Thursday, October 24, 2013

On Pit Bull Awareness Day, Pit Bull Advocates Should Wear Black

Pay no attention to America's increasing DBRF and hospitalization rates! Donate to Pit Bull Rescue today!

In October 2013, Organized Pit Bull Idiocy Groups (OPIGs) will gather around the country to celebrate Pit Bull Awareness Day..... The sordid state of Pit Bull affairs in the United States is that Dogfighting still festers, Animal Control Departments are swamped with excess Pit Bulls, and the list of Pit Bull mauling/DBRF victims is growing like a bean stalk. Despite all this, we have Pit Bull Rescuers thriving in the chaos and living in $500K houses on tax free donation money while mauling victims are holding bake sales and blood drives to pay for medical costs.
Since Pit Bull Awareness Day 2012, another 21 Americans have been killed, bringing the total to 131 since the first Pit Bull Awareness day in April 2007. Additionally, since PB Awareness Mauliday #1, about 7 Million excess Pit Bulls have been euthanized at taxpayer expense, with the dog fighters slaughtering another 1.25 Million.  It is tough to understand how this is worthy of celebration.  
Americans Killed By Pit Bulls since Pit Bull Awareness Day #1 (Victims killed since PB Awareness day 2012 are in blood red)
Be appropriate and show respect. Wear black during Pit Bull Awareness Temper Tantrum marches 

*Note:  Additionally, nearly 220 Americans have been poured into Life Flight Helicopters since PBAD number 1. They may be seen Here

