know the kind of damage they can cause and the threat that they pose." Topeka KS, A/C Officer Lisa Pinkney

"The Pima Animal Care Center does not offer pit bulls for adoption because of a history of severe bites caused by pit bulls in the past,” Kim Janes, the director, said.  “We don’t know their background. We don’t know what they were trained and raised to do,” Janes said. “We can’t discount their reputation from our evaluation. It’s a breed we prefer to turn over to a pit bull rescue group or to the Humane Society.”

Dr Tamara Gorforth of the Hamilton County SPCA said "Breed Specific Bans are silly"...  "of 39 Pit Bulls passing through her shelter recently only one third have been vicious."  33 percent vicious rate! Is this some kind of joke?!?

Lauderdale County A/C Officer Tommy Morson states "Banning Pit Bulls would be a good law"..."People who have them as guard dogs usually don't have a lot to guard".

Mona Lyons, Director of the Bend Oregon Human Society: "The thing that scares us is that if you are bitten by a Pit Bull it is very serious....Most dogs let go and back off...Pit Bulls by instinct and breeding hang on...It is hard to turn them off when they start being nasty."

"It's not sensible to get an animal bred for bringing a 2,000-pound bull to its knees and say I'm going to treat this like a soft-mouth Labrador," says Diane Jessup, the former animal-control officer. She blames novice owners, as much as actual criminals, for bringing the breed into disrepute. "It's a capable animal, and it's got to be treated as such."

"They're just ferocious dogs," Citrus County, FL Animal Control Director Hank Baggett said Thursday. Baggett said no small child should play with pit bulls without supervision.

"These dogs can show no signs of aggressive behavior, and something kind of sets them off," said Jordan McGuire, animal control officer with the Humane Society of St. Joseph County. "It could be over a bone or a toy, and reports show that it was a family dog. They have been bred to fight other dogs. There’s no way of telling which dog came from what type of blood line."

Pima County Sheriff’s Detective Mike Duffey, a full-time animal abuse investigator, said "Pit bulls bred by unscrupulous “backyard breeders” for aggressive tendencies end up in the homes of unsuspecting families who want a companion dog."

Carl Friedman, director of San Francisco's Animal Care and Control, "When you have a mauling where a 12-year-old child is killed and when 50 to 60 percent of our hearings for vicious and dangerous animals are for pit bulls, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to see we have a problem with pit bulls,"

Troy Kerstetter, the incoming operations manager at Foothills CO Shelter, was the first to address the issue. That strength is displayed when pit bulls bite, Kerstetter said. “They are more powerful so their bites will be worse.”

Jean Bolinger, Hesperia CA, Animal Control Officer: "An adult pit bull is not the best breed to bring into a family with small children, unless it's been assessed by a professional, dog behaviorist, or a dog trainer, to make sure its been around small children and been around other animals."   Must have a brother in law that is a dog trainer...

Harris County, TX Veterinary Public Health spokeswoman Colleen Hodges: "They are tough, strong, tenacious," she said. "They are much more capable of inflicting serious damage, and some of them do. I would not recommend pits as a family dog."

Pit bulls are not the dog breed that accounts for most bites in Broward County, FL but local statistics show that the muscular dogs with jaws that lock onto their victims are more likely to bite than other breeds, officials said.``It is not necessarily that they bite more, it is the severity of the bite,`` Atwell said. ``When other dogs bite, they clamp down and pull up and you get puncture wounds.``When a pit bull bites, it clamps down and pulls away and the damage is much worse.``

Athens-Clarke Animal Control Superintendent Patrick Rives said "Small dogs bite, too, but attacks from larger dogs are more severe. And he admits people who own large, powerful dogs like pit bulls need to be especially careful...  ''Pit bulls were bred for fighting,''

Lynn, MA A/C Officer Andrew Parker who has witnessed injuries from over 50 Pit Bull attacks commits the ultimate A/C professional heresy: "Some people say they are nice dogs...but I say they are schizophrenic dogs...One minute they are OK and the next minute they tear into you. They are unpredictable."

Osceola County, FL, A/C Officer Lee Radebaugh: Radebaugh said there are no breed restrictions in Osceola County, but he doesn't understand why anyone would want to own a pit-bull terrier. "This breed is extraordinarily unpredictable," he said. "What sets them off, I don't know."

Auglaize County OH, Dog Warden Russ Bailey: "I've handled dogs since 1982. I have completely changed my opinion in this matter based on what I have seen since I have been a dog warden. The dogs in our area that have been involved (in attacks) have shown no signs of abuse." "If that prey drive kicks in and a pit bull attacks, you are at its mercy until it decides to stop."

