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Pit Bulls as Nanny Dogs?!? A grotesque lie!

"They used them as babysitters in England"

Nanny Dogs Love the Little Children
Nanny dogs love the little children

All the children of the world
Red, brown, yellow
Black and white

They salivate in their sight.
Nanny dogs love the little children
Of the world.

You have to hand it to the Dogfighters…They’ve had a 100 year head start on the public to come up with all kinds of propaganda to preserve the blood money business of breeding and fighting Pit Bulls …“American Dogs”, “Manbiters were culled”…and in this 1987 article one Pit Bull breeder exclaimed
”They used them as babysitters in England”. In a classic, “Yeah that’s the Ticket” moment “The Big Lie” has been adopted and uttered thousands of times.

We must examine the history of the “American” Pit Bull Terrier to understand how necessity to stay ahead of the law and public disgust drove rebranding names and creating myths.

Pit bulls and dog fighting were brought to America by Irish and English immigrants. That’s right, as “American “as Blood Pudding!..In 1884, the American Kennel Club was formed but rejected registering pit bulls due to their use in dog fighting. Out of frustration, Dog Fighter Chauncey Bennett formed the United Kennel Club in 1898 to bring formal recognition to the pit bull breed. In its early days, the UKC regulated dog fighting in the United States and had an original registry requirement of three documented wins for a Pit Bull to
earn its registry papers.

 In a similar spraying artery, the American Dog Breeders Association was formed in September of 1909 by close friends Guy McChord and John P. Colby. Colby would become known as “The Mainstay of the ADBA” and “The Fountainhead of the American Pit Bull Terrier“.

Seven months prior to becoming involved with the ADBA, Colby’s two year old nephew was killed by one of his Pit Bulls at his Massachusetts breeding yard and this news story cites that
“Mr Colby had great difficulty forcing the dogs jaws apart. The child died in a few minutes, his spine being broken” . Additionally, in this 1918 advertisement in The Dog Fancier magazine, Colby boasts of selling more fighting dogs than any man in America. It was around this time the two Pit Bull registries rebranded these British fighting imports as the “American” Pit Bull Terrier. Later in 1936, after decades of lobbying, Colby was finally able to convince the American Kennel Club to accept Pit Bulls for registration. In another rebranding move, the AKC would only sell Pit Bull registrations under the regal sounding Staffordshire Terrier label since they needed to distance themselves from dogfighting.. Keep in mind that Stafford England was the UK epicenter of bull and bear baiting. They actually raised bears in “Bear Gardens” for the bloody purpose! Later in 1976, The Staffordshire Terrier would be rebranded again as the "American" Staffordshire Terrier.

So there you have it, two of the three original pit bull registries used a documented child killer line as the breed standard, while the other merely required a documented pit fighting champion. No other breed community has such a
grotesque history

History Lesson: This Breeder John P. Colby is known as the "Fountainhead of the American Pit Bull Terrier" and is worshipped by the Dogmen. One of his Pit Bulls was the first AKC Staffordshire Terrier registered by the AKC...Nannydogs..Yeah That's the ticket!

Let’s sink our teeth into how pit bulls measure up to their phony “Nanny Dog” Label.  Visitation, babysitting, foster care and custody maulings  are included so they may be helpful to family law attorneys......
Part I: Nannicides:

Children killed by Pit Bulls: Click each grotesque snippet to read the article

Pit bull that killed infant will be put to sleep this weekend. (Photo: El Mexicano)
"good with kids"
Dec 2013, Tijuana, Mexico; 37 day old baby girl ripped out of her mother's arms and fatally rendered by grandmother's pit bull during family visit

Jah’niyah White
Killed by her grandfather's pit bull
Dec 2013, Chicago, IL; 2 year old Jay'niyah White dropped off with the Pit breeding grandparents for routine babysitter. Killed by the family pit bull

Photo: Sweet Sweet Baby Brother! I Love You Dearly! R.I.P BabyBro!! 
US Piticide #376!
Nov 2013, White County, AR; 4 year old Levi Watson is brought over to a pit owning friend's house by his mother. The boy wanders out back and is mauled to death by multiple pit bulls.

Sep 2013, Baker City, Oregon; 5 year old boy killed by the babysitter's pit bull. The third such babysitter DBRF in six days  Three babysitting Pit DBRFs and one life flight in the past week.

