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Darwin Dogs; Pit Bulls Killing and Mauling Their Owners In Record Numbers

"Pit Bulls are more loyal since dog fighters created the breed!"

Charles Darwin
If alive today, he would study the Darwinian tendencies of those who volunteer to bring the dog men of Stafford, England into their homes

The Pit Bull Playbook is being translated, some believe it may actually be a cookbook!

We’ve all heard the platitudes from the pit bull playbook, Pit Bulls are the most loyal!…Pit Bulls were Nanny Dogs! Pit Bulls are highly intelligent! Dogfighters culled man biters!

How does the humane profession ignore the Bloody Elephant in the room? One must go back to the mid-1980’s when Pit Bull advocacy was in it’s infancy… A decade earlier, the Animal Welfare Act of 1976 had criminalized the trafficking of fighting dogs. By 1986, the humane profession set down a course that would make a tobacco lobbyist blush by pushing the “It‘s the owner“ and “unfairness to owners” meme which effectively took the onus off Pit Bull breeders to produce and sell reasonably safe animals.. First, there was the “Are Pit Bulls different?” study done by HSUS behaviorists which produced this statistic;  Familiarity with the animal also seems to offer less protection in the case of Pit Bulls. Out of 143 Pit Bull attacks, 19 (13.3%) involved attacks on the owner; out of 135 attacks by other breeds, only 3 (2.2%) involved the owner. Then, there was the 1987 “Pit Bull Summit” Veterinary/Animal Control Symposium at Tufts University which produced this slightly important public safety information: Pit Bull Bites are Worse. Later in 1993, The AVMA Professional Liability Trust published this document Do’s and Don'ts concerning vicious dogs which was apparently put in a binder and used as a doorstop…

Since the 1987 Pit Bull Summit at Tufts,  over 260 Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls while Dog Fighting, Pit Breeding and Pit Bull Advocacy has festered into a Billion dollar a year, codependent-tax free economy. Thus far, “The Pit Bull Economy” has not faced liability for the lives. limbs and sea of blood they have cost the public, not mention the costs of housing and euthanizing an estimated 1 Million Pit Bulls annually.

Below is a list of Pit Bull owners killed or seriously wounded by their own animals…The list does not include children of Pit Bull owners…Those may be seen Here. Notice how many incidents where first responders must save the Pit Bull owner during a prolonged, berserk mauling…A suggested remedy is a “Darla’s Law” where Pit owner reimburses the tax payer for labor for the rescue, fuel, damaged equipment and ammunition expenditures.  Keep in mind every time a police officer shoots a pit bull off it's owner, there is normally two weeks of paperwork for the in the line of duty investigation.

Darla's Law would require Pit Bull Owners to reimburse communities for their rescue costs

When adopting or buying a new dog, keep these funerals and life changing shreddings in mind when the Pit pushers try to guilt you into taking a pittie home. Rest assured, they will be AWOL when the six figure medical bills are due!

Owners killed by Canis Maulus Maximus aka The Pit Bull
click each snippett to view original story..

Pit Bull Darwinometer

The Pit-Darwinometer shows that consenting adult pit bull owners are heavily contributing to the rising DBRF rate in the United States. In 2011-2012, 13 adult pit bull owners were killed, exceeding the annual number of DBRFs committed by the entire US canine population in the mid 1970's.


Unfortunately, Owners only comprise about 30 percent of annual pit bull kills....Let's Explore:

Raised pits for 15 years, please donate to memorial fund
Dec 2013, Valencia County, NM; Man comes home to find his pit owning mother darwinated.

Tragedy: Emma Bennett, 27, from Leeds, died after being attacked by two dogs, believed to be banned breeds
Illegal Pit Bull  Deathwish fulfilled...Unborn baby killed with her
 Mauled to death: Katherine Atkins (right), 25, was found dead in her backyard after two pit bulls belonging to her boyfriend (left) attacked her
 Raised them since they were pups....
Nov 2013, Forsyth County, NC; 25 year old Katherine Atkins is killed by two pit bulls she raised from pups.  OMS Note: Looks like the female had been used for breeding recently...Oh well, Hose the blood out of the kennel and pump out another litter!
Pet pit bull that attacked and killed Terry Douglass
Nutter Death wish fulfilled

Undertakers haul off another pit owner
Story says she had been previously bitten by the family cash cows

Feb 2013, Hemet, CA; 91 year old Elsie Grace is mauled to death at a Motel 6 . The victim had a great deal of trauma to her body," according to Hemet police Lt. Duane Wisehart. Apparently, Grace and her son were staying at the motel because they were in the process of relocating to Hemet. Her unnamed son was away at the time of the deadly attack.

Oct 2012, Pembroke, NC; 53 year old Rescue Angel Mary Jo Hunt of Paws and Claws Rescue is killed by 7 Pits and 2 GSDs that were heading for unsuspecting families.  Has a crazy Canine IED cell set up in your community?

Sep 2012, Oklahoma City, OK; Family Crate and Rotate disaster kills 60 year old Grandmother  Pit Bull; Disloyalty Be Thy Name

Sep 2012, Prescott, AR; 45 year old woman found dead with severe damage to her legs, from her Pit Bulls with a bite history.

Authorities removing a pit bull found biting its owner in the Englewood neighborhood.
Chicago; A/C Crew at Pit-Darwinicide Scene
Aug 2012 Chicago, IL; 44 year old Charles Hagerman killed by his own Pit Bulls

Aug 2012, Nanjing, China; America's Pit Bull pestilence problem finally hits China, as video captures Pit owner being killed in the street by his own Pit Bull.  Be sure to watch the video!

Aug 2012, Dekalb County, GA, Just 90 days after Dekalb lifts it's Pit Bull zoning restrictions, ethereal 23 year old Rescue Angel Rebecca Carey is killed in her 2 Pit, 2 Presa and 1"boxer-mix" private nutter zoo collection. Incompetent A/C officials say it's the County's first DBRF, but its actually their 5th DBRF involving a Pit Bull. Have the Nutters infiltrated your A/C organization? Better check!

July 2012, Douglas County GA; Pit Owner dies of heart attack trying to separate his grippers from stray Lahso-Apso...Note a Pit Bull can pull 5000lbs, better be in shape!

This pit bull named Achilles is believed to have mauled its 74-year-old owner to death in Santa Fe on Wednesday night. (Courtesy of Santa FE Police)
This Pit Bull "Achilles" became his owner's downfall

May 2012, Santa Fe, NM; 74 year old Pit Bull advocate Clifford Wright found dead by his son..." My dad loved this dog more than me

Snippet from the 911 call:

“They can't save him, dude,” Wright tells the dispatcher. “He's got a hole, there's blood. He's gone dude. My dad is torn up with flies on him, bro. My dog got a hold of him somehow."

Dec 2011, Rockford, IL; 39 year old Tonia Parks killed by her 8 year old pit bull...Winnebago County Coroner Sue Fiduccia said the Rockford woman suffered injuries to her head and that her jugular vein was bitten.  "The other dog was attacking the pit bull as it mauled Parks"

Dec 2011, Burnettsville, IN; 58 year old Joseph D. Hines killed by his dog. Last of 7 US Pit Bull owners killed by their own animals in 2011.

Sep 2011, Philadelphia, PA; 50 year old Carmen Ramos killed by her Pit Bulls

July 2011, South Africa; 21 year old Jason Waverly killed by his own Pit Bulls

July 2011, Spotsylvania County, VA; Man killed by his own Pit Bull 
July 2011, Pacifica, CA; BADRAP supporter Darla Napora and her unborn baby killed by “Gunner”. Gunner is shot by police and his remains are buried with the victim
This one should  really count as two DBRFs....."Gunner" was adopted out intact by a rescue whose identity is guarded as closely as America's nuclear launch codes

Aug 2011, Tucson, AZ; 61 year old Michael Cook, mauled by his Pit Bull dies three weeks later

Jan 2011, Colusa, CA; 51 year old Linda Leal killed by her Pit mix

March 2011, Brazil: Pit Bull kills it's owner Be sure to watch the heart warming video!

March 2011, San Bernadino, CA; 47 year old Jennie Erquaia killed by her own Pit Bull

Dec 2010, Riverside, CA; two months after being mauled by the family Pit Bull, 67 year old Edward Mitchell succumbs to his injuries

John Reynolds Killed by son's pit bulls
In the fatality below, The victim's Pit Bull Comedian son floated the idea that a Cougar jumped in the pen with 17 pit bulls
Oct 2010, Williamburg, MO; 84 year old Rev John Reynolds killed by 17 breeding Pit Bulls. Dogs not seized by authorities

Sep 2010, McMinn County, TN; 85 year old Mattie Daugherty killed by her 9 year old Pit Bull

 One of 15 Pit Sitting DBRFs
May 2010, Lucknow, SC; When Ethel and Jerry Horton agreed to pet sit their 20 year old nephews pit bull, they never dreamed it would bust it's chain to attack them. Ethel suffers coronary failure after pulling the animal of her husband, which then redirected onto herDBRF!

Jan 2010, Chicago, IL; 57 year old Johnny Wilson killed by family breeding Pits

Dec 2009, Bangkok, Thailand; Pit Bull kills it’s 71 year old owner

Nov 2009, Peru; Family pit Bull goes berserk, kills its 85 year old owner

Aug 2009, Buenos Aires Brazil, Pit Bull murders its master and police blow it away

June 2009; San Jose, CA; This Pit Bull pulled Momma into the Train

April 2009, Thailand; 37 year old woman mauled to death as she let‘s family Pit Bulls out of their cages

Jan 2009, Lake Charles, LA; 24 year old Kelli Chapman killed by her family Pit Bulls that she had raised from pups

May 2008, Salerno Italy; Paola Palmieri,61, torn to pieces by her Pit Bull *Note: How heartwarming…

Nov 2008, South Africa; Grace Page mauled to death by her own two Pit Bulls, despite efforts of neighbors trying to save her, rescuers even poured boiling water on her dogs and they kept a mauling Note: Now that's gameness!

Dec 2008, Roubidoux, CA; 60 year old Pit Bull breeder Gerald Adelmund killed by his maulspawners

Aug 2008, Russia; Pit Bull owner invites friends over for a cocktail party which flips his pit bull's Maul Switch to the "ON" Position". At first, the guest thought the animal was playing...Then "It was impossible to pry the dog off the man's throat and he died before the ambulance could arrive.

Jan 2008, Springfield, IL; The strange case of 22 year old Amber Strode, who was found dead, severely mauled by her Pit Bulls. The coroner cited "drug overdose" was later investigated forced to resign for mischaracterizing the cause of death in 21 cases. State Police currently investigating.  Hmmm...

July 2007, Republic of the Philippines; 2 year old toddler mauled and her babysitting Pit Grannie killed by disloyal family Pit Bull. It took authorities 5 minutes to get the Pit Bull to release it‘s dead owner. *Note: Pit Bulls can really get “attached“ to their owners…

April 2007, Prague, Czech Republic; Woman killed by her own Staffordshredder

Aug 2007, Potstenje, Czech Republic; Pit Bull kills its Master

Oct 2007, FL; Tina Marie Canterbury killed by her two Pit Bulls

Feb 2007, Malmo, Sweden; 29 year old man found dead and eaten by his breeding Staffies and cubs.  Autopsy concludes he died of natural causes and it was a mere necromauling

Oct 2006, Montgomery County, TX; David "Ted" McCurry drives over to the home of Pit Peddler Firas Beseisso to purchase adult male Pit Bull "Dax". Before Ted can reach for his wallet, Dax goes berserk and bites him over 80 percent of his body, with the fatal bite being in his throat. *Note: Apparently, Dax didn't want to be sold!

Oct 2006, Airmont, NY;  "They were dog sitting for an Acquaintance...She let the dog out and when it came back in, it went right for her". Police officer describing how 44  year old Jeanine Fusco was killed in her garage by a pit bull

May 2006, Lusby, MD; Family breeding Pit Bulls kill Korean War veteran Raymond Tomco

July 2006, WV; 25 year old Brandon Coleman killed in his apartment by his Pit Bull

Dec 2005, Detroit, MI; 91 year old Mary Stiles in killed by her Pit Bull- American Pit Bulldog mix. Police need to shoot it to retrieve her remains.

June 2005; Pit Bull owner sets the record straight with his comment number 9016 on this Anti-BSL Petition: Matt Lebold said 06/08/05, 9:19 pm (verified)Be responsible. Tell the truth about the breed. Stop using sensationalism and scare tactics to sell your stories

UPDATE: May 2011; Matt is found dead in his apartment from a drug overdose. His Pit Bull had eaten parts of his face, neck and chest. *Comment: ick!

May 2005, ST Louis, MO; 56 year old Lorinze Reddings killed by his two Pit Bulls

Dec 2003, Montgomery, AL; 78 year old Florence Morris is mauled to death by a pit bull while raking leaves in her backyard. Morris and her husband had been pet sitting the animal for their nephew  DBRF!

Nov 2003, South Africa; Pit Bull Breeder Charles Murray killed by his traitorous Pit Bulls

May 2003, Westchester County, NY; Bonnie Page is killed by adopted Pit Bull "Mr B" who had been in the local Animal Shelter for over a year. ''They were enthusiastic about this dog, and quite fond of it,''

May 2003, London, UK; In the UK’s first DBRF in 9 years, 45 year old George Dinham killed by his own Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Dec 2002, Bergen County, NJ; 80 year old woman killed by pet Pit Bulls, clawed and bitten over 80 percent of her body

July 2002, Splendora, TX; Pit Breeder Dorothy Carter killed by her Maulspawners Just great, another Texas man-killing pit breeding cell!

Dec 2001, Tegucaipa, Honduras; Pit Bulls are banned in the capital city after an elderly pit owner is killed and his wife and grandchildren are mauled. The story cites "at least 10 people have been killed by pit bulls in Honduras over the past two years"  Sheesh

Oct 2001, Riga, Latvia; American Staffie owner dies of heart attack while trying to rescue a friend from his animal and it turns on him

July 1997, Croatia, Staffy kills its 66 year old owner

Dec 1996, Bronx, NY; 80 year old Frank Camis killed by his Pit Bulls

Sep 1994, Bronx, NY; Pet sitting their son's two pit bulls ends up being a fatal nightmare for Ana and Manuel Claudio. 60 year old Ana is killed, while husband Manuel is merely mauled

August 1994, Moscow Russia; Bull Terrier kills its sleeping master

Nov 1990, Indianapolis IN; Pit owner dies from heart attack when trying to help meter reader being attacked by his Pit Bull* Note: If you are going to own one of these things please be in shape!

Sep 1985, Edgemere, MD; 57 year old Rebecca Puckett mauled to death by her two Pit Bulls

May 1931, Chicago, IL; Mary Watson killed by her pittie over a bone

Feb 1907, Mauladelphia, PA; Mrs Lena Smith is killed by her own Bulldog…Note…This is before the dog fighters concocted the “American Pit Bull Terrier“ monicker

PART 2: Routine owner Maulings, Scalpings, Amputations and Rescue Operations caused by Canis Maulus Maximus

Attention Pit Owners: OMS Recommends reducing medical costs by installing the Nutter Home Zoo System (NHZS). Dive behind your NHZS while waiting for emergency responders to arrive and bail your ass out!

A beaver-like Nutter actually built this home containment system resembling what one might see in a maximum security prison or a mental institution

 Brazil: Pit Mook and his dog take a nap together after experiencing the Canine-Human Bond

Pit bulls can get really attached to their sure to watch the video at the link below as this brazilian wigglebutt tries to kill his owner
2011 Brazil; Police shot this man's pit bull 5 times
5 times?!?...OMS recommends aiming for the brain like on the zombie apocalypse show "The Walking Dead"

Dec 2013, Lancaster, CA; Nutter performs a reenactment of clubbing his pit bull with a baseball bat to try and stop his roomates from being killed  before police deputies showed up and shot the animal for them.

Dec 2013, Steubenville, OH;  When her pit bulls return from attacking the neighbors, Theresa Moore gets attacked by one of them and has to shoot it...but she screws that up too. Police have to respond and finish off the animal.
Dec 2013, Roselle, NJ; Police respond and shoot the family pit bull off it's 61 year old owner. The owner was polite enough to ask the police "Please shoot the dog, He is trying to kill me."

Nov 2013, Wilton, CT; 65 year old pit owner loses both of her lower arms when her pit bull decides she doesn't need them anymore. She is found hiding under a parked car when police show up at shoot it for her  Update says the wigglebutt actually ate both of her hands

Oct 2013, Milan, Italy, When a 30 year old Pit owner cannot be reached by phone, his concerned girlfriend requests that police go check on him. Firefighters find him passed out and covered in blood with "testicles mauled" Ouchee! The Girlfriend will be deeply disappointed that he received the short end of the genetic stick....

"He was such a good dog too. I can't believe he did that."
Oct 2013, SCAR-borough, Ontario, Canada; Pit Nuttress Denise Grimes feigns disbelief when her pit bull "Stash" tried to take her lower leg off. She was rescued by her son's 17 year old friend who choked Stash off of her.  “The dog bit right through my bone in my ankle and tore the tendons, ligaments and muscle off,” The story says the young man is nominated for civilian heroism awards. Ontario already has three Carnegie Life Saving Medal winners who rescued pit mauling victims.

Oct 2013, Bedford-Stuyvesant, NY; When Pit "Cane" takes his owner down to the ground and tries to remove her leg, Police respond and shoot him off his 43 year old Domi-Nuttrix owner named Allison, she complains "They killed My Baby"  Odd, usually when a pit owner says "They killed my Baby" an infant is on the way to the morgue...

Oct 2013, Columbus, OH; Tax payers slammed with the costs of another Pit Bull Hunt and EMS response after newly acquired pit bull takes his new owner down to the ground and tries to kill him. When neighbors help him fight it off with sticks and bricks, the wigglebutt then runs off. October must be National Maul An Owner Month!

Oct 2013, Chicago, IL; When a 23 year old Nutresses' three pit bulls break out of the fence to maul a 64 year old woman and kill her dog, the owners respond by bashing them with 2x4s. The owner is transported to the hospital from being bitten by her own dogs after 911 crews respond and TASER them.  The 64 year old woman is in the ICU and may lose her leg.

Oct 2013, Parano, Belgrano, Argentina; Heart warming video of a 58 year old Delia Santucho Heinrich losing her arm to her pit bull. Police finally show up and shoot it off of her.  These South American Pit owner patio mauling videos should be mandatory viewing during pit bull adoption counseling session!

Top Stories
More Net drain: Another police officer off work due to the line of duty investigation
San Antonio, TX; When a 17 year old Nuttress goes into the back yard to break up a pit-scuffle and gets attacked, her neighbor, a police officer heard her screaming, responds and shoots it off of her.

Oct 2013, McKeesport, PA; A nuttress is hauled away via ground meat wagon with serious chest and leg wounds after trying to save her chained up pit bull that was being attacked by a "stray" pit bull.  Weird...Two "stray" pit bull attacks on pit owners in two days. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Oct 2013, Shelbyville, TN; Pit owner Donald Merlo was airlifted to Vanderbilt Medical Center after having his face and arm ripped by his own animal. 179th American life flighted due to a pit bull attack since President Obama took office. He has also presided over 100 Pit Bull DBRFs!