September 2013, Baker County, OR
Jordan Ryan, 5

September 2013, San Bernardino County, CA
Samuel Zamudio, 2

September 2013, Maricopa County, AZ
Daniel "Doe," 2

August 2013, Harris County, TX
Juan Compos, 96

June 2013, Florence County, SC
Arianna Merrbach, 5

June 2013, Alameda County, CA
Nephi Selu, 6

May 2013, Dorchester County, SC
Carlton Freeman, 80

May 2013, Los Angeles County, CA
Pamela Devitt, 63

April 2013, Fulton County, GA
Beau Rutledge, 2

April 2013, Jasper County, IA
Jordyn Arndt, 4

April 2013, San Joaquin County, CA
Claudia Gallardo, 38

April 2013, Bay County, FL
Tyler Jett, 7

March 2013, Bryan County, GA
Monica Laminack, < 2

March 2013, Walworth County, WI
Daxton Borchardt, 1

March 2013, Knox County, IL
Ryan Maxwell, 7

February 2013, Uvalde County, TX
Isaiah Aguilar, 2

February 2013, Riverside County, CA
Elsie Grace, 91

January 2013, Montgomery County, TX
Christian Gormanous, 4

January 2013, Greenwood County, SC
Betty Todd, 65

December 2012, Shawnee County, KS
Savannah Edwards, 2

December 2012, Fresno County, CA
Esteban Alavez, 34

September 2012, Oklahoma County, OK
Nellie Davis, 60
September 2012, Johnson, Tarrant Counties, TX
Rayden Bruce, < 1
September 2012, Perquimans County, NC
James Hudson, < 1
September 2012, Jefferson County, AR
Deborah Wilson Roberts, 45
August 2012, Cook County, IL
Charles Hagerman, 44
August 2012, DeKalb County, GA
Rebecca Carey, 23
July 2012, Hamilton County, OH
Ronnel Brown, 40
June 2012, Washoe County, NV
Kevin Latz, 50
June 2012, San Diego County, CA
Tyzhel Latella McWilliams, < 1
May 2012, Person County, NC
Eugene Cameron, 65
May 2012, Allen County, OH
Makayla Darnell, < 1
May 2012, Maricopa County, AZ
Maryann Hanula, 73
May 2012, Doña Ana County, NM
Jazilyn Mesa, < 2
May 2012, Santa Fe County, NM
Clifford Wright, 74
April 2012, Bryan County, OK
James Hurst, 92
March 2012, Victoria County, TX
Kylar Johnson, 4
March 2012, San Diego County, CA
Diane Jansen, 59
January 2012, Montgomery County, TX
Jace Valdez, 1
December 2011, Bradley County, TN
Mable McCallister, 84-years old
December 2011, San Diego County, CA
Emako Mendoza, 76
December 2011, Lowndes County, GA
Misti Wyno, 40
December 2011, Winnebago County, IL
Tonia Parks, 39
December 2011, White County, IN
Joseph Hines, 58
November 2011, Harris County, TX
Edna Dyson, 71
October 2011, Potter, Randall Counties, TX
Mya Maria Maeda, < 1
September 2011, New Haven County, CT
Nevaeh Bryant, < 2
September 2011, Harris County, TX
Brayden McCollen, < 1
August 2011, Bladen County, NC
Addyson Camerino, < 1
August 2011, Philadelphia County, PA
Carmen Ramos, 50
August 2011, Pima County, AZ
Michael Cook, 61
August 2011, San Mateo County, CA
Darla Napora, 32
June 2011, Chesterfield County, VA
Salvador Cotto, < 1
June 2011, Putnam County, FL
Roy McSweeney, 74
June 2011, Spotsylvania County, VA
David Quyon Haigler, 38
April 2011, Sierra County, NM
Margaret Salcedo, 48
April 2011, Carter County, OK
Virgil Cantrell, 50
March 2011, San Bernardino County, CA
Jennie Erquiaga, 47
February 2011, Kalamazoo County, MI
Darius Tillman, < 1
January 2011, Pontotoc County, MS
Ronnie Waldo, 51
January 2011, Union County, NC
Makayla Woodard, 5
January 2011, Colusa County, CA
Linda Leal, 51
December 2010, Riverside County, CA
Edward Mitchell, 67
November 2010, Dillon County, SC
Justin Lane, 25
November 2010, Rusk County, TX
Kaden Muckleroy, 2
November 2010, Riverside County, CA
Christina Casey, 53
October 2010, Duval County, FL
Justin Valentin, < 1
October 2010, Callaway County, MO
Rev. John Reynolds, 84
September 2010, McMinn County, TN
Mattie Daugherty, 85
August 2010, Marshall County, IL
Jason Walter, 7
August 2010, Calaveras County, CA
Jerry Yates, 69
August 2010, Bibb County, GA
Tracey Payne, 46
July 2010, Contra Costa County, CA
Jacob Bisbee, 2
July 2010, Shelby County, TN
William Parker, 71
June 2010, Lorain County, OH
Michael Winters, 30
June 2010, Howard County, IN
Savannah Gragg, 9
May 2010, San Bernardino County, CA
Nathan Aguirre, 2
April 2010, Pasco County, FL
Thomas James Carter Jr., < 1
March 2010, Lee County, SC
Ethel Horton, 65
February 2010, Rockdale, GA
Baby "Jane Doe," < 1
February 2010, Philadelphia County, PA
Christine Staab, 37
February 2010, Hinds County, MS
Anastasia Bingham, 5
January 2010, Cook County, IL
Johnny Wilson, 56
January 2010, San Bernardino County, CA
Omar Martinez, 3
December 2009, Monroe County, WV
Lowell Edison Bowden, 70
November 2009, Clay County, IL
Rosie Humphreys, 85
November 2009, Union County, MS
Destiny Marie Knox, < 2
October 2009, Nevada County, AR
Matthew Clayton Hurt, 2
October 2009, Merced County, CA
Colten Smith, < 2
September 2009, Orange County, VA
Jasmine Deane, < 2
August 2009, Hardy County, WV
Baby "John Doe," < 1
August 2009, Loudoun County, VA
Carter Delaney, 20
June 2009, Williamson County, IL
Gabrial Mandrell-Sauerhage, 3
June 2009, Rusk County, TX
Justin Clinton, 10
April 2009, Macomb County, MI
Leonard Lovejoy Jr., < 1
March 2009, Bexar County, TX
Izaiah Gregory Cox, < 1
March 2009, Caldwell, Guadalupe Counties, TX
Tyson Miller, 2
January 2009, Thomas County, GA
Cheyenne Peppers, 5
December 2008, Riverside County, CA
Gerald Adelmund, 60
November 2008, Clark County, NV
Alexander Adams, 2
October 2008, Delaware County, IN
Chester R. Jordan, 62
October 2008, Honolulu County, HI
Iokepa Liptak, < 1
September 2008, Ventura County, CA
Katya Todesco, 5
September 2008, Clark County, NV
Cendi Kia Carey, < 1
September 2008, Evangeline County, LA
Luna McDaniel, 83
August 2008, New York City (Richmond), NY
Henry Piotrowski, 90
August 2008, Anchorage County, AK
Isis Krieger, 6
August 2008, Wayne County, MI
Robert Howard, 38
July 2008, Jackson, MS
Tony Evans Jr., 3
June 2008, Hidalgo County, TX
Pablo Lopez (Hernandez), 5
May 2008, Stephens County, TX
Tanner Joshua Monk, 7
May 2008, Onslow County, NC
Julian Slack, 3
January 2008, Beauregard County, LA
Kelli Chapman, 24
December 2007, San Bernardino County, CA
Kelly Caldwell, 45
December 2007, Rabun County, GA
Blanche Brodeur, 76
December 2007, Dorchester County, SC
Holden Jernigan, 2
December 2007, Placer County, CA
Cora Lee Suehead, 61
November 2007, Knox County, TN
Jennifer Lowe, 21
November 2007, Bell County, TX
Seth Lovitt, 11
October 2007, Pontotoc County, OK
Rosalie Bivins, 65
October 2007, Clay County, FL
Tina Marie Canterbury, 42
August 2007, Dallas County, TX
Scott Warren, 6
August 2007, Hennepin County, MN
Zachary King Jr, 7
July 2007, Steuben County, NY
Sabin Jones-Abbott, 6
June 2007, Volusia County, FL
Mary Diana Bernal, 62
May 2007, Collier County, FL
Carshena Benjamin, 71
May 2007, Chatham County, GA
Dandre Fisher, 3
May 2007, Shelby County, TN
James Chapple Jr., 59
May 2007, Bexar County, TX
Celestino Rangel, 90
April 2007, Dorchester County, SC
Brian Palmer, 1