Samuel Eli Zamudio killed by pit bulls
Another Babysitting disaster
Sep 2013, San Bernadino County, CA; Family members who were baby sitting 2 year old Samuel Zamudio are arrested for child endangerment after their five pit bulls rip him apart

babysitter's pit bulls kill child in Gilbert
Arizona; Another Nanny Dog disaster!
Sep 2013, Gilbert, AZ; 2 year old boy and his siblings are dropped off at a 5 pit owning Babysitter's...He doesn't make it out alive.

Aug 2013, Mexico, 20 month old toddler pulled into fence by pit bull, rendered by the pit and other canine a companions

5-year old child was attacked by a chained pit bull
Never expose your kid to a relative's pit bull...
June 2013, Effingham, SC; 5 year old Arianna Merrbach is killed by her Aunt's Pit Bull becoming the 3rd South Carolina Pit Bull fatality victim in 2013

Union City boy killed by family pit bull
Nephi and former Nanny dog Kava during better times when both were alive
June 2013, Union City, CA;  6 year old Nephi Selu is killed by his Uncle's pit bull becoming California's 47th Pit Bull DBRF victim

* Note after Nephi's Death a San Francisco newspaper ran the following poll, so much for 30 years of pit bull education....

Photo: "Find the Pit Bull" - Family pit bull of 8-years that killed 2-year old boy in Fulton County.
Authorities respond to continued Pit bull mayhem. This toddler is the 29th American killed by a pit bull in the past year. "Kissy Face" heads for the A/C truck
April, 2013, Fulton County, GA; 2 year old boy killed by family pit bull when his mother takes a potty break. This is the 29th American killed by a pit bull in the past year!

Prairie City girl killed by pit bull
Nice work..Pit mooks!
April 2013, Prairie City, IA 4 year old Jordan Arndt is mauled by her baby sitter's American Staffa-shredder. She is life flighted to the hospital but she doesn't  survive, becoming the 28th US pit bull DBRF victim in the last 365 days

Photo: "Benefit cookout" for Callaway boy horribly mauled by pit bulldogs. The medical bills will likely be $300k plus
April 2013, Bay County, FL; Community Benefit Cookout set for 7 year old Tyler Jett mauled by neighbor's nanny-mixes. The owner was arrested for tampering with evidence after washing Tyler's blood off the dogs. * Update...Tyler has passed away 

Monica Laminack killed by family pit bulls
"Used them as Pillows",  Note the use of past tense...

Pit owner baby sitting gig gone fatal again!
March 2013, Walworth County, WI; 14 month old toddler attacked by two pit bulls at his babysitter's house. Lifeflighted to Milwaukee Hospital where he dies from his injuries. The owner was injured during the rescue attempt despite owning the animals since they were cubs.

Galesburg boy killed by pit bull
Ryan Maxwell became Illinois' 8th Pit Bull DBRF victim since passing sinister Anna's Law in 2005. Anna's Law was named after a pit bull DBRF victim, but perverted by the dog lobby and became a Pit Breeder's bill of rights!
March 2013, Galesburg, IL; 7 year old Ryan Maxwell is killed by a family pit bull while playing at a friend's house. The pit mooks who owned the animal, bashed it with baseball bats and actually burned it with lighters to release, but the pit bull genetics ran supreme and it would not release. Responding police officers were attacked and shot the mankiller.

Fatal dog attack, Christian Gormanous
Texas' 44th pit bull DBRF victim
Jan 2013, Montgomery County, TX; 4 year old Christain Germanous becomes Texas' 44th pit bull DBRF victim. Mauled by neighbor's pit bull, lifeflighted and later dies at the hospital

Jan 2013, Beja, Portugal; 18 month old toddler falls on family pit bull. Life-flighted to hospital in Lisbon with "severe head injuries" and dies two days later

Jan 2013, Hodges SC,  65 year old grandmother Betty Todd becomes South Carolina's 10th Pit Bull DBRF victim when she volunteers to baby sit her grandkids at her pit bull owning son's home.. The children who witnessed the bloody spectacle had to call 911.

pit bull kills topeka child
The rescue angels placed this unstable man killing pit bull into a home which killed the little girl below...Legalized Manslaughter it is!