Oct 2013, Tucumcari, NM; 20 year old Nuttress claims a stray pit bull attacked her own pit bull which was tied up in the backyard. Police have to shoot it off of her and she is airlifted by Meat-Copter to an Albuqerque Hospital

Oct 2013, Florence, SC; When police raid 8 dog men Neanderthals staging a dog fight on a vacant lot. One of the dogs in the pit "takes down" a fleeing perp

Oct 2013, Port Chester, NY; A 38 year old man and his mother are an argument which is seized as an opportunity to become pack leader by the family pit bull. Police have to respond to the 911 call and shoot it off of them.

Photo: Six year old pit bull that mom raised from a puppy attacks child, then redirects attacking owner so badly for 20 minutes, it puts owner in a coma.
That's going to leave a mark!
Oct 2013, Avondale, AZ;  Pit owning mother bitten over 50 times during the 20 minute mauling she sustained while rescuing her daughter who was being bitten by the family pit bull. Relatives had to bash the animal with a shovel. She was in a coma for six days and faces 3 years of rehabilitation

Sep 2013, Gilbert, AZ; 28 year old pit breeder/baby sitter is mauled about the legs and feet trying to save the life of the 2 year old boy left in her charge. She barricades herself in the bedroom to wait for Police to rescue her  Story says she is going to keep the mother of the dogs that killed the boy and mauled her!

Sep 2013, Lockport, NY; Police have to show up and shoot the family pit bull off it's 42 year old owner hand his sister. Both are hauled off via ambulance while the officers are treated for tinnitus from the gunshot blasts.

Sep 2013, Edmond, OK; A couple pet sits their son's pit bull and all hell breaks loose when it starts fighting with the family Lab then redirects on them. The father has to shoot the pit bull off the mother. 911 call, EMS response  16th owner shoot off for 2013!

Aug 2013, Cleveland, OH; When police are summoned to the home of a pit bull owner, they are greeted by the owner who tells them to "Get of his property or he'll bust their heads".  which triggers his three pit bulls to start attacking him. Police have to shoot all three of them.  Another Darwin award winner!!!

Aug 2013, Dover, DE; Two more Nutters get used as human chew toys...summon police and are transported to the hospital

Aug 2013, Cowplain, England; "There was blood everywhere" when a man walking his pit bull in park and it decided he needed mauling. The animal was locked onto his arm for 40 minutes while passerbys pelted it with rocks and sticks. Police, air ambulance and paramedics finally showed up but they hauled him off in a ground meat wagon..."The dog was wagging it's tail the whole time, like it was playing"

Aug 2013, Lee County, FL; Ethereal Pit Mommy becomes enthralled with pit bull "Lily" on the internet, then drives all the way down from Georgia to pick up her from Helping Paws Rescue. When Lily is being put into the car, she starts mauling both her and the Rescue operator and ends up being hacked to death with a knife. Both women are hauled off in meat wagons.  *OMS Note: Georgia has plenty of maulers, next time pick one up locally and save money on gas!

Photo: Darwin Award: Owner steals pit bull from shelter, flees after it attacks two people, then pit bull attacks owner
Aug 2013, Graves County, KY; After his pit bull attacks a woman and child, this Nutter breaks into the A/C facility to redeem it and goes on the lam. Police locate him when he is treated at a hospital after beast attacks when is attacked.  The police have to shoot it when it attacks them  Not only does the pit bull community not cull man biters, they frickin' worship them!

July 2013, Mexico, ME; Apartment dwelling pit owner attacked by her own pit bull is "bleeding like a stuck pig" by the time the police respond to her 911 call..Hospitalized

July 2013, Danbury CT; Police, EMS and Animal Control response when a foolish 42 year old pit bull owner and her 8 year old daughter are attacked by the family pit bull  OMS Comment,: Okay...These free pit owner rescues are getting out of hand!

Congratulations!  The Nutter below is the 50th US Pit Owner to call 911 and beg to be rescued so far in 2013!  Corgis...not so much!
July 2013, Wallburg, NC; 22 year old woman leaps a fence in her back yard to separate her two pit bulls which are fighting. After 911 response, Sherriff's and other rescue personnel response she is transported to the hospital with "Non life threatening injuries"

(Photo courtesy: Mass. State Police)
Driving Miss Crazy...Another pit bull net drain moment
July 2013, Boston, When a pit bull jumps on its owner while driving in Monday morning rush hour traffic, her car rolls and catches fire, backing up traffic for miles

July 2013, Toledo, OH; When two Nutters show up at the hospital "all bit to hell" from their pit bull "Judah", they tell Animal Control an elaborate lie about being attacked by a pack of three loose pit bulls at a public park. The fable launches a three day police and A/C hunt for the animals. Decoy doggin' is the latest fad from pit owners who cannot handle the shame of defeat

Flying pit Darwin attack!!!
July 2013, Waveland, MS; When paramedics cannot get a balcony jumping  pit bull to release it's owner, police have to shoot it off of him. The owner is rushed off to the hospital

July 2013, Asheville, NC; When 6 year old Chivonne Bradley gives her baby sitter a hug, the babysitter's pit mix decides things need a killin'. Both are hospitalized, Chivonne with her arm mangled to the bone, the baby sitter with dozens of stitches  Pit excuse number 59:  Must have never seen a hug before...

July 2013, Harris County, TX; 15 year old girl hospitalized after being pulled down and bitten 100 times by her family's two 8 month old pit bulls.  OMS Comment: The US military should train deploying medics and corpsman on the never ending stream of pit trauma patients at Houston's Memorial Hermann Hospital.

Another Pit owner's arm amputated....Damn, that's a pretty helicopter!
July 2013, Escambia County, FL; 63 year old woman had taken in two stray pit bulls for 10 months and cared for them making her their legal owner. All was fine until they went pit bull and tried to kill her and the other "family pit bull". After police dart the animal's off of her, she is flown by EMS to USA Medical Center in Mobile * an updated story now says her right arm had to be amputated and she is begging for donations...There are plenty of young children who were not volunteers and need new faces to have a chance at a normal life...Please donate wisely

July 2013, Waterford Township, MI;  Police respond to a 911 call due to a 62 year old man, a 58 year old and 21 year old woman being mauled by their family, illegal pit bull. All three are taken to the hospital for wounds to their arms

July 2013, Indianapolis, IN; Mother's boyfriend's pit bull attacks her 12 year old son and neighbors gather like African villagers fighting off a lion. They pound it, stab it and finally a hero shows up and shoots it 6 times for her. The boy is hauled off to the ICU  12th US owner shoot off for 2013...

July 2013, North Smithfield, RI; 4th of July Cookout goes downhill quickly when a pit bull goes berserk and attacks five people. Police have to respond to a 911 call and shoot it. All five adults were taken to the hospital. Once again,  This was some type a pet sitting situation...Hope the host has good insurance!

June 2013, Manhattan Beach, CA: 77 year old man experiences an "Adventures in pet sitting" episode while taking his son's pit bull for a walk. When he tries to extricate a cat from it's jaws, it redirects and tries to kill him. Responding police use pepper spray then TASER the rampaging beast.

June 2013, Glen Burnie, MD; Couple attacked by their son's pit bull during another "Adventures in Pet Sitting" episode. Authorities have TASER the animal to death so EMS can haul them off to the trauma center

June 2013, Clay County, IN; Diabetic Pit Nutter dreams of his pit bull licking his toes. He awakens to two missing toes  that working their way through his pit bull's digestive tract. Becomes the 25th  American airlifted from a pit bull incident in 2013.

Photo: Woman puts her life back together after her beloved pit bull mauled her face - free plastic surgery:
Owning pit bulls is like a box of chocolates...You never know what yer gonna get!...
June 2013, Lancaster, CA; Pit owner that had her nose bitten off by her own pit bull receives free facial reconstruction from a famous Beverly Hills plastic surgeon....Then she keeps her other pit bull bred from the same Darwinian maul-spawn litter

June 2013, Windsor, NY; Pit bull owner frantically stabs his own dogs to death after they get loose, attack the neighbor's and then turn on him. Hauled off in the meat wagon with bites to the head, arm and neck  It must really be something to stab your own dogs to death as they try to kill you...

Neighborhood melee before police show up and shoot another pit bull off it's owner
May 2013, Philadelphia, PA; 21 year old woman is attacked and mauled by her pit bull. Her mother tries to rescue her by bashing it over the head with a frying pan, but police have to shoot it off of her.....She is hauled off in the meatwagon by EMS  Congratulations!...You are the 10th US Pit owner to have your dog shot off of you in 2013!

A pit bull is subdued by police in the Bronx on Wednesday. >
Look how well trained this one is!
May 2013, Beeville, TX; Four year old family pit bull goes berserk and mauls it's stunned owners...Had to be stabbed 7 times with a steak knife.  911, EMS and A/C response and the animal still had to be  shot with a tranquilizer dart. The responding police officer says "it is the worst dog attack he has ever seen and he had seen combat injuries that weren't as bad"....Never heard that one before.....whatever, 6th owner stab off for 2013!

May 2013, Colonial Heights, VA; 5 year old boy rushed to VCU with serious injuries to his face and throat after his baby sitter's pit bull goes nanny on him. The baby sitter is also injured while trying to pry the jaws apart. Usual 911 response...

May 2013, Sonoma County, CA; Police respond to domestic dispute to find a 23 year old man being mauled and screaming for his life in the backyard. When the pit bull wouldn't budge, they have to shoot it.

April 2013, Bradenton, FL; Family pit bull with previous 2X bite history grabs 6 year old boy by the head and neck and thrashes until family members can beat it to release.
The boy is life flighted to a nearby hospital One of the previous bites was to the owner..this should drive a jail sentence

April 2013, Lebanon, ME; Two maul-spawners escape from enclosure and attack 12 year old girl who was playing with a friend. Her friend, a neighbor and the owner are bitten during the rescue. The girl is hospitalized.

April 2013, Rotorua, New Zealand, Pit owner gets savaged by the pit bull he had raised since it was a pup. Has to flee his own house and slam a gate to stop the mutant whose Maul Switch was set to the "ON" position. Severe injuries to hands

April 2013, San Bernadino County, CA; 74 year old woman mauled trying to save a dog being killed by the family pit bull. Police show up and shoot the beast and EMS hauls her off to the ICU

April 2013, Pompano Beach, FL; A 23 year old pit owner starts strangling his father during an argument over money, a neighbor comes to his rescue. The treacherous family pit bull sees his opportunity and starts multiply biting all three of them.  911 call and arrest follows  Another classic pack disorder attack!

Apr 2013, San Diego, CA; Previously declared "Nuisance" Landshark escapes fence and attacks a woman walking her dog on a beach. The Caesar Milan wannabee owner receives lacerations to his hands and arms during the rescue

Apr 2013, Tulsa, OK; Pit owner suffers heart attack trying to save two Jehovah witnesses that made the mistake of knocking on her Nutter door. While covered in blood she gives the OK for a good Samaritan to shoot "Poochie Pup"

April 2013, Danbury, CT; 20 year old pit bull owner sustains serious injuries to his face and undergo multiple surgeries after being attacked by his own pit bull

April 2013, Brownsville, TX; 911 and A/C response required after 7 year old girl bitten on the head and her mother is bitten during the rescue. Both transported to the hospital and one defective darwin-nanny euthanized

March 2013, Columbus, OH; 911 response required when a pit owner having an argument with her husband is bitten on both feet. The animal was turned over to animal control

March 2013. Olive Township, NJ; Police respond to emergency call to shoot pit bull off husband and wife. Both owners were transported to the hospital with extensive injuries, authorities said.

March 2013, Celina, OH; When 52 year old man goes to check on his son's breeding pit bull and her cubs, she attacks him and one of the cubs joins in on the fun.  During the 911 emergency response, Police had to pepper spray the beasts

March 2013, Tulsa, OK, Man gets attacked by roommate's dangerously declared pit bull in his own home. The animal had to be stabbed off of him by the neighbor that rescued him  OMS Comment: Renting to Pit owners can be financially damaging

March 2013, Springfield, OH; Pit owner attacked and bull baited when he breaks up a scuffle between his pit bulls. Poured into life flight chopper

March 2013, Newcastle, DE; A nephew brings a pit bull into the home of his Aunt and trains it for home protection. “I thought I was making progress until he bit my aunt,” Ward said. "Next time I am going to try training a puppy"...

March 2013, Knoxville, IA; Police, firefighters and EMS respond to mobile home park after pit bull owner has to stab his dog off himself and his friend

Westwego woman nearly killed by own pit bulls
Pit bull breeder Linda Henry became the 5th surviving member of the Sgt Stubby pit owner double arm amputee brigade. Pretty soon they will have enough members for their own Special Olympics category...
March 2013, Westwego, LA; Pit breeder plays with fire and loses....mauled severely in the head, torso and arms then hauled off to the ICU via meat wagon. Police had to shoot the cash cows during the taxpayer funded rescue

March 2013, Millcreek Township, PA; The same old story repeats itself as police have to respond to a residence where a woman is attacked and mauled by her pit bull. The owner is taken to the hospital with multiple bites to the chest and police shoot the animal

March 2013, Mason City, IA; Four family members attacked by family pit bull and hauled off for medical treatment after 911 call.  This animal had bitten another relative a couple of weeks earlier.

March 2013, Salisbury, MD; Animal Control Officer injured when pit bull owner is mauled by two of her pit bulls during an apparent "Crate and Rotate" mishap. As usual 911 response is required

Feb 2013, San Bernadino, CA; Police report two pit bull attacks in one day. One involving a pit bull owner being mauled by her own dog and subsequently hauled off in the Meat wagon by the 911 crew

Feb 2013, Toledo, OH; Pregnant Pit Bull owner hospitalized after her dog attempts a Darla Napora DBRF re-enactment on her. In surgery for wounds to thumb, breast area, thigh and forearm

Feb 2013, North Point, MD; Just two days after the duped Maryland house passes the pit bull owner's bill of rights, at pit bull owner is attacked and hospitalized by her own dogs. Police give the two disloyal maulers dirt naps

Dog bites owner
Driving Miss Crazy Attack:  filling out a police report on the side of the freeway
Feb 2013, El Paso, TX; Its another tax payer funded 911 response when pit owner reaches over to pet his dog while driving in rush hour traffic. The pit bull went wild repeatedly biting his arm.

Feb 2013, Ridgeway, NY; Police 911 response to pit owning couple who trigger their dog. Husband hauled off in the meat wagon with bites to his face and arm. The wife sustained bites to her forearms trying to rescue him

Feb 2013, Athens County, OH; In a classic Ground Hog Day stab-off, "The man stabbed the dog three times. He told authorities that the dog attacked him when he and his girlfriend were fighting for control of the phone. The man was taken to the hospital for treatment, and the dog warden took the pit bull for medical attention"

Feb 2013, Binghampton, NY; In another classic Ground Hog Day-Darwinian stab off, police respond to assist pit owners attacked by their own animal.  Nutters never learn!

Driving Miss Crazy Attack!
"The crate I brought him to Eric's in. He tried to kill my dogs the whole way. I was bit in the back of my arms several times on the way there. I could not stop for a pee break from Boston to buffalo because of the danger he posed to my dogs and was in tears by the time I got there."

Jan 2013 Buffalo, NY; When the former treasurer and volunteers do an expose' on Smilin Pit Bull Rescue, a Nuttress describes her mission from God to save "Titan"
Why is it a felony to traffic a fighting dog across state lines, yet, these crazy rescue angels can traffic a vicious animal to maul a child or kill a neighborhood pet without penalty?

Jan 2013, Wenatchee, WA;  An 18-month old pit bull was hit with a TASER and then euthanized Wednesday morning after the pet attacked a 43-year-old Wenatchee woman in her home  A/C asked for armed police backup after the TASER was useless on this one...Oh well, back to pimpin out pit bulls!

Jan 2013, Indianapolis, IN; 86 year old woman viciously mauled by the family pit bull she had owned for nine years.  As the officer approached the dog, he heard the woman screaming, "Kill him, he's trying to kill me,"   Pepper Spray ineffective so police shot it three times. OMS Loves it when they beg!...

Jan 2013, Stockton, CA; In a classic kitchen knife therapy session, a pit bull owner stabs to death his own pit bull when it attacks him and a friend.  911 response with tax payer funded transport to local hospital

Jan 2013, Calgary, AB, Canada; 7 year old boy has his cheek ripped off by sister's boyfriend's pit bull that had been involved in at least 3 previous attacks including administering stitches to it's owner's face. Note: This is poor animal control and child endangerment. Alberta knows it has a pit bull attack problem from it's own attack rate data:

*** Update: Calgary released data from 2003 indicating that certain breeds are overrepresented when it comes to aggressive incidents such as bites, chases and injuries. Nearly two per cent of German Shepherds, five per cent of Rottweilers and their crosses, and 15 per cent of pit bulls had been involved in an incident

In nonfatal aggressive incidents, the pit bull did rank highest in 2000 and 2001 (2.84 bite incidents per 100 licensed dogs of this breed type) in 1 Canadian municipality (Edmonton, Alberta) (12). Other breeds that followed in this municipality included the rottweiler (1.60 bite incidents per 100 licensed), Akita (1.52), mastiff (1.47), Dalmatian (1.40), and Great Dane (1.21) (12).

Calgary and Edmonton A/C "Professionals" are standing behind allowing pit bulls to attack the public they serve at higher rates...Doesn't anyone get fired anymore?!?

Jan 2013, Montgomery County, TX; Mother has to pry her 1 year old son's face out of the family nanny's mouth. Mother utters “He's gonna be paralyzed in his face,” and
“I wish it would've been me. I wish the dog would've eaten my face instead of my baby.”  The pit mommie suffered damaged hands and a bite in the head

Jan 2013, Belmont County, Ohio; Pit Bull Trailer Park mayhem ensues when mother and son are attacked by their new pit bull that they obtained just a few days earlier. Two rescuers also attacked, sending four to area hospitals. TASER Incident

Sgt Stuart Banks
Saving Pit Nutters from themselves...Is it wrong?!?
Dec 2012, Lancashire, UK; Police officer Sgt Stuart Banks received of Medal for Bravery when he entered the home of a man being mauled by his two illegal Pit Bulls and saved him

Dec 2012, Indianapolis, IN, After a well meaning Nuttress takes in a stray pit bull, it bites her. The responding A/C Officer is attacked with police being summoned and shooting the misunderstood animal.

Dec 2012, Topeka, KS; The tax payer gets slammed when the Police Department, the fire department, animal control officers and emergency medical responders respond to a pack disorder attack.... when a mother and father are attacked by their son's pit bull. The son has to fire two gunshots into the ceiling to end the attack.  The family didn’t have a city-issued license for the animal and was fined $30  Getting rid of pit bull regulations saves the city money...

