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Pit Bull Lie Buster #1, California Screamin', Governor's Regret

Just three months after California's Anti-BSL provision was enacted, the Governor begged the Legislature to reverse the mistake!

Occupy Maul Street

BSL Never Works!
In 1988, in response to California's escalating pit bull maulings, State Senator Art Torres Introduced House Bill (HB) 428. Originally, HB 428 was a well intentioned piece of legislation meant to tighten up regulation of vicious dogs.  After a year of lobbying with the worthless breed neutral  safety assurances being swallowed by the legislature and numerous concessions given to the dog lobby, the Bill that emerged and went to the Governor in 1989 looked like a pit bull owner's bill of rights.  Gerrymandered within the legislation was the sinister anti-BSL provision which prevented local communities from protecting their citizens by regulating pit bulls.

Duped California Governor George Deukijemian:
"I am disturbed and distressed as anybody...We have to have some kind of law against owning them or some other way of completely controlling them"

One little known fact which is always ignored by the "BSL Never Works" proclaimers... In January 1990, just 3 months after the Dog Lobby duped the California Legislature into passing HB 428, a 70 year old Grandmother was killed by Pit Bulls.  Horrified California Governor George Deukijemian begged the California legislature to undo the mistake and draft him a bill that would regulate pit bulls.  

The mistake made here and repeated all over the country, was assuming that the pit bull community would regulate themselves by producing safe dogs in responsible numbers. While most breed communities do a fine job of regulating themselves, dog fighting, the guard dog trade and the radical behavior of pit bull rescues make such rationale folly and extremely dangerous. The result is that the tax free Pit Bull economy of dog fighters, breeders and Pit Bull  Rescue flourishes while mauling victims typically get the short end of the break stick....

Since the Governor's request that went unanswered in 1990, 36 Californians have been mauled to death by Pit Bulls, with hundreds of State residents being horrifically mauled. Additionally, Animal Control Agencies have been metastasized with excess pit bulls which bites the tax payer in the ass housing and euthanizing them. In this piece, OMS will explore the collective damage of declaring "Open Mauling Season" on a state population by naively trusting the pit bull lobby.
PART I: California Pit Bull DBRFs...Current Body count:

The red balloons are Pit Bull DBRFs...Almost blocking out the sun in SoCal!

Jerry Brown has Governed over 18 Californians being mauled to death by Pit Bulls...5 from his two terms in the 70's and a grotesque 13 from his current term which started in 2011. He has a ways to go to catch up with Texas Governor Rick Perry's astonishing 32 Pit Bull DBRFs! 
Another babysitting fatality! California's 28th Pit Bull DBRF victim since 2005!
Nephi and former nanny dog Kavi during happier times when both were alive

baby killed by pet pit bull in Lemon grove
Tyzhel and Lulu during better times when both were alive
June 2012, Lemon Grove, CA; After being placed in a home with three pit bulls by a non profit outfit called the "Bilateral Safety Commission", 1 year old Tyzhel McWilliams is killed by "Lulu"

* Note San Diego Pit Breeder's produced dogs that killed 4 humans in the past year; Here is the County Dog Bite Rate Data:

Highest rate in the analysis:
"Pit bull, 8.85 bites per 100 pit bulls, three times higher than the next closest breed"

Second-highest rate in the analysis:
Rottweiler, 3.03 bites per 100 rottweilers

Lowest rates in the analysis:
Pug, 0.35 bites per 100 pugs
Golden retriever, 0.34 bites per 100 golden retrievers

Nutters love to claim Golden Retrievers bite more citing genetics...But San Diego shows us that Pitties are 26 more times likely to bite!

July 2011, Pacifica, CA; BADRAP supporter Darla Napora and her unborn baby killed by “Gunner”. Gunner is shot by police and his remains are buried with the victim  This animal was trafficked out intact by an unnamed rescue...Lack of self-regulation by the breed community is why Pit Bulls have an a Earned Rap!
March 2011, San Bernadino, CA; 47 year old Jennie Erquaia killed by her own Pit Bull

Jan 2011, Colusa, CA; 51 year old Linda Leal killed by her Pit mix

Dec 2010, Riverside, CA; Two months after being mauled by the family Pit Bull, 67 year old Edward Mitchell succumbs to his injuries

Nov 2010, Moreno Valley, CA; 53 year old Christine Casey was in the process of moving out when her neighbor's loose pit mixes killed her in her own backyard.

Aug 2010, Mountain Ranch, CA; Vietnam veteran and pillar of the community, Jerry Yates is killed by Sharon Sellers pit bulls. Sellers escaped prosecution despite standing up in a city council meeting and telling a concerned neighbor "if my dogs wanted to get you, you wouldn't be here"

Nathan Aguirre pit bull Atomic Dogg magazine
Pit Bull pride was displayed at the home where Nathan Aguirre was killed while riding his tricycle...Another classic Nanny-dog moment!
May 2010, San Bernadino, CA; 2 year old Nathan Aguirre is mauled by the family pit bull while riding his tricycle. He dies six hours later at Loma Linda University Medical Center

Jan 2010, Apple Valley, CA; 3 year old Omar Martinez is killed in his backyard by the family "Nanny dog"

June 2009; San Jose, CA; This Pit Bull pulled Momma into the Train

Oct 2009, Delhi, CA; 17 month old Colton Smith killed by Babysitter’s Pit Bull

Dec 2008, Roubidoux, CA; 60 year old Pit Bull breeder Gerald Adelmund killed by his maulspawners while smoking a cigarette  Pit bulls used in breeding are a common thread here, don't worry because they were never bred to be human aggressive
*OMS recommends not smoking around pit bulls as it can be dangerous!

Sep 2008, Ventura County, CA; 5 year old Katya Todesco is mauled to death while playing at a friend's house. When she bent over to pick up her cellphone, the nanny dog decided to kill her

Two stunned Pit man-boys reflexively advocate after their Christmas day kill of a 45 year old woman. They were sentenced to a convenient 120 days to be served on weekends
Dec 2007, Yermo, CA; 45 year old Kelly Caldwell is ripped apart by the neighborhood fence jumping pit bulls.  The owners, Jeffrey Dwayne King, Jr. and John Allan Peterson, were later charged on suspicion of failure to control a mischievous animal, resulting in death, a felony  *Normally, OMS is against prison rape....

Dec 2007, Placer County, CA; Forensic tests have confirmed the cause of Cora Lee Suehead's death: four pit bulls. The 61-year old woman was found mauled to death near her home December 4th, 2007. The pit bulls were taken from her property and underwent DNA testing. The dogs belonged to a relative who had been living on the Suehead property. The dogs have since been destroyed; no charges were ever filed.
Pit murder..the perfect crime!

2007. State of California; Between 1903 and 2007, Three Californians are killed by Mountain Lions  Oops...Not sure how this got in here!

June 2006, San Bernadino, CA; Shaun Lee McCafferty, 27-years old, was mauled to death by eight pit bulls. The San Bernardino County coroner said that investigators initially thought he was murdered due to the severe trauma to his upper body. A subsequent investigation uncovered that McCafferty was attacked outside of a meth lab by a pack of pit bulls. His girlfriend, Lacey Gidney, was also attacked, but she managed to climb a fence and get away  Pit bulls were never bred to be human aggressive, so ignore the fact that meth labs routinely use them as guard dogs

April 2006, Los Angeles, CA; A man -- whose identity was not released -- was mauled to death by three guard dogs after he jumped the fence at a metal working company in Compton. Authorities say the man suffered severe head and back injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Nov 2005, West Covina, CA; Mike Gomez, 86-years old, was a World War II veteran. During a walk, a mile-and-a-half from his home, he was attacked by two loose dogs. Gomez died of his injuries on November 3. The Coroner's Office ruled the death accidental and listed the cause as complications from dog bites. The dogs, a pit bull and a schnauzer, were eventually put down.

June 2005, San Francisco, CA; Nicholas Faibish, 12-years old, was left alone with the family's two breeding pit bulls. When his mother returned, she found her son covered in bite wounds, his face badly mauled and a hole in his scalp. Paramedics tried and failed to resuscitate the boy at the scene. Police officers said the boy put up "a hell of a fight."   * OMS recommends not breeding pit bulls as it has proven dangerous

Jan 2005, Clovis, CA; Tyler Babcock, 6-years old, was found lying naked except for a sock on one foot in a pasture on a cold January afternoon. A pit bull and a pit bull-mix had ravaged the boy and ripped the clothes from his body. The search for Tyler began about 10:30 am that morning. Many people reportedly joined in the search. Hours later, Tyler's father, Matt Babcock, heard the chilling words, "Oh my God, it's the boy. The dogs got him. Call 911." A medical helicopter landed in the pasture and airlifted the boy to Children's Hospital Central California where he succumbed to his wounds and died. No charges were filed against the pit bull owners. Pit Murder...The perfect crime!

Photo: Riverside County supervisors unanimously pass a rule requiring pit bulls to get spayed or neutered. 


Police dogs and breeders are among those that will be exempt. Do you agree or disagree with the rule?
How many more children must die?!? In California, the sky is the limit apparently..
June 2003, Lake Elsinore, CA; 2 year old Summer Clugston is killed by her Babysitter’s Pit Bull

July 2001, Stockton, CA; Two year old James Dehoyos dies 5 agonizing months after being mauled by the neighbor's pit bull

April 2000, Newberry Springs, CA; 10 year old Cash Carson is fatally savaged by two loose pit bulls. The District attorney pursues murder charges against the defeated owner

March 1999, San Diego, CA; NOTE TO SELF: Never use Betty Wallace as a babysitter. 3 year old Shalen Darshea Cammon, mauled to death by Great Pit-Auntie’s defective Nanny

Feb 1999, Los Angeles, CA; 14 month old Fily Araujo is killed by the family pit bull.  The boy's grandfather says the dog had grown up with Fily.

July 1995, Ventura County, CA; 5 month old Jessica Hull is killed by family pit bull "Lucy"...Animal control officials search for answers

Nov 1994, Pomona County, CA; Teenage mother gives birth, then throws newborn into a yard where pit bulls were kept.

July 1993, Tulare County, CA; 2 year old Luis "Gordo" Hernandez climbs fence and is killed by "Toro" the pit bull

Feb 1990, Los Angeles, CA; 70 year old Lily Marjee dies from complications after being savaged by her grandson's pit bulls

Nov 1989, Humboldt County, CA; 2 year old Garrett East killed by his Uncle's Pit Bull during visit

June 1987, Santa Clara County, CA; 2 year old James Soto is killed by neighbor's dog fighting and pot guarding pit bulls

*Note: Workers at the Santa Clara Humane Society take up a collection to have 'Willy" the toddler killing pit bull cremated so they can keep his ashes in a box at the facility
"They grew quite attached to him during his three years at the facility"

July 1983, Clairemont, CA; Babysitter watches in horror as 5 year old Sara Delance is killed by family Pit Bull

June 1982, San Diego, CA; 82 year old landlord George De Martini is killed by his tenant's loose pit bulls.  At the time of their trial for manslaughter, the DBRF Deadbeats were still living in his rental house

Dec 1981, San Bernadino, CA; 47 year old Postal Worker Sheldon Smith dies from infection four days after being bitten by a Pit Bull

Feb 1980, Los Angeles County, CA; 3 year old Norman Ben Jr is killed by the neighbor's "Nanny Dog"

May 1977, Riverside, CA; After 5 month old Matthew Cochran is crib snatched and killed by the family Pit Bull his father blows it away with a shotgun

July 1976, Alameda County, CA; 5 year old Michael McNair is killed by the family pit bull despite attempts to stab it off him.