Fatal pit bull attack victim
Savannah Edwards killed by a reckless rescue outfit
Dec 2012, Shawnee County, KS; " A 2-year old girl who was attacked by a pit bull on Thursday has died from her injuries. Earlier reports said the child was airlifted to a Topeka hospital with life threatening injuries. The little girl and her mother were visiting a tenant when the tenant's dog suddenly attacked the girl. The tenant is related to the child's mother. Authorities said the dog was a 6-year old male pit bull-mix. The dog was adopted from a shelter, according to one official on the scene 

Sep 2012, Burleson, TX; Texas CPS investigates as 3 month old Rayden Bruce becomes Texas' 43rd Pit Bull DBRF victim.  Can I get a "BSL Never Works" Hallelujah?!?

Sep 2012, Hertford, NC ;10 month old boy killed by Grandparent's Pit Bull

Aug 2012, Tijuana, Mexico; Two Aunts are arrested for child endangerment after 4 year girl is killed under their care. The Pit Bull had been picked up as a stray in San Diego just a few days earlier. 4th DBRF by a San Diego bred Pit Bull in under a year

baby killed by pet pit bull in Lemon grove
Tyzhel and Lulu during better times when both were alive
June 2012, Lemon Grove, CA; After being placed in a home with three pit bulls by a non profit outfit ironically named the "Bilateral Safety Commission", 1 year old Tyzhel McWilliams is killed by pit bull "Lulu"

May 2012, Allen County, OH; Less than 3 months after the Ohio Legislature declares Open Mauling Season by deregulating Pit Bulls, the state has it's first child killed by an un-nanny dog in 20 years   BSL Never Works!

May 2012, Las Cruces, NM; 15 month old Jazelyn Mesa killed by family Pit Bull while her babysitting Grandmother is powerless to stop the attack

Pit "Expert" Child Rearing Tip of the Day:

"Judge the Deed, Not the Breed, So Give a Pit Bull a Try, Before Sentencing Them All to Die"

Jesus Mesa's facebook entry on Feb 13, 2012... His 23 month old daughter was mauled to death by the family pit bull just 87 days later..Oopsie!
Update: Jazelyn's Father and Grandparents have been charged with negligent child abuse resulting in death.

Pit granny T-shirt; $28... Life Flight, ICU Care & Funeral for Grandchild $100,000
  Jan 2012, Montgomery County, TX; 23 month old Jayce Valdez is mauled to death by Grandmother's Pit Bull during yet another failed Texas nanny dog operation

* Update Jayce's Father who was the custodial parent starts fund to pay for his funeral and to raise funds for "dog bite awareness"

Oct 2011, Mezhdurechensk, Russia; A babysitting grandmother committed suicide in southern Russia on Saturday after a Pit Bull and staffa-shredder terrior mauled her one year old grandson to death.  Now that's taking responsibility!

Erica Hobdy was being sued by a mail carrier for a previous mauling when her Nannydogs killed her 20 month old niece during a babysitting operation. She was sentenced to probation and community service down at the dog pound. Probably has her eyes on a new pick of the litter...
Sep 2011, West Haven, CT; 20 month old Nevaeh Bryant killed by Pit-Auntie’s Pit Bulls that had previously been involved in an attack on a mailman. Charged with Murder

Steven Hayashi, pit bull attack, dog, grandson killed
Pit Gramps on trial for manslaughter...Only trafficked a couple of man killing litters into worries though!
July 2011, Concord, CA; Pit Peddler Grandpa Steven Hayashi is charged with Manslaughter when babysitting op turns fatal. His attorney blamed the Boy's father because “he did not arrange for child care”

Nov 2010; Rusk County, TX; 2 year old Kaden Muckleroy killed by his Grandfather’s Pit Bull that broke a chain to get him while he played on a swing set

May 2010, Sachsenburg, Germany, During a nice babysitting foray, Grandmother takes her three year old Granddaughter over to see her Auntie who happened to own four Staffordshredders. The little girl doesn‘t make it out alive

Jean Paul Massey's illegal Pit Breeding Uncle actually served as a pallbearer before serving his 4 months in prison
Nov 2009, UK; 4 year old Jean Paul Massey mauled to death by Pit Uncle’s illegal breeding Pit Bull’s while being babysat by his Pit-Grannie. F- minus goes out to the local Police who knew about the illegal breeding operation