Merry Christmas!  Pit bull gives its owner a generous bite wound.
Happy Maulidays from Pits-Burgh!
Dec 2012, Pittsburgh, PA;  Man gets the Mauliday gift of being ripped from his elbow to his wrist by his own Pit Bull. 

Dec 2012, Washington, DC; Police have to enter an apartment and rescue a woman who was attacked by the four pit bulls living there

Dec 2012, Smithfield, NC; Pit Bull on the loose after mauling three adults in the home, two of them hauled off in the meat wagon by first responders

Dec 2012, Bay County, MI; Drunk pit owner gets a ride home from the bar by a police officer, then gets into an altercation at home and sics pit bull "Reuger" on friends. Fortunately, he was bitten too.  Classic pit siccing backfire!

Dec 2012, UK; Man in court because after his Staff-shredder bit him in the face, he bit off it's ear and it died. He checked himself into a mental institution after his 1st documented "win"  This one really puts the capital "N" in Nutter!

Dec 2012, Findlay, OH; Pit owner blesses the Police shooting of his family pit bull after it attacks him and his son.  Dog had bite history according to pit lovin' dog warden.  Ohio again?!? This is the sixth Darwin incident in two months...Open Mauling Season declared!

when good pets go bad.JPG

Nov 2012, Mesa, AZ; After an American Pit Bulldog mauls his owner, police and firefighters respond to ensure the animal doesn't re-engage it's owner. After taking a bullet from police, the beast runs off necessitating a helicopter air search so "nobody else gets chewed up"  Note; Best Fiends sic BSL financial calculator doesn't capture costs such as fuel for helicopters, first responder labor and ammunition costs, not to mention man hours expended for in the line of duty investigations for shooting pit bulls.

Liam Brock in hospital
  "We will not be having much of a Christmas, and all because he was kind to a dog no-one else wanted,"
Nov 2012, Norfolk, UK; Staff-a-Shredder rehomed by local dog warden attacks new owner..."May never regain full use of arm"

Buying three pit bulls off Craiglist is like a box of chocolates....
Nov 2012, Georgetown, OH; Man buys three pitties off of craiglist from online pit trafficker.... Gunfire, rescue and airlift ensues. 

Nov 2012, Elizabethton, TN; Man attacked by his brother's pit bull while sitting on couch... "he was on the couch when his brother's pit bull attacked him on his legs and face. Widener said he used his right arm to fend the dog off and sustained massive injuries to his wrist. He said this was the second bite he has sustained in a week from the dog".  Cull that man biter!

Oct 2012, San Antonio, TX; Frisky Pit Bull rips clothes off his mistress, as she runs down the street in a thong making a nutter spectacle of herself trying to catch it...a bystander is bitten. Police respond and shoot it.   Happy Pit Bull Be-Awareness Day!

Oct 2012, Richmond County, GA; County Sherriff Candidate gets bitten in the face by his Pittie, then goes into "Damage Control" mode.

Oct 2012, Toronto, CA; 51 year old pit owner almost neutered when he has testicle bitten off by his own pit bull  OMS Comment: Ouchee!

Oct 2012, Ventura, CA;  Authorities respond to home where woman has an "Adventures in Dog Sitting episode". Taken to the hospital with moderate injuries

The attack below merits the prestigious OMS Darwin Award!
Oct 2012, Omaha, NE; Pit owner who was ordered not to have pit bulls after a previous attack is bitten several times and loses a finger. Facing big fine and jail time

Oct 2012, Wildomar, CA; Pit mix owner takes a ride in the Meat -Wagon after his dog attacks him for "over a minute"

Oct 2012, Bronx, NY; Pit Bull Awareness month starts off with a Bang as Pit Breeding Granny is hauled off in the Meat Wagon.  Only three pups left in the litter...

Sep 2012, Armenia; The family that gets mauled together lays together...

Sep 2012, Akron, OH; A loose pit bull in an Akron neighborhood bit a child before attacking two of its owners, scattering all of them to area hospitals.  Paging Ohio Legislature...Clean Up on Aisle Three!

Sep 2012, Madison, WI; Pit-perp sics his pit bulls on police, ends up getting bitten in the face by his own wigglebutt

Sep 2012, Cleveland County, NC; In another self-mutilation, 73 year old woman mauled by family Pit Bull, just hours after A/C was at the house and she declined to have the animal picked up. Face apparently gone and Neighbor says “All I seen was blood. I couldn’t sleep at all.”  Great!..Just what Medicare needed...

Sep 2012, Walworth Co, WI; Pit Perp gets into scuffle with Police Deputies. Both Deputies bitten, Pit Bull tasered and Perp gets bitten in the face by his own dog
Pit Siccing Backfire!

Sep 2012, Mansfield, OH; Family Pit Bull shot by police after attacking during family squabble  This cycle of idiots obtaining Pit Bulls and having first responders rescue them, and shoot the animal is costing taxpayers a fortune.

Sep 2012, Woonsocket, RI; Newly adopted Pit Bull "Biz" gets into "a scuffle" with the other family dog, then re-directs onto mother, son and daughter. Police had to TASER the beast.

Sep 2012, Youngstown, OH; Man hospitalized after having an artery severed in his leg by his newly acquired, murderous Pit Bull. A/C reps have to shoot the beast after it attacks the A/C truck. Less than 24 hours later a mailman is attacked in the same town!

Sep 2012, College Hill, OH; MEDICARE gets slammed as 71 year old woman gets mauled by a her Pit Bull. Rushed to the Hospital and in serious condition.

Sep 2012, Chingotingue, VA, Leon Hall has near fatal adventures in Pit sitting episode when his Son's breeding Pit and two pups send him on a life flight to a Baltimore Hospital. *Lesson: Never let your children grow up to be Pit Breeders!

Many Pit Bull owners are mauled breaking up "scuffles"... as are many rescuers and first responders. How would you like to have to deal with these two canine freakshows?

Factoid: The Carnegie Foundation has awarded 30 Life Saving medals to individuals who heroically interceded during a Pit Bull attack, many of them endured long hospitalizations for their selfless acts.

Sep 2012, Titusville, PA; Woman transported to hospital after breaking up a 'scuffle' between her and her Daughter's Pit Bulls..."Bleeding uncontrollably"

Aug 2012, Australia; Man savaged by his American Pit Bulldogs..."Mr Matthews has had surgery to his face, arms and legs over the past week, but no amount of treatment can repair the damage caused when his "best mate" attacked him for nearly half an hour. He also suffered a broken leg"

Aug 2012, Rio Linda, CA; A woman was attacked by her own pit bull Monday morning...“Part of her whole arm hanging off, chewed the arm, wrist. It was bad,”

Aug 2012, Fayetteville, NC; Two men were injured Wednesday morning when they were attacked by two pit bulls in their home on the 5700 block of McDougal Drive, authorities.   Washington called for Askew to help him. Askew came downstairs, grabbed an ax handle and struck the dog in an attempt to get it off Washington, Lauby said. The second dog then attacked Askew.  "They were chewed up pretty badly,"
Always keep 911 on speed dial an axe handle handy!...

A pit bull is subdued by police in the Bronx on Wednesday. >
Just like the old Wild Kingdom Show...Should there be a fee for pit owners that need their wigglebutts shot or darted off of them?
July 2012, Norwalk, CT; Mutinous Pit Bull "Samantha" seizes the opportunity to become Alpha-Dog when her owner and boyfriend have a pack argument. Paramedics summoned and police shoot a tranquilizer dart into disloyal Samantha's ass.

July 2012, Plano, TX; 70 year old woman mauled by her American Pit Bulldogs she had raised from puppies..""When a dog crosses the line of being a pet, being able to socialize, and being pet, they're monsters," she said. "I had no idea these dogs were this dangerous"

July 2012, Middletown, NY; 32 year old woman life flighted to Westchester Medical Center after her Pit Bull mauls her. Police shoot the beast 4 times.

July 2012, Clifton, NJ; 15 year old girl mauled by family Pit Bull while baby sitting her 9 year old brother. The responding Police officer followed the trail of blood through the house to find her and shoot the wigglebutt off.

July 2012, McMinnville, OR; Pit bull attacks a woman walking her basset hound, pit owner Amanda McCommons tries to be Caesar Milan and suffers a broken arm and serious lacerations to her fingers before police show up and unload three bullets into her dog.  "It was an explosion of blood"  Nutters never learn...

July 2012, Middletown, NY; 32 year old woman life flighted to Westchester Medical Center after her Pit Bull mauls her. Police shoot the beast 4 times.

July 2012, Clifton, NJ; 15 year old girl mauled by family Pit Bull while baby sitting her 9 year old brother. The responding Police officer followed the trail of blood through the house to find her and shoot the wigglebutt off.

July 2012, Venice, FL; Woman face horribly mauled by her adopted Pit Bull mix when she has a seizure...sets up medical fund due to lack of insurance

June 2012, Izmir, Turkey; Pit Bull owner bludgeons his dog to death after it attacks him and two other people. All three were hospitalized

June 2012, Pittsfield MA; 9 year old boy scalped by pit bull that had previously attacked it's owner. Story says "The owners may be fined"

June 2012, Hackensack, NJ; Woman agrees to dog sit pit bull for a crazy lady after the dog was expelled by the Condo Association.  Attacked and hospitalized.

May 2012, Stockton, CA; Pit Bull attacks mother on the neck and son on the arm…Idiotic A/C officer states attacks on family members are “rare” despite 3 California Pit Owners being killed by their dogs in 2011 alone

May 2012, Roselle, IL: Police taser Pit Bull attacking it's owners. 55 year old Woman hauled off in the Meatwagon for emergency surgery

May 2012, Pottsville, PA; A 48 year old man and a 34 yr old woman get a ride in a life flight helicopter after their pibbles get into a fight and redirect on them.

May 2012, Bakersfield, CA; Both parents treated for injuries when the family Pit Bull attacks their 3 year old toddler. The little guy is airlifted to Maderas Childrens Hospital

May 2012, Las Cruces, NM; Grandmother attacked and accidentally shot by neighbor in Tanzanian-like rescue attempt during her Granddaughter’s fatal pit bull mauling
Pit Bull Comedian Bill Less-Nose-Ski warns public not to stereotype the breed from behind his disfigurement concealment mask...PS. Send money for medical bills!
April 2012, Chicago, IL; After long time Pit Nutter Bill Less-Nose-Ski has his nose bitten off by Friend’s Pit Bull that had previously attacked his own dogs, he gives a sermon about not blaming the breed from behind his disfigurement concealment mask. Bill also peddles his new medical fund, since his friend is between jobs and doesn’t have a pot to pee in Note: Pass, donate to an innocent gripped child, there are plenty of them. Even after defeat, a Pit Nutters will still portray themselves as "The Expert"

April 2012; Another “Reformed Pit Owner” comments: "I had a pitbull and I raised him from a puppy. me and him lived happily together for 3 years and he was the sweetest thing you'd ever know... but he bit me one day at a dog park while he engaged into a fight with another dog. I tried to pull him off and he snapped and dug his teeth into my arm... he is now in quarantine and will be put down. my heart aches, but these breeds become more aggressive as they age. he was neutered and had all his shots up to date. I miss him terribly but I cannot trust him ever again. I won't be owning another pitbull... I just can't handle it emotionally. they aren't bad dogs at all. they just need to be kept away from other animals and live alone with the owner."

April 2012, Holland, MI; 26 year old man moves into the neighborhood with three pit bulls. Within a week neighbors are throwing baseball bats over the fence to help the screaming owner fight off his  darwin doggies...“If you’ve got three pit bulls turning on their owner, that’s a problem,” Payton said. “A lot of people around here were wondering if the dogs were going to be put down. A lot of neighbors don’t want them back.”

April 2012, Huntley, IL; Recently adopted out Pit mix attacks neighbor’s dog, new owner hospitalized trying to separate them

April 2012, Australia; 22 year old Pit owner makes a spectacle of himself when he bursts into hotel lobby with berserker in tow, screaming and begging for help

April 2012, Satsop, WA; 82 year old woman mauled by her grandson's two pit bulls in her own home. Deputy Dave Pimentel called "the most severe dog attack I have ever seen."

April 2012, Elizabeth, NJ; Police shoot adopted Pit Bull that had bitten owner 20 times during savaging episode

March 2012, Pittsburgh, PA; “There was blood everywhere“ after new Pit owner gives his animal a treat, then takes it away 

March 2012, Jeanette, PA 55 year old man attacked by his pit bull that he had owned for 5 years. His daughter had to pour hot coffee on the disloyal beast.  Flown to Pittsburgh area hospital with serious injuries to his arms  Scald off?!? Sheesh!

March 2012, Gloversville, NY; Woman attacked inside Vet's office while euthanizing her adopted Pit Bull for aggression/dangerousness issues

March 2012, Staten Island, NY; Probation officer from Staten Island shoots her own pit bull to save herself

March 2012, Newark, NJ; Mother and infant attacked by family Pit Bull

Mar 2012, Celina, OH; 52 year old Pit breeder attacked by his own breeding Pit Bulls and “cubs”

March 2012, Denison, TX; Husband has to blow away his two pit bulls with a hand gun when they are trying to kill his wife inside their domicile.  Woman hospitalized...

Feb 2012, Detroit-Maul City; Idiot adopts two Pit Bulls for home protection which turn on her and maul her. After she calls 911 for Police rescue, she complains when Police shoot one of them so they can get her out of the house and into the Meat-wagon. Never enough mauling victims and Tax Payer costs for the Pit Community!

Feb 2012, Sioux City, IA; Woman and teenager attacked and hospitalized by the woman's pit bull. Apparently, deliveryman attempting to deliver a package to the home caused the canine explosion 

Feb 2012, Australia; Boy, 6, and grandmother mauled in bull terrier dog attack

Jan 2012, Springfield, MA; Pit Bull owner mauled when her two Pits get into a "scuffle" over a stick

Jan 2012, Westfield, MA; Pit owning Babysitter, toddler and responding Police Officer bitten by murderous Pit Bull

Jan 2012, Austin, TX; Nutter brings home second pit bull to add to his collection, room mate volunteers to be chew toy ...Medics said that unnamed man's condition is potentially critical, and he was taken to University Medical Center Brackenridge

Jan 2012, Dayton OH; Pit Bull mauls its owner during family argument...“It bit her all over, tore her up from head to toe,” Stroud said while in tears. “We’ve had that dog since he was a puppy. We always wanted to keep him in the house for protection

Jan 2012, Unknown; Blogger describes saving his father when one of his rescue pitties turns: screaming. I jumped up, grabbed the pit bull by the collar and tail (which was a bad idea, but all I saw was my dad on the ground yelling in pain).....and jerked the dog away from dad. By doing so, and the dog had not released his tore his skin vs. a normal dog bite (if there is such a thing). THE DOG HAD NOT RELEASED HIS ARM!!!!! 

Jan 2012, Australia; Aussie Pit-Grannie takes her mauling but unfortunately her 6 year old Grandson got the worst of it

Jan 2012, Glendale, AZ; Police have to shoot pit bull during another "Adventures in Pet Sitting" episode. The 27 year old woman was hospitalized with "bites to her neck, all the way down her spine"

Jan 2012, Elmhurst, IL; Police have to shoot pit bulls off elderly couple who were dog sitting for a relative. The two animals began fighting, then "redirected" onto them.  Both were hauled off in meat wagons by EMS * Note "Redirected" is official sounding Pit- Nutter Speak for switching to mauling something else

Jan 2012, Santaquin, UT; Man shoots wife while trying to protect family from dog during driving attack  Another Driving  Miss Crazy Attack!!

Dog Bridgewater mv 12012011-21.jpg
On the way to the vet to have it's owner's face cut out of it's digestive tract...Ignorant police officers stand at the ready in a callous, discriminatory manner while his owner bids farewell 
Dec 2011, Bridgewater, MA; family pit bull attacks and eats the face off it's 71 year old owner. While the victim is life flighted to the hospital, police take the face eater to the vet to have the woman's face parts surgically removed from it's stomach.

Dec 2011, Uniondale, NY; 21 year old woman mauled by the family pit bull during an argument with her mother. Her mother has to stab it off of her. Hospitalized with serious head wounds Knife Therapy...It's a sure cure for aggression issues!

Oct 2011, Lowell, MA; Two Pit Bulls adopted out by the MSPCA go onto to attack their owners, producing a taxpayer funded 911 response. The two are euthanized during “Pit Bull Awareness Week". Note: F-Minus in Temperment Testing assigned to MSPCA
"He wanted to kill me"
Dec 2011, Lorain, OH; ‘He wanted to kill me:' Woman doesn’t know why her Pit Bull turned on her... OMS Comment: Because that's what they do!

Auglaize County OH, Dog Warden Russ Bailey: "I've handled dogs since 1982. I have completely changed my opinion in this matter based on what I have seen since I have been a dog warden. The dogs in our area that have been involved (in attacks) have shown no signs of abuse." "If that prey drive kicks in and a pit bull attacks, you are at its mercy until it decides to stop."

Dec 2011, Clay County, FL; 61 year old woman gets pulled off golf cart while driving amongst the family's six pit bulls resulting in neighbors shooting one of them off of her. "She has serious injuries to one of her legs and she still may lose the leg" Sherriff deputies said

Dec 2011, Suterville, PA; Woman who rescued dogs from the local shelters is savaged by her pack when a "scuffle" breaks out.  "Neighbors say the lead attack dog was a pit bull". Another unlicensed canine IED cell in a residential neighborhood....

Dec 2011, Neighbors, firefighters save woman being attacked by her own Pit Bull

Dec 2011, Phoenix man kills own Pit Bull after it attacks him and other dog

Nov 2011, Rockford, IL; Pit Nutter in critical condition after being “loved on” by her two pitties

Nov 2011, Waukesha, WI; 52 year old woman nearly killed by her Pit Bull. A/C Director pulls a Baghdad Bob by exclaiming “Pit Bull Attacks are Rare” despite Pitties being leading biter in the city by a mile…Producing 6 times more bites than the next breed!  Another life flight and heroism award for her rescuer!
Nov 2011, East Toledo, OH; Pit owners are attacked by own animal on city street, cause police response and car pile up reminiscent of a good action film.

Oct 2011, Ottawa, Canada; Cops shoot pit bulls after owner attacked

Oct 2011, Bullitt Co, KY; Pit Bull owner found in fetal position with his dog trying to finish him off and a kindly neighbor shoots it off him. Hospitalized and in critical condition

Oct 2011, McDowell CO, WV; Three family members sustain injuries during family Pit Bull attack...Animal euthanized by taxpayers

pit bull attack irwin street_20111017143817_JPG
Ohio first responders consume tax dollars during pit owner rescue
Oct 2011, Dayton, OH; Man hospitalized after his four Pit Bulls attack him when he tries to break up a "scuffle"

Oct 2011, Hilton Head, SC; Pit owner has to blow away his two family dogs after they attack his 26 year old grandson then turn on him during the rescue. "They had never attacked anyone before, but had eaten chickens and a goat owned by the family" PS.. Both men hauled off by EMS to the Hospital...