May 1976, Fresno County, CA; 6 year old Misty Lee is killed by a pit bull that had been chained out back of her apartment complex. The 20 year old owner is charged with a felony

California has the  first known pit bull DBRF of a US military dependent child. There have been 8 total.
Feb 1945, Bell Gardens, CA; In the first known Pit Bull DBRF of a US Military dependent child, 1 year old Margeurite Derdenger is killed by family Staffa-shredder "Woof". Her father, a Staff Sergeant stationed at Camp Barkley, Texas, has to travel home for the funeral

* Note: In the interest of fairness, it must be noted that Rottweilers have also picked off 12 Californians making for a combined Pit/Rott body count of 60. See the Rottweiler DBRF Map here:  Rottweiler DBRF Map

PART II: Maulings, Adoption Mishaps and General Net Drain on Society Moments:

Oct 2013, Los Angeles, CA; When a 15 year old boy is cleaning up after the Neighbor's three pit bulls that he had known since they were pups get him down on the ground and try to render him, the entire neighborhood has to rescue him with baseball bats and knives

Oct 2013, Santa Monica, CA; 4 year old girl is attacked by a client's of FETCH PET CARE dog sitting business pit bull, when she and her mother accompany the professional Pet Sitter on a walk with the animal. When they take the muzzle off the sweetie it decides to try and kill the little girl. She and her mother hide in the bathroom while the beast rams it's head against the door.  Well... The client warned that the animal was to be muzzled during walks due to "dog aggression" issues. The good thing here is that as a reputable business, FETCH PET CARE has liability insurance, so medical bill coverage should be no problem, Right?!?

Oct 2013, San Bernadino, CA; After their pit bull gets loose and is shot attacking neighborhood kids the pit perps express outrage to the media.  Note to Nutters: All the public wants to hear from you are your payment plans for the medical bills. That's it...nothing else!

Sep 2013, Sacramento, CA; Two young girls stage a rescue and escape attempt when the pit bull they were fostering "goes pit bull". The 8 year old girl will miss a week of school

Sep 2013, Corona, CA; 8 year old boy pulled off his bicycle in his neighborhood by neighbor's escaped pit bulls. Partially scalped and hospitalized.

Aug 2013, San Diego, CA; 13 year postal and military veteran is attacked and mauled by a pit bull on his route. A woman medically trained while serving in the Peace Corps saves his life

Aug 2013, Kern County, CA; Man enters pit breeder's lair looking for his son who used to live there and gets attacked by the maul-spawners. A heroic woman comes to his rescue with a shovel and gets mauled too. Finally, Sherriff's show up and shoot the wigglebutts and they are hauled off to the hospital. No word on kennel permit or business license from the CA board of equalization...

Aug 2013, Montara, CA; Horse attacked by a loose Pit Bull. Would not release until struck over the head with a rake. The Horse was transported to an Equine Treatment Center with injuries to it's neck and legs

Aug 2013, Lake County, CA, 11 year old girl is lucky to have her friend's father who is an Army vet and EMT nearby when the neighbor's loose pit tries to kill her. The man shoots it and she is hauled off in an ambulance...will miss the start of the new school year

Aug 2013, Antioch, CA; 10 year old boy mauled severely on the head and arms while visiting pit owning friends over the weekend. Flown to UC Davis to get sewn back together. His family is holding a medical fundraiser in lieu of the pit owners taking care of his galactic medical bills

This is one of the dogs that attacked a Riverside woman on Aug. 12. Photo by Riverside County Animal Services.
Rescuers had to pry this life support system for a giant mouth off a woman's face
Aug 2013, Riverside, CA; Woman is attacked by two fence escaping pit bulls while out walking her dog. Two men come to her rescue  "It was locked onto her face"

Aug 2013, Yuba County, CA; Two pit bulls go on a mauling frenzy at the Yuba University Veterinary Farm... killing 7 Alpacas and mauling the others. The mutants escape and are still on the loose

July 2013; Yucaipa, CA; Sherriff's Deputies shoot two pit bulls that attacked them when responding to the scene of the animals having a hey day with live stock. They had killed three goats and attacked a horse

Military Veteran Mail Carrier blown up by Canine IED
July 2013, San Diego, CA; Another San Diego Mail Carrier gets blown up by a pit canine IED while on his route "Bitten on the neck, shoulder, six times on the legs and lost several teeth"

July 2013, San Diego, CA; 25 year old woman takes friend's pit bull for a walk.  "I see the Paramedics coming and they were sticking something in her neck because she was bleeding"  Another excellent adventure in pet sitting!

July 2013, San Diego, CA; 8 year old boy mauled on the face and arm by loose pit bull at Keeler Field. Police show up and shoot it when it attacks them. The boy is transported to Rady Children's Hospital.

Photo: Follow up on citizen who shot neighbor's dangerous pit bull to death -- poll in support now at 93%
The public has spoken!
July 2013, San Diego, CA;  Navy Diver has shoot the neighbor's pit bull off of his Husky.  Sleepy Hollow A/C had been out four times about this animal.

July 2013, Victorville, CA; Pit Nutter Cheryl Morrow who tried to flee the scene of her pit bull biting a boy on a high school playing field, then almost running over a Good Samaritan with her car gets a two year prison sentence

June 2103, Ventura County, CA; Deputy encounters Pit-Probationoid on the street who takes off running into a nearby house. The deputy is greeted by a pit bull who comes flying out of the house. He pumps lead so he doesn't go onto the disability rolls.

June 2013, Los Angeles, CA; Just one day after the Mayor celebrates reopening refurbished Echo Park, a Pomeranian gets ripped by a pit bull.  $3000 vet bill ensues.

June 2013, Manhattan Beach, CA: 77 year old man experiences an "Adventures in pet sitting" episode while taking his son's pit bull for a walk. When he tries to extricate a cat from it's jaws, it redirects and tries to kill him. Responding police use pepper spray then Taser the rampager.

June 2013, Stockton, CA; Animal Control breakdown leads to Pit Bull duo's second attack on neighbors in a month...Stockton just had a Pit DBRF!...This A/C Department needs a safety stand down to reappraise it's mission...

Top Photo
June 2013, Stockton, CA; Stockton Unified School District Police Officer Megan Robinson receives her agency's first  Silver Star of Valor awarded in over two decades for saving an elderly man being mauled by two pit bulls

Another defeated pit mook takes the walk of shame out to the A/C truck
June 2013, Fresno, CA; Loose pit bull goes on biting spree attacking an elderly woman and another individual

June 2013, Fresno, CA; Three loose pit bulls dig under fence and kill 80 animals at Reedley Farm. The animals were being raised as a school project for students at Reedley High School. $12,000 in donations flow in to replace the shredded creatures

June 2013, Stockton, CA; Nutter spews forth "It's the owner" from her hospital bed after being mauled by her friend's pit bulls. Her friend says "It's natural instinct...I never trained them to do that"  Dueling Nutters...Can't wait for the real dog fight when the $50K Medical bill shows up!

Photo: Woman puts her life back together after her beloved pit bull mauled her face - free plastic surgery:
Owning pit bulls is like a box of chocolates...You never know what yer gonna get
June 2013, Lancaster, CA; Pit owner that had her nose bitten off by her own pit bull receives free facial reconstruction from famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon....Then she keeps her other pit bull from the same Darwinian strain litter

The Animal Control officer made a doggie photo lineup.  Photo Weatherston.
One of San Diego's Pit Bull Social Workers testifies...
May 2013, San Diego, CA; Pit Perp convicted of 4 misdemeanors after allowing four pit bulls to maul two joggers. When they asked him to call for help, he told them to "Fuck Off" and left them to crawl through the dark until they found help and were life flighted. The attack strapped them with $130, 000 in medical bills  This was attempted murder...Misdemeanor...WTF?!?

May 2013, San Bernadino County, CA; After a boy is attacked on a High School playing field, a good Samaritan tries to stop the pit bull owner from escaping. As he tries to take a picture of her license plate, she attempts to run him over

They used to put prisoners on treadmills in England...OMS supports Pit owners working off their victim's galactic medical bills in such a manner
May 2013, Corona, CA; 15 year old girl and her Shih Tzu are attacked  while walking by containment breaking pit bull. She has to have her right ear sewn back on while her dog might lose an eye. The pit bull owner called it "Unfortunate"

May 2013, Kern County, CA; Loose pit bull attacks police horse during the county fair. A 22 year veteran police officer is thrown, breaking his collarbone.  The tax payer gets bitten in the ass again!

May 2013, Sonoma County, CA; Police respond to domestic dispute to find a 23 year old man being mauled and screaming for his life in the backyard. When the pit bull wouldn't budge, they have to shoot it.

April 2013, Alameda County, CA; Police have to shoot four pit bulls when they are attacked while serving an arrest warrant at a meth dealer's lair. A police K-9 is also injured  Great!! Three weeks of in the line of duty investigation paperwork and vet bills fall onto the taxpayer's lap.

April 2013, Palmdale CA; Jogger gets mauled by two pit bulls who slipped through a gate with an opening big enough to drive a Mac Truck though. Owner feigns shock that they escaped.  The man had flesh hanging form his arm and his rib cage was exposed

April 2013, Fresno, CA; Police officer recovers after being knocked down and bitten by loose pit bull that was part of a pack terrorizing the neighborhood. He was responding to a call where a neighbor had already shot on of them

Another Maulifornia pit bull play date ends in disaster
April 2013, San Bernadino County, CA; Pit Bull playdate ends in disaster as visiting 1 and 2 year old children are hauled off in meat wagons

April 2013, San Francisco, CA; The able bodied welfare recipient proprieter of the "Save Charlie" Vicious Dog Fan Club is hauled into to court to pay the city's costs of housing Charlie during the melodrama.  Despite signing over ownership months ago, the man is still collecting donations for the animal and shows up in court with 77 pages of blacked out paypal transactions. The city finally collects $5K. It is not known if the owner paid the vet costs of the police horse and the Medical/disability of the thrown police officer Pit grifterin' shouldn't be this easy!

April 2013, San Bernadino County, CA; 74 year old woman mauled trying to save a dog being killed by the family pit bull. Police show up and shoot the beast and EMS hauls her off to the ICU  Time to start charging for these pit owner rescues!

April 2013, French Camp, CA; Pit bulls pick off over 160 goats during night time raids

Apr 2013, San Clemente, CA; Pit bull attacks golden retriever on on a beach trail. Three people injured trying to rescue it  In the comments, a pit mook throws golden retrievers under the bus by citing that a golden retriever killed a child in South Carolina during 2012...The first child killed by by a golden retriever in the US  in 38 years....The pit breeders produce dogs that can't even go 38 days between such incidents!  Less advocacy and more culling please!

Apr 2013, San Diego, CA; Previously declared "Nuisance" Landshark escapes fence and attacks a woman walking her dog on a beach. The Caesar Milan wannabee owner receives lacerations to his hands and arms during the rescue

Law enforcement officials reported removing 12 dogs from this house at 2386 Lighthouse Circle that were allegedly used in dog fighting. The house had no cars parked in front or in the driveway on Friday, April 5.  Glenn Moore/Tracy Press
A perfect example of the Billion Dollar a year tax free pit bull economy ...The unemployed pit breeding/dog fighter had money to pay for this house and to travel the country.  When hauled in front of the judge, he claimed to have been "promised a job as a janitor".  Sinister HB 428 enables this!