Jerry Westmoreland, pit bull
This elaborate rolling Nutter eulogy was seen at the Baby sitter's where Destiny Marie Cox was mauled to death by a Pit Bull. RIP BamBam and Destiny.
Nov 2009, New Albany, MS; In the third fatal Pit Bull attack on a child under the care of a Babysitter in a month, 1 year old Destiny Marie Cox mauled to death by Babysitter’s Pit Bull

Newspaper illustration from the early 1900's
Oct 2009, Prescott, AR; Mathew Clay Hurt wanders away from Babysitter’s into Neighbor’s chained canine IED

Oct 2009, Delhi, CA; 17 month old Colton Smith killed by Babysitter’s Pit Bull

Aug 2009, Rio, WV; Life flight helo summoned after Nanny Dog crib snatches a 3 day old infant off a bed. The mother chokes the pit bull but it will not release the baby. The infant dies on the way to the landing zone.

June 2009, Johnston City, IL; 3 year old boy who is normally in legal custody of his father crawls out window and is fatally mauled by Mother‘s Pit Bulls during visitation

Another heartwarming Nanny moment at a Texas Pit-Granny's....
March 2009, San Antonio TX, Grandmother’s Pit Bulls break down baby gate and maul toddler Izaiah Gregory Cox to death. The Nanny-Granny tries stabbing them off, but they turn on her also

March 2009, Luling, TX; Mother faces felony charges of serious injury to a child and negligent homicide when 18 month old Tyson Miller wanders out back into the breeding Pit Bulls.

Feb 2009, UK; Infant Jayden Mack killed by his Grandmother‘s Staffy and Jack Russell Terrier combo during failed Nanny Dog operation

Jan 2009, Thomasville, GA; 5 year old Cheyenne Peppers is killed by her custodial Mother's and Stepfather's breeding Pit Bulls after jumping on a trampoline infuriates them. Her biological Father would later launch a campaign to regulate Pit Bulls

Oct 2008, Las Vegas, NV; *“Family” Pit Bulls force way into house and kill 4 month old girl and maul her Grandmother who was babysitting her. *Family Dogs?!?..For whom...the frickin' Manson Family?!?

Fatal pit bull attack victim
Do not let your kid play at a pit owner's home!
Oct, 2008, Ventura County, CA; 5 year old Katya Todesco becomes Ventura County's second child killed by a pit bull when she drops her cell phone at a friend's house

Fatal pit bull attack victim
Father flown home from Iraq to attend the funeral..Isis is the 8th military dependent child mauled to death by a pit bull in this compilation
Aug 2008, Anchorage, AK; Babysitter bitten trying to save 6 year old Isis Krieger from her family Pit Bull. Isis later dies after a week in the ICU. Her Military Father is flown home from Iraq to handle her Mortuary Affairs ..5 Military dependent Pit Bull DBRFS since 911 and yet the nutters wonder why they are banned on US military installations!

Fatal pit bull attack victim
Placed into a pit bull killing field by Texas Department of Child Services
June 2008, Westlaco, TX; 7 year old Pablo Lopez is killed by his relatives Pit Bull. He was placed with them by Texas Child “Protective” Services

May 2008, Camp Lejeune, NC; 3 year old Julian Slack is killed in base housing while under the care of his babysitter. A friend of the family stopped by with a pit bull which attacked and killed him. The US Marine Corps would later place a worldwide ban on pit bulls in it's base housing

Fatal pit bull attack victim
Active duty Father flown home from Korea to attend his son's funeral. He had previously asked a judge to make his mother and grandmother get rid of the pit bull
Nov 2007, Killen, TX; 11 year old Seth Lovitt killed by Pit Bull while his active duty father was stationed in Korea. He had previously petitioned the court about the animal during custody hearings. Babysitter Pit-Grandma Parker escaped manslaughter charges

Dec 2007, Summerville, SC; While Babysitting Pit Granny takes a nap, 2 year old Holden Jurnigan wanders out back to her chained Canine-IED and gets the Colby treatment. The Nanny-Granny is charged with unlawful conduct towards a child

July 2007, Bath, NY; 5 year old Sabin Jones Abbott is killed by his custodial Father's Pit Bull. The father had been previously warned by officials to watch the child around the animal. Subsequently charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

Fatal pit bull attack victim
Killed in US Army base housing
May 2007, Hunter Army Airfield, GA; 3 year old Dandre Fisher is killed by Pit bulls while visiting a friend in Army base housing. Hunter Army Airfield and Fort Stewart ban Pit Bulls effective 1 September 2007

