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Great Pit Bull Adventures in Pet Sitting

Pet sitting a Pit Bull can be a heart warming experience for you and your family!

Previous OMS compilations have examined Darwin attacks on pit bull owners, the ever increasing life flights,  the nanny maulings of children and the Animal Uncontrol problems which are changing America into a Serengeti-like mauling plain.   One particular subset of the Darwin attacks are those who are duped into dog sitting for a Pit Bull owning friend or relative.  Prospective pit sitters should keep in mind that in many places, they become the statutory dog owner, and therefore become civilly and criminally liable for any ensuing pit carnage.

Charles Darwin
If alive today, he could study the Darwinian tendencies of those who volunteer  to bring the Dog Men of Stafford, England into their homes and be Pit Bull dog sitters...There are actually 16 Dog Bite Related Fatalities (DBRFs), several life flights and multiple criminal convictions in the below compilation!

Let's Explore...

Compilation of Pit Bull Dog Sitting Disasters...Have a relative being evicted or going to prison that asks you to watch their pit bull?!?  Just say No! 

Nov 2013, Kenosha, WI; 5 year old boy mauled about the head by a pit bull that his family was dog sitting. His mother pried it off his head and then it latched onto his shoulder,

Oct 2013, Santa Monica, CA; 4 year old girl is attacked by a client of FETCH PET CARE dog sitting business pit bull, when she and her mother accompany the professional Pet Sitter on a walk with the animal. When they take the muzzle off the sweetie it decides to try and kill the little girl. She and her mother hide in the bathroom while the beast rams it's head against the door.  Well... The client warned that the animal was to be muzzled during walks due to "dog aggression" issues. The good thing here is that as a reputable business, FETCH PET CARE has liability insurance, Right?!?

Sep 2013, Edmond, OK; A couple pet sits their son's pit bull and all hell breaks loose when it starts fighting with the family Lab then redirects on them. The father has to shoot the pit bull off the mother. 911 call, EMS response  15th owner shoot off for 2013!

Sep 2013, Sacramento, CA; Two young girls stage a rescue and escape attempt when the pit bull they were fostering "goes pit bull". The 8 year old girl will miss a week of school

Walking a Staffordshredder for a friend, now a jailbird!
July 2013, UK; Simple dog walking evolution becomes a legal quagmire for 33 year old Susan Campbell

July 2013, San Diego, CA; 25 year old woman takes friend's pit bull for a walk and gets mauled.  "I see the Paramedics coming and they were sticking something in her neck because she was bleeding"

Pet sitter enters customer's home to find this atrocity!
July 2013, Lee County, FL; Family hires a pet sitter to take care of their Labradoodle "Milo" while they are on vacation. When the Pet sitter enters the house, she finds Milo ripped to death and the neighbor's bloody, murderous pits that had entered via a doggie door still in the house.  Milo had been attacked twice previously by the grippers.
F-minus grade assigned to the pit bull social workers at Lee County Animal Control!

July 2013, Longview, TX; Unnamed Pit Nutter faces felony charges and a grand jury after the misunderstood pit bull she was taking care of snaps it's chain and breaks through a fence to attack a neighbor.  The pit sitter of course, has no home owner's insurance coverage for the animal.

Military induction delayed after nearly being neutered by Bootsy
July 2013, Providence, RI; Blood sprays at family 4th of July/Military Going Away party when Pit Bull "Bootsy" who was being dog sat, decides things need to be mauled. Five people are injured and Bootsy is shot by police after the 911 call.

June 2013, Manhattan Beach, CA: 77 year old man experiences an "Adventures in pet sitting" episode while taking his son's pit bull for a walk. When he tries to extricate a cat from it's jaws, it redirects and tries to kill him. Responding police use pepper spray then TASER the rampaging beast.

BHC 061913 Dog Bite 01.jpg
No longer a fan of the breed
June 2013, Bristol, VA; Woman offers to walk the neighbor's new pit bull, Unfortunately they didn't tell her it  was a legally declared vicious animal trafficked in from Tennessee after attacking a child

June 2013, Manassas, VA; 23 year old woman is attacked by a pit bull during a relative's pit sitting operation for another family member. The attacking pit bull had to be choked out with a belt to release the woman. Requisite 911, animal control and EMS response ensues.

June 2013, Glen Burnie, MD; Couple attacked by their son's pit bull during another "Adventures in Pet Sitting" episode. Authorities have TASER the animal to death so EMS can haul them off to the trauma center

May 2013, San Diego, CA; Pit Perp who was taking care of his brother's dogs is convicted of 4 misdemeanors after allowing four pit bulls to maul two joggers. When they asked him to call for help, he told them to "Fuck Off" and left them to crawl through the dark until they found help and were life flighted. The attack strapped them with $130, 000 in medical bills  Misdemeanor?...This was attempted Murder WTF?!?