New OMS Slogan: "A shovel and a ditch for every able bodied pit breeder"

April 2013, Tracy. CA; Three perps arrested for participating in dog fighting after huge multi-state bust that occurred in Mississippi

April 2013, Hemet, CA; 57 year old woman and her Daschund are attacked in the parking lot of a golf course by two loose pit bulls. The Doxie is killed and the woman is taken to the emergency room for treatment of wounds, scrapes and abrasions to her hands

April 2013, After 5 pit bull DBRFs and dozens of maulings, Riverside County finally considers Mandatory Spay Neuter of Pit Bulls. The A/C Director chimes in
"The population is out of control," he said. "Twenty percent of the dogs we impound are pit bulls and pit bull breeds. We deal with a lot of powerhouse' breeds. But pits do the worst damage." He noted that the dogs are "over-muscular" and typically have "over-developed broad jaws" that allow for clamping down on a object or person for "a half-hour or hour."

April 2013, West Hollywood, CA; Man and his service dog attacked by two pit bulls. Pit scum owner dine and dashes

Three California beach attacks within a couple of weeks..... Landsharks!
March 2013, Laguna Beach, CA; The Gifford's family pit bull is filmed killing a baby seal on a public beach. As the family wrestles with the gripper, bystanders yell "drown the dog, it will release!"

March 2013, Oroville, CA; Pit owners charged with felony for a slight mauling incident make a mockery of the court proceeding...they demand court appointed lawyers be replaced and feign mental health issues

March 2013, Sacramento, CA; Man hospitalized after getting into a knife fight with loose, leash snapping, pit bull "Cowboy". The owner who did not witness the attack nor help the man appears to be enjoying his camera time

March 2013, San Jacinto, CA; 76 year old woman rescued by good Samaritan with a baseball bat as she is ripped and dragged up and down an embankment. Neighbors say they had made multiple previous complaints about the animal

Feb 2013, San Bernadino, CA; Police report two pit bull attacks in one day. One involving a pit bull owner being mauled by her own dog and subsequently hauled off in the Meatwagon by the 911 crew

San Bernandino County Annual Dog Bite Report to the California State veterinarian:

Pit Bulls:  185 Total Bites; 44 Moderate, 24 Severe
Labs:         65 Total Bites;    9 Moderate,   4 Severe
GSD:         61 Total Bites;  20 Moderate,   4 Severe
Chi's          51 Total Bites     9 Moderate,   0 Severe

Conclusion: Chihuahuas get a BADRAP while Pit Bulls have an EARNED RAP!

Feb 2013, San Dimas, CA; Two pit bulls shot during an attack on a woman riding a horse on her own property. Police believe the animals escaped a residence or pit bull rescue facility.  Horses need to be trained to "be like a tree" in pit bull country

Feb 2013, Visalia, CA; 11 year old boy honored by the Visalia Unified School district for rescuing a 80 year old woman being attacked while she was getting her mail

Feb 2013, Castroville, CA; Man loses finger trying to save his min-pin when they are attacked during a walk. The pit owning scum do not assist, instead they flee the scene

Feb 2013, Farmers Insurance announces that it will no longer indemnify high risk pit bulls, rottweilers and wolf-hybrids in the state of California.  Gee..Wonder what caused that?!?  Perhaps it's time for the loudmouths at ASPCA, Animal Planet, HSUS, Best Friends to to put their money where their mouths are and sell low cost liabilty insurance to pit bull owners?

Jan 2013, Stockton, CA; In a classic kitchen knife therapy session, a pit bull owner stabs to death his own pit bull when it attacks him and a friend. 911 response with tax payer funded transport to local hospital

Jan 2013, Juraipa, CA; Breeder's pit bulls escape containment and maul harmless 84 year old neighbor who was getting her mail.  The woman is in the ICU fighting for survival

Dec 2012, Los Angeles, CA; Los Angeles A/C Officer is dubbed "Hero of the Week" after sustaining injuries dealing with a recalcitrant pit bull that had attacked another dog. "Referred to a hand specialist for further evaluation due to the unknown extent of the wounds."

Dec 2012, Mendocino, CA; County shelter puts in place new Pit bull specific adoption and training guideline after an adoption blood bath on a man walking his dog  Isn't this BSL?  Why are we tiptoeing around the bloody elephant in the room?

pit bull money
Another $500K Pit "dog bite"settlement...A few months later Farmers Insurance announced no more Nanny insurance in Maulifornia!
Dec 2012, Visalia, CA; College student has her face mauled by neighbor's escaped pit bull while trying to keep her Chihuahuas from being killed.  After denials of ownership and the usual pitophile legal wiggling, the homeowner's insurance company finally coughs up $500,000

Stop pointing the finger at unqualified owners instead of dog fighters, pit breeders and pit advocates!
Nov 2012, Los Armgeles, CA; Local dog trainers publish you tube promotional video trying to generate business from the pit bull community. Towards the end, he reveals that his finger was bitten off by a pit bull.  You Can't Make this Stuff Up!

Nov 2012, La Mirada, CA; Police Deputy shoots Pit Bull that was attacking Animal Control Officer Mireya Martinez. "Authorities say the Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputy fatally shot the dog in order to save Martinez's life."

Oct 2012, Ventura, CA; Authorities respond to home where woman has an "Adventures in Dog Sitting episode". Taken to the hospital with moderate injuries

Oct 2012, Wildomar, CA; Pit mix owner takes a ride in the Meat wagon after his dog attacks him for "over a minute"

Oct 2012, San Diego, CA; 22 year old Pit Nutter just has to let a child pet her Pit Bull. Child is mauled about the face and the Nutter is apprehended by Police trying to leave the scene. Child Endangerment charges with $100K bail flow with the blood

Oh well, Hose the blood off the side walk and pump out another litter!
Sep 2012, San Diego, CA; Pit bull breaks through a wooden fence to attack a man walking his Labrador.  After being bitten in the arm, the man uses a knife to stab the beast. It runs home and dies

Sep 2012, Bakersfield, CA; After two pit bulls escape their heavily fortified back yard fence and kill neighbor's dog...Pit bull attacks are not any more common than any other breed of dog attack, said Maggie Kalar, marketing and promotions associate at Kern County Animal Control.  Marketing and Promotions Associate in an A/C Department?!? No wonder California is broke!

Sep 2012, Fremont, CA; Pit Bull attacks girl in public park and the owner throws it in his car and hauls ass. He was nice enough to say "I'm Sorry" before hightailing it. Witnesses got his license plate number.

Aug 2012, San Diego, CA; Pregnant woman knocked down and bitten by Pit Bulls at an apartment complex. Transported to local hospital out of concern for the unborn baby

Aug 2012, Albany CA; Two off leash pit bulls escape their handler and attack a 6 year old girl walking across a soccer field at the University of California, Berkeley housing complex. After campus police rescue her, she is hospitalized for two days with bite wounds and "severe scalp injury"  The pit handler claimed his was walking the animals for a friend

Aug 2012, Rio Linda, CA; A woman was attacked by her own pit bull Monday morning...“Part of her whole arm hanging off, chewed the arm, wrist. It was bad,”

pit bull money
City Slammed for $325,000 Pit Bull liability bucks
Aug 2012, Santa Monica, CA; City settles for $325,000 with family of boy mauled in one of it‘s public parks by a Pit Bull. The owner has left the state and is thought to be in the Great Dog fighting State of Georgia working in Pit Rescue or possibly Dekalb Co Animal Control Note: Santa Monica had a pit bull muzzle law before sinister HB 428 was passed in 1989

July 2012, Stockton, CA; 3 year old girl airlifted after the nanny dog gets ahold of her head during a family gathering. "Knife therapy" had to be used to make the animal release  Sheesh!..How many goddamn pit-airlifts a year do they have in Maulifornia?

July 2012, Chino Valley, CA; Pit owning neighbor convicted of child abuse after her two pitties send a 4 year old boy on a life flight ride to a Phoenix Hospital

July 2012, Stockton, CA; 72 year old man hospitalized with injuries to his hands and legs after being attacked by a loose pit bulls while walking his dog. He sustained injuries while trying to defend his pet

July 2012, Oceanside, CA; Oceanside Police Family Protection Unit investigates after six year old girl is mauled by a family pit bull in an apartment, then takes a helicopter ride to Children's Hospital Severe facial injuries

June 2012, Palermo, CA; District Attorney issues felony arrest warrants for pit bull owning family after 68 year old woman is mauled in her own yard and they traffic the animal out of town

June 2012, Hemet, CA; Elderly man rescued by Good Samaritan while being attacked by several loose pit bulls. The man fell and one of the dogs bit him repeatedly while the others ran around the general area before being scurried away back into their yard

Jun 2012, Hollister, CA; Loose pit bull attacks 9 year old girl picking up the mail, her father has to rescue her. Both taken to the hospital for treatment

"Pit Bull attacks on family members are rare" 20 of the pit bull play book
May 2012, Stockton, CA; Pit Bull attacks mother on the neck and son on the arm…Idiotic A/C officer states attacks on family members are “rare” despite three California Pit Owners being killed by their own dogs in 2011 alone

May 2012, Alameda, CA; Parents arrested and 2 year old girl placed into protective custody after family pit bull attacks

May 2012,Riverside, CA; Three loose pit bulls attack woman walking with her daughter 

Here's one for the good guys!

May 2012, Bakersfield, CA; Both parents treated for injuries when the family Pit Bull attacks their 3 year old toddler. The little guy is airlifted to Maderas Childrens Hospital

April 2012, Martinez, CA; Three year old girl MEDEVACed out of Pit Granny‘s house when misunderstood Pit Bull "Turk" savages her head

Apr 2012, Stockton, CA; 18 month old toddler has index finger bitten off by neighbor's nanny dog while visiting his grandmother  When are pit owners going to realize people need these parts?!?

April 2012, Corning, CA; 4 year old girl scalped by neighbor's loose pit bull. "spent 11 days in the pediatric intensive care unit at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco where she underwent blood transfusions and surgery to reattach the skin scalped from her head during the attack" DA reviewing case for criminal charges

March, 2012; Oxnard, CA; Pit Bull mauls 2 year old on the face and neck at baby sitter's

In the 2010-11 fiscal year, pit bulls were the ninth most popular breed of licensed dogs in Ventura County. The breed had the largest number of biting incidents that year, 172, according to Animal Services. Chihuahuas were second, with 130 incidents, and German shepherds third, with 74.

Ventura County, CA; In 2011, 810 Pit Bulls were euthanized at the county shelter. Annual cost: $208,000. When the County discussed MSN of Pit Bulls, the Ventura County Dog Fanciers Association opposed the measure. You see, a breeders license requires one to obtain a business permit from the CA Board of Equalization, with subsequent sales and income tax required to be paid. An estimated 87 percent of CA breeders "forget" to do this. Bloodsuckers!

Feb 2012, Hemet, CA; A 71-year-old Hemet man is thankful for some good Samaritans who came to his rescue when he and his dog were attacked by two pit bulls last week while on their daily walk.

Feb 2012, San Diego, CA; Two Pit bulls escape a fence to attack a 7 year old boy. When a police officer gets between the boy and the dogs he is bitten also. Both victims were transported to the hospital

Jan 2012, Apple Valley, CA; Woman shredded by her Son's pit bull and transported to Trauma Center. The son is charged with interfering with a Peace Officer after sending officers on a wild pit goose chase.  Dine and Dashing on your own Mother? Pit Nutters...a breed apart!

