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World Wide Piticides

“Pay no attention to the 500 Dead Humans...According to experts, dog aggression is not the same as human aggression!"

Those are some of the common, idiotic and worthless platitudes from the Dog Fighters and Pit breeders desperate to keep the blood money pumping in. The website documents an ever-growing tally of nearly 400 US Pit Bull Dog Bite Related Fatalities (DBRFs). The compilation below contains 120 Pit Bull DBRFs from outside the United States. When combined with the US body count, over 500 humans have been killed by Pit Bulls. Currently, there is no movement within the Pit Bull Breeding Community to produce and sell a safer Pit Bull. 

Combined US and International Pit Bull Body Count:  501 Deaths 

Dec 2013, Tijuana, Mexico; Grandmother's Pit Bull grabs 37 day old baby girl out her mother's arms and fatally mauls her during family visit

Police at scene of dog attack
27 year old  pregnant Nuttress killed by her illegal Pit Bulls
Dec 2013, Leeds, England; 27 year old Pit Nutteress who is a mother of four is killed by her Staffa-shredder and illegal pit bull

Undertakers haul off another one
Aug 2013, Maraval, Trinidad, 84 year old woman mauled to death at the family pit breeding emporium. Police respond with a hail of bullets... but alas it is too late.

Aug 2013, Mexico, 20 month old toddler pulled into fence by pit bull, rendered by the pit and other canine a companions

July 2013, Aguadulce, Panama; 79 year old man picked off by his own pit bull
March 2013, UK, 14 year old girl mauled to death at a friend's house by the usual suspects; two staffashredders, 1 american "pit" bulldog and 2 mastiffs

Jan 2013, Beja, Portugal; 18 month old toddler falls on family pit bull. Lifeflighted to hospital in Lisbon with "severe head injuries" and dies two days later

Dec 2012, Surrey, UK; Elderly Dog walker Brian Cruse dies after his dog is attacked by loose. illegal pit bull and he falls and strikes his head during the melee  * Note; This is not a text book DBRF, so it omitted from the bodycount

Dec, 2012,  Prague, Czech Republic;  A 1 year old boy has been bitten to death in Prague. The mother undergoing psychological treatment after the attack

Dec 2012, St Catherine, Jamaica; 2 year old Ronica Gregory is killed by a pit bull.  The dog had previously attacked once before and the case was before the courts

Aug 2012, Nanjing, China; America's Pit Bull pestilence problem is finally exported to China as owner is killed by his own Pit Bull in the street  Be sure to watch the video...The owner looks to be hitting the dog in the face with his break stick as it tears his crotch apart

Aug 2012, Porto, Portugal; 46 year old woman has a fatal "Adventures in Dogsitting" episode when she takes care of her Son's Pit Bull-Rhodesian Ridgeback Frankenmauler.

Aug 2012, After Grandfather traffics stray San Diego bred Pit Bull across the border to Tijuana, Mexico, it kills his 4 year old Granddaughter just 3 days later. * Note this is the 4th DBRF from a San Diego bred pittie in under a year!

Aug 2012 Slovakian woman has fatal adventures in dogsitting episode when she volunteers to hold the fort down for her friend who happens to be a Pit Bull breeder

March 2012, Brazil: Pit Bull kills it's owner  Be sure to watch the heart warming video!

Feb 2012, KwaZulu, South Africa; 60 year old Alan Lawton killed in his own yard by Neighbor’s Pit Bull

Feb 2012, Thailand; 47 year old man Killed by neighbor’s Pit Bulls as he walked past residence

Jan, 2012, South London, England; 83 year old Leslie Trotman Dies from complications after being attacked by neighbor's escaped Pit Bull

Dec 2011, Thailand; 71 year old woman killed by Pit Bull

Oct 2011, Mezhdurechensk, Russia; killed by Grandmother’s Pit Bull and Staffordshredder

Oct 2011, Luanda, Angola; Pit Bulls devour a 4 year old boy when he is dropped off for a playdate at a pit owning friend's house  