Oct 2011; Pit bull shot by Phoenix police after attacking wheel chair bound owner

Oct 2011, Gatineau, Quebec, Canada: Pit Bull owner mauled by his own animals.  "May need arm amputated"...Police had to shoot them off the man

Dec 2011, Long Island, NY; Mother uses knife therapy to stop Pit attacking her family

Oct 2011, Youngstown, OH; Woman involved in Pit Rescue is hospitalized after being attacked by her Pit Bull

* Note, This happened one month after her arrest for animal cruelty and illegal pit ownership...Oh well, off to the slammer!

Oct 2011, Brawley, CA; Police kill pit bull named "Doper" after it attacked its owner when she tried to save her other dog a Chihuahua. Hauled off in tax payer funded meat wagon

Oct 2011, South Bend, IN; When her pit bull attacks her and her mother, a 47 year old Nutter tells police a fable about a stray pit bull breaking into the home, after that fails she tries the seizure trigger story. Both her and her mother are hauled away by EMS

Oct 2011, Haverhill, MA; Police shoot Pit Bull as it savages owner‘s head  "The dogs gone....That's it, I don't want to talk about it"

Sep 2011, London, UK; 23 year old woman's arm is severed by her Boyfriend's illegal Pit Bull

Sep 2011, Georgetown, DE; 74 year old woman loses an arm after family pit bull "Hunter" decides she doesn't need it anymore. First responders airlifted her to Beebe Medical Center in Lewes and later to Christiana Hospital. Hunter was shot by police and the family placed decorative blue blanket over the blood stained carpet Damn...Another pit owner loses an appendage...Guess they don't need them!

Sep 2011, Franklin, OH; Pit bull breaks chain in back yard then attacks two children and two adults. The perplexed owner who was bitten uttered  " “It was a pretty scary few minutes, especially when he wouldn’t respond to my commands,” Hipsher said. “He’s always been a good dog and I did everything I could to keep him from being a mean dog."

Aug 2011, Beaufort County, SC; Man gets mangled saving his son from family Pit Bull attack. The Grandfather has to shoot it off of him!

Aug 2011, Harker Height, TX; Pit owning couple get attacked by their own pit bull.  Police respond after 911 call and shoot it off of them  Oh well, replace the carpet and pump out another litter....

Aug 2011, Portsmouth OH; Pit breeding Grandparent bitten while trying to save 14 month old granddaughter who was bitten from head to toe.... Child endangerment charges flow with the blood.

Aug 2011, Mishawaka, MI; Police respond and shoot Woman's Pit Bull after it mauled her 12 year old Beagle, then turned on her. The Nutter also had two illegal Pythons.

Aug 2011, Tucson AZ; 60 year old man receives life threatening wounds when his Pit Bull attacks

Aug, 2011, Chesnee, SC; Pit Bull attacks owner and her daughter. Both taken to local hospital with multiple bite injuries.

Aug 2011, Harker Height, TX; Pit Bull turns on owners, taken to the hospital with "soft tissue injuries and partial finger amputations". Police shoot the berserker for them.

Aug 2011, UK; Man severely bitten in the face by his Staffy

July 2011 Kennebec, ME; Boy shoots Pit Bull to save family members

July 2011, Chesnee, SC; Woman and child taken to hospital after being attacked their own pit bull during a walk.

Pit Bull Involved in Attack  (Source:  Jonesboro Police Dept.)
Disloyal mauler puts owner into the ICU
July 2011, Jonesboro, AR; Woman in ICU after her Pit Bull mauls her

Injuries suffered by Andrew Clark
That's gonna leave a mark!
June 2011, Redcar, UK; Man hospitalized for six days after being attacked by his Staffa-shredder/Mastiff crosses.   “It was like something from a horror film,” said Andrew, 28, from Redcar.  “We were all covered in blood. I lost two or three pints. The doctors said that I could have died.”

June 2011, Waukesha, WI; Pit Bull owner takes a "Flight for Life" after attempting to cage it. Police respond and shoot the animal

June 2011, Lowell, MA; In Centralville, Ashley Gilbert, 22, of Lowell, a pit-bull owner, was bitten by two of her own dogs when she tried to break up their fight Wednesday afternoon. She was taken to Saints Medical Center in Lowell

June 2011, Saugerties, NY; Time Warner Cable Guy Dave Dargan  and 9 year old Skyler Sprague (Saugerties, NY) were honored  by the City for their quick thinking when the baby sitter's pit bull started mauling on her and the 3 year old girl under her care. Dargan held the animal down until police arrived and shot it.  Never send your child over to a pit baby sitters killing field!

June 2011, Australia; As police interview lucky Pit Bull owner about an "incident", the animal becomes enraged and attacks her. Police use stun gun on the beast to save her.

May 2011, Rochester Hills, NY; Family Pit Bull attacks it's owner while she was sitting at computer...Probably typing "Don't Blame The Breed"

May 2011, Knox County, TN; 79 year old woman attacked and savaged by family pit bull. Police shot the animal because it was too dangerous to retrieve it from under the porch.

May 2011, Portsmouth, OH; Three family pit bulls jump barricade and maul 14 month old toddler. The boy's mother and grandmother are bitten during the rescue

April 2011, Freeport, IL; 19 year old man begs Police to shoot his own Pit Bull which lovingly attached itself to his arm

April 2011, Ontario, Canada; Pit bull turns on its owner

Apr 2011, Dartmouth, RI; Pit bull mauls Dartmouth owner

April 2011, Freeport, IL; Murderously disloyal Pit Bull does his best to kill his 19 year old owner. "History of being involved in fights"

Another Pit Bull Comedian....
April 2011, Hartepool, UK; 46 year old Staffa-shredder owner Garry Clark  is hospitalized after receiving facial mauling to the tune of 96 stitches and numerous lacerations. Unemployed and father of four, Gary offered the following: "I would still recommend the breed because they are a lovely dog"

Apr 2011, Ontario, CA; After ordering  his Pit Bull to attack neighbor the animal turns on it's owner  These pit siccing backfire incidents happen frequently

March 2011, Durban, South Africa; Police shoot  wigglebutt off 75 year old Pit owner, extensively mauled and “de-gloved” Ouchee!

You ignored the pit bull ban....And your rescue is a taxpayer responsibility how?!?
March 2011, Ecorse, MI; Two Caesar Milan wannabees defy the city pit bull ban, then call 911 and beg police and EMS to come out to the house and rescues them

March, 2011, Lake Worth, FL; Pit Breeder’s trailer empire is flipped upside down when she is mauled by her male Pit Bull that fathered the puppies that she was going to peddle
March 2011, Houston, TX; The family Stafford-shredder goes berserk and attacks it's family. Has to be shot to stop the attack "I thank all the fireman, police and paramedics who came to our home. They went above and beyond with their care and cleaning up our home after we left by ambulance. The ER at Kingwood was ready for us when we arrived and acted swiftly and skillfully to address our injuries. As bad as this was, we got to see so many good things in people and services in our time of crisis. My neighbors were wonderful too. There are so many to thank. May God bless you all."

March 2011, Chattanooga, TN; Family argument triggers Pit Bull into the Red Zone, Mother and daughter hospitalized

Feb 2011, Chattanooga TN; Woman attacked by her pit-bull during pack disorder moment rushed back to the Hospital, no health insurance

Feb 2011, Van Nuys, CA; Van Nuys man seriously injured when attacked by his 2 pit bulls

Feb 2011, Winchester, NV; Pack disorder during family argument triggers the pit mauling of three people including both of the year old animal's owners.  Added Bonus: Taxpayer funded 911 Response 

Feb 2011, Lincoln, NE; Pit Bull owner and her boyfriend transported to the hospital after early morning argument triggers another Pit-mutiny

Jan 2011, Pinellas Co, FL; The owner of a pit bull terrier urged a policeman to shoot the dog when it attacked his girlfriend and wouldn't let go - despite being TASERED.

Darla's Law would compel Pit Bull owners to repay the taxpayer for the costs of the rescuing them from their idiotic selves. This massive rescue response was caused by a homeless vagabond having a pit bull crisis
Jan 2011, Venice Beach, CA; Local taxpayers get bitten in the throat with massive first responder costs…Darla’s Law NOW!!!

Jan 2011, Las Vegas NV; Pit Bull berserks on it’s family, 55 year old woman suffers life threatening injuries and may lose foot,  owner shoots it.

The woman was taken to hospital where she was treated for wounds she received in the dog attack
Jan 2011, Fernandina Beach, FL; Police have to respond to a pit owner 911 call after a pit bull mauls it's owner. They end up having to shoot it and the 26 year old owner is hauled off in an ambulance

Jan 2011, La Grange, ME;  State Trooper shoots pit bull. “The 911 call came from two gentlemen who said they had locked themselves in the back bedroom,” the trooper said. “One had been mauled by the dog, and the dog was chewing its way through the door, they said."

Dec 2010, Brookline, PA; Pit Bull shot by neighbor after turning on its owner

Oct 2010, Riverside CA; 65 year old man almost killed by his Pit Bull "Pieces of flesh all over the patio and in the ICU on a breathing tube" 

Sep 2010, Hillsdale, MI; Routine pit bull dog sitting episode ends up with family being scattered hospitals. Responding police officers forced to "destroy" the animal

Michelle Edwards, pit bull attack
Michelle Edwards, pit bull attack
Aussie couple hauled off in the meat wagon, then flown to trauma center....
Sep 2010, St Claire Australia; ; Disloyal family Staff-shredder goes berzerk

Sep 2010, Candia, NH; Pit Bull mauls new owner three weeks after adoption from the Manchester Animal Shelter. The man ended up being hospitalized after the pit bull "locked onto his arm" and the wife had to choke it out. The attack drew a number of police and rescue vehicles Here we go with the first responder costs again!!

Adventures in pit sitting...Just say NO!
Sep 2010, Fresno, CA; When a woman's son brings home a pit bull, another classic "Adventures in pet sitting" episode erupts when the dog latches onto to the face of her 5 year old daughter. The girls is transported to the hospital for the first of many surgeries

Sep 2010, San Antonio, TX; Recently rescued pit bull attacks husband during an argument with his wife. The husband to retrieve a .22 caliber handgun and shoot it off of himself.  The pittie survives but the couple says they no longer want it.

Aug 2010, Titusville, FL, 8 year old girl and her grandfather attacked by the family pit bull. The girl is transported to the hospital with scalp injuries.  Grandfather injured rescuing her...911 response, EMS and susbsequent tax payer funded confiscation of family pittie

Aug 2010, Calgary Canada; American Stafford-shredder "Alphie" goes berserk on his entire family.  All three are taken to the hospital by EMS

*** Update: Calgary released data from 2003 indicating that certain breeds are overrepresented when it comes to aggressive incidents such as bites, chases and injuries. Nearly two per cent of German Shepherds, five per cent of Rottweilers and their crosses, and 15 per cent of pit bulls had been involved in an incident
If Pit Bulls are three times more likely to attack than a Rottweiler in Calgary with their Utopian dog laws, shouldn't your city adopt the Calgary A/C model?

Wait a minute...that doesn't make sense!

Jun 2010; Eau Claire, WI; Couple attacked by their own Pit Bull. The woman was taken to the hospital for wounds to her arms

June 2010, Lewiston, PA; Police force entry to rescue mother and child who are barricaded in the bedroom from their prey activated pit Bull. After Police shoot the berserker, the 2 year old girl is flown to the hospital with serious head wound and bleeding profusely The ole barricade yourself in the bathroom and wait for police to shoot it routine

June 2010, Lakeville, MA; Baby sitting pit bull mishap leads to police shooting the animal that attacked the baby sitter and 5 year old boy who was life flighted to local hospital. When police arrived the owner begged them "Shoot him!!...Shoot Him!!!"

May 2010, Taraunga, New Zealand; 34 year old man “horrifically mauled” by his Pit Bulls that ended up being shot by police

May 2010, Hesston, KS; After illegal pit bull owning woman's other dog , a Chihuahua gets tangled in a ball of string, her pit bull flips it's lid and puts her in the ICU

May 2010, Jeanette PA; 55 year old Pit Bull owner takes a life flight after his 5 year old dog mauls him. His daughter pours hot coffee on the animal to achieve "separation" 

 May 2010, Lowell, MA; When a 68 year old Vietnam Veteran was being mauled to death by his pit bulls in his fenced in backyard, another Vietnam Vet breaks through the fence to rescue him. "Emotionally, it was disturbing. I thought, 'I gotta help this guy.' He's a Vietnam veteran. I'm a Vietnam veteran, so we have a little bit of a bond," said Briere.

May 2010; Preston , CT; After responding to a call where a Pit Bull was attacking its owner, A/C Officer Patty Daniels is attacked and injured while leading the animal out to the A/C truck. Police pump lead into the disloyal mauler

Rocky attacked his owner Kata Bonic
Rocky helped his owner join the pit owner amputee Sgt Stubby Brigade
May 2010, Australian Pit Bull owner loses arm to sweet Rocky  "I still love Rocky"
Seriously, you could fill up five seasons of "Fatal Attractions" with pit owners!

May 2010, Andover MA; Husband stabs family Pit Bull to death when it attacks wife
They bought this animal from a pit peddler in New Hampshire just two weeks earlier

May 2010. San Antonio, TX; Pit Bull attacks drunk husband who was arguing with wife

April 2010, Crafton Heights, PA; Newly adopted Pit Bull becomes enraged when new owner gives him a treat then takes it away. A/C Officer states “There was blood everywhere“

April 2010, Calgary, Canada; Family mauled "one by one" by disloyal Pit Bull during family "scuffle". A/C head says "They don't like Pack Disorder".  Wait a minute...Aren't they bred to kill members of their pack?!?

Mar 2010, Clovis NM; Pit Breeder loses finger saving his daughter

March 2010, Philadelphia, PA; 52 year old woman nearly loses hand when attacked by her wigglebutt
Erika Sullivan, 27, recalls how her family’s 100-pound-plus pit bull terrier, Ruger, bit her and her landlord last week.
Searching for answers after surgery.....
Mar 2010, Spring Hill FL; Pit Bull owner searching for answers after "Ruger" attacks her landlady then turns on her.  OMS Answer: Ruger went Pit Bull!

You down on OPP?  Yeah, Boo bite me
Feb 2010, Ny City; Oft cited celebrity Pit Bull owner Rachel Ray had "Hand Gashed" during one of sweet Isaboo's five attacks on OPP (Other People's Pets).
If Rachel Ray can't own a Pit Bull safely shouldn't you?!?  Wait a minute...That doesn't even make sense!

Feb 2010, Sydney, Australia; Police and paramedics have to respond when Staffordshredder turns on entire family. The disloyal freak show bit and broke a 12 year old Girl‘s arm

Feb 2010, Philadelphia, PA; a 52-year old woman nearly lost her hand when her pet pit bull latched onto her wrist and refused to let her go.

Feb 2010, Preston, CT; State Troopers killed a pit bull that attacked its owner and the ACO

Feb 2010, Prince William County, VA; After being is Shelter quarantine for attacking three family members, Pit Bull attacks shelter worker. Owner finally decides to put it down.

Feb 2010, Sommerville, NJ; Two Pit Bull owners require medical treatment after their dogs get into a “scuffle”

Feb 2010 New Zealand; Pit Owner nearly killed by his Pit Bull

hoboken, pit bull, rampage, giant, jaws
Man...That escalated quickly!
Feb 2010, Hoboken, NJ; After Pit Bull “Giant“ attacks two people in an apartment, his 26 year old Nuttress ignores repeated Police warnings not to enter the apartment. The young Caesar Milan wannabe is subsequently mauled and hospitalized

Jan 2010, Meza, AZ; 18 year old man gets mauled in the face by his Pit Bull. Begs police to shoot him due to his appearance

Dec 2009, Brownsville, FL; 31 year old Pit owner severely bitten on the hands by his doggie. Police finding him lying on the floor

The dog  is loaded into an SPCA van after the attack.
 Darwin doggie heading to the pound
Dec 2009, Cincinnati, OH; Woman attacked by her own pit bull during walk. Neighbors rescue her using shovels and hammers.  Spews forth "slipped on ice" cover story...Blunt object rescue

Dec 2009, Yadkinville, NC; When the family pit bull goes berserk in send s all four family members to the hospital.  The 9 year old boy takes the worst of it having part of his ear torn off

"Pit Bull Rescue" has a dual meaning
Dec 2009,  Washington, DC; A police officer has to respond punch and shoot a pit bull off of a Pit Nuttress in an upscale DC neighborhood. Later nominated for a heroism award

Victim recounts dog attack
Singing the pit bull blues....
Dec 2009, Rockville, MD; Orlando Romero's pit/rott mix previously bit  his son. All hell breaks loose when he told the animal to get out of the room Police shoot off!

Steven Herrera, pit bull attack
Ouchee...California's Anti-BSL provision preserves the Human-Canine Bond
Nov 2009, Bakersfield, CA; Pit breeder's 35 year old brother enters his mauls-pawning operation...leaves in the Meat Wagon

Nov 2009, Houston, TX; Pit Bull mauls it's owner. The woman is airlifted to Memorial Hermann after being rescued by her neighbor

Nov 2009, Middlesex County, NJ;  Woman awarded $1.5 Million after being mauled by her Father's pit bull during "adventures in dog sitting" episode

Nov 2009, Fredericksburg, VA;  60 year old woman sustains mauling trying to save her Lab from her Ex-Con Son's Pit Bull.  The son convinces her to lie and tell authorities that a Rottweiler attacked them while out on a walk. Both are convicted of filing a false police report and charges $2652 to reimburse taxpayers for the cost of the wild goose chase

Oct 2009, Gathersburg, MD; Pit Bull attacks three members of its family

Oct 2009, Oak Hills, CA; 20 year old pregnant Nutter mauled by her own Pit Bull during a walk...Suffers broken arm

"Every Responsible Pit Bull Owner should have a Break Stick"..and a gun and a knife and a crowbar!

Oct 2009, New Haven, CT; Severely mauled Pit owner describes futile attempt to use a break stick to release himself and asks fellow Nutters:“Am I another Statistic?”

Oct 2009, Washington DC; Mother uses “knife therapy” to correct her Pit Bull‘s “mauling issue“

Oct 2009, Kensington, NJ; Police respond to owner being attacked by his own Pit bull and shoot the beast...The man was taken to Temple University Hospital with severe lacerations to his face

Oct 2009, Woodbury, MN; Man mauled by his gripper as he watched TV

Sep 2009, FL; Woman mauled by her rehabilitated Pit mix

Sep 2009, St Clair, AU; Pet Staffa-shredder berserks, mauls family member and her friend. Police had to shoot the beast and haul them off in the meat wagon

Sep 2009, Montgomery County, TX; 3 year old Life flighted to the ICU after spending the day at her Pit Breeding Auntie’s home. Pit-Auntie gets attacked also

Sep 2009, UK, 23 year old woman has her arm severed by her boyfriend's illegally kept pit bulls.

Sep 2009, Paradise Township, PA; Police shoot pet Pit Bull after 48 year old owner found lying in a pool of blood with hand severed. Poured into the Meat wagon for a stay in the ICU

Sep 2009, Pimaulus County, FL; Arm Severed: "I fired a warning round into the ground. The dog looked at me, went right back to chewing her," Neighbor said.