Pat Claerbout, supervisor of the Stockton, CA Police Department's Animal Services: "It is not just the fact that pit bulls bite more often, but when they do bite, it is the severity of the bite. We see Chihuahua bites all the time, but they are not capable of doing the damage of any large-breed dog."

Anchorage, Alaska Public Health Director Dr. Rodman Wilson: "Most of the victims were 5 to 10 years old. The worst wounds were inflicted by pit bulls."

Riverside,  CA Animal Services Director Robert Miller:
"The population is out of control," he said. "Twenty percent of the dogs we impound are pit bulls and pit bull breeds. We deal with a lot of powerhouse' breeds. But pits do the worst damage." He noted that the dogs are "over-muscular" and typically have "over-developed broad jaws" that allow for clamping down on a object or person for "a half-hour or hour."

Los Angeles County A/C Employee Meyer Levine 1986:
The department has recorded 68 dog bite cases from the 3,743 pit bulls in its files, or 1.8%. The 35,811 German shepherds in its files are responsible for 410 bites, or 1.1%
"A pit bull is slightly more likely to bite a human being than a shepherd," said Meyer Levine, an administrative assistant with the department, adding that the difference is "statistically insignificant.""Dogs aren't born to be killers, but any dog can be trained to kill," Levine said. "Pit bulls have extraordinarily powerful jaws. Our animal control officers say a pit bull could probably bite the arm off a man  60 percent more likely to bite than a GSD is insignificant?


Dogs' breeding and training determine their aggressiveness, said Gail Golab, director of the American Veterinary Medical Association's animal welfare division. For example, Doberman pinschers were once "a big macho kind of dog" but have become more gentle and docile with breeding in recent years, she said. The same could be done with pit bulls, which include American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers and mixes of those breeds They've had three decades to start this, instead they've decided to move heaven and earth to save Pit Bulls involved in maulings..and then they wonder why BSL exists!

1993 AVMA Internal Professional Insurance Liability Document; "Dos and Don'ts Concerning Vicious Dogs" : "Pit Bulls, Rottweiler's and Wolf-Hybrids are not considered appropriate companion animals for many owners. Extreme care and thought must be exercised before assuming responsibility for such an animal."

Former Head of the AVMA, Dr Bonnie Beaver testifies under oath for the State of Texas: "By its origin, a pit bull is a fighting dog that takes very little stimulus to initiate aggression, and it will continue to fight regardless of what happens," said Dr. Bonnie Beaver, chief of medicine of the Texas A&M .  Beaver said pit bulldogs have been responsible for about 70 percent of the deaths of humans killed by dogs since 1979. The animals are capable of pulling more than 5,600 pounds of dead weight, she testified

2003 Insurance discrimination piece:The AVMA warns veterinarians to be careful about supplying behavioural evaluations of dogs for insurance purposes.  "It's risky for veterinarians," said Dr. Beaver, explaining that there are many situations in which a dog may behave aggressively, and temperament tests can't rule out the possibility of aggression. "You don't have temperament tests that can identify all possibilities."


In a shrewd marketing move, Pitsmart Charities throws millions to shelters for subsidized spay/neuter and free adoption of pit bulls. However, when on the liability hook in their own stores, the ban them from Doggie Day Camp citing "for the safety of associates and pets".  If a pit bull is too dangerous for Doggie Day Camp, shouldn't you bring a sponsored pound-pittie home today?!? wait a minute...

Canine Aggression Expert and failed Dog Catcher James Crosby:

"Enter now the Pit Bull, and other breeds specifically selected by Man to fight each other. These animals have several concerning behavioral difference from most other canines. When they fight, human intervention has selected for animals that do not turn off, and do not stop fighting until one, or both, are dead. There is no surrender for these animals. A fully submissive body posture is no more than another opportunity for them to disembowel their adversary.As a corollary to this, these dogs seem to have a shorter negotiation sequence. Many times we hear of a Pit Bull or similar dog that “…just went off…” The expected precursors to a full fight seem to be lacking, much like the quick interactions we see with some teens and young adults these days; one insults another, and the first response is to “…pop a cap…” into the offender. Even popular Pit Bull sites on the Internet admit that fights between Pit Bulls can occur with little or no warning.""...These dogs already have a propensity for tenacity and continued aggression based on years of selective breeding. One than takes and, through fear, mistreatment, or misguided training, positively reinforces the display of aggressive behavior towards humans without the establishment of a clear set of controls. This animal has now learned to manipulate its environment, to its own benefit and sometimes safety, by directing aggressions towards people, with a genetically selected lack of an off button. A bad situation has now become tragically dangerous"