Aug, 2011, Chile; 1 year old ripped from Mother’s arms by Friend’s Pit Bull

Aug 2011, Maraval, Trinidad; 11 year old Jesse Dillion Boise killed by his own disloyal Pit Bull

Aug 2011, Melbourne, Australia; 4 year old Ayen Chol killed by Neighbor’s Pit –Mastiff Cross in her own home

July 2011, Spanish town, Jamaica; 62 year old Valerie Stephenson Killed by Relative’s Pit Bull

June 2011, Gauteng, South Africa; 51 year old Gardener killed by Landowner’s Pit Bulls

May 2011, Chaguanas, Trinidad; 46 year old Denise Rackal killed by loose pack of Pitties owned by a policeman

April 2011, Taganrog, Russia; 84 year old woman killed by Pit Bull

Feb 2011, St Petersburg, Russia; 94 year old woman picked off by Daughter’s Staff-a-shredder

Jan 2011, Georgetown, Malaysia; Irish Citizen, killed by illegal Pit Bulls

Nov 2010, Lucice, Czech Republic; 4 year old boy falls off balcony into Father’s breeding “Notso-Nannies” and is ripped to shreds

Nov 2010; 85 year old WWII veteran Maria Sineva dies an agonizing death ( multiple amputations) after being blown up by Neighbor’s Pit Bull

June 2010, Tenerife, Spain; 3 year old boy killed by recently adopted Pit Bull that was neither licensed nor insured as required by law

May 2010, Hattieville, Belize; 65 year old American Citizen Edmund Spain picked off by Neighbor’s Pit Bulls that slipped the fence

May 2010, 3 year old boy killed by Pit Bull

May 2010, Pontevedra, Spain; 2 year old toddler killed by Father’s “Not so” Nanny dog

May 2010, Merseyside, England; 4 year old Jean Paul Massey killed by Uncle’s illegal breeding Pits while being babysat

May 2010, Vanderbijipark, South Africa; 21 year old Jason Waverly killed by his own Pit Bulls when breaking up a fight and they turn on him

Aug 2009, Bueno Aires, Argentina, Nestor Di Tulli killed by his own Pit Bull

Nov 2009, Lima, Peru; 85 year old Santos Garcia gets Darwined by a Pit Bull he had owned for 7 years

April 2009, Nakhan Sawan, Thailand; 37 year old woman killed by her own Pit Bull

Feb 2009, South Wales, UK; 18 month old Jayden Mack killed by a Staff-a-shredder and JRT combo

Jan 2009, Santa Lucia, Venezuela; 75 year old Marcelino Castellanos killed by Neighbor’s Pit Bull

Nov 2008, Johannesburg, South Africa; In the Holy Mother of all Darwin attacks, 74 year old Grace Page is ripped apart by her Pit Bulls. Her dogs wouldn’t release her even while neighbors scalded them with boiling water…*Note; Now that’s Gameness!

Sept 2008, Komotini, Greece; 80 year old woman killed by loose Pit Bulls with bite history

Aug 2008, Nizhnevatorsk, Russia; Pit Bull owner killed by his own dog when he invited his friends to come and visit him for drinks and snacks. When the dog bit the man by his leg, the guests thought that the pet was simply playing with its owner. The next minute the dog jumped down his throat. “It was impossible to pull the dog away. The Pit Bull was clinging to the man’s throat and caused severe injuries to him.
May 2008, Salerno, Italy; 61 year old Paola Palmieri torn to pieces by her Pit Bull

April 2008, Luisgnan, Guyana; Charles Roopchand killed by loose Pit Bulls

March, 2008; Finland; Article states that the entire country of Finland has only sustained 4 of them, a 2 year old boy killed by a Staffa-Shredder

Sep 2007, Brazil; 29 year old man and 1 month old baby killed by Pit Bulls
Aug 2007, Vladivostok, Russia; Six year old girl killed by her father's pit bull

Aug 2007, Epernay, France; 18 month old girl killed by illegally kept Pit Bull

July 2007, Republic of the Philippines; 56 year old Zenaida Sebastian killed by Pit Bull