Sep 2009, Singhampton, Ontario, Canada; Police respond and shoot an attacking pit bull who was attacking his owner. Before police got there a heroic neighbor had to stab it off of him with a kitchen knife

Sep 2009, Sydney, Australia; Pit Bull bites owner on the face, leg and groin. Emergency response requested

Aug 2009, North Port, FL; Family Pit bull puts owner on life flight helicopter ride, wife shoots the animal to save him

Obtaining a Service dog exemption then being subsequently mauled by his Pit Bull earns noted writer Robert Weller the not-so coveted OMS Darwin Award!
Aug 2009, EVIL-DENVER, CO; Reporter Robert Weller writes bizarre treatise about how he finagled a humanitarian ban exemption for his PTSD Service Pit  "Chummy" which ended in disaster 

Aug 2009, Sydney, Australia; Police say a pit-bull terrier bit the 34-year-old on the face, left leg and groin last night. The injured man was taken to hospital where he is expected to have surgery.

July 2009, Norwalk,  CT; Police, EMS and Animal Control are summoned when family Pit Bull "Samantha" goes pit bull on it's owners. Animal Control has to tranquilizer dart her so EMS call haul off the wounded.

July 2009, Basehor, KS;  When Darin Martin arm starts getting chewed by his own pit bull, his friend shoots it, then cuts it's throat. While at the hospital, Darin calls police to pick up and euthanize his other pit bull.

May 2009, Mauladephia, PA; 43 year old idiot has to be rescued by police after being mauled by her daughter‘s Pit Bull. She was taking care of the man biter because it had bitten one of her Daughter‘s neighbors and they were looking for a new home to place it in. *Note…Pit Bulls are safer than other breeds because dogfighters culled man biters...Liars ALL!

May 2009, Indiana, PA; Police have to rescue 33 year old man from his Pit Bull "Aztec" using tasers..."He bit me pretty good," said Kearney. "He was relentless. And the whole time, I kept asking Aztec, 'Why are you doing this to me? Why are you doing this?'"  Easy!...Cuz Aztec was a Pit Bull!

Pg 36 of the pit bull playbook
May 2009, Germantown, PA; Two Pit Bulls dig out of fence and go on death patrol in the neighbor's back yard. Owners go to retrieve them and end up being attacked. Local ASPCA "expert" says "This is rare"  "This is rare"...Pg 36 of the Pit Bull play book which is now believed to be a cook book

May 2009, Kentwood, MI; Homeless couple living inside a truck with 5 pit bulls get hauled off in the Meat Wagon.

May 2009, Calvert County, MD; Attack on delivery man story mentions a woman getting sewn up after her pit bull mauls her...Rob Maguire said he was told by a nurse at the hospital that a woman came to the hospital about a week earlier to be stitched up from worse dog bites caused by her own pit bull.

May 2009, Greeley, CO; Routine dog walk turns into a Freddy Kreugeresque nightmare when Pit owner encounters another dog and his pit bull suddenly turns on him...treated at the hospital for numerous cuts on the hands and forearms

Apr 2009, Calgary, Canada; Pit Bull attacks owners up in Pit Bull Utopian Calgary. Animal tasered three times before it is subdued

April 2009, South Africa; Security saves couple being mauled by their Pit Bull by shooting the animal

April 2009, Houston Pit owner, put into the ICU by her wigglebutt  Mauled about the head, face and ears by the family pit bull that slept in her bed

Apr 2009, Sabillasvile, VA; Woman receiving medical attention after her second attack by the family Pit Bull. She was cleaning up food scraps so the wigglebutt ran down the stairs to get her again

March 2009, New Zealand; Pit scalps 22 year old Kiwi owner during family argument attack

March 2009, Calgary, Canada; Attacked owner wants pit-bull put down

March 2009, San Antonio TX; Grandmother’s Pit Bulls break down baby gate and maul toddler Izaiah Gregory Cox to death. Baby sitting Pit-Grannie tries stabbing them off, but they  also turn on her

March 2009, Puyallup, WA; Couple claims they were attacked by mountain lion, Fish and Wildlife officials determine it was their Pit Bull

March 2009, Calgary, Canada; A Pit Owning couple is mauled during an argument.

April 2009, Peabody, MA; Level 5 Berserking Pit Bull puts four Nutter personnel in the hospital, one by lifeflight, the other 3 by ground Meat-Wagons

Feb 2009, Elkhart, IN; Scott Sands in mauled by his pit bull "Buddy" and nearly loses an arm...“I could hear them thrashing around in the room, and then finally he said, he yelled out to me, Margaret, call the cops, he’s kill, Buddy’s killing me, he’s killing me, I can’t get up.”

Feb 2009, Indianapolis, IN; "I have worked at a veterinary hospital for 10 years and have seen many different pitbull personalities and felt poor ownership and mistreatment was the cause for attacks by pitbulls but last year I changed my mind. One of the vet's adopted a pitbull and it's puppy (to save from being euthanized). She has had the puppy from birth and it was in a very caring and loving environment. We tried over and over to socialize this male puppy but it was always standoffish and distrustful of everyone no matter what we tried. Then a couple of months ago it attacked the veterinarian and also it's own mother. This dog was afforded the best of care in a social and loving environment but still reverted to it's inherit desire to maim, fight and kill. " Oh well, Bleach out the office and pump out another litter!

Feb 2009, Omaha, NE; Mauled Pit Owner Lorrie Ellis begs police to shoot her unlicensed Pit Bull off of her

Jan 2009, Cleveland; TN; Pittie goes berserk and attacks five people inside the home. Be sure to watch the video as the defeated Caesar Milan wannabees spew forth nutter rationalizations about door bells, recent death of grandmother, too many people..
OMS Likely Theory: A Pit Breeder sold you a Darwin Doggie!

Dec 2008, Boca Raton, FL; 5 people including the pit bull owner are attacked when the owner looses control of the animal during a walk through the neighborhood

December 2008, Hawkes Bay, NZ; Family Pit Bull turns into "Killer Machine"

Aug 2008, Pima County. AZ; Ethereal, 20 year old pit chick gets a dose of reality when she tries to break up a fight between her pit bulls

Nov 2008, Royal Oaks, MI; Three Pit Bulls turn on family and they call 911 for Police rescue. After Police shoot the disloyal beasts they threaten to sue!

Nov 2008, Pine, IN; Fingerless pit owner points the finger at local animal control for not picking up "Brutus" after biting his wife  You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Oct 2008, New Zealand; Woman hospitalized after being mauled by her Pit Bull

Sep 2008, Evansville IN: Tony Burden begs Police to shoot family Pit Bull “Brutus” during mauling  Authorities should ask for a credit card before fulfilling the "Please shoot my pit bull of me request"

Sep 2008, Sheboygan, WI; 26 year old Pit owner makes up a story about a loose pit bull that attacked sending police on a wild goose chase. She finally fesses up that it was one of her own pit bulls that attacked. Sent back to jail on probation hold

Washington County, TN; Trailer dwelling Pit Granny suffers more than two dozen puncture wounds fighting the family Pit Bull off of her 1 year old Granddaughter

Aug 2008, Scotts Bluff, NE;  45 year old woman and her 16 year old daughter start arguing which flips the family pit bull's maul switch to the "ON" position. Police have to respond to shoot it for them and they are both hauled off to the hospital by paramedics.  The mother is transferred to a Denver trauma Center

Pit bulls and meth labs go together like peanut butter and jelly, but so do life flight helicopters, autopsies and gunfire!
July 2008, Jackson County, KY; Pit bull attack on owners reveals neighborhood meth lab to authorities who responded to the pit crisis...Life flight and drug lair burning ensue  Give that pit an award before euthanizing it!

July 2008, Hooksick, NY;  Authorities find man lying on the floor after being attacked and having his finger bitten of by his pit bull. 

July 2008, Long Beach, CA; A Long Beach woman was hospitalized with dog bites to her arms and hands early today after trying to break up a fight between her two pit bulls, who in turn attacked her, authorities said

"Amity means friendship"
July 2008, Amity Township PA; Pit owner mauled...“Amity means friendship“

June 2008, Kahului, HI; Pit Bull canine racists hold a "Bullies Only"  Dog Show. They start attacking each other and a fight involving at least 20 people breaks out.  Police respond with 9 cruisers and an ambulanceWonder how many parole violations the po-po found?...should these people really be breeding dogs?!?

Texas Vet Clinic implements Pit Bull Spay Neuter Policy after vet tech is mauled twice by her Pit Bull  "I'm a vet tech and my pit bull broke my arm...."

May 2008, Dallas , TX; 3 year old girl horribly mauled when two Pit Bulls barge into the bathroom and maul her and her Pit-Auntie while she was getting a bath. ANOTHER NOTE TO SELF: Never use Crystal Owner as a Babysitter, Pit Bulls were banned in her trailer park, but she knew better ...Just a guess, but she probably knew better than to have insurance too

Another pit owner double arm amputee...Sheesh!
June 2008, Indiana; Annette Williams loses both arms after her Pit Bull “bites“ her
When Police have to respond and shoot it off of her   Lt. Huser described it as ‘the grossest thing he had ever seen in 32-plus years on the force,’” Heaton said. “The dog was literally eating her to death.”

Reptile eyes: This murderously mutinous wigglebutt severed his owner's thumb and savaged a boy to the tune of 2500 stitches!
May 2008, Jefforsonville, KY; Murderous Pit Bull attacks all four family members. Mother's thumb is severed trying to save boy who sustained a 2500 stitch mauling

May 2008, Colorado Springs, CO;  Two family members move back home from the oppressive BSL state of Ohio only to be attacked by the family Pit Bull. A third family member is attacked during the rescue

May 2008, Salibury, MD; When troopers arrived, they discovered that Shannon Bryant, 37, of Salisbury had received bites on her hand and arm from one of her two mixed pit bulls, police said.

May 2008, Wilson, IL; 49 year old woman hospitalized after another adventures in dog sitting episode when her son's pit bull decides to start a maulin'. Police, EMS and Animal control response required

May 2008, Lake Jackson, TX; A pit bull was euthanized and the two owners were treated at a local hospital after the dog attacked them in their Lake Jackson home. Assistant Chief Jim Dunlap said, "He was trying to put his pit bull inside his kennel and he turned around and attacked him. When the woman tried to help contain the dog, the dog bit her too."

April 2008, Spokane, WA; Pit Owner has arm mutilated and is hospitalized after breaking up 'a scuffle"

2008, Hillsborough County, FL; It wasn't enough for Betty Acosta to be savaged by her own pit bull...Betty Acosta decided to volunteer after she was attacked by her pet pit bull, which left her with scars on her right arm. So instead of letting two surgeries and six months of physical therapy swear her off from pit bulls or dogs in general, Acosta made that change. She now teaches an obedience class for Pit Bull Ambassadors, an Animal Services training program specifically for the breed.
Pit mauling Stockholm Syndrome!

April 2008, Elyria, OH; Elyria police said.Matthew Galati, 22, was left bloodied when his pet, Capone, turned on him at 7:42 p.m. at his Monticello Circle home, according to a report. "the dog’s teeth barely missed piercing Galati’s lung. A nursing supervisor at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland said Galati was in fair condition Thursday"

April 2008, Des Moines, IA; 43 year old man attacked by his son's pit bull during dog sitting adventure. Had to shoot the thing with a .22 rifle and declined EMS transport to the hospital when authorities arrived.

March 2008, Toledo, OH; Pit breeder mauled, rescued and hospitalized after breaking up a fight between her moneymakers. Authorities had to tranquilizer dart the beasts to haul her off in the meat wagon WTF is this; Wild Kingdom?!?

March, 2008, Bedford, VA; After mauling, 62 year old Pit Bull owner reflects about Granddaughter coming to visit: "Whatever you do, don’t leave her alone with Prince."
The Pit Comedians in the family offered up; "He had just eaten lunch, so they must have smelled food on him"  Whatever...Life flight and stab off!

Feb 2008, Lexington, KY; Pit Bull pup and eats the toes off his paraplegic owner. A/C Officer returns the pup citing "Pit Bull paranoia"

Feb 2008, Lake Superior County, IN; When a Xanax dealer who sicced her pit bull on a customer misses her sentencing hearing, the pissed off judge sentences her to six years in the slammer.

Jan 2008, Evansville, IN; 20 year old Pit Mommie and her daughter under go treatment at Deaconess  Hospital.  The family Pit Bull named "Felony" chased the mother through three rooms and out into the back yard where he tried to finish her off. Drops of blood on the front porch gleamed in the afternoon sun as neighbors formed a conga line in the street

Jan 2008, Oberland, OH; 25 year old owner is attacked inside his apartment, tries to flee by throwing himself through sliding glass window. Finally, he begs police to shoot it and is flown to Metrohealth Medical Center in Cleveland Pit ownership experience shattered!....

Dec 2007, Cincinnati, OH; Pit Bull savages it's owner. Police warn neighbors until the murderous animal is corralled by A/C

Oct 2007, Maultimore, MD; After it takes ten minutes for experienced Pit Bull owner Kenneth Garrison to separate Pit Bull “Chocolate“ from his one year old Son‘s face he utters…“I was always one that said pits are fine and they’re only mean if you train them to be that way,” Garrison said. “This thing made a liar out of me.”

Sept 2007, Gaitherburg, MD; Pregnant Pit Nutter is walking her dogs when she comes across another dog owner which causes her two pitties to attack each other. She tried to intervene and her arm was shredded. When Police arrived, the two pitties were still going at it, so they fed them lead sandwiches.

Aug 2007, Aurora CO; Two women who though they were smarter than public safety officials are mauled by illegal Pit Bull during babysitting operation.

Aug 2007, Frankford, PA; 69 year old Grace Page attacked by her three pit bulls in her living room...hospitalized in critical but stable condition, after having surgeries to repair injuries to her face, ear, arm, and leg. Two adult pitties and a puppy were involved..Yay..another human aggressive breeder cell!

July 2007, Newark, NJ; 38 year old blind woman airlifted after her Mastiff and Pit Bull turn on her

July 2007, Omaha, NE; Omaha woman hospitalized after being attacked by her own dogs in her own home..says  Pit Bull Comedian Line
#53: "Dogs had been skittish since 4th of July Fireworks"

July 2007, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; Two women take pit bulls to an apartment and sic them on people in the unit, then on responding police officers who shoot one of the pitties. Three people are bitten including one of the owners

July 2007, Aurora, CO; Two Pit know-it-alls who kept an illegal pit bull are viciously attacked and attempt to stab it to death before police arrive and shoot it for them. The grandmother was described as "lifeless" when EMS hauled her off in the meat wagon

June 2007, Deltona, FL; Pit Bull breeder Estrella Macias has thumb nearly severed trying to save the life of her sister who was being scalped and killed by sweet maulspawner “Tas“ Just Great ! Another man killing breeding operation

May 2007, Haverhill MA; Samantha Gaylord’s Pit Bull Leo goes beserk during in home training session, as Samantha barricades herself in the bathroom and fashions a crude tourniquette from pantyhose, police shoot Leo while he rips the door apart to trying finish her off   *OMS Note: Dear Dog trainer...You suck at this. Please consider another profession ASAP!

April 2007, Lawrence, MA; A police officer shot two "out of control" pit bulls who attacked their owners outside a house on Lowell Street, police said. Police found a woman hysterical and bleeding profusely outside the three-family house. The dogs chased her boyfriend into an apartment where he barricaded himself inside a bathroom after he was mauled by one of his animals. One pit bull died instantly and the other was later euthanized.

Jan 2007, Evansville, IN: Mother and daughter mauled by their family Pit named "Felony" and hospitalized with extreme injuries. Police said the back yard "Looked like a bloodbath". Misunderstood pittie was shot by Police during the rescue

Jan 2007, Kennett. MO; 54 year old man put into the ICU by his Pit Bull on New Years Day

Jan 2007, Fruitland Park, FL; Pit Bull attacks it's 21 year old owner and the ole Seizure story is offered as the disloyalty excuse

Dec 2006, Burgas, Bulgaria; Pit Bull attacks it's owner and her two children during a walk. Police respond and shoot the misunderstood wigglebutt

Nov 2006, Woodbine, NJ; Pit bull owner attacked and mauled by his own canine disloyalists. Flown by South Star helicopter to AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

Oct 2006, Cape May County, NJ; Family pit bulls "Mega-Millions" and "Quiet Storm" are euthanized after attacking and mauling their 20 year old owner. *OMS Comment: 911 calls to rescue pit owners costs taxpayers mega-millions!...

Oct 2006, Vallejo, CA; A 21-year-old woman was critically mauled Tuesday by her own pit bull, and about 100 marijuana plants were found at her home in a quiet Northgate neighborhood. Flown to John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek after being severely bitten on all four arms and legs.

Sgt Stubby is claimed by the Boston Terrier community, but that doesn't stop the Pit Nutters from wrapping themselves in the flag. Pit Bulls are banned on US military bases after 8 deaths of Military dependent children, 5 of them since 911

Sep 2006, Abilene, TX; West Texas; Woman Loses Both Arms After Pit Bull Mauling
Note...There are at least 4 instances of Pit Bull owners having both arms severed by their own dogs on this list...Real life Sgt Stubbies!

June 2006, Sonoma, CA; Man mauled by his own Pit Bull. Son grabs shotgun and blows it away * You know what they say,,,”The family that gets mauled together, stays together“…

June 2006, Salt Lake City, UT; While Pit Perp flees police in his car, the chase went down a windy, bumpy dirt road. His Pit Bull started to get tossed around and eventually became so agitated that he bit his owner in the face, chomping off part of his Owner’s nose and causing him to stop the car.

June 2006, Port Norris, NJ; 24 year old babysitter Kristi Norris gets bull baited by her own Pit Bull while babysitting two kids…Maybe it had never seen kids before?!?

May 2006, Australia, 26 year old woman mauled and hospitalized by her four pit bulls swears she "wouldn't give them up for the world"

BSL Never Works!
May 2006, Evil Denver, CO; Pit breeder moves in from Texas thinking he would make a killing selling and fighting pits when Denver's Ban was temporarily rescinded. He was dimed out when neighbors called 911 after he was attacked and lost his finger tip to one of his cash cows.  Cited for animal cruelty and neglect  BSL never works for dog fighters, Pit advocates and pit breeders! They have to get regular jobs...

The Philadelphia Record Nov 1906...Philly Pit owners have been getting mauled by their own "treacherous natured" animals for over a century.

Apr 2006, Philadelphia, PA; Pit Bull bites owner and neighbors..."Bites to arms and legs"

March 2006, Cary, IL; Pit owner Scott Sword describes the “all out fight” trying to save 10 year old boy being mauled by his three Pit Bulls

Jan 2006, Adams, MA; Ambitious, pack climbing Pit Bull seizes the opportunity to attack its owner during a pack disorder moment. "The Pit Bull tore into the flesh of the Woman's left arm and right leg."