Jan 2012, Sacramento, CA; 9 year old boy attacked mauled by a pit bull at a birthday party.  Malik Harvey has undergone nearly 10 surgeries at Shriners Children’s Hospital to repair the extreme damage. The family is accepting donations to help cover the costs of medical bills for Malik’s injuries.

Jan 2012, Stockton, CA; Isaiah Howard is facing charges of terrorist threats and using a deadly weapon, his pit bull.

Jan 2012, San Diego, CA;  "I Had to Kill My Best Friend" Article describes adoption mishap..."Nancy was a shy animal when I brought her home from the San Diego County Department of Animal Services in Carlsbad"

Dec 2011, Yolo County, CA; Yolo County Animal Services are on the hunt for a pit bull and its owner, after a woman taking a walk was bitten on the leg by the dog as its owner walked the dog on a leash and didn’t leave his information. The victim is facing rabies vaccinations

Nov 2011, Merced County, CA; Family pit bull "Smokey" mauls a 3 year old boy after charging into the home, when the sliding glass door opened "He took a big chunk of his skin and most of his eye," Smokey had previously bitten the boy's sister, yet police found no signs of neglect

Nov 2011, Lancaster, CA; Four Pit bulls get into a corral with 50 goats and kill 42 of them

Nov 2011, San Diego, CA; Two heroic joggers take on six pit bulls while allowing younger children to escape. Flown to Sharp Hospital.

Oct 2011, Long Beach, CA; Police officer shoots pit bull after it attacks him. Two weeks of paperwork to follow

Oct 2011, Brawley, CA; Police kill pit bull after it attacked its owner

Oct 2011, Glendora, CA; Milford Fonza, 67, had been through the Vietnam War. As a retired fire chief with the Compton Fire Department, he was trained to rescue people in life-threatening situations. But nothing he had ever experienced was as terrifying as the attack he suffered at the jaws of two pit bulls early Monday morning."

Sep 2011, SoCal; Deputies shoot two pit bulls over the weekend in separate incidents
WTF is this...The Serengeti?!?

Sep 2011, Sacramento, CA; Pit Bull bites three people, owner flees the scene. The wigglebutt has to be shot with tranquilizer darts by law enforcement

Sep 2011, Redding , CA; The Mayor of Redding organizes medical fundraiser for 80 year old woman who was mauled by loose pit bulls trying to save her Cockapoo during a walk. The pit owners trafficked the dog out of the city.

Aug 2011, Humboldt County, CA; A veterinary worker who sustained serious arm damage from multi-time biting pit bull "Hoddy" at the McKinleyville Animal Care and Control facility wins $300,000 judgment from the county "I'm a Vet Tech who got mauled..."

Aug 2011, Sacramento, CA; 9 year old girl undergoes 3rd surgery after being attacked by loose pit bull. Neighborhood Pitophile uses owner excuse number 7: "The kids pelted the dog with rocks and shot it with a BB Gun"

Aug 2011, Riverside County, CA; Juanita Sharp is mauled and bitten over 100 times by neighbor's loose pit bulls. hospitalized for over a month.

Aug 2011, Riverside County, Loose pit bull attacks two girls hospitalizing one of them. Police shoot the beast

Aug 2011, Adelanto, CA; After running out of TASER darts when dealing with a "frisky" Pit Bull, A/C Officer Steve Pelletier is accidentally shot by his armed Police backup who was falling to the ground and shot in self-defense. The bullet went through the Pittie and grazed his leg

July 2011, San Bernadino, CA; 46 year old woman is found laying in a pool of blood after her arms are gripped by two pit bulls. Airlifted to the hospital

July 2011, San Diego CA; Paradise Hills neighborhood Mail Carrier out of work for and mail delivery shut down for 7 months after Pit Bull attack.

June 2011, San Diego, CA; 20 year old man attacked by his friend's pit bull and hauled off in the meat wagon.  "The victim doesn't know why it happened," DeSousa said. "He's known the dog since it was a puppy."  What happened was the pit bull tried to kill you...

June 2011, Heritage Ranch, CA; 4 year old boy mauled about the face neck and shoulders by neighbor's breeding female. Transported to local hospital for surgery. The owner had warned the children to stay away from the pups Back in 09, Colby had warned his two year old nephew to stay away from his chained pit fighters too...Oh well... another litter of kidrippers incoming!

June 2011, El Centro, CA; 12 year old boy mauled by neighbor's pit bull. Life flighted to San Diego trauma center
Molly, a 5-year-old pit bull, is set to be euthanized.
There were just too many living things in this world for "Maully"... C'est La Vie!
June 2011, Redding, CA; Molly the pit bull and her anatolian shepherd side kick get through the fence and kill the Mayor of Reddings two fox terriers. "Maully" had previously bitten two humans

April 2011, San Jose, CA; Woman walking her Husky is attacked by pit bulls in an attack that lasted 20 minutes. She is bitten trying to save her dog which is euthanized at the Vets.

May 2011, Cottonwood, CA; Pit bull jumps fence to attack and maul a mother waiting for her daughter at a bus stop....leaving gashes in her arm, buttocks, and shin. The pit owner is sorry though.

April 2011, Sacramento, CA; Superior Court jury slams the city for $850,000 after a Janitor is mauled at a Motel 6 assisting police officers serving an arrest warrant on the two pit owners

Apr 2011, Ontario, CA; After ordering Pit Bull to attack neighbor the animal turns on it's owner

April 2011, Calexico, CA; 2 year old boy bitten in the face during a barbeque at a local church. Flown out to Loma Linda Medical Center

Feb 2011, Sacramento, CA; Two year old boy hospitalized with fractured skull and his mother was ripped about the legs trying to rescue him from her boyfriend's pit bull

Feb 2011, Van Nuys, CA; Van Nuys man seriously injured when attacked by his 2 pit bulls

Darla's Law would compel Pit Bull owners to repay the taxpayer for the costs of the rescuing them from their idiotic selves. This massive rescue response was caused by a homeless vagabond having a pit bull crisis
Jan 2011, Venice Beach, CA; Local taxpayers get bitten in the throat with massive first responder costs…Darla’s Law NOW!!!

Jan 2011, Oroville, CA; Police shoot Pit Bull that bites Mail Carrier in the neck and face

Dec 2010, Sacramento, CA; Police respond and shoot a pit bull that attacked a carriage horse  Alway good, clean fun when the bullbaiting genes express themselves...

Dec 2010, Los Angeles, CA; Celebrity Mariel Hemingway's pit bull escapes and attacks two people and their dog If a famous actress can't keep her community safe, shouldn't you?  Wait a minute...That doesn't make sense!

Sacramento CA; 2011, 63 percent of the 5,468 dogs brought to the Front Street shelter in downtown Sacramento were pit bulls or mixes, said shelter manager Gina Knepp. The breed accounted for only 8 percent of dog adoptions and 53 percent of euthanizations

Dec 2010, Auburn CA; Star struck judge allows Animal Planet star Tia Torres to take human aggressive pit bull Otis back to her LA based Los Villa Lobos Rescue. Torres is under court order that Otis is to never leave her ranch. Unfortunately, Los Villa Lobos has relocated twice due to financial and license issues. Where is Otis?!?

Dec 2010, San Diego, CA; Dog fighter gets a year in a work furlough program after pleading guilty to keeping and training pit bulls for fighting.  San Diego...Weakest Animal Control program in the US!

Nov 2010, Paso Robles, CA; Neighbor's pit bull loved kids so much it broke down a fence to attack two year old boy..."Doggie bit me"

Oct 2010, Azusa, CA; A 4-year-old boy was flown to the hospital Saturday after being bitten in the face by his family's pet pit bull, police said.

Oct 2010, Redding, CA; 55 year old disabled man injured and hospitalized while trying to save his dog from two attacking pit bulls

Oct 2010, Murrieta, CA;  65 year old man on a breathing tube after disciplining his pit bull. Police used a tranquilizer dart like on the "Wild Kingdom" show to rescue him.

Sep 2010, San Jose, CA; Pit and GSD combo leave city workers hosing mail carriers blood off the side walk

Sep 2010, San Francisco, CA; San Francisco 49er's Tight End Delanie Walker is sued by his pool guy after being mauled by his two pit bulls.  Police Chief Bruce Cumming was quoted  "This is a potentially dangerous situation and I believe the dog should be restricted because he has shown a propensity for aggression. The owner has shown some indifference to containing the dog."

Sep 2010, Fresno, CA; Five year old girl is recovering at her Fresno home, after she was attacked by a pit–bull. "Yes, they had to put it all back together. It was all ripped open, they had to reconstruct it back together because he bit into the bone. She might have trouble breathing, the doctor says as she gets older," the mother said.

June 2010, Garden Grove, CA; Blood sprays on the ceiling when Pit Bull wanders into Principle‘s office and attacks school secretary, severing an artery….*must have never seen a secretary before!

June 2010, Oildale, CA; 29 year old man goes over to visit pit bull owning friend. Ends up hospitalized. Local plastic surgeon donates $10,000 facial surgical procedure

June 2010, San Bernadino, CA; 4 year old boy from Michigan visiting relatives is mauled by the family pit bull. Injuries to head, legs, arms and hands. No criminal charges filed due to lack of previous bite history.

June 2010, Newhall, CA; 4 year old boy mauled and scalped by containment breaking pit bull at apartment complex.   Airlifted to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles

May 2010, San Bernadino, CA; A California toddler was in critical condition after being attacked by the family pit bull in the back yard of his home. "Major head trauma"

pit bull money
This bizarre Double Darwin, Adventures in Dog Sitting episode Produced $300,000 Pit bucks!
May 2010, San Francisco, CA; A kind hearted neighbor agreed to take a pit mix for a walk while it's owner is hospitalized. During the walk, the mutant mauls him, biting off and swallowing his ring finger. When he gets to the hospital he learns that the owner is undergoing facial plastic surgery in the same hospital from being mauled by the same animal.  After much resistance, the owner's insurance company finally settles for $300,000 Note: The bloody elephant in the room is why didn't A/C seize this dangerous animal after it's owner was mauled?!?...Probably too busy with Pit Bull Awareness Month prep

May 2010, Trinity County, CA; 63 year old man attacked and hospitalized by two loose pit bulls and a Rottweiler that had severed a man's leg just three months earlier

May 2007, Hesperia, CA; Man and his family come home two find neighbor's pit bulls killing chickens in their back yard. The male pit bull jumps the fence and attacks the man who sustains arm injury and 4 days out of work. Animal Control will not release the name of the owner so he can be compensated for $1700 Medical bills, lost work time and cost of 9 dead chickens.

May 2010, Los Angeles, CA; Deaf woman's service dog ripped by vagabond's two pit bulls. After promising to pay vet bills, he turns out to be a deadbeat.  Additionally, the city DA refuses to enforce the State service dog law.

April 2010, Mendicino County, CA; Two animal control officers who were injured in the attack were identified as George Hodgson and Torsten Werner. The more seriously injured in the attack was Werner, who was bitten on the hands and the groin area. Hodgson, a veteran animal control officer, struck the dog with his service weapon killing it.