Aug 2007, Potstenja, Czech Republic; Pit Bull kills its Master

April 2007, Prague, Czech Republic; Woman killed by her own Staffordshredder

Jan 2007, Marupara, New Zealand: Virginia Ohlson killed by loose Pit Bulls while out walking her dog 

Jan 2007, Pinos Peunte, Spain; 78 year old man killed and partially eaten by Neighbor’s loose non –human aggressive Pitties

2007, Ecuador, Unnamed 2 year old girl killed by family Pit Bull

Jan 2007, England; 5 year old Ellie Lawrenson killed while being babysat by illegal Pit Bull

Jan 2006, Mmamashia, Botswana; Unnamed victim killed by Pit Bulls

Aug 2006, Zheleznodorozhny, Russia; Sleeping baby girl crib snatched and killed by Pit Bull

June 2006, Sevran, France; 17 month old girl snatched out of stroller at family dinner by another “Notso” Nannydog

May 2006, Ontario, Canada; 77 John Martin has throat ripped out by his unlicensed –illegal Pit Bull

Dec 2005, Oberlatt, Switzerland; 6 year old boy killed while walking to Kindergarden by Neighbor’s Pit Bulls

July 2005, Tinshill-Leeds, England; 11 month old Liam James killed by family Pit Bull

June 2006, Tenerife, Spain; 50 year old woman killed by her Son’s American Staff-a-shredder

December 2005, Verulam, South Africa; No charges after Gardener mauled to death

Oct 2005, Ponta Grossa, Brazil; 2 year old Guilherme Vieira is killed by his Grandmother's pit bull during a family visit

June 2005, Kenhardt, South Africa; 7 year old Ausin Pieters killed by Neighbor’s loose Pit Bulls despite his Grandfather’s efforts to save him

June 2005, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 53 year year old customer killed by Auto Shop's guard Pittie

Jan 2005, Jaipur, Brazil; 3 month old John Heringer ripped out of his mother’s arms and savaged by ‘family’ Pit bull

July 2004, Pretoria, South Africa; 79 year old Daniel Jacobus va Vuren killed while separating his Daughter’s Pit bulls that were fighting. His wife sits helplessly in the car listening to him being mauled to death

Aug 2004, Palma de Majorca, Spain; 4 year old girl killed by family Pit Bull and ‘Ca de Bestia”

June 2004, Tel Aviv, Israel; 4 year old Avivit Ganon Killed by her Family’s Staffordshredder

April 2004, Jundiai, Brazil; 8 year old Luana da Silva Oliveira died in the hospital after spending one week on life support after being mauled by family Pit Bull which also attacked her entire family. Her organs were donated after they decided to pull the plug

Feb 2004, Niebohy, Czech Republic; Unnamed victim ripped apart by Neighbor’s Staffordshredders

Nov 2003, KwaZulu-Natal South Africa; After Pit Breeder Charles Murray is killed , his family vows not to breed and sell anymore Pit Bulls

Oct 2003, Sobrance, Slovakia, Pit Bull owner being prosecuted after his dogs kill an 8 year old boy

Oct 2002, Capetown, South Africa; 2 year old Caleb Arendse killed by Neighbor’s Pit –Mastiff Frankenmauler

May 2003, UK; 45 year old George Dinham killed by his Staffordshredder that he had owned for 4 years. Note: The link states that after passing BSL the UK had gone 9.5 years without a DBRF. A Pit Bull kills an American every 18 days!

June 2002, Brakpan, South Africa; Domestic worker killed by her Employer’s Pit Bulls

April 2002, 7 year old boy killed by loose Pit Bulls, Romanian Government banned Pit Bulls 6 days later

April 2002, Brindisi, Italy; After Farmer is killed by beserking Pit Bull, Italian Police use robotic IED to blow it up.* Note: GENIUS!