Dec 2005, Accrington, UK; Pit Bull turns on its owner in horror attack.

Dec 2005, Round Lake Beach, IL; Officials in Round Lake Beach will be looking a little closer at their ordinance covering dangerous animals after a 24-year-old was severely mauled by her pit bull this week and police had to shoot the dog to get it under control

Oct 2005, Long Beach CA; 24 year old woman sustains severe head mauling by her Pit Bull The 24-year-old victim, whose name was withheld by police, was attacked Tuesday night and hospitalized. Surgeons attempted to reattach flesh ripped from her face.  Ouchee!

Oct 2005, Australia; When neighbors investigate what they thought was a cow having trouble giving birth, they find a Nutter being devoured by his own three pit bulls. They pelt the dogs with stones and bottles from behind the safety of the fence. Lifeflighted to hospital Oh well...Hose the blood off the sidewalk and throw another shrimp on the Barbie...

Sep 2005, Chicago, IL, 39 year old Melissa Asad hears a knock on the door at 3:00 AM which triggers her 3 Pit Bulls to maul her...Airlifted 

June 2005,Ontario Canada; Ron O'Neill was driving home from work on Thursday when he spotted a man on the side of the road being attacked by a pit bull. O'Neill managed to fend off the dog after it mauled its owner's arms and upper body.

June 2005, Rohnert Park, CA; Pit Bull owner hospitalized with multiple bites to his right hand and arm and to his face after his Pittie gets into a scuffle with another dog

June 2005, San Jose, CA; Woman gets down on her hands and knees to clean up pit puke, her animal attacks her. Hospitalized with serious bites to hands and arms with possible broken wrist  To top it all off, now she has to clean up a ton of her own blood!

Jun 2005, Rockford, IL; 22 year old woman has to stab one of her Pits when breaking up a “scuffle” and it turns on her

June 2005 Rohnert Park, CA; 66 year old woman seriously mauled trying to stop her Pit Bull that was attacking her son

April 2005,  Allentown, PA; EMS and A/C response required when the family pit bull bites off it's owner's nose. A/C has to tranquilize the beast

March 2005, Sydney, New Zealand; Pit owner savaged by his own Pit Bulls. The man's ears were torn from his head after the dogs dragged him to the ground in the attack. He also suffered deep wounds to his face, arms, legs and stomach. Neighbours called police when they heard the man crying for help

ALBUQUERQUE, NM 2004: 20 year old Nutter Dine and Dashes from his own attack after his Darwin Doggie bites off his Pee-Pee (Ouchee!). Officials at a nearby school call parents to pick up students due to school siege threat from loose Pee-Pee eater.. Darwin Dog, Dine and Dash and school siege attack all rolled up in one attack...A world record!

Dec 2004, Rogersville, TN; A family fight turned uglier when their pet pit bulldog joined the brawl. Christina Lyman told authorities she was trying to break up a Christmas evening altercation between her brother and sister...That's when the family owned pit bull entered the fray and "turned on all three parties," according to Cpl. Chad Gillenwater of the Hawkins County Sheriff's Department.  Happy Maulidays!

Dec 2004, Boston, MA; 9 Police officers respond to 911 call where pit-terminator tries to kill it's owner and his friend.  The carpeting in the apartment and surrounding hallway were blood-soaked when Boston Animal Control arrived to help police capture the dog, police said.

Sep 2004, Mendocino, CA; An off duty CHP officer rescues a woman being mauled by her pet pit bull inside her SUV. Transported to Mendocino Coast District Hospital, and later flown to Stanford Hospital for surgeries to her arm. Another Driving Miss Crazy Attack!

Aug 2004 Council Bluffs, NE; Police shoot Pit Bull attacking it‘s owner

Aug 2004, Loveland, CO; Family allows 20 year old boy to squat on their property with illegal pit bull. The usual pit fiasco ensues... 911 call, police gunfire and 71 year old woman hauled off in the meat wagon for hospitalization

July 2004, Murphysboro, IL; Pit Granny suffers serious bite wound to the arm when her defective Nannydog goes after her Granddaughter

May 2004, Australia; Authorities issue Gripper APB for two Pit Bulls on the loose after mauling their owner

April, 2004, Jundiai, Brazil; 3 family members attacked by disloyal family Pit Bull. 8 year old Launa da Silva Oliveira dies after a week on life support. Launa’s organs were donated after they decided to pull the plug. DBRF!

April 2004, Toronto, CA; Police fire more than a dozen bullets to kill two Bit Bulls that were mauling a man who was walking them for a fiend sic

Feb 2004, Orange County, CA; 91 year old Ruby Sharum loses both arms when family Pit turns on her again. Neighbors had called the nincompoops at A/C at least 10 times prior  Another Double amputee!.... Oh well...hose the blood off the sidewalk and pump out another litter!

Nov 2003, Barre Town, VT; Mother sustains lacerations to her arm rescuing her 5 year old daughter from the "Family" Pit Bull. Her daughter didn't fair as well...fractured skull and lost an ear during the "Family" Bull Baiting.

March 2003, UK; Police storm apartment with riot shields so EMS crew can load mauled Staffy owner into the Meat wagon

Pit Bull owners should set up their own "Frequent Flyer" Program as the Life Flight is the hallmark of the breed.
Aug 2003, Palm Beach, FL, Pit Nutter takes a Life flight after she is mauled about the arms and neck after breaking up a Pit-scuffle in her house

Oct 2003, Dallas, TX; Pit owner is attacked while rescuing schoolchildren being mauled by his Pit Bull at a bus stop. Has to retrieve firearm and shoot his own dog to stop the attack Well at least this one saved the tax payer the cost of the in the line of duty investigation...

Oct 2003 San Antonio, TX; Retired police officer saves his neighbor being mauled by his family Pit Bull

Leopard Aperitif, Neighbor shoots pet Leopard of woman's throat..Can't see much difference between this exotic animal attack and these Pit darwins..Can You?!?

Justice is Served!; NH Nutter goes all the way to the State Supreme Court to save his manbiters, then they maul him!
Dec 2003, Keene, NH; After valiantly fighting “The Man“ all the way to the State Supreme Court to save his Pit Bulls from euthanization, 23 year old Mathew Beemis is mauled by them…*You can‘t make this stuff up!

Oct 2002, Willingboro, NJ; His wife, Brenda Koonce, 49, was feeding the dogs crackers when they became aggressive, the police said. The victim, Johnny Koonce, 49, tried to take them outside, but he slipped and the dogs attacked, the police said.
He was bitten on his limbs and upper body and was flown to the trauma center at Cooper Hospital/University Medical Center in Camden  Leave pit feeding to the professionals...

April 2002; COMEDY INTERMISSION; The Onion publishes satire piece "Pit Bull Journeys Home 2000 Miles to Maul His Owner...* DISCLAIMER: Not Sure if this Really Didn't Happen!...

Nov 2001, Mesa County, CO; 55 year old man attacked by the family pit bull. Police officer has to respond and shoot it off of him. Hauled off in the meat wagon and listed in fair condition

Oct 2001, Pittsburg, CA; A pit bull mauls and scalps it's 36 year old owner at Motel 6. Police transported the 4 x4 inch piece of scalp in a cooler to the hospital where she was being sewn back together

Sep 2000, Philadelphia, PA; Two pit bulls turned on their family yesterday, authorities said, mauling a 28-year-old Wissinoming woman and her 10-year-old daughter before being shot and killed by police.

July 2000, Berlin, Germany; During a scuffle with youths who objected the ownership of a fighting dog,  Staffa-shredder turns on his owner, biting off and swallowing his owner's nose

April 2000, Westminster, CA; 53 year old Pit Bull owner found unconscious and bleeding by her husband after her two wiggle butts get into “scuffle”

May 2000, Reading, PA; Police shoot Pit Bull after it attacks his owner and severs his thumb which is packed in ice and transported to the hospital for attempted reattaching.. Police entered the home to save the two children who were trapped in a bedroom and killed the animal with a shotgun. The Police officer stated "I wouldn't get a Pit Bull if it were the last dog on Earth"

Jan 2000, Aurora, IL; 24 year old Pit owner taken to the hospital after breaking up “a scuffle” between her dogs . Suffered wounds to hands and legs

April 1999, Montgomery County, MD; Police shoot American Pit Bulldog off of it's 19 year old owner who spent the night in critical condition at Bethesda area hospital

Jan 1999, Milwaukee, WI; 55 year old man likely to lose both arms after trying to break up a "scuffle" between his two pit bulls  That's two Sgt Stubby Brigade volunteers in one month!

Jan 1999, Morgan County, KY; A Morgan County man was hospitalized in serious condition yesterday after his foot was bitten off and eaten by his son's pit bull terrier, Kentucky State Police said. Arnold Nickell, 64, was attacked about 9 a.m. at his home on Ky. 203, south of Mize, according to police reports. Nickell had been caring for the dog while the dog's owner, Nickell's son Danny, worked in Lexington


April 1997, Arlington, TX; Pit Bull "Tyson" apparently didn't want to go on vacation...A 74-year-old man is recovering from dog bites to his head, face and upper body after being attacked by his pet pit-bull mix dog Monday as he loaded his motor home for a vacation with the animal

May 1996, New York City, 27 year old Tammy Jenkins is mauled by her 16 month old Pit Bull “Rage” in a public park. Police rescue her and shoot the beast

Nov 1995, Euless, TX; A pit bull terrier ripped and chewed the face of a man early yesterday in his apartment, leaving him in critical condition in a Dallas hospital. Donnie Brown, 32, was attacked by the family's pet, Brodie, about 3 a.m. yesterday as he sat in the bathtub, police said. Another Good Ole Texas Life flight!

March 1995, Tampa, FL; 67 year old Florence Bigbie severely attacked by her family Pittie while sleeping. * Note: See Safety Tip # 6 Below

Aug 1995, Ft Lauderdale, FL; When Pit Breeder succumbs to epileptic seizure, heroic Pit Bull leaps into action by mauling him

Aug 1994, Arvada, CO: Pit Owner is getting mauled so he shoves his fist down the mutinous Pit Bulls Throat. Nearby construction workers rescue him and shoot the animal. Later said "Injuries were nothing compared to what would happened had he not put his hand in it's mouth".  OMS Special Bonus Safety tip; Always give it your less dominant hand

March 1994, Chicago, IL; Couple severely bitten about the arms during another “Argument Mauling“ * Note OMS Staff: May need to create Pit Bull safety rule number 7: To avoid being treated like another match dog, never your raise voice and always walk on egg shells around your Pit Bull

Sep 1994, Ontario, Canada; After part of a 6 year old Girl‘s nose is bitten off by a loose previously Dangerously Declared Pit Bull, a passerby yells at the Pit Bull owner. Feeling disrespected, the owner starts fighting the man. When the Owner’s Nutter-Girlfriend tries to intervene, she gets bitten. *Note: The Springer show has nothing on these Nutters!

Aug 1994, Moscow, Russia; Less than three weeks after Russkie Pit Nutter's husband is hospitalized by her Pit Bull and she keeps it. .... both of her arms get severed
Another pit owner double arm amputee!

Jan 1993, McComb, MS; Mother and daughter attacked by the family pit bull named "Captain"...Captain bull baited them both about the ears and face. 

Feb 1992, Anchorage, AK; Pit owner and mother Chris Coffman is bitten in the face and neck while trying to save her 9 month old baby from a fatal nanny mauling. She was unsuccessful

Oct 1991, Waterloo, IA; Police shoot Pit Bull so paramedics can haul mauled Pit Bull owner out to the Meat wagon

June 1991, Charlotte, NC; Reading like a story from Pit Bull Life Magazine:..."Ninja" the pit bull attacks his owner and 4 other individuals during a street fight.

Oct 1990, Mckinney, TX; Pit Breeding Granny is mauled by beloved nanny dogs trying in vain to save her 18 month old granddaughter from her fatal mauling. Later, Pit Gramps chimes in with "She rode them in the house like they were horses"

June 1989, Spokane, WA; Pit Bull attacks mailman, then mauls its owner

1989, Memphis, TN; Police Officer Edwin Hill is bitten in the face by one of hs pit bulls. One year later they would kill next door neighbor Betty Lou Stidham. The City of Memphis would later pay out a judgment to Ms Stidham's estate and Edwin Hill would weep at his Manslaughter Sentencing to prison.  But man biters were always culled!...DBRF!

Feb 1988, British Columbia, Canada; Not really an owner mauling but Darwinistic nonetheless.. Pit Nutter Rhonda MacFarland self-mutilates by showing up to her sentencing hearing 15 minutes late and pissing off the Judge. Her two Pitties mauled a 71 year old neighbor so badly that she lost 1/3 of her blood

Sep 1987, Alexandria, LA; ."It was like a live horror show," said Sonya Nelson, 21, who ended the dog's attack Sunday night on David and Jerrie Jo Spence by shooting the dog with a handgun. The Spences said they were attacked by one of the four pit bulls they raised at their home in Ruby  "Raised" is breeder terminology  for bred and sold pit bulls without paying taxes

April 1987, Dayton, OH; Pit owner Joetta Darmstadter released after a week in the hospital. She was severely bitten by her pit bull trying to save Walter Eckman who was fatally mauled

Aug 1987, Morgantown, WV; In another bizarre driving attack, Patricia Hollis gets bitten 35 times by “Lord Tugginton”  Lord Tuggington...Best pit name ever!!

April 1987, Dayton, OH; Shop Owner attacked by Pit Bull guard dog

Feb 1987, Lynn, MA; 61 year old Pit owner hospitalized with severe bites to face and legs from her Pit Bull named "Conan" She postulated that the cause was due to "She was wearing a new hat"  New hat attack...Another pit comedian!

May 1986, St Cloud, FL; 3 year old girl gets 40 stitches in her head and face from the family pit bull. Her father is also bitten several times in the arms and legs during her rescue

Mar 1986, Hollywood, FL; Pit Bull attacks its second owner in a month... Kenneth Raff, 20, a new owner of the pit bull, tried to step between the 35- pound dog and a cat Monday. He was bitten several times and suffered tendon damage to his arm, said animal control supervisor Tim Keller

Dec 1985, Eudora, KS; 3  year old boy savaged by two  pit bulls that broke their chains (both simultaneously...yeah that's the ticket!) while playing in the front yard. Grandmother also attacked as well as the responding police officer. The pitties take lead induced dirt naps

May 1985, Hialeah, FL; 44 year old Alice McDonald is attacked by her 2 year old Pit Bull named "Turbo".  A neighbor rescues her by shooting Turbo five times

April 1985, Leisure City, FL; 25 year old Elizabeth Allen mauled by Pit Bull she raised from a pup. Neighbors had to shoot the disloyal beast

Jan 1985, Boston, MA; 72 year old woman bitten 40 times by her Pit Mix

Jan 1980, Miami, FL; Ethel Tiggs savaged and almost killed by her Pit Bulls

Sep 1954, Portland OR; Husband kills Staffy with hammer when it bull baits wife, who lost both ears

Sep 1951, NY City; 59 year old Rindsley Paice

May 1938, Australia; Ruby MacAdam badly lacerated by her “Bulldog” trying to save her mother from the beast

Apr 1915, Altoona, PA; Bull Terrier goes nuts on its Owner's during "Pack Scuffle". Administered 17 bites on 3 humans before being shot.

Aug 1913, New York City; Opera Prima Donna nearly killed by dog

July 1913, Williamsburg, NY; Louise Eichorn gets latched onto and rescued by a Police Officer

Dec 1912, Urban, OH; Charles Kyle mauled about the head by his white Bulldog. Summoned Police Officer shoots it on the spot

June 1911; Chicago, IL; Miss Elmira Park's prize winning Boston Bull Terrier valued at $2000 attacks her and is kicked until unconscious by rescuer

May 1903, Syracuse, NY; Mrs Thomas Leonard gets bull baited on her front porch

May 1900, Ny City; Delia Robinson attacked by her Bulldog, “May lose Arm“
April 1896, NYC; Henry Balzar’s Prized Fighting bulldog “Terror” has to be shot to release his face in a manner reminiscent of the larvae in the "Alien" movies

April, 1894, Vineland, NJ; The entire Kohler family is mauled by their bulldog
Still happening 120 years later!

* Note to the Producers of Animal Planet’s “Fatal Attractions” show…There is enough material here to fill several seasons!

The takeaway from this should be, whenever a Pit Bull owner assures you that Pit Bulls “Are the most loyalest dogs because dog fighters created them”, you should show them this piece and tell them to enjoying sleeping with one eye open….


1. Never leave a Pit Bull owner alone with a dog.

2. Always keep Will updated, medical insurance/blood type paperwork on your person, and 911 on speed dial.

3. Scatter breaksticks, firearms and stabbing weapons throughout the home so they are handy in case of an "incident". Always give the animal your less dominant arm so you can use them with your dominant one.

4. Develop Emergency Egress Plan with alternative escape routes...IE; diving through windows, back doors, or barricading oneself in the bathroom or closet. If the eyes go Reptilian ...ACTIVATE!

5. To avoid organized post attack condemnation as a bad owner from fellow Pit Bull owners, concoct a cover story ahead of time...Suggestions: "Never seen a horse before", "Construction noise", "Possible Brain Tumor", "Spooked by Lightning" or “Just Neutered“. Always work in "You can't blame the entire Breed" and never, EVER reveal the Breeder that sold you the disloyal animal!

6. Practice sleeping with one eye open.


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  1. Did you know more people are bitten by house cats than by dogs every year? Nine times out of ten these dog bite statistics come from 'resident dogs' ie: dogs on a chain outside, 24/7 un loved, un socialized, not cared for properly so they defend them selves against a perceived threat.
    You hate all 'Pitt bulls'? Well a pit bull is not a breed yet you keep stating it as such. It's a fact that larger dogs have larger mouths therefore have a larger more intense bite. Would you call the animal control if you were bitten by a 8 lb dog? Probably not because they don't cause as much harm. These stories you posted are labeling them pit bulls but are mostly mixed breed dogs therefore you cannot name them as such.
    You hate 'pit bulls'? What about the micheal Vick dogs? Only one was named human aggressive. The rest are in sanctuaries or in foster care or with LOVING FAMILIES WHO TREAT THEM WELL. What about Hector the pit bull? He's a CGC, TDI rally obediance dog who never showed any fear or aggression at all. Or Handsome Dan? He's a shy dog who lives with a toddler, is a foster brother to many dogs who come in & out of there home. Both trained with POSITIVE reinforcement!!! Or Two Pitties in the City they are also loving dogs whom live in loving homes with people who LOVE THEM! Of Corbin, also a foster brother to many pit bull type dogs & living in the lap of luxury with loving parents.
    I'm not saying that bully breeds can't be aggressive but our know what? So can Labradors, golden retrievers, or even a pug. Herding dogs are more likely to bite children due to there hyper active breeds. What about the hundreds of pit bull type dogs who have not bitten people?
    Parents need to take some responsibility & teach their children about how to properly interact with dogs. Knowing signs of a scared, fearful aggressive behavior is what you can do to protect your child & dog. You get out of your dog what you put into them. I have rescued 'pit bulls' by the side of the road do you know what they did to me? Gave me a kiss. Check out Bad rap or pit proud the movie if you dont believe me. Hector & Handsome Dan are also on Facebook. You need to know dogs need to be treated as part of the family & work with them if they show aggressive tendencies.