April 2010, San Bernadino County, CA; 53 year old woman attacked while walking to her mailbox. Good Samaritan neighbors rescue her and hold the animals off. When the animals attack paramedics treating the woman police blast them

April 2010; Yuba City, CA; Mail Carrier hospitalized after two cans of pepper spay prove useless

March 2010, Camp Pendleton, CA; Dog trainer Liz Palika is bitten in the face handing out CGC Certifications to the base pit bulls

March 2010, Trinity County, CA; Joseph Bryam, 53, had his right leg amputated after that attack. Authorities at the time said that Bryam had been walking along 19-year-old Timothy Smith’s driveway when they attacked him. Smith and Bryam were friends.
Dogs released back to owner...bad move!

Jan 2010, Watson, CA; Unlicensed pit bull "Cucuy" breaks his tether to go off property and maul a 54 year old woman on New Years Day. The article states "The woman remains hospitalized

January 2010, Acton, CA; Pit Mix escapes from Pit Bull Advocate Linda Blairs' Worldheart Foundation and is shot attacking a Rancher's pig. If a famous actress can't safely contain pit bulls, shouldn't you? ....Wait a minute!

Dec 2009, Encino, CA; 71 year old man mauled and hospitalized by two loose pit bulls that had escaped their yard. Passerby's came to his aid honking car horns and nudging one with a bumper

Steven Herrera, pit bull attack
California's Anti-BSL provision preserves the Human-Canine Bond
Nov 2009, Bakersfield, CA; Pit breeder's 35 year old brother enters his maul-spawning operation...leaves in the Meat Wagon

Nov 2009, Bakersfield, CA; In a classic Pit bull advocacy backfire, a criminal investigation is launched after a woman stages a media event posing with her husband and son depicting themselves as victims after police shoot the off-property "family" pit bull. Her welfare case technician notes that she had been drawing single mother welfare benefits for years.

Oct 2009, Oak Hills, CA; 20 year old pregnant Nutter mauled by her own Pit Bull during a walk...Suffers broken arm  Life flight needed again...

Sep 2009, El Cajon, CA; Police officer recovering after responding to a loud music complaint. The dog sitter invited him into the home and the pit bull bit him on the bicep and leg. The dog sitter was not charged because she didn't know the animal's temperament.  Classic nutter trap setting evolution...

Sep 2009, Fullerton, CA; Pit mommie being investigated for child neglect after 3 year old is left unattended in the back yard and is hospitalized by the family nanni-mauler.
Nanny dogs..Yeah...That's the ticket!

Aug 2009, Contra Costa County, CA; A family pit bull bit a 3-year-old girl Monday evening, causing serious leg ... The girl was taken by helicopter to UC Davis Medical Center and is expected to recover

July 2009, San Diego, CA; Tyler the therapy Papillion who had visited wounded servicemen in hospitals is killed defending his owner from loose pit bulls  Another pit bull net drain on society moment...

July 2009, Santa Cruz, CA; A woman is attacked by a loose pit bull. Fortunately, police who were responding to a call happened to see her and pulled the beast off of her. Airlifted to Santa Clara County Trauma Hospital

May 2009, Bell Gardens, CA; A/C Officer loses half of her thumb during follow up visit on two sweeties 

May 2009, Twentynine Palms, CA; A 9-year old girl is recovering after she was bitten in the face by a pit bull on Thursday. The girl was flown by helicopter to Loma Linda University Medical Center for treatment for lacerations to the face.

Feb 2009, Hilmar, CA; 35 year old woman jailed after siccing her pit bull on family members during a Superbowl Party. The dog latched onto a a 13 year old boy arm tearing skin and muscle

Jan 2009, Anaheim, CA;Two pit bulls escape the back yard of dogsitters and attack a woman walking her two huskies. Her husband has to kill one of the pitties with a kitchen knife to stop the attack.  The woman and the huskies are chewed up.

Jan 2009, Esperanza, CA; A Pit Nutter started a California forest fire that left five firefighters dead as part of a plot to stop his pit bull terrier from being euthanized, a court heard Thursday...50 homes and buildings were also destroyed.

Jan 2009, Bakersfield, CA; Authorities in California said a 9-year-old boy saved a girl from a pit bull attack by putting the vicious dog in a jiu-jitsu choke hold.

Update: This animal which had to be choked off the girl has been trafficked through a local sanctuary and placed with a couple in a neighborhood

Dec 2008, Rancho Cordova, CA; California Tax Board worker receives the Governor's Medal of Valor for saving a woman and her dog being mauled by a pit bull back in January

Oct 2008, Orange County CA; Pit Nutter Sherri Moody gets off easy after mailman bitten repeatedly in the face by her wiggle butts, claimed “Ghost let them out”

Sep 2008, Castaic, CA; 40 year old woman attacked by two loose pit bulls while walking her chihauhua. The woman is bitten on the neck and the hand trying to save her dog.

Sep 2008, Pittsburg, CA; Six year old girl recovering after being mauled and airlifted during an August attack when a pit owner assured her it was "Okay" to pet her pit bull. After an attempt to sew her lip back to her mouth failed, she was scheduled later that month for a skin graft in which skin was taken from her belly and sewn to her face

Riverside County, CA; Roughly 4,000 pit bulls or pit bull mixes were impounded by the Department of Animal Services in 2008. 73 percent of all pit bulls are euthanized in Riverside County. Roughly 3K Pit Bulls euthanized a year Annual Cost; $768,000
Riverside has the added bonus of 5 Pit Bull DBRFs.....

Aug 2008, San Francisco, CA; First District Court of Appeal overturns a lower court decision in favor for a construction worker mauled at a customer's home. Ruling that the homeowner had a duty to protect the worker as an "invited guest" and that the worker's previous warning to the owner's was sufficient to know the pit bulls were dangerous

Aug 2008, Vallejo, CA; 16 year old MAN receives heroism award from the  Heroes of Solano County for rescuing his 6 year old brother who was being mauled in his backyard by a fence jumping pit bull.   "I saw his ear laying on the ground and I immediately picked it up, washed it off and put it on ice to go with him to the hospital,"

July 2008, Fresno, CA; Postal Carrier attacked by Pit Bulls with bite history

July 2008, Long Beach, CA; A Long Beach woman was hospitalized with dog bites to her arms and hands early today after trying to break up a fight between her two pit bulls, who in turn attacked her, authorities said

July 2008, Stockton, Maulifornia; Two A/C Officers bitten by Pit Bull that jumped out of a window to attack them. It took them 24 hours to respond to the report of a girl being bitten by the same animal

June 2008, Pacoima, CA; 2 year old toddler life flighted after family Pit Bull mauls him while in the care of his grandmother. Firefighters used an extinguisher to spray the dog so that paramedics could reach the child and treat him

May 2008, Pasadena, CA; Animal Control workers induce a pit bull to vomit so a 2 year old toddler's finger can be reattached.

May 2008, Lakewood, CA,; Animal Control Officer Vince Hernandez describes his Pit Bull attack

March 2008, Ojai, CA; Actor Peter Strauss is attacked by a Pit Bull adopted out of an LA County Shelter  If a famous actor can be attacked on his own property by a trafficked pit bull...shouldn't you?...Wait a minute!

March 2008, Bakerfield, CA; Police Officer sent to the hospital after being attacked by a pit bull while serving an eviction notice. The Deadbeat owner now dead pit bull dog, who would only identify himself as Tom, was upset that the deputy did not announce his presence as a sheriff's deputy. He said had the deputy given a proper warning they would have been able to put the dog on a leash or in the house.  Good thing this was an armed police officer and not a girl scout selling cookies!

March 2008, San Diego, CA;  San Diego County animal control officers are looking for a pit bull that mauled a woman walking to her car. The attack happened Tuesday afternoon in North Park on the 42-hundred block of Boundary Street. The owner fled with the dog.

Feb 2008, Fontana, CA; 8 year old boy mauled by neighbor's loose pit bulls. Police respond and blast them over the "Rainbow Bridge"

Jan 2008, San Jose, CA; The pit bull mix ripped away flesh from Anna's lip to her jawline, exposing her skeletal structure. The grandmother suffered injuries to her ears, face and legs as she tried to separate the dog from her granddaughter. The dog has since been euthanized. Tazz had bitten a man about a year ago, but escaped dangerous dog designation by lazy A/C officials

Jan 2008, San Bernadino, CA; Heroic Postal worker Melissa Kelly saves 74 year old man and his dog from attacking Pit Bulls

Jan 2008, Sacramento, CA; Mystery hero stops to save Sacramento woman and her dog that was being attacked by loose pit bull. Her dog died after being transported to the Vets office. The mystery pit owner offered a hollow apology.

Oct 2007, Orange County, CA; Police shoot Pit Bull after it attacks A/C officer

Sep 2007, Fremont, CA;  The owners of a pit bull that attacked a mother and her baby are arraigned on felony charges. The owner tried to flee the scene in her car  How many nutters think this scenario out ahead of time and have a "flea" plan?....

Sep 2007, San Francisco, CA; Police shoot pit bull that escapes it's owner and attacks another pit bull being walked by it's owner

Aug 2007, Torrance CA; Pit Bull attack puts Mail Carrier into the ICU

Los Arm-geles, CA; This County Shelter system report shows that the Pit lovers euthanized 27,000 Pit Bulls between 2001-2008; Cost: $6.9 Million   That's 1.6 million pounds of Fatal Plus laden pit carcass leaching into the groundwater. *OMS recommends not breeding pit bulls due to environmental impact

May 2007, Hesperia, CA; Toddler hospitalized with crushed left orbital around his left eye. He has several jaw fractures, and he has numerous deep bite wounds from this neck up. His parents had obtained the pit bull a month ago with the intention of breeding it Nothin to see here, just makin' a little tax free money...

May 2007, Ventura County, CA; Pit Bull evaluated and adopted out by Ventura County Animal Shelter is involved in multiple attacks on neighborhood pets and people

pit bull money
A jury mauls pit owners for $519,000 Dine and Dash bucks!
March 2007, San Francisco, CA; Jury hammers previously declared dangerous "Bitsy's" and "Bogart's" owners for $519,000 for an attack on a woman that occurred in 2005.  The pit bulls were supposed to be muzzled and the owner fled the scene of the attack but was apprehended 10 blocks away

March 2007, Hesperia, CA; A newly purchased pit bull attacked a 2-year-old boy, crushing the bone around his eye, breaking his jaw in two places and inflicting numerous puncture wounds. The family bought the adult male pit bull last month as a companion for the family's female pit bull

Jan 2007, Modesto, CA; 3 year old girl takes a helicopter ride with "severe lacerations to the head" after being mauled by family pit bull. Deputies respond and shoot the berserker

Jan 2007, Hesperia, CA; Horse dies of heart failure during pit bull attack

Dec 2006, Los Gatos, CA; The proprietor of famous For Pits Sake (SarPits) is convicted of felony theft and has a civil fraud judgment levied against her, resulting in her SAR license being yanked. Still a good story that is mindlessly parroted by nutters to this day...Pit Grifterin' ain't easy!