Oct 2012, Ventura, CA;  Authorities respond to home where woman has an "Adventures in Dog Sitting episode". Taken to the hospital with moderate injuries

Pit Sitting Life Flight!

Awards presentation for the Heroes who rescued a six year old boy during pit sitting attack

June 2012, Hackensack, NJ; Woman agrees to dog-sit pit bull for a crazy lady after the dog was expelled by the Condo Association.  Attacked and hospitalized.  Just say NO!

May 2012, Covington, LA; Pit sitter cited after the canine freak show she was watching bites 8 year old Lyric Jones 120 times and breaks her arm. Good Samaritans beat the creature to death with metal poles while rescuing the girl

Man says pit bulls had attacked grandmother before gallery
Pit owner walk of shame out to the A/C Truck
April 2012, Satsop, WA; 82 year old woman mauled by her grandson's two pit bulls in her own home after a previous attack weeks prior.  She refused to have the pit bull euthanized and was mauled after just feeding them. Deputy Dave Pimentel called "the most severe dog attack I have ever seen."  Life flight and shoot off!

Jan 2012, Glendale, AZ; Police have to shoot pit bull during another "Adventures in Pet Sitting" episode. The 27 year old woman was hospitalized with "bites to her neck, all the way down her spine"

Jan 2012, Elmhurst, IL; Police have to shoot pit bulls off elderly couple who were dog sitting for a relative. The two animals began fighting, then "redirected" onto them.  Both were hauled off in meat wagons by EMS *OMS Note: "Redirected" is official sounding Pit- Nutter Speak for switching to mauling something else...

Oct 2011, Wetaskiwin, Alberta,  Canada; Man describes having his Great Dane attacked on three separate occasions by neighborhood pit bulls. On the last incident he had to choke out a pit being watched by a pit sitter who did "nothing"

Bonnie Mitchell
911 Calling Neighbor: "Oh God, This man is dead...You know how time freezes?"
Dec 2011, Louisville, KY; When a 39 year old man goes over to feed his brother's pit bulls, neighbors have to call 911 when they hear him scream "Somebody help me!". Eventually, the man breaks loose from the animals, then dives through an open window and seeks refuge in his car. Responding police are also attacked so they shoot the canine freak shows

Great! Another litter of pups from a proven human mauler...
Nov 2011, Lexington, KY; When an elderly woman allows her grandson to pet sit a family member's breeding pit bull, all hell breaks loose. The animal drags the grandson across the yard and it latches onto her. Hospitalized with severe foot injuries

May 2011, Clarksville, TN; Dog sitter cited after the pit bull she was watching breaks loose and attacks four people

Another pit sitting life flight disaster!
Feb 2011, Dorchester County, MD; Pit mix escapes it's dog sitter who was watching the animal for it's jailbird owner, then it attacks an 8 year old girl walking home from the bus stop. The girl is flown to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore

Sep 2010, Hillsdale, MI; Routine pit bull dog sitting episode ends up with family being scattered  to different hospitals. Responding police officers forced to "destroy" the animal

Sep 2010, Fresno, CA; When a woman's son brings home a pit bull , another classic "Adventures in pet sitting" episode erupts when the dog latches onto to the face of her 5 year old daughter. The girl is transported to the hospital for the first of many surgeries

Nov 2010, Des Lacs, SD; 46 year old babysitter scalped and life flighted after family Pit Bull attack while baby sitting at active active duty servicemember's house. Hazardous Duty Pay for in house Pit Bull owner babysitting services NOW!

 Memphis BADRAP: Forced Pit Sitting results in Reckless Homicide Charges!
July 2010, Memphis, TN;  After Memphis Police arrest Andre Humphrey, they leave his two pit bulls with 23 year old Sherri Wooten who is 9 months pregnant and incapable of caring for them. Over the weekend, they pin a man on top of a car for 30 minutes,....a couple of days later after no A/C response, they kill 71 year William Parker.  The city then goes after the pregnant girlfriend with Reckless Murder Charges instead of firing the A/C Director  DBRF!

May 2010, Lucknow, SC; When Ethel and Jerry Horton agreed to pet sit their 20 year old nephew's pit bull, they never dreamed it would bust it's chain to attack them. Ethel suffers coronary failure after pulling the animal of her husband, which then redirected onto herDBRF!

pit bull money
$300,000 Pit Sitting Bucks!
May 2010, San Francisco, CA; A kind hearted neighbor agreed to dog sit a pit bull while it's owner is hospitalized. While at the hospital after the animal bites off his finger, he learns that the owner is undergoing facial plastic surgery in the same hospital due to a mauling by the same Pit Bull!  After much resistance, the owner's insurance company finally settles for $300,000  One of the Greatest Pit Sitting Moment in History!