    1. So this lengthy list impressed you not at all? Huh.

      It helps a lot if you read it. This isn't about children getting mauled. that's a different list. this ADULT PIT BULL OWNERS getting mauled by their own dam pit. Get it yet? GEEZ.

    2. Hey pitiot, people don't DIE from a cat bite. Cats aren't running loose in neighborhoods attacking people or jumping from second floor balconies or through windows.

    3. Cat bites?!? Another pit bull comedian!

      Wonder if she has been mauled yet?...

    4. you are the problem

  2. Kudos for keeping this updated.

    And to "Cat Bit Fever" above, two things.

    One, cats rarely kill or maul, and apparently you can't read so you missed the point where the pits are killing their owners.

    Two, you need to learn a bit more about pit bull behavior. They LOVE to attack, they wag their little wiggle butts all through the attacks. The often give NO CLUE they are about to attack. Savvy animal control people call them "psychopaths" because they lie with their body language, one saying "he wagged his tail, gave me a little play bow, then lunged at my face".

    The most oft repeated quote by pit bull owners after their dog attacks, mauls, kills someone is "it never was aggressive before".

    What more evidence do you want that "love and kindness" don't always win out? These people, much like you, loved their dogs and treated them well and BAM, outta the blue the got a mauling on their hands.

    Hate? I don't hate pit bulls, I hate morons. To me pit bulls are a wretched annoyance that should be contained and if not contained, eliminated from the face of the earth.


    1. Then dont get one. Spare your face and dont get one but do not bash others who have a pitbull. Ive been bitten by my own dog but oh no! It was a husky who STARTED the fight. Ive had to break up fights thats hes started plenty of times. My seven month old does wiggle but he has yet to turn on his "maul switch". Rather than just list who died, why not list what actually happened. Ive had more labs and pomeranians snarl at my face than pits. Im not saying that each breed is 100% good. Each breed has its demons. I believe ankle biters should be wiped off the planet.

    2. Hey, Anon, what kind of horrible dog owner are you that labs and poms are constantly attacking you? It's always the owner, right? Stop abusing labs and poms, and they'll stop attacking you.

      As for your seven month old pit, it's still a baby. Pits reach sexual maturity around the 1 1/2 to 2 year mark. Come back a few years from now and tell us all about your docile little wiggle butt, that is if you can stop beating labs and poms long enough to take the time.

    3. If pit bulls ONLY mauled their owners then 'don't get one' would work. Unfortunately pit bulls are FOURTEEN TIMES more likely than other breeds to escape confinement or break their restraints to attack. So your pit bull is MY problem.

  3. "It's the owner" and the "Hater" are lazy arguments.

    If they took and put ten percent of the effort they put into lying into breeding and selling a safer Pit Bull, lists like this one wouldn't be necessary.

    Two more owners killed in the past month...Oh well, hose the blood off the carpet and pump out another litter!

  4. Anon stated...
    "Well a pit bull is not a breed yet you keep stating it as such."

    I will drop all my current projects and get that information to the UKC and the AKC. Please note that the AKC American Staffordshire Terrier can be double registered as a UKC American Pit Bull Terrier. If the dogs can be double registered, they are the same thing, examples of the pit bull breed and also the pit bull type.

    If you read the post before you rushed to make a mindless comment, doesn't it get your attention to read about all those pit bull parents who were mauled to death by their own pit bulls? What makes you different from them?

    You have made generalizations about Goldens, Pugs, Labs, herding dogs, house cats, and children but generalizations about pit bulls are not acceptable to you.

    You suggested consulting with BADRAP for information on pit bulls. How much value could that information have? BADRAP was unable to educate one of their own members, Darla Napora. Mrs. Napora was killed inside her own home by a pit bull that she had raised from a puppy, a dog that she loved. Are you sure that you are very different than Napora? Are you willing to bet your life on it?

    1. No, but he's willing to bet anyone else's life.

    2. OF COURSE he is willing to bet others lives. Lets hope its his own thats lost.

  5. this list is likely enough proof for any normal person who appreciates normal dogs to avoid to avoid owning a pitbull like one should do all they can do in an effort to avoid getting a venereal disease...sadly though, some don't wear condoms, others decide to own a pit anyways. Thank goodness though most venereal diseases have good strong doses of medicine to cure it, pit loving though has it seems no cure.

  6. Wow, this is quite an impressive list.

    As we all know its only the tip of the iceburg.

    I have a friend who works for a medical service provider. Last year they got a call to ambulance a woman who was nearly killed while breaking up a fight between her mutants. She survived the injuries but had to then be transported to another facility for much reconstructive surgery. This story never made the local papers which is shocking since the community where it happened was quite small.

    I sat here last night and read a majority of the listed stories as my dog slept on my lap. I had to wonder WHY anyone would want to keep a dog that has these kind of propensities?

    Another DBRF yesterday, honestly what is it going to take for the general public to get the message?????

  7. What's going to take?

    that's the $64,000 question.

  8. In yesterdays death one of the "animal experts" called the death of the woman by her seven pit bulls a "freak accident".

    Perhaps someone can provide her with this list.

    “It’s an unfortunate loss and a freak accident,” said Katherine Floyd, a former animal cruelty investigator,

  9. A freak Accident alright...Only happens a couple times a month!

    The Animal Control profession has turned on the American People is the only explanation. Big Money is involved with Pit Bulls...

    The silver lining about yesterdays attrocity was that it happened before the dogs were placed with families in a residential neighborhood.

    1. A "freak accident"....that would be death via coconut, right?

  10. Great blog.

    I just wanted to point out that all the imbecilic platitudes about pit bulls (ok, LIES) such as loyal, nanny dogs, etc., originated in the breeding and dog fighting community to protect their investments from scrutiny and laws. They started working on these lies in the 1990s.

    It then took the No Kill community, later in the 2000s, led by the deranged and money mad sleazewads at Best Friends Animal Society in kanab utah to simply join in with the breeders and dog fighters and use the same propaganda. The money and exposure from the Vick situation fanned the flames, but they were linked directly to the breeders nand dog fighters, even holding candlelight vigils with dog fighting people and using material from breeder lobbyists like Rick Berman.

    Betsy Saul Berkey and Animal Farm Foundation semms to straddle both sectors.

  11. The breeders, dog fighters, various No Kill greed pigs all get together to propagandize with their sleaze lies and snare the mentally deficient like the ohcorbin posting person above, who doesn't even know they are being used by the very dog fighters and breeder clowns that prey on these dogs and hurt them. "Rescue angel" mentally deficent tools.

  12. " CGC, TDI rally obediance dog "

    Wothless pieces of paper.

    A con by the usual canine community know-it- alls and grifters, and comletely empty nonsense to try to feign legitimacy.

  13. The photos of those two white w/brown-patches pit bulls fighting are really great. Look at the jaws in that first one! Can you imagine being there and seeing that expression on a dog's face up close and personal, right before it rips your scalp off? Jeez.

    1. Former total idiotApril 1, 2014 at 2:26 PM

      Their face while they are killing, or just before they attack, is pretty much the same, but I swear they are happier.
      I got to kill mine with a dog collar and my bare hands after it tried to eat another dog, so I saw this up close and personal. That cured me of my pit-idiocy.

  14. Canis Maulus Maximus LOL

    holy moly. i wonder if we can hire ledy's guerrilla puppets to calculate the cost to the tax payer?

  15. Thank you for this handy dandy list to share with anyone who thinks their next dog should be a pit bull. Bravo!

  16. "Pit Bulls are banned on US miltary bases after 5 deaths of Military dependent children since 911"

    LMAO! Maybe you should tell that to the APBT named Howard and his handler in the military.


      Pit Nutter has a good laugh over DBRFs of Military dependents....

      "Pit Bulls are banned on US miltary bases after 5 deaths of Military dependent children since 911" "LMAO!"

      US Miltary Dependent Children Deaths by Pit Bulls:

      Margeurite Derdenger
      21 months old/Los Angeles, CA
      February 13, 1945
      Mother’s dog/US Army dependent, Father flown home from Camp Barkley, TX to handle mortuary affairs

      Mary De La Pena
      3 years old/Killeen, TX
      February 9, 1951
      Daughter of US Army Officer stationed at FT Hood, deployed to Korean conflict. Killed by neighbor’s (another US Army member) Pit Bull

      Randall Ayers
      2 years old/Orlando ,FL
      May 9, 1992
      Neighbor’s Pit Bull/ US Army dependent, Father flown home from Korea to handle mortuary affairs

      Roddy Dumas
      3-years old/Anderson Creek, NC
      Jan 14 2004
      Father flown home from Iraq to handle Mortuary affairs

      Dandre Fisher
      3-years old | Hunter Army Airfield, GA
      May 26, 2007

      Seth Lovitt
      11-years old | Killeen, TX
      November 7, 2007
      Mother’s Pit Bull, Father flown home from Korea to handle mortuary affairs

      Julian Slack
      3-years old | Camp Lejeune, NC
      May 14, 2008
      Killed by family guest’s Pit Bull in base housing

      Isis Krieger
      6-years old | Anchorage, AK
      August 14, 2008
      Family Pit Bull, Father flown home from Iraq to handle mortuary affairs

      Now Nutter, if you persist in laughing over the deaths of military dependents and the taxpayer having to fly their active duty fathers home to bury them, I will nuke every one of your infantile musings.

      Additionally, The neanderthal use "C" word will result in comment cullings

      I am going to use your words in a blog piece...Thanks for the inspiration!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. My personal all time favorite Nutter chat thread is this one:

      Am I a Statistic?

      "I had extensive damage done to the main arterys behind my knee, Fedor grabbed a hold of me and shaked and ripped at my leg for about 15 mins.. he got so deep into my leg and fractured one of my shin bones, the fibula? I dont know how to spell it.. From the moment he went after me I remained as calm as could be.. I used all the training commands that we had worked with as far as dropping his toys.. I eventually fell to the floor cause i couldnt stand anymore, I lost over a liter of blood. I had my girlfriend give me a breaking stick to try to pry his jaws apart.. but whenever i got it in he released and just came right back to the same wound.. I was afraid for my life, and my girlfriends life.. and as hard as it is to say, I shot him. I couldnt take the pain anymore"

      This heart warmer never made the local news...weird!

      Oh well, Replace the carpet and pump out another litter!

    4. Sorry, just realized my comment was replied to. No, I would never laugh over the death of anyone. The only thing I'm laughing at is you. I understand "pit bulls" aren't allowed on bases but obviously they are still used in the military.
      Which you fail to even bother to mention.
      The death of a child or anyone under any circumstance is horrible and tragic. But thank you for twisting my comment into your own little way.

    5. Im sorry, but i would never EVER leave a dog UNATTENDED no matter how good they were with a child. That kid may accidentally provoke the dog by just even touching it in the wrong area and get him to get bitten. So shame on those parents. People need to use some common sense.

    6. Pit bulls are used in the military? When the aren't even allowed on bases? Please provide proof of your statement.

  17. Oh I'm sorry, I don't mean to mislead anyone. They are banned on bases...not that anyone follows that as you can read further down on the post of that link I posted up. Just wanted to make it clear the pit bulls are allowed to be used in the Military...obviously. It's a working dog that can find bombs and save lifes. Not like that matters since it's an "evil" pit bull.

    1. NOPE, it sure doesn't matter. Mutts, labs, GASD can ALL find bombs, protect people and save lives. NO ONE NEEDS A PIT BULL. WHY take the risk, there is nothing they do better than other dogs other than KILL and MAIM.

      Pit bulls can turn and kill, attack innocents, and kill more often, and more of their owners, than any other dog. Using a pit as a working dog like this shows a serious lack of care for the people around.

      No one twisted your statement. READ it.

  18. hey anonymous, wow that modern day stubby story was surprising heavy on heart tugging pics and not so surprisingly light on actual information.

    where did howard come from? was he smuggled in like stubby? nothing about his military training and only pretty pics but there is no actual proof that he is doing anything more than hanging out with the guys. i am sure if the military has a policy against mutants in their housing, the same restriction applies to their OFFICIAL use on the battlefield. maybe reimer and howard need to be brought to the attention of the higher ups?

    but i appreciate seeing adequate crate in the back ground of one of those photos.

  19. No you're absolutely right. There is no picture there of him actually working and searching a van for explosives. I must be seeing things.

    "Team has employed a unique tactic against the increasing improvised explosive device threat in Afghanistan, Tactical Explosive Detection Dogs. The TEDD teams are sent into the field to accompany foot patrols where they are effective in detecting potential IED threats."

    There are 18 TEDD dogs. This "pit bull" being one of them. I'm sure you can google what a TEDD dog is and what training they go through and were they obtain these dogs from.

    The crate clearly states that it's for WORKING DOGS. I guarantee you that all the other TEDD dogs, regardless of breed, are kept in the same exact crate.

    1. Even IF this is true, so what? ONE pit bull working sniffing bombs does NOT excuse ALL THE DEATHS and amputations, facial destructions, maimings, etc. Only a SUPER nutter can read this list, then come here to defend them saying "Look at this ONE dog that is not currently maiming someone!". If the military wants that added risk, and can control it and not treat it like a sweet pet, fine. But please don't use this as an excuse to pass these dangerous undogs off as acceptable.
      Also wondering, if they are so great-
      There are 17 other dogs, why not 18 pit bulls?????

      Heres to hoping he finds an IED too late…….

  20. no wonder we have such a problem, you fucktards are really super duper gullible.


    1. Has anyone done a DNA test on this animal because it is most likely a "Boxer mix"?....Only felons seem to be able to identify pits on sight and they aren't allowed in the US Military.

      My favorite Pit Bull IED moment is the April 2002 Brindisi, Italy incident where two elderly farmers were killed by a loose Pit Bull...Italian police rigged up a robotic IED and sent it into the woods after the animal. When the mankiller came over to investigate...


      *You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

    2. Again, you're just a blogger. I'm pretty sure I would trust an actual picture of something actually happening over the words written in a blog.
      There's more than one photo.
      The photo is not photo shopped and I doubt someone could or would even bother trying to stage a photo of soldiers and a pit bull. What would be the purpose in that? There's no logical reason for it to not be a real photo. You want to claim dogs aren't allowed in the military, outside of the bases, then be my guest.
      Until then, don't claim things are true when they're not.

    3. *You want to PROVE that PIT BULLS aren't allowed in the military then be my guest*

    4. How do you know that these cases of maulings are from purebred pitbulls? for all we know they could be mixes. there are many dogs that look like pitbulls but arent. dogo argentino, cane corso, american bull dogs, etc. Has anyone done a DNA test on the aggressors? Still waiting for that one.

  21. my apologies to vintage for swearing on his blog.

    personally i am more offended by the fact that you are stupid enough to believe every photo you see on the internet than you calling me a bitch. i have been called much worse, i think they are all funny.

  22. Oh and here is the guy that originally took the pictures. So you can ask him if they’re real or not.
    Here’s more about TEDD dogs:
    Seriously, I find it funny how you’ll go to so much effort to make someone out to be stupid when they actually know more than you do.
    Did you even know these dogs existed? Shit, you probably don’t even know what going on outside your own little head. You did know that we have troops over in Afghanistan at least, right? Did you not know that bombs were a serious problem and there have been many deaths because of soldiers walking the streets and getting blown up? You just keep living in your own little world.

  23. i am just a blogger and you are _______.

    there are different kinds of deception. there is photohopping deception, obviously. and there is labeling a photo something that it is not.

    there is no proof that this pit bull was admitted into the US military and officially trained by the US military on US military soil. please show me a link to the military that proves this pit meets the criteria outlined above. unlike yours, my mind is open, i will believe it when i see it.

    did you know that sgt stubby was smuggled into WW1? i don't KNOW for sure but i suspect this pit bull was smuggled in too or possibly acquired in the middle east. many soldiers adopt dogs they find. sometimes they even come back to the states with them.

  24. did you know that sgt stubby was smuggled into WW1? i don't KNOW for sure but i suspect this pit bull was smuggled in too or possibly acquired in the middle east. many soldiers adopt dogs they find. sometimes they even come back to the states with them.”

    What does that matter? I thought he wasn’t even a real pit bull. I’m well aware of that. They find stray dogs that they start to care for and some do try to bring them home when they are done serving overseas.
    Here’s another story about a pit bull that served in the Military:
    How do you expect me to go about finding that information? Really, if it was a GSD or something it would be believed in a second just based of the information I already provided but because it’s a pit bull you need more proof?

  25. Actually according to your logic, sgt. Stubby could be considered a pit bull.
    From your own blog:
    “according to my definition, yes the american bulldog is a pit bull. i believe pit bull has two definitions. the first is slang or an abbreviation for the american pit bull terrier. the second refers to a type of dog. and by type, i mean function – herding, retrieving, pulling, pointing, racing, guarding, tracking etc. in the case of "pit bulls", that function is GRIPPING. gripping dogs were bred for fighting and baiting. gripping dogs were bred to perform dangerous, violent jobs and refused to quit; APBT, american staffordshire terrier, staffordshire bull terrier, the original boston bulldog, bull terrier, dogo, presa, and yes american bulldogs and alapaha bulldogs. at one time boxers and great danes would have been included in this category but they are now only bred as companions and lack the physical prowess for their original function.”
    From the picture of Stubby, he is obviously some type of bulldog mix. Any bulldog mix comes from a line of gripping dogs. Any gripping dog can be referred to as a pit bull. So therefore, according to your own logic, sgt. Stubby IS a pit bull.

    1. oh yay! you CAN read.

      regarding your "retired" military pit bull, once again, just because someone says it on the news, doesn't make it so. i guessing that you believe all of the nanny dog bullshit too.

      but, i am not putting anymore effort into debating an anonymous fucktard. so sign your name if you want a response.

    2. Actually no, I don't believe any of the "nanny dog" bullshit.
      Exactly, just like when people say on the news that a "pit bull" attacked when they actually have no idea what kind of breed of dog it is. Funny, you use things to prove a point yet those same things are "idiotic" when used to prove a point you don't agree with.
      Furthermore, who are you? Dawn James? I can find you on Facebook but you don’t actually have a picture of yourself. Just the same stupid cat. So what’s the difference between me and you? You don’t show who you really are any more than I am right now.

    3. No. A pit bull is an AMERICAN PITBULL TERRIER. Its like calling a Belgian Malanois a German Shepherd. No. Its a Belgian Malanois. Get your info straight. Any "gripping" dog with a snub nose and heavy muscling is called a bull breed or bully breed. To make it simple, it is a bull type dog. Just like German Shepherds and its cousins (Belgian Malanois, Anatolian Shepherd, etc)

      As for what you said "just because someone says it on the news, doesn't make it so" YOU JUST CONTRADICTED YOURSELF. A news network saying that a person got mauled by a pitbull...oh wait. You just said that just because someone says it on the news, doesnt make it so. Your words. Do you believe everything on the internet? What about the stories on the maulings online? Oh wait. You said dont believe anything on the internet. So therefore, I shouldnt believe this blog. Where are the sources? Where are the exact DNA results PROVING what kind of dog it was?