Kiel Simpson helps to carry Ellie Lawrenson's coffin
Another illegal UK Pit Owning Uncle on Pall bearer duty
April 2007, UK; Pit Grannie charged with manslaughter after illegal Pit Bull kills her 5 year old granddaughter during babysitting

Feb 2007, Dekalb County, GA; 2 year old Robynn Bradley is killed by a Pit Bull and Mastiff duo that escaped fencing during a family visit over at the Relative's house

Note: The State of Georgia is complicit here :Pit bull terriers are six times more apt to attack people than other dogs are, Mark Paulus, a Humane Society official, told a House subcommittee considering legislation to control vicious dogs in Georgia
Saywhat?!? Georgia has sustained 20 Pit Bull DBRFs since this testimony was ignored...

June 2006, Conehatta, MS; 15 month old Javelin Anderson is killed by the family pit bull while being babysat by her older sibling

Dec 2005, Bartlesville, OK; 4 year old Cody Adair killed by Uncle's Pit Bull

Oct 2005, Suffolk, VA; 2 year old Jonathan Martin wanders downstairs into his Family's Pit Breeding operation and is "Nannified".  His mother and father are subsequently plead guilty to Manslaughter and Felony Child Abuse causing injury

Fatal pit bull attack victim
Just making a little extra income breeding pit bulls...
June 2005, San Francisco, CA; Mother escapes manslaughter charges after her breeding pit bull kills her 12 year old son. She had instructed him to stay out of the basement when she left him alone

Dec 2004, Hancock County MS; When it got late while visiting pit owning friends, a 19 year old mother decided to spend the night. Her daughter, Kamyrn Billingsley is snatched out of the bed, dragged down the hall and killed by nocturnal nanny-dogs

Dec 2004, Orlando, FL; 4 year old Myles Leakes is killed by a relative's chained up Pit Bulls.

April 2004, Charlotte, NC; 8 year old Roddy Dumas is killed by his father's Pit Bulls. His father is later sentenced to 20 years in prison

April 2004, Detroit Maul City; When Grandmother places 16 month old boy on the floor to play with the Pit Bull, it apparently mistakes him for another match dog. Pit Granny has her finger bitten off in futile rescue attempt

Jan 2004, Bunn Level, NC;  3 year old military dependent Nathan Roy Hill is killed by his neighbor's pit bulls. Nathan's stepfather was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom and had to be flown home to attend to Nathan's mortuary affairs

Sep 2003, Clayton, GA; 6 year old Isaiah Alley is killed by his Uncle's Pit Bulls. Coroner postulated "The dogs smelled food on him"

Aug 2003, Brooklyn, MD;  The parents of Terry Allen Jr step outside to smoke a cigarette because they don't want second hand smoke around the baby. They left him inside alone with the nanny dog and he sustains a first hand fatal mauling.

Photo: Riverside County supervisors unanimously pass a rule requiring pit bulls to get spayed or neutered. 


Police dogs and breeders are among those that will be exempt. Do you agree or disagree with the rule?
A good question!
June 2003, Lake Elsinore, CA; 2 year old Summer Clugston is killed by her Babysitter’s Pit Bull

*update from sentencing hearing where the Babysitter got a $1000 fine and probation...An angry [Judge Albert J. Wojcik] said, "This should not have occurred." Pounding his fist on his desk, he pointed to a quote in the probation report. Batey, the judge said, "says, 'Honestly, I think I have been punished enough.' Miss Batey, wake up and smell the coffee. Your punishment is of little consequence when compared to Somer's." Probation?!?

April 2002, New Castle County DE; 2 year old Zachary Grant mauled to death by Pit Bull while being babysat by his 23 year old neighbor.

April 2001, Dighton MA; Mackenzie Madera was  killed playing outside with her uncle's dog "TK" at her grandmother's Dighton home, when she became tangled in the pit bull's chain. Police had to shoot TK to retrieve her body
Scene of the attack
Pit Bull rests peacefully after killing a six year old boy on a school playground during recess. Nutters don't like this picture  

June 2000, Hamburg, Germany; Loose Nanny Dogs kill six year old boy on school playground during recess

April 2000, New Orleans, LA; Family pit bull named "Baby" euthanized after killing 2 year old Armini Virgil

March 1999, San Diego, CA; NOTE TO SELF: Never use Betty Wallace as a babysitter. 3 year old Shalen Darshea Cammon, mauled to death by Great Pit-Auntie’s defective Nanny

Feb 1999, Los Angeles, CA; 14 month old Fily Araujo is killed by the family pit bull. The boy's grandfather says the dog had grown up with Fily.