March 2010, La Crosse, WI; Pit Sitter cited after the pit bull he was taking care of breaks containment to attack neighbors walking their dog through the neighborhood

Pit sitting mishap leads to the Nanny Shackle Shuffle for felony child abuse!
Feb 2010, Jacksonville, NC; Parents do the Perp Walk for felony child abuse after a Pit Bull they were dog sitting eats the toes off their baby

Nov 2009, Fredericksburg, VA;  60 year old woman sustains mauling trying to save her Lab from her Ex-Con Son's Pit Bull.  The son convinces her to lie and tell authorities that a Rottweiler attacked them while out on a walk. Both are convicted of filing a false police report and charged $2652 to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of the wild goose chase

Sep 2009, El Cajon, CA; Police officer recovering after responding to a loud music complaint. The dog sitter invited him into the home and the pit bull bit him on the bicep and leg. The dog sitter was not charged because she didn't know the animal's temperament.  Classic Nutter trap setting...

Fatal dog attack, Carter Delaney
Pit sitting DBRF!
Aug 2009, Leesburg, VA; 20 year old Carter Delaney is mauled to death while dog sitting his brother's two pit bulls which came from the same Virginia man-killing pit bull breeder  Sssssh!...Let's not talk about how pit breeders have systematically produced dogs that have killed  over 300 Americans since 1980!

pit bull money
Father's Homeowners Insurance pays out big time Pit sitting bucks!
May 2009, Mauladephia, PA; 43 year old idiot has to be rescued by police after being mauled by her daughter‘s Pit Bull. She was taking care of the man biter because it had bitten one of her Daughter‘s neighbors and they were looking for a new home to place it in. *Note…Nutters tell us Pit Bulls are safer than other breeds because dog fighters culled man biters...Liars ALL!

Fatal dog attack, Tyson Miller
Pit sitting DBRF!
March 2009, Luling, TX; 2 year Tyson Miller killed by a pregnant-breeding pit bull that his family was watching for a friend

Jan 2009, Arapahoe County, CO; A 57 year old woman agrees to dog sit her brother's pit bull and all hell breaks loose. The woman and her granddaughter were transported to the hospital for evaluation

Jan 2009, Anaheim, CA; Two pit bulls escape the back yard of dog sitters and attack a woman walking her two huskies. Her husband has to kill one of the Pitties with a kitchen knife to stop the attack.  The woman and the huskies are all chewed up.

Aug 2008, Ty Ty, GA; Pit sitter Matt Kelly got more than he bargained for during his 3 week pit sitting stint.  The pittie under his charge escaped the backdoor and put a 200 stitches into the face of a neighborhood child. Police responded and shot the animal. Matt now has 3 citations and is liable for a massive medical bill

June 2008, Fort Lauderdale, FL; Good neighbor Henk Schiffer takes "Jobe" the pit mix he was dog sitting for a walk through the neighborhood.  Jobe sends a 5 year old boy to the hospital for 45 stitches to his face

May 2008, Wilsonville, IL; 49 year old woman hospitalized after another adventures in dog sitting episode when her son's pit bull decides to start a maulin'. Police, EMS and Animal control response required

May 2008, Indianapolis, IN; A pit bull  named "CJ"  that was being dog sat inflicts a 180 stitch bite to the face on one of the neighborhood children

Pit Granny tried sending the animal that did this to an unsuspecting community

April 2008, Des Moines, IA; 43 year old man attacked by his son's pit bull during dog sitting adventure. Had to shoot the thing with a .22 rifle and declined EMS transport to the hospital when authorities arrived.

February 2008, Seattle, WA; A woman agrees to watch two pit bulls for her niece who was in the process of moving. The pit bull snaps it's chain, then proceeds to maul her 9 year old grand daughter who was playing next door.

Dec 2007, Rabun County, GA; 76 year old Blanche Brodeur gets stuck caretaking her son and daughter in law's pit bulls while they are in jail on drug charges. When police respond to the 911 call, they have to wait 18 crucial minutes to get the jailbird's permission to shoot the animals to retrieve her body  DBRF!

May 2007, Indianapolis, IN; 7 year old girl may lose arm after pit bull attack. "Her Mom was dog sitting the animal"

Oct 2006, Airmont, NY;  "They were dog sitting for an Acquaintance...She let the dog out and when it came back in, it went right for her" a Police officer describing how 44  year old Jeanine Fusco was killed in her garage by a pit bull  DBRF!

Dec 2005, Napa Valley, CA; Pit Bull "Zeus" breaks his collar then knocks down and bites a mail carrier while under the care of the owner's mother. The Nutter rationalization was that the sound of mail carrier's keys startled Zeus

"There is a lot of devastation here today"
Oct 2004, Hillsbrough County, FL; 8 year old Anton Brown is killed in his backyard by two pit bulls that were being taken care of for a family "friend"  DBRF!