Humane Society of the United States:

Dr. Michael Fox, Director of the Institute for the study of Animal Problems, Scientific Branch, Humane Society of the United States:

"I spent 20 years studying the behavior of dogs and it's not in their nature. Man, has created a monster, If you wish...These dogs were selectively bred to fight, they have greater propensity to fight than other animals." "They can attack people, and because the attitudes of Pit Bulls it is more likely they will attack people. The worry is the power of the dogs bite and not let go. It's quite sufficient to crush right through a child's arm or leg."

F L. Danzier Director of Field Services and Investigations for the Humane Society of the United States:  "All Pit Bulls, even the domesticated ones are right on the edge of violence because of their dogs fighting bloodline"

One dog which has a reputation as a natural born killer is the pit bull. According to Randall Lockwood, a Humane Society expert, "These dogs can be canine crocodiles. They have a dark and bloody history." The facts bear this out. 72 percent of all deaths by dogs in the United States are attributed to pit bulls

Mark Paulhus; Director of the Southeaster Humane Society of the United States: If it chooses to attack, it’s the most ferocious of all dogs,” said Mark Paulhus, a leading national authority on Pit Bulls.  “I’ve never known a Pit Bull that could be called off (during a fight). They lose themselves in the fight” Said Paulhus, Southeast regional Coordinator for the Humane Society of the United States. 

Ann Joly of the Humane Society of the United States, says pit bulls were bred in the 1800s in England to fight and bait bulls as sport. ``Since then, pit bulls have become the hot dog to have for people who want to get themselves a mean dog.''

"Most breeds do not multiple-bite", says Kurt Lapham, a field investigator for the West Coast Regional office of the Humane Society. "A pit bull attack is like a shark attack: He keeps coming back."

"Dog owners are naive about the dogs strength and stubborn character".."People have Pits and do not understand the potential risk factor" Kate N. Rindy, Researcher, HSUS. 

Marc Paulhus, a spokesman in the Tallahassee office of the Humane Society of the United States. ''Most other dogs bite and release, but pit bulls tend to bite and hold and shake and tear,''....''That's why pit bulls are responsible for more than their share of fatalities.''

Robert Baker of the HSUS Dogfighting Task Force: "The problem is the severity of the attacks...When a Pit Bull attacks a human the damage is devastating"

Pit bull terriers are six times more apt to attack people than other dogs are, Mark Paulus, a Humane Society official, told a House subcommittee considering legislation to control vicious dogs in Georgia.

"A study by Dr Randall Lockwood of the US Humane Society found that pit bulls are more likely to break restraints to attack someone and that pit bulls are more likely to attack their owners, possibly as a result of owners trying to separate their dogs from victims."  Double Saywhat?!? So basically, The HSUS is saying pit owners are threats to themselves, their families and their communities....

Testimony of Dr. Peter L. Borchelt, Denver v. Colorado, No. 04CV3756 (Denver Dist. Ct., April 7, 2005). Lockwood also notes, “Dog fighters and advocates of fighting breeds note that, historically, fighting animals that showed aggression to people were generally removed from the gene pool, either by being destroyed or being deemed unsuitable for breeding.... However, there is no indication that the same selective pressures are in operation since there is currently a market for even the most intractable animals in the guard dog trade.” Lockwood, supra note 17 at 133.

According to Randall Lockwood, a Humane Society expert, "These dogs can be canine crocodiles. They have a dark and bloody history." The facts bear this out. 72 percent of all deaths by dogs in the United States are attributed to pit bulls

Tufts University, Veterinary School:

“Genetics does play a role and people who think it doesn’t are kidding themselves,” says Dodman. “The pit bull is notorious for a very hard bite. They are always No. 1 in the lethal dog bite parade. The dog was bred for pit fighting. It was bred to never give up, to bite and hang on.” Dr Nicholas Dodman

1987: The injuries these dogs inflict are more serious than other breeds because they go for the deep musculature and don't release; they hold and shake, says Sheryl Blair of the Tufts Veterinary School, in North Grafton, Mass., which last year held a symposium entitled Animal Agression: Dog Bites and the Pit Bull Terrier

"I'm not aware of any other breed of animal that has ever been singled out this way," said Franklin Loew, dean of the Tufts University school of veterinary medicine in Boston. "This is man biting dog."