Feb 1999, Woodburn OR; 8 year old Jesus Gasca is pulled off his bike by the Baby sitter's Pit Bull and sustains repeated bites to the neck.  "Many tried in vain to pry the Dog's jaws off the Boy's neck"

July 1995, Ventura County, CA; 5 month old Jessica Hull is killed by family pit bull "Lucy"...Animal control officials search for answers

Jan 1998, Mount Airy, NC; 9 year old Tina Piraino is mauled to death as she gets off her school bus, Her horrified classmates received counseling after having to watch Jerry Neal’s sweet Pit Bulls named Jinx, Babe and Shaggy behave like African Lions

Sharon Reynolds
Sharon Reynolds...Killed by family pit bull  "Hat trick" in Ontario, Canada
June 1997, Ontario; Canada; 7 year old Sharon Reynolds; Forensic pathologists determined she was killed by the family Pit Bull named “Hat Trick” years after her mother was jailed due to authorities believing Sharon had been stabbed to death Canadian Nutters still assert that a pit bull has never killed a child in usual they only know breeder talking points...Say and do anything to get the breeding market opened back up!

pit bull money
4.5 Million Pit Bull Bucks!.
Feb 1994, Baltimore, MD; 3 year old Tevin Williams is mauled to death by his Godmother's Pit Bull named "Rage". The Godmother's Landlord would later be successfully sued for $4.5 Million 
May 1992, Orange County, FL; 2 year old military dependent Randall Ayers is killed by neighbor's pit bull. His father has to fly home from Korea to handle his mortuary affairs. ''Randall had no fear of dogs. He rode that pit bull.''

Feb 1992, Grand Rapids, MI; Routine Babysitting Op turns into a nightmare for 16 year old Babysitter when 2 year old Derrick Goree is killed by the household Pit Bulls

Sept 1991, Australia; Baby killed by Pit Bull. Australia banned the import of Pit Bulls the next day  Pulled out of the bassinet and killed by nanny dog!

Oct 1990, McKinney, TX; 18 month old Jessica Cole is killed and her grandmother attacked by the Family’s four Pit Bulls. Bewildered Pit-Gramps utters “she rode them like a horse“

July 1990, Chicago, IL; 6 month old Tionna Kenny is killed by her Babysitter’s Pit Bull

June 1990, Dolton, IL; 2 month old Kelsey Provo is killed by her Uncle's Pit Bull during babysitting while her parents are out celebrating their 3rd wedding anniversary

Nov 1989, Humboldt County, CA; 2 year old Garrett East killed by his Uncle's Pit Bull during visit

May 1989, Clute, TX; 3 year old Dustin Webb killed by his Grandparent’s Pit Bull as Pit Grannie is helpless to stop his fatal mauling

Dec 1988, Akron, OH; A six month old girl was fatally mauled by a pit bull in her family's apartment that a witness said was apparently after a cookie the baby was holding. "It was awful"

March 1988, Dekalb County, GA; The mother of 2 year old Chet Hyder is charged with Reckless Conduct after he wanders out into the back yard and is mauled to death. Chet is one of Dekalb's Five Pit Bull DBRF victims.

Aug 1985, Conroe, TX;  Parents of James Waddell are charged with reckless injury to a child after his fatal mauling. "He just played with him all the time, pulling his ears. If he'd get on his back, he'd ride him,"  Note the use of past tense....

March 1985, Charlotte, NC; 18 month old James Shirley wanders from sleeping babysitter into the jaws of Neighbor’s Pit Bull named “Bashful” and is fatally mauled

Dec 1984, Davie FL; 9 year old Nanny dog jumps into the crib to kill 9 week old Daniel Lloyd Smith.  Be sure read the article and meet famous Pit breeder Pete Sparks

July 1983, Clairemont, CA; Babysitter watches in horror as 5 year old Sara Delance is killed by family Pit Bull

Sep 1979, Phoenix, AZ; 6 year old Lillian Whitehead is mauled to death as she walks home from school

May 1951, Fairfield, IL; 3 year old Frederick Mills killed by his Grand Step Parents "Bull Dog"...Throat ripped out