*Note: Internationally, Pit Bulls have picked off another 52 humans since Pit Bull Awareness Day Number 1 bring the body count to 183...Be Sure to wear Black!

30 years of Pit Bull Advocacy and Education has resulted in the US DBRF rate increasing a whopping 450 percent since the 1970's.   Hello?!?...CDC...Are the lights on?!?

 The Prestigious Carnegie Life Saving Medal

The Carnegie Foundation has awarded Lifesaving Medals to 151 individuals involved in savings lives during animal attacks since 1904. Of the 151 animal attacks, 49 have involved Canines. Excluding rabid dog attacks from the earlier part of the last century, Pit Bulls are responsible for 30 of the 39 attacks producing the award. Rotts are responsible for 5 , GSDs 2, Dobermans 2, with mixed breed packs producing the remainder.  These stats mirror the DBRF rate in the United States exactly.... This is not coincidence.

Carnegie Life Saving Awards presented to those who have saved a life during a Pit Bull attack since PB Awareness Day number 1:

  • 2013:  Mr John Hale helped rescue 45 year old Jeffrey Lennox who was pulled to the ground by loose pit bulls during his morning walked. Mr.  Hale launched out into the darkness, saved Lennox and allowed him to escape, then sustained a mauling himself. John Hale becomes the 30th North American Pit Carnegie "Winner". Mr. Hale will use the $5000 Carnegie grant to help pay his medical bills.

  • 2012 Sean C. M. Vorel helped to rescue Marcella M. Gilbert from an attacking dog, Bennington, Nebraska, June 2, 2011. Gilbert, 78, was in a fenced-in yard of the kennel she operated when a 70-pound pit bull terrier she was keeping attacked her. The dog took her to the ground and mauled her, inflicting severe injury. Driving by, Vorel, 27, construction worker, saw the attack. He stopped at the scene and, finding the gate to the yard locked, climbed inside. Having obtained a 2.5-foot-long board, Vorel approached the dog and struck it repeatedly about the head. Its attention distracted from Gilbert, the dog attempted to attack Vorel as he climbed a fencing partition. A sheriff’s deputy arrived about then and used an electroshock weapon against the dog, stunning it. The dog was secured, allowing emergency medical personnel to attend to Gilbert. She was taken to the hospital, where she was detained more than four months for treatment