Dec 2006, San Joaquin, CA; The Dog Men of Stafford, England make an appearance when two pit bulls leap a fence at San Joaquin College Farm and have a blast ripping through 34 Goats and Sheep

Dec 2006, Modesto, CA; 3 year old girl scalped by neighbor's pit bull. Deputies respond and shoot the canine freak show and she is airlifted to the University of Southern California Medical Center

Dec 2006, Hesperia, CA; Toddler mauled and flown to Loma Linda University Medical Center for surgery

Oct 2006, Vallejo, CA; A pit bull mauled his Vallejo owner earlier this week over a dog treat, animal control officials learned Thursday after speaking to the recovering victim. Benicia-Vallejo Humane Society animal services director David Sidie said he was able to speak to Tuesday's mauling victim Rebecca Mantione, who remains in fair condition at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek."It was food aggression," Sidie said Flown to hospital

Sep 2006, Hesperia, CA; 13 years old, but he knows how precious and fragile life is.
And he knows how close he was to death Wednesday afternoon when three dogs attacked him as he walked home from a school bus stop."The dogs pulled me down, and were all over me, biting me," the eighth-grader said Friday. "It was awfully scary. I thought my time was over, that I was going to die." Just another routine California Pit-life flight

June 2006, Sonoma, CA; Man mauled by his own Pit Bull. Son grabs shotgun and blows it away * You know what they say,,,”The family that gets mauled together, stays together“…

June 2006, San Fernando, CA; Heroic Janitor uses trash can to bash mauling pit bull off 11 year old girl who was being mauled in the school bathroom Another California Pit-Airlift... btw.

April 2006, Irwindale, CA; 6 year old boy mauled and airlifted after being mauled by grandparent's pit bulls. Responding police officers kicked down the fence and choked the animal to death. The officers were subsequently lauded for heroism by the City.  Grandparents: "We raised pit bulls for 28 years and never had a problem...." OMS note: "Raised" is breeder speak for bred, sold and did not pay taxes on the income

April 2006, Twenty Nine Palms, CA; 15 year old boy mauled by four loose pit bulls.  "The 325 staples, 207 stitches and bits of clothing scattered 147 yards across the desert floor don't begin to tell the whole story of what happened to 15-year-old James Chambers Jr"

Jan 2006, Los Angeles, CA; 11 month old girl has her ear torn of when her Aunt takes her over to a pit owning friend's house. Surgeons at UCLA Medical Center were unable to reattach her ear. This defective nanny dog was neutered Another CA Pit Life Flight!

Nov 2005, Napa, CA; Mail Carrier viciously attacked and bitten by Pit Bull as owner looks on

Nov 2005, Santa Clara County, CA; Loose pit bull shot by police after attacking a dog and it's owner in Morgan Hill

Oct 2005, Long Beach CA; 23 year old woman sustains severe head mauling by her Pit Bull

Aug 2005, San Diego, CA; A 2-year-old girl was attacked by her family's pit bull at their Paradise Hills home Thursday, suffering facial injuries that left her hospitalized, authorities reported.  "Family Pit Bull"...For whom?..The Manson Family?!?

June 2005, Rohnert Park, CA; Pit Bull owner hospitalized with multiple bites to his right hand and arm and to his face after his Pittie gets into a scuffle with another dog

June 2005, San Jose, CA; Woman recovering from Pit Bull attack

June 2005 Rohnert Park, CA; 66 year old woman seriously mauled trying to stop her Pit Bull that was attacking her son

Sep 2004, Mendocino, CA; An off duty CHP officer rescues a woman being mauled by her pet pit bull inside her SUV. Transported to Mendocino Coast District Hospital, and later flown to Stanford Hospital for surgeries to her arm.

June 2004, Concord, CA; An 88-year-old Concord woman was fighting for her life Tuesday after a neighbor's pit bull pulled her from her walker and brutally mauled her for as long as 45 minutes before anyone noticed, authorities said.

June 2004, Oakland, CA;  An officer from the California Highway Patrol shot and wounded a pit bull in West Oakland on Tuesday after two dogs attacked two people and charged at the officer.

Feb 2004, Orange County, CA; 91 year old Ruby Sharum loses both arms when family Pit turns on her again. Neighbors had called the pit-nincompoops at A/C at least 10 times prior Oh well...hose the blood off the sidewalk and pump out another litter!

Jan 2004, El Centro, CA; Pit Bull attacks mail carrier; "There are some pretty big holes. The pit bull took some pretty big pieces of flesh from his forearm."

Jan 2004, Santa Ana, CA;  Family Pit Bull "Brownie" hospitalizes 18 month old girl with face and head wounds

Nov 2003, San Francisco; CA; Local SPCA volunteer’s Therapy Pit goes berserk upon seeing it’s first Police horse in Golden Gate Park. The horse is a attacked, Police officer thrown onto disability rolls and the volunteer is kicked in the face during the Death Therapy session. After the attack, Police Horse Triple A Andy has to be retired. Ultimately, Nettie the Therapy Pit gets lead “Clicker Training“  "Never saw a horse before"

Oct 2003, Huntington Beach, CA, 17 year old girl completely loses the top of her scalp when neighbor's pit bull turns on her. The neighbor is arrested for drug charges when officers found drug paraphenalia in his apartement during the investigation.

Sep 2003, Bakersfield, CA; Pit Mommie Vanessa Cruz was arraigned on child-neglect charges on Wednesday morning, while her little boy recovers from horrific dog bites on his face. Out: Nanny Dogs...In: Child Endangerment dogs!

Sep 2003, Hayward, CA; A Hayward Animal Shelter employee is recovering from severe wounds sustained after being attacked and bitten by a pit bull at the shelter, according to Greg Armes, Hayward's animal services manager

Aug 2003, Burbank, CA; A pit bull attack on three horses which left one mare with a wound requiring 20 stitches has horse owners considering carrying knives and pepper spray as they ride through Griffith Park

Aug 2003, Los Banos, CA; 12 year old girl visiting relatives is mauled by two pit bulls. The girl was flown to Valley Children's Hospital in Fresno where she is recovering after reconstructive surgery to her right leg Friday

June 2003 Santa Fe Springs, CA; Local Legislators and officials from the US Postal Service gather to honor mail carrier Gilbert Jaimez who saved a woman being mauled by a pit bull mix by picking the dog up and throwing it over a fence.

Feb 2003, Fremont, CA; A 4-year-old boy was airlifted to a Peninsula hospital Friday night after being mauled by a pit bull, Fremont police said.The boy was bitten on his head and neck despite the family member's attempts to stop the dog. The child did not provoke the dog, which had escaped from a nearby back yard,

Aug 2002, La Habra, CA; Loose pit bull makes a bee-line past adults to get 2 year old toddler who is rescued by construction workers. Dr. Jay Calvert, UC Irvine assistant professor of clinical surgery in the division of plastic surgery. "The injuries were of a very vicious nature," Calvert said. "Based on the amount of dead tissue, and the extent of the injuries ... if this attack was allowed to continue we wouldn't be talking about the patient Michael Macias, but the fatality. "Pit bulls kill people; we know that," he said. "It's not a big secret." Except to Nutters who seem to know less about these dogs than anyone....

June 2002, San Francisco, CA; Pit Bull “Taz“ bites mailman in the wrist and stomach

June 2002, Oakland, CA; 5 year old boy hospitalized and in serious condition after being mauled by neighbor's pit bull.  The boy suffered several bites to his hip, back and face. He was taken to the University of California, Davis, Medical Center, where he underwent surgery

"In a study reported by a retired professor from California State University at Chino, Robert Plum, it was found that one dog in 55 will bite someone seriously during the course of a year. With respect to breed differences in the tendency to inflict serious injury, Plumb estimates that when a pit bull bites a human, one in 16 (e.g. 1/16) will inflict serious injury; this contrasts with a ratio of 1/296 Dobermans, and 1/156 German shepherds."   Apparently, this bite severity study was placed in a binder and used as a door stop at the CA State Veterinarian's Office...

June 2002, Los Angeles, CA; 66 year old woman remains hospitalized nine days after she, another woman, and a man who came to their aid were attacked by loose pit bulls.

May 2002, El Dorado County, CA; After 8 Calls to "Animal Services", a Pit Bull is finally picked up, but only after it predictably mauls an 11 year old boy

Aug 2002, Los Angeles, CA; Mail Carrier loses part of nose in Pit Bull attack

June 2002, Los Angeles County, CA,  Elderly man mauled in his own yard by neighbor's three pit bulls that dug under the fence. Life flighted to Providence Holy Cross Medical Center with tears all over his body and a great deal of blood loss

 Aircraft torn up...Ever see the Twilight Zone Thriller "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet"?...
July 2002, San Diego, CA; An American Airlines 757 flight from San Diego to New York City becomes a reenactment of the famous Twilight Zone Episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" when a trafficked pit bull breaks out of it's cage and starts chewing communication equipment cables then bites an 8 inch hole in the aircraft bulkhead.

April 2002, San Francisco, CA; Police respond to six Pit Bulls "gripping" each other at a Daycare...nothing to see here... just makin' a lil money!

April 2002, El Dorado County; 11 year old boy severely mauled and hospitalized by neighbor's loose pit bull. Investigation reveals Animal Uncontrol had been called out to the owner's home 8 times.  A fireable offense in most professions...

Nov 2001, Hercules, CA; A 3-year-old Hercules girl was bitten in the face by her family's pit bull last night and flown by helicopter to Children's Hospital in Oakland, where a nursing supervisor said she was in stable condition

Oct 2001, Pittsburg, CA; A pit bull mauls and scalps it's 36 year old owner at Motel 6. Police transported the 4 x4 inch piece of scalp in a cooler to the hospital where she was being sewn back together  "Motel 6...We'll call the ambulance for ya"

Sep 2001, Arcata, CA; Pit Bull "Mugsy" mauls Kennel Technician Marta Priebe at the Arcata Animal Hospital causing serious foot and ankle injuries before 4 people pull the animal off of her. 5 years later the State Supreme Court rules that professional animal workers cannot sue owners for injuries caused while the animal is in their care.  "I'm a Vet Tech and I just got mauled and screwed..."

July 2001, Sacramento, CA; Three Pit Bulls mangle 43 year old woman on a walk through the neighborhood tearing an artery in her leg. Rescued by nearby construction worker and hospitalized at UC Davis. Police respond and shoot the animals

July 2001, Wasco, CA; Rogelio Velasquez, was sentenced to serve a year in the Kern County jail for owning dogs trained to attack and cause injury. Velasquez is also to make restitution to Garrett Mozingo, 9, and Cody Roberts, 11, who suffered disabling injuries when Velasquez' two pit bulls stormed into an elementary school playground

June 2001, Palmdale, CA; Police shoot pit bulls that mauled three year old boy. The boy was airlifted to Children's Hospital Los Angeles

June 2001, Oakland, CA; 3 loose pit bulls savage 10 year old boy, severing both ears and mauling him head to toe. The male nurse owner breaks his oath and leaves him to die on the side of the road

Baseball bats are one of the numerous household blunt objects that can be used to fight off a berserking pit bull
April 2001, San Jose, CA; Three pit bulls terrorize the neighborhood, biting three people and sending dozens of children fleeing in panic. Neighbors fight them off with baseball bats

March 2001, Stockton, CA; 2 year old boy mauled by a pit bull. Airlifted  to the University of California-Davis Medical Center in Sacramento. This was the second time the dog had attacked the boy....

Jan 2001, Bay Point, CA; 16 year old girl is mauled and bitten in her throat by her family pit bull then flown to John Muir Medical Center. Police shot the animal  responding to the 911 call.