Feb 1951, Bell County, TX;   2 year old military dependent Mary De La Pena is killed by neighbor's pit bull while her father is deployed to the Korean Conflict. Funeral delayed pending word on her Father's return. The neighbor uttered "The dog has never been vicious before...It has played with children all over the block"

Feb 1945, Bell Gardens, CA;  In the first known Pit Bull DBRF of a US Military dependent child, 1 year old Margeurite Derdenger is killed by family Staffa-shredder "Woof".  Her father, a Staff Sergeant stationed at Camp Barkley, Texas has to travel home for the funeral

May 1940, Kermit, TX; A "Bulldog" Fatally mangles 3 year old Raleigh Leroy Henderson.  "The animal was a pet of the family in whose care the child had been left"
The State of Texas seems to have no problem with dozens of children being fatally ripped apart by fighting dogs

  John Eldridge's babysitter frantically brands "Nanny Dog" with a red hot iron to make it release during a fatal misunderstanding back in 1909
Dec 1909, New York City; One year old John Eldice killed while his baby sitter is powerless to stop the mauling. She even tried burning the Nanny with hot iron to make it release...Now that's Gameness...

Man killing and dogfighting champion Pit breeder John P. Colby poses with Jack Johnson, the first African American heavy weight world boxing champion. Johnson was arrested in Detroit when one of his pit bulls nearly severed the arm off a man.  Low information Pit Nutters won't know this.


 Feb 2, 1909; In the most significant DBRF in history, “The Fountainhead of the American Pit Bull Terrier”, “The Mainstay of the American Dog Breeders Association“, and the breeder who produced the breed standard for the American Kennel Club‘s Staffordshire Terrier, John P. Colby‘s nephew is killed at his dog yard. Colby would produce and sell 5000 Pit Bulls during his lifetime…. All from child killing breed stock! F-Minus Breed Stewardship grade assigned in Blood Red Ink only because a lower grade is not possible

Over 175 American kids have been killed by a Pit Bull since this piece ran

* As of Dec 10, 2012. Note: The organized idiocy of the Pit Bull community continually cites the single, freak occurrence of a Pomeranian killing a 3 week old baby as "Most horrifying" instance of a human DBRF.   Even more horrifying, is the outright, negative breed stewardship which has produced 450 documented Pit Bull fatalities.  Of the 450 killed, 235 were children and 215 were adolescents/adults. This pattern of killing adults in such a high percentage is not seen in other breeds.  Maybe the trait of killing adults almost as equally as children is why they call them Nannydogs?!?... Oh well, Hose the blood off the side walk and pump out another litter!
Heartwarming pic from when they were known as Nanny dogs...

Photo: Download safety flyers at Is it worth the risk? Children and pit bulls do not mix

Part II: Routine "Nanny dog" Maulings, Scalpings and Disfigurements: Click each horrific snippet to read the actual article

It can be a real blood bath when two centuries of breeding by dog fighters manifests itself on a kid. The pit community continually disrespects the millions of  Bulls, Bears and "losers" killed by the dog men as they brutally selected the ultimate canine gladiator

*WARNING*..Parents... got a kooky relative or neighbor who swears by the breed and wants to experiment with babysitting your kid? Make sure you study the ever growing list of children mauled and killed by Aunt's, Uncle's,Grandparent's  and neighbor's Pit Bulls.. Think of anything to get out of it. Suggestions..."Jennifer is allergic to dogs" or "Tyler gets air sick in life flight helicopters", or if that fails  "Sorry, we can't afford a six figure mauling right now"...

Dec 2013, Gaffney, SC; A 7 year old girl is rescued by construction workers when she is being ripped apart in the street. The pit owner gets all uppity with authorities when Animal Control takes the maulers

Dec 2013, Yonkers, NY; After a five year old boy has his penis bitten off by a prohibited Pit Bull in a public housing tract, the Pit Granny says "He's fine"

Innocent victim: Juan Argumedo was viciously attacked by the pit bull, but saved by friend Vincent Barrick
Nov 2013, St George UT; Heroic six year old boy hospitalized after saving his friend who was being attacked by the friendly neighborhood canine IED

Wheeling, WV; 10 month old toddler in the ICU after being mauled about the head by the two pit bulls that lived at the residence

Another American child poured into a Meat-Chopper after a pit bull attack
Oct 2013, Armstrong County, PA; 2 year old toddler climbs baby gate to get to the pit bull at the house her family was staying at. Gripped about the arm and flown to Children's Hospital  183rd American life flighted due to a pit bull attack since President Obama took office. He has also presided over 100 Pit Bull DBRFs!