“No doubt about it, pit bulls are genetically predisposed toward aggression,” he told the magazine. “Just as certain breeds of dogs were bred to herd, certain were bred to hunt, certain to point, and others to swim.” Dr Nicholas Dodman

Dr Rowan of Tufts University drops this nugget: "You can shove a needle into their Bums and they won't even notice...You can beat them over the head with a baseball bat and they just keep coming"

Various Pit Bull Breeders:

W. Lonnie Woodbury of the Keystone Pit Bull Terrier Show and Breeders Association...after an 8 year old boy is mauled by his dogs in 1980. "My dogs are vicious...They are guard dogs"

Charles Lloyd, President of the "American" Staffordshire Club of America States: "Some people who shouldn't own dogs are breeding indiscriminately and are producing some dogs that are vicious"  You Mean Like dog fighters?!?

1987 Unidentified Pit Breeder: "The worst part about owning a Pit Bull is when you don't know what you've Got...When they reach Maturity, they are going to be aggressive. People who think they can give them love and turn them into house pets, They're beating their heads against the wall"

Sep 1981, Rock Hill, SC Breeder John Rockholdt chimes in: "It's inhumane not to allow them to fight. If you have encourage them to fight they are not worth the powder it would take to blow them away. To never allow them any kind of combat...That's inhumane."

"People are singling out Pit Bulls because they bite harder" former President of the Bull Terrier Club of America Trudy Tamburi

1979, unnamed Alaskan Pit Breeder spews: "If a Pit Bull hasn't killed another dog, then it hasn't been out of the house yet."

Pit Bull Breeder, Malcolm Van Beck, Mantatee County, FL:
"You know the dog is mean and the breed is mean...If you don't take the right precautions, somebody is going to get hurt"

Joseph L Colby wrote in 1936, "As a watchdog he is unexcelled. This book could be written five times on this one subject, in regard to the American Pit Bull Terrier as a watchdog."

Maryland Pit Bull Breeder Ray Brown:

"Pit bulls didn't become dangerous because we fight them; we fight them because the English specifically bred them to be dangerous."
 "You don't necessarily make the money off the fights. It's more like owning a racehorse: Once you've got a champion dog, you make your money off selling the puppies."

Bad Rap!...Bad Rap!

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  1. "This is tantamount to Law Enforcement lobbying for laws that don't criminalize drunk driving until after the accident due to unfariness issues for drunks who haven't plowed into a family yet."

    Vintage, this is excellent, and very apt.

    "Dec 2007, New York City:A jury in the Bronx just last week fixed the blame not only on the pit bull, but also on New York City, paving the way for Makailah's family to receive millions of dollars in damages...Note to Attorneys: The Mayors Animal Council has $25 Million in Maddies Funds which is mainly going to Pit Rescue..Take It!!"

    Ain't that the truth.

    I hear from people who volunteer at these organizations, like Social Tees...they are importing pit bulls from other states in order to adopt them out into my community. It's obscene.

    1. Yes Margo,
      A similar idiotic argument is being made in Maryland about Pit Owners having difficulty finding rentals.

      "We can't lower blood alcohol limits! How are drunk drivers going to get home from the bar?!?"

  2. It should be noted that organizations pushing pit bulls are aware of the dangers posed by pits. This power point was created by the ASPCA to educate shelter workers. This is not included in the promotional literature on the ASPCA's pit bull pushing programs. It is a discrace that the ASPCA has so little regard for public safety.

  3. Herculean compilation effort, Vintage! Puts things in perspective - Thank you for this!

    LoVE Beezley's Law:
    "We need a Beezley's Law; When a town deems a dog too dangerous to live in city limits and sends it to another community, the recipient town will send a registered sex offender to the sending city. The Sex Offender shall be given free room and board in the Mayor's home."

    April29, every damn thing pit bull pushers do and say about pit bulls is about marketing, spin and promotion. It is amazing how the "message" has changed just since 2010 when I really began looking at the problem. In 2009 they were still saying pit bulls need a "special" kind of owner, not for the newbie, nu uh. Now they give them away free.

    That spike in bites in Austin TX exactly coincides with when they went No Kill and got that mega AC center. And DBO exposed that with a report to the Austin city council. And when the No Kill nuts presented a rebuttal report, a Austin City Councilman said in session that the No Kill report was shoddy and deceptive. Hopefully Austin is on its way to saying yes to public safety and no to No Kill Nutters

  4. vintage - another amazing collection with profoundly witty commentary. love the graph.