*Update: This article both elderly farmers died in the Brindisi incident 

2002, Novobirisk, Russa; Girl killed by dog fighter Dmitry Battlin’s fighting Pit Bull

Dec 2001, Tegucaipa, Honduras; Pit Bulls are banned in the capital city after an elderly pit owner is killed and his wife and grandchildren are mauled. The story cites "at least 10 people have been killed by pit bulls in Honduras over the past two years"  Sheesh!

Oct 2001, Riga, Latvia; Man dies of heart attack while trying to save his friend from his Pit Bull. The disloyal beast turned in him

May 2001; South Africa; Two elderly Pit owners are alerted to the dead man in their garden when they noticed their two wigglebutts covered in blood

Oct 2000, Brakpan, South Africa; Toddler Sandy Zuma is killed by defective Nanny dog

June 2000, Hamburg, Germany; 6 year old boy killed by two loose Pit Bulls on school grounds during recess

June 2000, Rochefort, France; 86 year old Maria Berthelot killed by loose, illegal Pit Bulls

Sep 1999, Russia; 7 year old girl killed by Staffordshredder that was locked in the bathroom when her parents went to work

2000, Trinidad, 71 year old Kimmoi Won Wong killed by her Son‘s Pit Bulls

April 1999, Bogata, Columbia; 4 year old girl killed by loose Pit Bulls

Aug 1999, Trinidad; 72 year old Norris Young mauled to death by Pit Bull

1998, Trinidad; Christopher Charles killed by wanted fugitive Steve Furgeson’s Pit Bulls.

Sharon Reynolds
Killed by the family pit bull named "Hat Trick" in Ontario
June 1997, Ontario; Canada; 7 year old Sharon Reynolds; Forensic pathologists determined she was killed by a Pit Bull named “Hat Trick” years after her mother was jailed due to authorities believing Sharon had been stabbed to death

June 1997, Novska, Croatia; 66 year old killed by her own Staffa-shredder Terrier

July 1997, Kiev, Ukraine; 35 year old man…”Abdomen torn out by Bull Terrier”

April 1997, Te Puke, New Zealand; 59 year old Koro Kinsdale killed during an “Adventures in Pet Sitting” episode

Nov 1996, Budapest, Hungary; Hungarian Parliament bans the import/breeding of Pit Bulls after several serious attacks on children including one death 

 Oct 1996, Stuttgart, Germany; 63 year old woman killed by fighting Pit Bull

June 1996, Germany; 86 year old woman mauled by American Staffy, dies a week later in the hospital

Dec 1995, Toowoomba, Australia; 79 year old woman mauled to death by Pit Bulls

August 1995, Ontario, Canada; 22 year old Jon Peters killed by Roomate’s Staffa-shredders “Rage” and “Apollo”

December 1994, Lancaster, England: 11 month old girl killed by “Bull Terrier”

Aug 1994, Moscow, Russia; Man has throat torn out while sleeping by his “Bull Terrier”

May 1994, Port of Spain Trinidad; 65 year old woman mauled to death by Pit Bulls

Sept 1993, Argentina; Man killed by the exiled President’s of El Salvador s Pit Bulls

May 1993, Carmichael Road, Bahamas; 7 year old Darnette Smith killed by Pit Bull

July 1992, Amersfoot, Netherlands; 6 year old Kaay Roodbergen killed by her Uncle’s Pit Bull

Jan 1992, Moscow, Russia; 3 year old boy killed by family Pit bull

Sept 1991, Australia; Baby killed by Pit Bull. Australia banned the import of Pit Bulls the next day

May 1991, Bradford, England; 6 year old Ruksana Khan killed by her neighbor’s Pit Bull

April 1990, Amsterdam, Netherlands; 1 year old Jack Vrielink, killed by his Family’s Pit Bull

Feb 1990, Beerda, Netherlands; 3 year old girl killed by Playmate’s Pit Bull

Aug 1989, Doncaster, England; 9 year old Jenna Louise Pearson killed by family “Bull Terrier”

Oct 1926, Melbourne, Australia; Christina Olsen killed by her Bulldogs while hanging clothes

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