      Im not a pitbull advocate. Im an advocate for PROPERLY SOURCED information and I see many inconsistencies here. I highly suggest that you revamp this page to better suit your needs so that you can carry your point across more effectively. Do some interviews. Call people and record your conversations. Get facts from BOTH sides. I believe that once you do this, your blog would be better suited for the educated people of the United States of America.

    4. Pit Bull is two words...OMS recommends that if you can't spell it, you shouldn't own one.

    5. The legal definition of a pit bull is a class of dogs that includes the following breeds: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a combination of these dogs.

  26. hello anonymous nobody, stubby was not an APBT, he was a pit bull.

    "if it was a GSD or something it would be believed in a second just based of the information I already provided but because it’s a pit bull you need more proof? "

    it would be more believable if it was a GSD because it is the military's dog of CHOICE.
    stop creating scenarios where i want to call you stupid.

    1. I smack my forhead to you dear scholar. What does APBT stand for? American Pit Bull Terrier. So, essentially, pit bull is a nickname for APBT. The term you are looking for is "bully type dog".

  27. Anon: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Law Enforcement and the Military have zero interest in training pit bulls as working dogs. If they wanted to use them, they would. Just like if the seeing-eye/Service Dog community could possibly use pits, they would. Or the hunting community (outside of hog-doggers).

    Pit bulls have only one practical purpose: violence.

    Do you know how bureaucracy works...? The idea that the military, which favors overwhelmingly maybe 5 breeds of dogs for work, would choose and train a random exceptional pit bull, is literally incredible. It is not an open selection process. The selection process is a machine. It is not a talent show.

    And even if this "pit bull military working dog" is real--and I'd bet every dollar I have now, such as it is, that it's not--what's your fucking point...? Does that somehow disprove everything the blogger, Vintage, documents in this article...?


    1. LMAO...The US military is going to spend acquistion dollars on dogs that can't be legally be brought onto it's own bases or be imported into most of the countries it where it has overseas troops...Yeah...That's the Ticket!

      OMS Nanny Dogs compilation has been updated with the 8 Miltary Children killed Pit Bull. GREAT PIT BULL MIILITARY MOMENTS piece coming soon!

      With the Grandmother killed during the pit babysitting gig in SC the other night, Pit Bulls have killed 184 Anericans since 911.

      Nutters will not know this....

    2. 30k+ people a year are killed in auto accidents, maybe we should ban drivers?

  28. MAYBE, our military has found a new way to defeat the religious fanatics: turning canine weapons lose into their society.

  29. Dammit, vintage, you hurt my scrolling finger.

  30. This is by far the largest collection of utter garbage I have ever seen. Not one fact contained in the whole "Self serving" rant. One photo does look like a dog attack-but it could be fake. And who can be sure it's even an APBT?

    It is as clear this nutter has never owned an APBT as it is he failed English class.

    1. You got me Pit Mook...

      All of these pit owner DBRFs, lifeflights, amputations and 911 rescue shoot offs are made up!

      The definition of self-serving is bringing a pit into a neighborhood and endangering the neighbors and their pets.

      Do us all a favor...if your pit bull attacks you, do not call 911.... Just take the mauling like a man a let the chips and pieces of flesh fall where they may.

      Won't it really be something if you make this Darwin list?!?

    2. it is also self serving to be a part of the movement that stands by while millions of pit bulls suffer and die on the chain, in the pit and in the shelter just so they can feel powerful with their gripper by their side.

  31. I appreciate the information here but this whole thing needs a LOT of editing for spelling, repetitive words, incomprehensible English(?), and words in the wrong order. It is difficult for anyone to take it seriously with so many glaring errors. For instance the very first paragraph is nearly indecipherable!

  32. Ouchee...More negative feedback!

    Too repetitive?!?...That's the whole point! There are only so many ways to describe a pit breeder selling an idiot an animal that almost kills them.

    Don't worry! If you make the Darwin rolls, proper kings english and a non-repetitive, catchy adjective will be used....

    "Delised", "falling Coconutted" or "orally raped by own pit bull" are coming to mind.

  33. Yeah, Vintage, it's too difficult to take all of these repetitive attacks seriously. LOL

    I swear to God, I come back here just to read the comments. Your blog is friggin hilarious and the irate nutters are the icing on the cake. Craven Desires gets some notable fruitloops, but I think most of them are afraid of her. IMO, Vintage, you get the most entertaining nutters of any of the pit bull war blogs. They read your lists and go bonkers. It's funny to me because there is no possible meaningful retort to your lists, but they just have to say SOMETHING, with the results we see here.

  34. GREAT PIT BULL THAT NEVER BIT OWNER: DADDY OWNER: CESAR MILLAN. I'd rather learn from a true professional and not a blogger. I have a 2and a half year old pit bull and he is a sweetheart. Of course, I socialized him from an early age. I make sure he has adaquate excersize and I don't keep him tied to a tree.

    1. You found ONE non killer pit. Yeay for you!!!
      Not every pit attacks. Duh. No one denies this.
      *The issue is that YOU DO NOT KNOW which one WILL- until it is too late.*

      I am sure there are some that are sweet pets, that are fine with other dogs/cats, and live their whole lives this way. You can have your pit for a decade without incident, I am sure it happens.
      You could JUST AS EASILY end up living in a very nice neighborhood, and having your sweet pibble named "Kissy Face" for 8 YEARS without incident. The dog loves everyone, is friendly and well cared for, and adores your kid, the neighbors, and you.
      THEN IT RIPS YOUR 2YR OLDS HEAD OFF IN THE 30 SECONDS YOU GO TO USE THE BATHROOM. (Baby Beau, GA, 2013) Decapitation is the correct term.
      This was a scene so brutal, mom couldn't call 911 right away because she kept slipping on the blood! The scene was so horrific, that first responders were traumatized, and they had to cover the doorway so others wouldn't see it. These are street hardened cops, EMTs who have seen it all. And they couldn't even look.
      But please tell me about Daddy again? Since he makes all this OK……

      (Maybe you ought to tie your pit up, so it doesn't kill someone else, eh? Try a logging chain. Its not cruel, its safety, if you don't leave it there all day. Just when outside. How about a muzzle while walking and being outdoors, too? If you actually own a home, you may get to keep it if your muzzled monster cannot kill anyones kid.)

  35. Sounds like you are doing a good job keeping the pin in the genetic grenade, Anoni-Nutter...Just keep a knife handy in case his eyes go reptilian.

    Hard to believe Pit Bulls have killed 47 more Americans since the Darla and Gunner incident...Seems like it was just yesterday!

  36. There is NO remotely accurate statistical data regarding breeds when it comes to aggressive dog incidents. Even the CDC will tell you the "statistics" regarding breed are worthless.

    1. I have been told repeatedly by Nutters that statistics from Pit Organizations like NCRC and convicted felons like Shorti Rossi are reliable.

      Hmmm...Who to believe, who to believe?

      Definitely not you Pit Mook! Feel better now?!?

    2. Breed SPECIFIC report on dog attacks and maimings in the US and Canada from September 1982 to January 2012: There is a persistent allegation by pit bull terrier advocates that pit bulls are overrepresented among reported dog attack deaths and maimings because of misidentifications or because “pit bull” is, according to them, a generic term covering several similar types of dog. However, the frequency of pit bull attacks among these worst-in-10,000 cases is so disproportionate that even if half of the attacks in the pit bull category were misattributed, or
      even if the pit bull category was split three ways, attacks by pit bulls and their closest relatives
      would still outnumber attacks by any other breed.

  37. Ahhh. How refreshing. Yet another dumb fuck that doesn't get it. Dogs are INDIVIDUALS, just like people.

    1. I think I get what you are saying...

      Bloodlines and genetics don't exist...Therefore, Breeders and dog fighters selling "Champions" that command premium prices don't exist,...Therefore, Pit Bulls don't exist...Therefore, you as a Pit Nutter don't exist!

    2. Dogs ARE NOT Individuals. If their was NO SUCH THING as Breed Classifications they would be considered individuals. But the very purpose of BREED CLASSIFICATION is to group together dogs that share near identical traits, characteristics and temperaments. If dogs were individuals, dogs within the same breed classification would not share the large percentage of characteristics that they do. Dogs are bred purposefully to NOT be Individuals but to fit a breed classification. The only way for dogs to be considered individual is if humans stopped intervening in their breeding process. If dogs were allowed to mate with any dog they liked, eventually breed classifications would disappear and ONE separate distinct wolf like species would emerge.

      The very ACT of artificial selection ensures that DOGS can never be considered individuals, because by selecting to breed to maintain certain traits you will always remove the potential for individual characteristics to emerge. The whole point of artificial selection is to avoid individuality and maintain a conformity of DESIRED TRAITS from generation to generation.

    3. No, he is right. Dogs are individuals. And pit bull types simply have MORE individuals that KILL and MAIM.
      Got it!

    4. What uneducated rock did you crawl out from under?

  38. Maybe you stupid Americans should stop letting assholes own dogs and start making the OWNERS 100% CRIMINALLY responsible for their dog's actions instead of spewing bullshit about a breed you know nothing about.

    1. Totally agree Pit Mook!

      Pray tell, What crime do we charge these Pit Nutters who survived their mauling due to being rescued by the police with...Attempted Suicide?!?, Aggravated Self-Mutilation?!?, Reckless Endangerment of Themselves?!?, or perhaps Idiocy Against Humanity?!?

    2. "Aggravated Self-Mutilation"

      you are a hoot.

    3. YES! If we did make them criminally liable, it would be a big help. If every owner that had a dog that seriously attacked got 30 years to natural life, I would be thrilled. It would help a lot.

      Two more ideas- Along with criminal liability is full civil liability. They get to pay the costs for al the injuries, AND the cost of rescue. If they have no insurance or obey, fine. They can just have wages deducted forever. NO bankruptcy either.
      AND, if your pit attacks YOU, you get to pay all the bills yourself, no bankrupting the medical costs. Then you can have your wages garnished (if you have any) to pay the first responders. No wages? Work on the Sheriffs crew to pay for the rescue.

      This won't effect "responsible" owners, so how about you all go push this into law? Then we might chill on the BSL. (maybe not)

    4. Owners are criminally responsible. There have been cases where the dog seller has been criminally responsible for what the dog does after it has been sold to a new owner.

  39. The biggest issue is, the people who support and own pitbulls are DUMB ! Yes, mind numbingly, ridiculously idiotically STUPID. Because of this inherent lack of Intellect, they cannot be reasoned with and they have a very limited critical thinking ability, They have trouble determining that other people ACTUALLY EXIST that might not want to be maimed, mauled or killed by a strangers fighting breed of dog. And most of all, they lack empathy, the ability to see things from another's perspective. And the one thing they HATE more than anything, is a victim of Pitbull attack, They cannot stand to hear the many stories from the regular victims of these violent and brutal unprovoked attacks by fighting breeds of dogs such as pitbulls. The are terrified of the victims of these attacks, as they are a great threat to their poorly constructed castle of denial, They must trivialize, minimise, distort and deny any victims testimony regarding their pitbull attack experience.

    A classic example of such defense structures and minimisation is to deny it was a pitbull, as an pitbull attack victim myself, I have had many pitbull supporters claim the two pitbulls that attacked me were not in fact pitbulls, even though the council, the police, the courts and even the owner himself identified it as a pitbull. I myself had ZERO doubt, yet whenever I tell my story, sure enough, some idiotic Pitbull Nutter claims they can;t have been pitbulls, they are convinced of it. The owner of the dog was mistaken, so was animal control and the authorities, and most of all, as a layman I have no idea what a pitbull looks like. All this, and they have never even seen the dogs in question.

    The lengths Pitbull Owners and supporters go to to maintain their fragile psyche propped up by lies and propaganda forming an unshakeable brainwashed mindset is remarkable. If they put this much effort onto being a decent citizen and human being we wouldn't have to worry so much. But I guess for some irredeemable characters, it is far easier to just prop up ones deficient personality and flawed character with a status dog for a artificial prop. I mean, why work on yourself when you can purchase a fighting breed of dog as a false sense of security and you can live vicariously through it and just pretend everything is OK !!!

    The worst of these PITBULL OWNERS AND DEFENDERS are the righteous crusaders who consider themselves somehow elevated on the moral spectrum because they think that unnecessarily endangering innocent citizens with fighting breeds of dog is a noble act. These EVIL souls have the gall to label themselves humane or worse yet ANGELS. I am convinced a great deal of the world's EVIL and suffering is caused by these types of people, who through the belief they are doing good and are morally superior have little problem endangering others, after all, they're doing what they consider to be a GOOD DEED ! Whenever I think of these people, the proverb "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" always comes to mind.

    1. Max,
      I own 4 Pit Bulls and I am far from "dumb" or lack empathy. Those who have been attacked I completely understand why they would fear and loathe this breed. My best friend was attacked by a Pit Bull and went through 3 surgeries, not once have I ever tried to make it to be not a Pit or pressure the friend to be around Pit Bulls. Lies is an excellent point too, but do not forget to add in the lies the haters pump out much faster than lovers of the breed. Honestly, it is quite funny how anytime one does not like or wishes to hate in an acceptable manner the Bible comes into play. Please people hate if you want speak your minds but stop using the Bible as a form of free pass. This failed using towards Jewish people, blacks, LGBT, and so on. When does it become a simple answer that you have hate reason or not but the Bible cannot ever justify hate.

  40. LOL vintage, somehow I'll be totally disgusted and horrified by the stories one minute, then laughing to tears at your comments the next. Went through Dawn's old Frankenmauler roundups and it was the same thing... you two are hilarious :)

  41. Updated with the recently discovered 2001 Honduran DBRF of a pit bull owning grandfather. Pit Bulls have now killed at least 63 adult owners...but always remember, a Pomeranian ONCE killed a baby!

    *You really can't make this stuff up!

  42. "On the way to the vet to have it's owner's face cut out of it's digestive tract...Ignorant police officers stand at the ready in a callous, discriminatory manner while his owner bids farewell."

    this gets funnier each time i read the photo caption.

  43. this blogger is clearly a fearful little person, consumed by desperate grab for relevance in this world through hate speech and fear mongering. a shame that one person would waste so much time, exhausting so much effort on such poorly presented sensationalism. failure of the writer's agenda is exceeded only by his over-inflated view of own comedic ability. he clearly chuckles at each photo caption posted... sorry to report that they're not remotely clever.

  44. Thanks for your irrelevant "feelings" on the subject Nutter...The fact remains that every four days a pit bull owner will have their animal shot, stabbed or bludgeoned off of them by tax payer funded rescue personnel.

    The only question is; Who is the next one?!? You seem to be a likely candidate.

    1. "feelings"

      that really is the problem here. nutters are incapable of reason and logic. it's all about FEELINGS.

    2. dawn, what is the reason and logic behind your vehement disdain? what traumatic event drove you to such blood lust? a quick internet click session reveals that you spend hours and hours of time consumed with publishing genocide speech. long, repetitive passages. what drove you to this level of insanity? please share your story so that we all might empathize and share in your pain.

    3. that's a trick question anon. you and i both know that you are not capable of empathy.

  45. Those statistics are terrifying. TERRIFYING.

    you should probably continue to hide in mom's basement. the packs of vicious dogs are coming for you.

  46. "Genocide"....A lazy argument that is always thrown when the public safety debate is lost.

    Behind every mauling and euthanization is a Pit Breeder making a quick tax free buck. The pit community seems to be stuck on stupid in this regard and absolutely refuses to self-regulate, so the regulations get imposed upon them..

    Produce a safer pit bull in responsible numbers and it all goes away. Promise!

  47. Updated with the latest Sgt Stubby Alumnist...Italian pit owner has testicles mauled.

    Must not have needed them!...

  48. woops. he died. vintage, it's time for you to hose off the sidewalk and pump out another litter.

    1. Oopsie!...Looks like a case of premature epostulation....

      Now that the Italian Pit owner's life has climaxed, he will be moved to the DBRF section.

      Pit Owner DBRF number 64...Stamp it!

    2. "Now that the Italian Pit owner's life has climaxed,..."


  49. Updated with Darwinicide number 65

  50. Updated with Darwinicide number 66...This one looks like a breeding operation. Sigh...

  51. Odds of any death being caused by pit bull in the US in any given year 0.0000009%. Buy some lottery tickets and get a real cause. Go after people using cell phones in cars or teen suicide. You might actually make an actual difference in the world.

  52. Petition to ban pit-bulls, if it only saves one child it is worth it! Thank you for your support and please share this!

  53. I saw my sister get her leg ripped open by our family dog, Ti, a Rhodesian Ridgeback. We were playing when I was chasing my sister through the house and when I caught up to her she fell to the floor, started flailing her arms and leggs while laughing hysterically.

    In an instant I saw a a flash of Ti shaking his head. Just as quick he was gone and there was a huge, jagged, gaping, hole in my sister's calf. It was horrible. I think my sister was in the third grade, at the time. My sister is 50 years old now. Everybody knows how women are about their leggs. She has come to accept the zig zag dented scar on her left calf muscle.

    Couldn't blame Ti tho. It was the way he was trained. He was a guard dog trained to attack on command or at sudden violent movement.

    I had a buddy I had known since grade school give me a 6 week old pittie when I was 28. From the time I got her until she was a year old I took her to the park and let children pet her. Other than my girlfriend, children were the only ones I allowed touch her. I was training my pit bull and I didn't want any distractions. Every night for that same year, I would take Orca to the same park and train. Leash laws are for irresponsible dog owners that don't invest the time required to properly train their dogs.

    I had Orca for 14 1/2 years. She never bit anyone. I had two small children at the time. My girlfriend and my toddler son were in the front yard when a great Dane doberman pincher cross came into the yard. I saw a black streak flash by me. I turned to see Orca intercept a much larger dog and send it tucked tail back to where it came from. As soon as the dog was on the other side of the shabby fence line she stopped. When she was sure the dog wasn't going to try and come back, she came happily wagging back to my family.

    My point is, it's how and/or if, someone trains their dog.

  54. Replies
    1. I went to your "blah blah blah" page. You don't have a real life, do you? With all the "blah blah blah" you post and follow your just not much of anybody, are you? People that haven't been able to accomplish much in real life often burry themselves in the internet to gain a since of accomplishment. It's a false accomplishment at best, because the internet isn't real. You should get some dark sunglass and sunscreen before attempting to go out side.

  55. This is the caliber of the people that support this blog and its blogger

  56. wrong again nutter. that is the caliber of that this blog and its blogger fight against. pit bull owners are the biggest threat to pit bulls. the people fighting for safety don't want to be near pit bulls.

    and fyi, this is not my blog. i am just monitoring the comments while the owner is away but i know the blogger very well.

    1. If you're so concerned about safety, don't get into a car. In 2013 there were 32,719 fatalities.

      Maybe that will put things into perspective for you and your no life blah blah blah buddy.