  • 2011: Gerald A. LaMonica (Dearborn Heights), Michigan rescued Madison P. Boljesic from an attacking dog, on September 25, 2010. Madison, 10, was on the sidewalk in a residential neighborhood when a 45-pound, adult male pit bull dog charged her without provocation. It took her to the ground and bit her repeatedly. Across the street, LaMonica, 75, retired merchandiser, was approaching the scene on foot when the attack took place. He immediately ran across the street toward Madison and the dog, yelling at the dog to distract it. When he had nearly reached them, the dog turned to LaMonica and charged him. LaMonica landed a hard kick against the dog’s chest, but it recovered and charged him again, biting him forcefully on the right calf. When Madison’s brother then arrived and threatened the dog, it released LaMonica and left the scene. Both Madison and LaMonica were treated at the hospital, their bite wounds requiring sutures
  • 2011: Joseph D. Hayes, 51-years old (Sayreville, New Jersey) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Cheryl Napolitano from an attacking pit bull August 31, 2007. Hayes heard the woman screaming and burst out of his home, covering 150 feet to the scene, and grabbed the dog by its hind legs and pulled it off Napolitano. When the pit bull resumed its attack, Hayes entered into hands on combat with the animal.
  • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims
    2010: Keith Sampson, 13-years old (Flint, Michigan) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving 3-year old Brooklyn Gibson from an attacking pit bull October 18, 2009. Brooklyn was in the backyard of her home when the pit bull entered the yard, clamped its jaws on her head began shaking her. Keith pulled the dog away and struggled to restrain it in a chokehold while his half brother took Brooklyn inside the house.
  • 2010: Kristine Kelly Keaton, 37-years old (Flint, Michigan) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after intervening in the above incident involving Keith Sampson and Brooklyn Gibson. Upon hearing the children screaming, Keaton rushed into the yard and came to the aid of the half brother who was helping another child to safety. The pit bull escaped Keith's chokehold and latched onto Keaton's arm causing severe injuries.
  • honoring heroes who saved pit bull attack victims2010: Duane VanLanHam, 48-years old (Saginaw, Michigan) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after rescuing Bridgetta Hadley from three frenzied pit bulls March 5, 2009. Hadley screamed for help as the pit bulls took her to the ground. Duane ran to her aid, placing himself between Hadley and her attackers, enabling her to get into a nearby car. The dogs then turned on Duane nearly chewing both of his legs off. (Related post)
  • 2009: A. J. Skiptunas III, 49-years old (Wrightsville, Pennsylvania) - Presented with a Carnegie Medal after saving Mary Caldwell, 63, from an attacking pit bull-mix. Caldwell was campaigning in the neighborhood when the dog bit into her leg and pulled her to the pavement. Skiptunas ran to her aid and suffered a hard bite to his right hand. Using his left hand, he pulled the dog off then pinned it to the ground with his knee!

  • Note: State and Local Organizations have awarded too many individuals to list...An astounding collection of recognized heroes many be seen Here

    Since the public safety debate is lost, be sure to scream "Canine Racism" at your Pit Bull Panther Party!

    Check back next year for updates. Hopefully, the Pit Bull Community will start regulating themselves and start breeding a safer Pit Bull in responsible numbers....

    Happy Mauliday Nutters!
    Other Occupy Maul Street Compilations:

    Great Adventures in Pet Sitting with Pit Bulls  16 Deaths and Countless maulings!

    * Disclaimer: You Can't Make This Stuff Up!


    1. funny, if you read craven desires you would have learned about ockham's razor TWO years ago!

      Ockham's Razor

      "No smart person would put 15 dogs all together unsupervised, small and big, pits and not."

      stop the presses! we agree again! PLEASE kindly persuade that fucking idiot dog whisperer to stop promoting that dangerous behavior!!!

    2. This last week the Los Angeles City Council decided to ban sales of dogs, cats, and rabbits, that came from a commercial breeder.

      Now you will only be able to buy dogs that come from pounds and "rescues".

      I wonder how many "precious" frankenmaulers will now find their way into the arms of an unsuspecting do gooder who makes that impulse purchase of a baby shitbull.

      Give it about 12-15 months and no doubt we will hear about more dbrf in the Los Angeles area.

    3. Notice: Due to a slight Pit Nutter Pestilence issue, comment moderation is switched to ON

    4. I need to clarify my comment that should have read

      banned the sale of dogs,cats, and rabbits at PET STORES that come from commercial breeders.

      That means any pet store that sells those animals will have to get their dogs from the pound or a "rescue".

      Hence my condern about the impulse purchases.

    5. Well...The dog lobby jumped in bed with the Pit Bull community years ago, defending any regulations of dogs despite the known public safety issue.

      Now they have fleas...Effem!

    6. wow, notice how most of the victims of pitbull attacks are seniors or small young children, well no shit cuz pitbulls are not a wise choice of bread for this age group, i am not defending the breed but come on people common sense, plus how many of those children attacked and killed were being watch closely by an adult, if you do not prepare and be proactive with any breed then things will happen, plus how many of these pitbulls were already fully grown and rescued from previous fighting owners...these are all stats that are never covered...why?