Sep 2000, San Jose, CA; Police Officer shoots two Pit Bulls attacking Mail Carrier

April 2000, Westminster, CA; 53 year old Pit Bull owner found unconscious and bleeding by her husband after her two wiggle butts get into “scuffle”

Feb 2000, Los Armgeles, CA; 40 year old father of three mauled within an inch of his life by two loose pit bulls.  "That was the worst thing I've seen in my life," said Holman, who wielded a binder bar from his truck and a knife as he ran to the victim. By then, the dogs had run off. "He stumbled toward me saying, 'Dogs, dogs,' and then just collapsed," Holman said. "It looked like his scalp and part of his bone was pulled off from the back of the neck."

Sep 1999, Sylmar, CA; 7 year old boy is life flighted hospitalized after having arm nearly severed by pit bull "Tyson" while playing at a neighbor's house. The owner had to bash Tyson with a shovel to get him to release

July 1999, Los Angeles, CA; Police shooting more dogs used by drug dealers as guard dogs. Pit Bulls, despite not human aggressive are the guard dog breed of choice

April 1999, San Fernando, CA; Quick thinking by a motorist probably saved the life of  65 year old man being mauled by two pit bulls...While the large pit attacked his face and neck, the smaller clamped onto one of his arms..."Chunks of flesh missing"

April 1999, El Dorado County, CA;  While picking up his lost Rottweiler at the county shelter, Pit Bulls from dog fighting bust escape fencing to  attack them.

March 1999, Los Angeles, CA; Officer duty police officer shoots pit bull that was attacking an 85 year old woman walking her dog

March 1999, Orange County, CA;  Tax payer gets bitten in the ass twice when a Welfare Fraud Investigator attacked by three pit bulls at a home he was investigating.

March 1998, Pacoima, CA; A pit bull that escaped from a fenced yard attacked three people Monday, including a 6-year-old boy and his 83-year-old baby sitter, authorities said. The boy was flown by helicopter to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles, where he was treated for 10 to 12 bites to the face, neck and back of the head

May 1997, San Francisco, CA; A loose Pit Bull is shot by police while attacking two police horses in Golden Gate Park  This is at least the third pit attack on police horses at parks around San Francisco

Jan 1996, Petuluma,  CA; The City Council votes unanimously to terminate the contract of Thunder and Lightnings' Cause  (TLC) after a family is terrorized by a  two pit bulls. Police evicted them off them premises.

Jan 1996, San Francisco, CA; The city is attempting to rid public housing of pit bulls after a jury awarded $190,000 to a girl whose leg was almost amputated after an attack. Many of the dogs are pit bulls owned by drug dealers and often used in dog fights. The San Francisco Housing Authority bans pets from its apartments, but the order is routinely ignored. Vera Kennedy, a resident suing the authority for non-enforcement of its order, estimates there are 50 to 100 pit bulls in her 300-unit...

The girl, Page, was attacked Friday about 7 p.m. by one of the family's two pit bulls, according to police reports. One of her ears was bitten off and she was bitten on her lips, forehead and nose. If a famous athlete can't protect his children, shouldn't you?!? Wait a minute!

May 1993, San Jose, CA; Police respond and shoot two pit bulls that had treed two restaurant workers as they took out the trash

April 1993, Ventura County; Officer Charles Hookstra receives Medal Of Valor from the Peace Officers Association after saving a 10 year old boy being attacked by a loose pit bull

Oct 1992, Oakland, CA; Postmaster shuts down mail delivery after Letter Carrier mauled by 7 Pit Bulls

Sep 1992, Casitas Springs, CA; Pit Bull shot by deputy during attack on boy...The animal's third incident

June 1991, Sunnyvale, CA; 1 year old girl ends up in the ICU after visiting relatives who owned a Nanny dog

Dec 1990, Oakland, CA;  After Pit bull that mauled a mail carrier and described as a "Canine Crocodile" is given up, mail service to the neighborhood is restored. USPS plans to sue the defeated Nutter

Stockton Airport, CA, November 27, 1990. 8 dog fighters were arrested getting off a chartered flight returning from a dog fight in Memphis. California and Tennessee have had over 50 pit bull dog bite related fatalities between them but dog fighters have nothing to do with it….

April 1990, San Jose, CA; Boy spends his Fifth Birthday getting stitched up after Uncle's Pit Bull bites him in the face at his Birthday Party... "Chico bit me"

April 1990, Santa Rosa, CA; 2 year old boy horrifically mauled by the family pit bull in his backyard before his mother can run out of the house with a gun and shoot the animal. Flown to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital where he was listed in Extremely Critical Condition

March 1990, San Diego County, CA; 5 year old boy mauled and hospitalized by neighbor's pit bull

Jan 1990, Los Angeles, CA;  It was the third violent incident involving pit bulls in the Los Angeles area in less than two weeks. Joseph Collin, 60, suffered serious wounds to both arms and his left leg during the three-minute attack, authorities said. The attack ended only when a passing motorist saw Collin screaming for help and stopped, making the animals run off.  

Aug 1989, Costa Mesa, CA; Man and his dog attacked by loose pit bull.  Dale Worley, 28, sustained deep cuts to his nose, lip, right hand and shoulder and was treated at College Hospital Costa Mesa. Worley's dog, an Alaskan husky, suffered a broken leg and cuts and was taken to Bayshore Animal Hospital Inc. in Costa Mesa.  OMS Comment; An attack on a family pet like this is a financial windfall for a vet clinic. A Vet Tech once commented: "A vet retires a month earlier every time an dog is ripped and sewn back together after a pit bull attack"

May 1989, Los Angeles, CA; 4 dog including two pit bull attack a group of children walking home from school. An 8 year old girl is bitten on the shoulders, neck, back, hip and legs before the dogs were pulled away. Flown to Antelope Valley Medical Center

Mar 1989, Azuza, CA,; Police have to pump lead into Family Pit Bull that attacks Pit Grannie and her Granddaughter during babysitting op. Angel Gonzales, 2, required emergency surgery on both of her legs

Feb 1989, San Fernando Valley, CA; Police respond and shoot a pit bull which had entered a woman's home and attacked her German Shepherd. This misunderstood wigglebutt was terminated when it charged the officers

June 1988, Sacramento CA; Spurred by fatal pit bull attacks on children, state Sen. Art Torres, D- Los Angeles, set out earlier this year to write a new law tightening state regulation of vicious dogs. But after several rounds of concessions to dog owners, the legislation that has emerged looks less like protection for the public than a pit bull owners' bill of rights. Open Mauling Season on California Residents Declared!!!!

April, 1988; A Los Angeles County animal control officer was injured near Hawthorne when she was attacked by "a sick pit bull" terrier and, in a separate incident Tuesday, sheriff's deputies shot and killed a second pit bull that was chasing and attacking children on the grounds of Lennox High School

Dec 1987, Fresno, CA; A Pit Bull attacked an 8-year-old Fresno girl playing in a neighbor's back yard. The dog was owned by Cynthia Sailors, president of the Fresno American Pit Bull Terrier Club and a vocal advocate of the animals. If the President of a Pit Bull Club is a danger to neighborhood children...Shouldn't you be? wait a minute!...

Oct 1987, San Jose, CA; Pit Bull spared by Humane Society after mauling 94 year old woman, then attacks Mail Carrier 

July 1987, Los Angeles, CA; In separate incidents police shoot and kill two pit bulls, In one incident an A/C officer is injured

July 1987, Los Angeles, CA; 9 year old girl goes over to pet the family labrador which sets the family pit bull's maul switch to the "ON" position. Hospitalized with dozens of puncture wounds to her face

June 1987, Turlock, CA; City passes an emergency vicious dog law after a rash of pit bull attacks

April 1987, Livermore, CA; Pit Bulls terrorize and bite children at school

Sep 1986, Vacaville; CA; Another "Pack Disorder" Lawsuit...Daughter sues her parents after her kids are mauled at the Pit Grannie's and Gramp's home. The Pitties were supposed to be locked up during family visits. Asking for $250,000

March 1986, Fairfield, CA; 3 year old girl scalped by grandparent's nannydogs

Oct 1985, San Jose, CA; Police officers unload 5 bullets into family pit bull after mauling the head, arms and back of 8 year old boy in his living room

July 1985, Sierra Vista, CA; Mom does crying for 5 year old boy mauled and hospitalized by neighborhood pit bull

July 1985, Sacramento, CA: 7 year old Albert Hernandez Jr  is awarded $250 for his bravery by the Sacramento Regional Foundation for saving his little brother from a pit bull attack in his yard. Albert used a baseball bat to fight off the animal.

June 1985, Sacramento, CA; A 21-year-old bartender was seriously injured Monday in what Sacramento police say was apparently an unprovoked attack by two pit bull terriers in Oak Park. The victim, was listed in fair condition at University Medical Center where he underwent surgery for a broken wrist and numerous cuts on his arms, chest and right thigh

Feb 1985, Oakland, CA; 19 month toddler in the ICU and on respirator after being mauled by Staffa-shredder...It took about 45 seconds to subdue the dog, breaking a hammer over it's head 

Sep 1984, Sacramento, CA; Two Pit Bulls jump out of window and attack Mail Carrier who had only been on the job a month

June 1983, San Jose, CA; Family pit bull rips the scalp off 8 year old boy. Surgeons unsure if surgery to reattach it will be successful

April 1983, Ventura County, CA; 13 year old boy receives Civilian Medal of Valor from the Peace Officers Association for drawing two attacking pit bulls away from a four year old boy and taking the mauling himself

Feb 1983, Yucca Valley, CA; Fire crew rescues two elderly men being attacked by loose neighborhood pit bulls. They throw axes at them, then the fire chief resorts to pit bull gun play

Aug 1982, Sacramento, CA; Six members of a construction crew struggle to save 47 year old mailman from two loose attacking pit bulls. The crew bent a 14 inch steel tool over the animal's head, but it just kept a maulin'.

July 1982, Los Angeles, CA; In an outstanding legal decision, Judge Snider removes child from the custody of a lesbian-witch coven, not due to their alternative kooky lifestyle, but because “living in a residence containing Pit Bulldogs poses a significant danger to the minor child“ Over 130 American children have been killed by Pit Bulls since Judge Snider‘s ruling

Feb 1982, San Jose, CA; A/C officer almost mauled to death by three Pit Bulls and a GSD. Police Officer saves his life by blasting them to the Great Dog Fighting Pit in the Sky

Feb 1982, San Francisco, CA; 2 year old Justin Miller grabbed and mauled about the head by loose pit bull. Officials concerned over escalating attacks

1982, San Jose, CA, Mailman Durrant Simon sustains twelve puncture wounds, nearly loses an eye and endures two hospitalizations after Pit Bull attack. The USPS experiments equipping letter carriers with Umbrellas called “Dogbrellas”…Apparently, the Dogbrella solution collapsed as California Letters carriers would go on to suffer many maulings and a couple of deaths from Pit Bulls 

Aug 1977, San Jose, CA; A family visit over to Pit Bull breeding Uncle 's Condo ends up with toddler being mauled until the complex manager shoots Pit Bull with 30/30 rifle

Gentle Ben was a lucky animal actor that didn't get poisoned to death like Petey...
May 1931, Hollywood, CA; Oft cited Lil Rascals "Petey" is poisoned on the set of the show, .... Think about it....

California Screamin'
The little one was brown
and the big one is grey
I went for a walk
on a bloody day

I'd be safe and warm
if I wasn’t in L.A
California Screamin'
on such a bloody day

Stopped by a park
I passed along the way
Well, the big one latched onto on my knee
and the blood started to spray

You know the helicopter is cold
The owner got no money to pay
California Screamin'
on such a awful day

If I could walk
I could leave today
California Screamin'
on such an awful day

Feb 2013, Hemet, CA; 91 year old Elsie Grace is mauled to death at a Motel 6 . The victim had a great deal of trauma to her body," according to Hemet police Lt. Duane Wisehart. Apparently, Grace and her son were staying at the motel because they were in the process of relocating to Hemet. Her unnamed son was away at the time of the deadly attack.