July 2004, Pretoria, South Africa; When 79 year old Daniel Jacobus Van Vuuren goes over for his daily feeding of his daughter's six pit bulls, a scuffle breaks out. Daniel's wife sits helplessly in the car listening to him get mauled to death DBRF!

April 2004, Toronto, CA; Police fire more than a dozen bullets to kill two Bit Bulls that were mauling a man who was walking them for a fiend sic

Feb 2004, Denver, CO; 5 year old boy severely bitten in the head while at a play date at a friend's house.  "The animal belongs to the neighbor of a family friend, who was pet sitting"

Dec 2003, Montgomery, AL; 78 year old Florence Morris is mauled to death by a pit bull while raking leaves in her backyard. Morris and her husband had been pet sitting the animal for their nephew  DBRF!

Dec 2003, Bloomfield, NM; Two teenage Baby/dog sitter‘s get mauled during Nanny gig at Pit owner‘s house. Responding police officer has to shoot it off them..*Parents: Consider paying a higher allowance instead of letting your kids do this!

April 2003, Brooksville, FL; 72 year old Alfred Makuc had 4 decades of dog handling experience, but that didn't keep him from being mauled to death by a customer's pit bull at his boarding kennel  DBRF!

Sep 2001, Daytona, FL; A pit bull owner was dog sitting  a pit bull named "Scud Missile" who launched over a six foot fence then helped the other pit bull named "Lady Rage"  dig out of the fence to go on a neighborhood mauling mission where they attacked two women and killed a Jack Russell Terrier  Scud Missile and Lady Rage; Best attack pit names ever!

April 2000, San Bernadino, CA; Pit sitter James Chiavetta was so afraid of Bear that he pushed his dog dish to him with a stick. James faced 2nd degree murder charges after Bear escaped the back yard and killed 10 year old Cash Carson on a city street

June 1999, Bradenton, FL; Pit Sitter fights his $5100 fine after the sweeties he was dog sitting escape and rip through a dozen geese and wild turkeys at a nearby Animal Sanctuary.

Jan 1999, Morgan County, KY; A Morgan County man was hospitalized in serious condition yesterday after his foot was bitten off and eaten by his son's pit bull terrier, Kentucky State Police said. Arnold Nickell, 64, was attacked about 9 a.m. at his home on Ky. 203, south of Mize, according to police reports. Nickell had been caring for the dog while the dog's owner, Nickell's son Danny, worked in Lexington

April 1997, Wellington, New Zealand, 79 year old Koro Dinsdale is mauled to death while taking care of his "friends" pit bull. When police found him, 90 percent of his body had been lacerated and his arms and legs were nearly severed  DBRF!

Nov 1995, Yakima, WA; Stephen Bash is criminally charged under the WA State Dangerous Dog law after two pit bulls he was pet sitting escape and kill retired Animal Control Officer Walter Feser in his own backyard  DBRF!

Sep 1994, Bronx, NY; Pet sitting their son's two pit bulls ends up being a fatal nightmare for the  Ana and Manuel Claudio. 60 year old Ana is killed, while husband Manuel is merely mauled  DBRF!

Feb 1990, Los Angeles, CA; 70 year old Lily Marjee dies from complications after being savaged by her grandson's pit bulls DBRF!

Nov 1988, DeKalb County, IL; Pit Sitter is awakened by a phone call that the pitties under his care are outside attacking someone. The Pit-sitter goes outside to find 25 year old Kevin Cull mauled from head to toe and seeking refuge in his car. Kevin later dies at Du Page Hospital DBRF!

All aboard the pit bull crazy train!  First stop; Maulville!, Second stop; Euthasol Avenue!; Third stop; Coroner Station!

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

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  10. misleading? you nutters wrote the book on misleading. posting photo after photo of kids and pits claiming nanny dog status, blathering endlessly about superior ATTS scores that are in fact trumped up, reflexively regurgitating myths without a lick of credibility like man biters were culled, blaming off the chart bite statistics on "popularity" while other breeds that are more popular are not mauling & killing and claiming no one can identify a "pit bull" unless the dog is headless and the identifier is sympathetic to your cause. you PB freaks have zero credibility.

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    1. Guns don't go off on their own. Guns don't have a mind of their own. Guns don't chase people down the street or jump off second floor balconies to kill someone.

  12. You can add another. This child's mother was pit-sitting for a neighbor that was out of town. The child fed the dogs, played with them, then they got out and killed him. http://blog.dogsbite.org/2017/12/2017-dog-bite-fatality-dogs-kill-8-year.html

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