      1. this person makes a good point. refer to "2012 Sean C. M. Vorel helped to rescue Marcella M. Gilbert from an attacking dog, Bennington, Nebraska, June 2, 2011. Gilbert, 78, was in a fenced-in yard of the kennel she operated when a 70-pound pit bull terrier she was keeping attacked her"....who in the hell lets a 78 yr old person go into a pitbull kennel...she also rescued this pitbull...did the prevoius owner fight it???

      2. Interesting observation...

        One would think a woman with decades of professional kennel exerience would have no problm with a little ole wigglebutt.

        The common theme here is that a pit breeder produced and sold a dog which perpetrated a sustained Level 5 mauling, providing the opportunity for the rescue attempt.

        The pit bull community should be honoring these people. A couple dozen more DBRFs could be the catalyst for more BSL. These lifesaving actions let them off the hook.

    7. Well I'm working for an organization that protects animals, I know a whole lot of pitbulls, and they are sweet and affectionate. Aggressive dogs come in all shape and size. The problem is the dog fighting training. I've know people who got severe bites from smaller dogs. Let's not judge a race by its look. It's the same for humans. A big muscular guy doesn't necessarily beats his wife. Come on.

      1. blah blah blah

        and what an idiotic statement to wrap it all up with.

      2. Trafficking pit bulls into neighborhoods filled with pets is protecting animals?!?

        Yeah..and NAMBLA says man-boy sex is perfectly healthy and natural too.

        Man...Really need to update this piece as there have been 17 more Americans killed by pit bulls since it was last updated! Time flies (so do life flight helicopters!)

      3. Most people don't even know what a pitbull is.

      4. Half the people on here get their information from, which is the most unreliable site. The woman actually has a FAQ that says, "Why do some pit bull owners say that their dog might lick you to death.?" Really? Are we in Junior High? I'd like to know why so many people target the dogs? Is anyone else a tad concerned that we have maniacs who torture dogs into aggressive states? I think the hatred is pretty misdirected. ANY dog can bite. I'm not saying the bites or the fatalities were deserved. I don't believe that at all. But when has anything in this world ever been solved by hatred and stereotyping? It only ever gets worse.

      5. i get my information from PRO pit bull websites and books.

      6. Dawn, I don't even know where you stand in all this...and that's not out of rudeness. I'm just confused.

      7. Yes, you are very confused, anon. Very, very confused.

    8. Did anyone commenting on this article graduate from Grammar school? I'm sensing a "no." Pitbulls aren't dangerous. They're animals. People can be cruel, and dogs can be bred to do bad things. People can also be stupid. You NEVER leave a child alone with an animal. It doesn't matter how trustworthy the pet is. I'm sorry that so many people have been killed. I would also like to educate all of you by saying that the media is manipulative. When a dog bite is reported on the news, they will rarely mention the breed. It could be a chihuahua bite, but the picture will be of a snarling pitbull. Don't be naive. Educate yourself on animal behavior and responsible pet ownership. THAT is the only thing that will decrease dog bites. Banning pitbulls will do nothing. I promise.

    9. "Pit Bulls aren't dangerous"...."Chihuahua bites"...

      Another pit bull comedian! Next week police will be shooting your animal off of you. I promise.

      You pit mooks have killed another 25 Americans since the last Pit awareness day. Be appropriate, wear black or red this year to this year's pit pagan party..

    10. "Half the people on here get their information from, which is the most unreliable site. The woman actually has a FAQ that says, "Why do some pit bull owners say that their dog might lick you to death.?" Really? Are we in Junior High? I'd like to know why so many people target the dogs? Is anyone else a tad concerned that we have maniacs who torture dogs into aggressive states? I think the hatred is pretty misdirected. ANY dog can bite. I'm not saying the bites or the fatalities were deserved. I don't believe that at all. But when has anything in this world ever been solved by hatred and stereotyping? It only ever gets worse."

      Did this Nutter just stereotype Anti-Maulers?!?

      Next week she'll be hauling ass from the dog park..

    11. Updated with this year's batch of DBRFs. Hopefully, the pit bull community takes steps to reduce them for next year. Education and recruiting 20 year old females to own them has only produced a public safety clusterfuck..

    12. Nowakowska backed that point, noting that the dog, which is a mixed-breed, is very gentle. Pit bulls