    "every damn thing pit bull pushers do and say about pit bulls is about marketing, spin and promotion. It is amazing how the "message" has changed just since 2010 when I really began looking at the problem. In 2009 they were still saying pit bulls need a "special" kind of owner, not for the newbie, nu uh. Now they give them away free."

    agreed! anyone else notice the spike in pit advocates who fall into either the lawyer category or the marketing category? this will only get worse as the nutter lawyers and berkey money infiltrate the animal sheltering system.

    next stop - HOLLYWOOD!

    The non-profit, launched in January, already has a community of thousands, says founder Michael Mountain. Pit facts, stats and tales abound on the site; soon the organization will begin "working with people in the entertainment industry" to use pits in loving-dog story lines in movies, sitcoms, even games. "We want to fit this dog into people's minds in different ways," Mountain says.

  5. San Diego has certainly set a record with their fourth fatality in 11 months.

    They should get special commendation particularly Lt. Dan SeSousa who has proclaimed the "old english bulldogs" "not pit bulls".

    Talk about animal un-control.

  6. Good post, Occupy. Not only is animal control useless when it comes to protecting us from dangerous dogs, it's also failing to stop chronic barking noise. Which could make them a fortune. Further ranting on this topic at:

  7. Thanks for the update - and a good read once again.

    Have to agree with Margo about that one quote about fairness to drunk drivers who haven't plowed into a family yet - perfectly and frighteningly apt.

  8. I was a dog lover... Here's my story.

    I wanted to get a puppy for my 6 year old son, he had been craving a dog since our move to Hawaii and unfortunately our chihuahua completely rejected him, as chihuahua's do sometimes.

    So I did the right thing, I went to the local humane society looking for a dog - we thought and discussed the idea carefully before even going there.

    We took our sons with us and there were 3 sweet little pups. Hard to tell what breed they were but, the tag said "Hound Mix". They were adorable and loving. So we decided to adopt one.

    When we got to the desk the clerk told us about their buy one get one free promotion. They said that right in front of my other son.

    So two puppies came home with us that day, sisters. We loved on them.. I'm an experienced dog owner, have had dogs, all kinds, even great danes - with good success.

    Friends would visit and mention, that our puppies looked like pit bulls. We did think that perhaps they had some 'pit' in them but dismissed it - we'll love them, after all the breed doesn't make them bad...

    As the puppies aged, they kept fighting with each other. Fighting over food, toys and a place on the couch. Even going after me once in a while.

    Their "play" was endless, and my kids were getting hurt, tackled and bit, in the face, lips and ears. Not just once, several times. Finally, after my youngest almost got bit in the eye I said, enough is enough.

    I called a no-kill shelter. Never again... That woman berated me on the phone, calling me a bad mother, a bad person. Telling me my dogs were herding dogs and that the bites were nothing. Telling me she'd bring a trainer over and have this corrected in an hour. I held firm, even if the dogs could be trained, kids will be kids and I can't risk having a child "mess up", do something to provoke the dog, and get hurt.

    By the time she was done with me, I felt horrible... As if this decision wasn't hard enough - she made me feel worse, and tried to coerce me into take risks with my children's well being.

    I tried to do the right thing adopting a dog but I feel I was deceived on the breed from the beginning. Talked into two dogs by a buy one get on free program. Finally, insulted and hurt by people claiming to be humane.

    I'll never adopt or purchase a dog again.

  9. another unhappy ending. thanks humane society!

    but seriously, didn't you know 'great danes' were herding dogs?

  10. Wow! I have never heard such B.S. in my life. Pitbulls at the top on bites per 100? where are you finding these pits? Rescues from fight clubs? Little breeds are way more naturally aggressive than pits or rotties. Just becauwe assholes make these victims mean and aggressive, we should blame the breed right? sounds like a bunch of liberal panzies to me. I have owner several pits and rotties, and would trust my babies and grandbabies with them. But of course to own them, you have to know something about dogs and training them. See they are like your kids, if you raise them with structure and discipline, they grow to be well mannered and well tempered. But if raise them to be little asses, with no structure or discipline...well, you get the point. pits want love, excersise, and a purpose. if you want a little yippy lap dog, get a little taco dog, or weiner dog, just stay away from pits! they need strong willed owners.

  11. Bit pull is well known dogs that need some careful technic coz this pit bull can bite you badly. If ever are bitten by the dog and the owner doesn’t do anything then that’s the time you need to find phoenix accident attorney