April 2011, Sacramento, CA; Superior Court jury slams the city for $850,000 after a Janitor is mauled at a Motel 6 assisting police officers serving an arrest warrant on the two pit owners

Oct 2001, Pittsburg, CA; A pit bull mauls and scalps it's 36 year old owner at Motel 6. Police transported the 4 x4 inch piece of scalp to the hospital where she was being sewn back together

These three Motel 6 maulings deserved a song, so here it goes!


On a dark desert highway, life-flight helos in the air
A pack of pit bulls, had escaped from their lair
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a rotating light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop due to fright

A Pit Bull stood in the doorway;
It heard the dinner bell
And I was thinking to myself,
"This could be Heaven or this could be Hell"
Then she lit up a candle and she showed me the way
There were screams down the corridor, I thought I heard them say...

Welcome to the Hotel California
Such a bloody place
(Such a bloody place)
She had a lovely face
Plenty of room at the Hotel Maulifornia
Any time of year
(Any time of year)
Helo pad is in the rear

Her mind is definitely twisted, she’s in knee deep with Best Friends
She loves her pittie, pittie dogs instead of men
How they prance in the courtyard, one sewn up by a vet.
Some breeds bite to dismember, some bite just a lil bit

So I called up the Captain,
"Please muzzle your canine"
He said, "We haven't had BSL here since nineteen eighty nine"
And still those victims screaming from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night Just to hear them say...

Welcome to the Hotel Maulifornia
Such a bloody place
(Such a bloody place)
She had a lovely face
They shootin’ it up at the Hotel Maulifornia
Not a surprise
Nutters pass alibis

Bullet holes in the ceiling,
Police rush scalps on ice
And she said "The owners are just prisoners here
Of their own device”

And in the master's chambers,
The pitties spring for the feast
Furmommies stab it with their steely knives,
But police have to shoot the beasts

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door, had to sew my ear back
To the place it was before
"Relax, " said the pit man, "You need to freeze like a tree“
You can check-out any time you like, But upright you may never leave!"

(Awesome Guitar out-solo)

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

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  1. OMS, I note this statistic, found in your report
    "In the 2010-11 fiscal year, pit bulls were the ninth most popular breed of licensed dogs in Ventura County. The breed had the largest number of biting incidents that year, 172, according to Animal Services. Chihuahuas were second, with 130 incidents, and German shepherds third, with 74."

    To be fair, one would think that you might include the number of life flight transports required for attacks from the second place Chihuahuas...

    I'm just sayin'

    1. In reference to the comments about the Chihuahuas, I just recently read something that was really interesting.

      “I have a hard time believing that the Meso-American dogs were originally as small as the modern dog we call a Chihuahua.
      The apple heads and moleras that so define the Chihuahua breed most likely come from cross-breeding with toy bull terrier and toy English white terriers. Considering how common these terriers were in the late nineteenth century in the fancy, it would make sense that Chihuahua breeders would have crossed them with their dogs to “improve them.” The toy English white terrier was as small as the modern Chihuahua, weighing less than 6 pounds, and it would have been a useful outcross to reduce size.”

      So there you go, the Chihuahua is the modern day “toy white bulldog”

      Just thought that was interesting. It seems that a lot of dog breeds originate from bull and terrier mixes. Not just pit bulls... A LOT of dog breeds. Some extinct now. Pretty interesting.

    2. well, that explains the pit nutters attraction to chis and the chi aggression. thank you freya.

    3. Well, that’s one way of looking at it.
      That’s not really what I had intended that comment to mean. I had just read that and I remembered reading something on here about chi attacks, plus I know how you all enjoy writing about bull dog history and where pit bull type dogs came from.
      I figured it might interest someone. The two extremes, on one end the tiniest dog and on the other the “mutant” and both from the breeding of bull dogs and terriers. Possibly. If it’s true that’s where the chi originated from. I think it’s just speculation on the bloggers part but seems well educated and the picture of the toy white terriers sure does look like Chihuahuas.

    4. 2012 San Bernandino County Annual Dog Bite Report to the California State veterinarian:

      Pit Bulls: 185 Total Bites; 44 Moderate, 24 Severe

      Chi's 51 Total Bites 9 Moderate, 0 Severe

      It's like comparing door dings in a mall parking lot to DUI vehicular manslaughter

  2. Yes, OMS how remiss of you to not include Chihuahua DBRFs maulings, and maimings. One might even call that know, if one were a nincompoop.

    Thank you for lightening the heavy reading with your sardonic humor. Makes it much better to get through.

  3. "his father blows it away with a shotgun" Nothing makes me happier then hearing about citizens and cops shooting pits.

  4. hotel maulifornia deserves a stand alone blog post. BRAVO!

  5. Vintage, thanks for all you do!

    I was just reading a FaceBook post about a new DBRF, and once again, the owners say "the dog never acted aggressively in its life." It was 18 months old and had no previous bite history.

    Since you like to make lists and collections (and we love to read them), I was going to suggest a topic for a list: quotes from owners of pits that maul or kill people or other pets. The list would be a good place to send people who are considering adopting a "wiggle butt" but are still open to reason. They hear from the nutters whose own pits "have never bitten anybody!" It would be useful to have a list of quotes of owners saying the dog had never acted aggressively before its DBRF or pet mauling.

    Hey, I also thought of another list: dogs whose first mauling occurred relatively late in life. I know there's at least one 9 year old pit with no bite history that was responsible for a human fatality.

    1. S.K.Y.


      This is my personal favorite:

      "Judge the Deed, Not the Breed, So Give a Pit Bull a Try, Before Sentencing Them All to Die" Jesus Mesa's facebook entry on Feb 13, 2012... his daughter was mauled to death just 87 days later

      Jesus is currently on trial for Manslaughter.

    2. SKY,

      Another Classic "Expert" Moment:

      2006 "Expert" Pit Breeder Ian Henson appears on a Pit Bull attack thread to set the record straight......

      Ian Hensen said:
      I own 9 pitbulls at this time, and have owned over 25 in my lifetime. My best friend has 2 children under the age of 5 and his kids and my indoor dogs are best of friends.They run and play hide and seek and always just have a great time. I have had exactly 1 bad pitbull, ever. That's it. The rottweiler I grew up with as a child was the only dog that ever bit me. Pit's are beautiful animals that have a bad reputation and it makes me sick. I would never have another breed of dog in my life. I raise Blue dogs and only sell them to families. People need to open their eyes and realize that all dogs are aggressive towards other dogs, especially food aggressive. It's disgusting that people fight these animals, but it happens. I will never get rid of my dogs, I will move before that happens. They might be scary looking, but that is all that scares me about them. Thanks for your site.
      January 11, 2006 1:40 AM

      Fast Forward....
      Posted Mar 23, 2010 @ 01:07 PM
      ADRIAN, Mich. — The owner of two pit bull dogs that got loose and attacked animals in a petting zoo last fall was handed down a 15-day jail term Monday in Lenawee County District Court. But he was allowed to keep 17 dogs and puppies he currently has in his Cambridge Township home.

      Ian Hensen, 31, was given an option of serving the 15 days in the Lenawee Development Corp. residential center in Adrian, allowing him to come and go to work each day. The sentence is to begin within a week, ordered Judge James E. Sheridan.

      *Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

    3. One more favorite:

      June 2005; Pit Bull owner sets the record straight with his comment number 9016 on this Anti-BSL Petition: Matt Lebold said 06/08/05, 9:19 pm (verified)"Be responsible. Tell the truth about the breed. Stop using sensationalism and scare tactics to sell your stories"

      UPDATE: May 2011; Matt is found dead in his apartment from a drug overdose. His Pit Bull had eaten parts of his face, neck and chest. *Comment: ick!

  6. THANK YOU for this. That long list, that long list, that long list of pit bull maulings. That's a long list!

  7. So looooong it just took daaays to read *rolls eyes*

    1. Imagine that...Negative Feedback from a Nutter?!?

      You should change your handle to "Soon to be Prosecuted Pit Bull Owner"

  8. It's always telling when people without attention spans, reading comprehension skills, and meaningful argument complain about the "length" of an article/book/report.

    Translation: "You BORE me! ::FLOUNCE!::"

    Because the validity of Vintage's argument/findings are dependent upon whether your undisciplined, inferior intellect is able (or even willing) to read his entire blog post...

  9. Maulifornia had it's 45th Pit Bull DBRF yesterday....Obviously jinxed by the Pit Mook!

  10. LOL! the commentary is almost as good as the blog post. hats off to margo and vintage and of course the pit mook, who made it all possible.

  11. Update: Maulifornia had its 47th Pit Bull DBRF this week!

    Out in Hollywood they are making a new film featuring recently deceased Soprano's Star James Gandofini and a rescue pit bull.... Very appropriate since Pit Bulls and Death go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly.

    Sinister HB 428 has failed the public.

    Oh well, hose the blood off the sidewalk and pump out another litter!....

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  14. I live in san diego and yes, it is true. We have FAR too many pitbulls around here. I have never owned one but I have been trapped in my car by two "friendly" pit bulls when coming home from work. They messed up the side of my car trying to "play" with me. Their owner was always being told to keep a better hold on them as they were always getting loose. Of course, they never acted like that when she was around. Another friendly pit bull got loose and entered our back yard and attacked my cousin who required stitches afterward. Fortunately for my cousin he is as strong as an ox and was able to beat the dog off of him but still sustained injuries. Had it been one of my nieces or nephews, they wouldn't have stood a chance. That was a dog always being reported as loose and dangerous to animal control. It wasn't euthanized of course. I have had a pit nutter passerby allow his dog to try and fight my dog through our chain link fence and when I honked at him he started to cuss me out for "disrespecting" his dog. My husband has been chased in our own driveway by a pit and barely escaped. I also had a relative (child) get attacked by his own pit bull puppy(I thought puppies were supposed to be cute and friendly). Another time I was at a friends home with their beloved pit bull mix when it snapped and lunged at a child that was visiting. One of the owners (the husband) said "oh don't worry about that, he wouldn't really hurt anybody". Thankfully the wife didn't want to chance it and locked the dog outside for the remainder of the visit which, of course wasn't long. I have met a couple of pitbulls thay did seem like nice dogs but, unfortunately, just a couple. All of the owners involved thought thier dogs were very nice though. Even after they were told of thier people agressive behavior. The guys who's pit almost bit that child(who, by the way, was sitting quietly on the floor not even close to the dog, not even looking at the dog) still thought his dog wouldn't hurt a fly. Neither I nor anyone else could convince him otherwise. I have, sadly, met enough agressive pit bulls to convince me that it is often NOT JUST the owner but rather it IS the breed. The owners can be pretty stupid too though. There are about 9 pits on my street right now. Three of them are mean pits, all from seperate homes, on my street right now that often get loose and attack animals. I am just waiting to hear about at least one of them mauling somebody's child. I hope it never happens. I can hope.....

  15. Just what I would expect - denial, denial, denial. I look forward to the day SoCal joins the civilized world and bans the breed.

    I am sick and tired of the constant confrontations with these disgusting dogs and their idiotic owners.