Nuttress Catfight!
Oct 2013, Conestoga Township, PA; Two nuttresses go at it after kidripper is sold on craiglist. Child endangerment charges flow with the blood after the new addition to the home attacks a five year old.

Sep 2013, Faulkner County, AR; Grandmother's pit bull snaps it's chain to get at his 3 year old Grandson....Airlifted to Hospital with serious head injuries  This was a scalping and ear removal, years of cutting by plastic surgeons lay ahead for this boy

Aug 2013, Grand Junction, CO; 8 month old baby girl is hospitalized after being used as a chew toy by the family pit bull, Police, EMS response

Aug 2013, Providence, RI; Police seize the family pit bull that tried killing a 4 year old boy. "Taken to Hasbro with severe facial injuries and is expected to have surgery"

Aug 2013, Reading, PA; Family pit bull "Atilla" lives up to his name by trying to kill a 1 year old boy. "Hospitalized with severe bite wounds to the face and will need reconstructive surgery"

Aug 2013, Jasper, AL; 5 year old girl mauled by loose neighborhood pit bull and AIR VACed to Children's Hospital of Alabama with brutal injuries to her face, neck and ears 16 Pit Bull DBRFs and 29 pit-life flights in the US so far in 2013 and it's just August...

(Source: Michael Bishop)
Another heart warming nanny pic
Aug 2013, Magee, MS; Relative's pit bull pulls two year old boy off of a swing to get him down on the ground and scalp him. Airlifted to hospital in Jackson after family members pry the animal's jaws off of his head. "Never showed signs of aggression before"

An astonishingly list of over 120 Pit Bull scalping victims (mainly children!) may be seen Here...These injuries take years of treatment with dozens of plastic surgeries to repair, costing about $500,000!

Aug 2013, Antioch, CA; 10 year old boy mauled severely on the head and arms while visiting pit owning friends over the weekend. Flown to UC Davis to get sewn back together. His family is holding a medical fundraiser in lieu of the pit owners taking care of his galactic medical bills

Aug 2013, Grand Isle, NE; 7 year old girl needs facial surgery after her mother's breeding pit bull bites her in the face Great...just what the world needs, another litter of kid ripping pits!

July 2013, Carlsbad, NM; Pit bull bites off a portion of a three year old toddler's face. Animal Control Officer Isaac Florez wrote in the report that he was able to see the child's inner jaw and facial muscles where the dog had bitten him. The pit bull's owner, who said he had had him since he was a puppy, said his dog "Buddy" had never acted out before  Never heard that one before!

July 2013, Asheville, NC; When 6 year old Chivonne Bradley gives her baby sitter a hug, the babysitter's pit mix decides things need a killin'. Both hospitalized, Chivonne with her arm mangled to the bone, the baby sitter with dozens of stitches

July 2013, Spalding County, GA; Couple's adoption application denied due to owning a pit bull by Georgia DFACS.  Georgia has had 18 children killed by pit bulls and another 6 picked off by RottweilersOMS Comment:  About time common sense prevailed...The number of children killed  and mauled by dangerous breeds in childcare, custody, placement and adoption situations is a national obscenity!

July 2013, San Diego, CA; 8 year old boy mauled on the face and arm by loose pit bull at Keeler Field. Police show up and shoot it when it attacks them. The boy is transported to Rady Children's Hospital.

July 2013, Boone County, AZ; 3 year old girl mauled by relative's pit bull that she had played with frequently. Hauled off to the hospital for facial reconstruction surgery. Her grandfather now believes "Pit Bulls are not meant to be part of the family"

July 2013, Broward County, FL; 13 month old toddler mauled and hospitalized by the family pit bull
Photo: Kansas boy mauled by pit bull in the boy's own yard after pit bull jumped fence specifically to get to him on Monday is home.  He was originally listed as critical condition.  The surgeon had no idea how many stitches were needed, but "he did the best he could."
26th US Pit-Life Flight so far in 2013
June 2013, Hoisington, KS; 8 year old boy flown to Wichita Hospital after neighbor's pit bull jumps a fence to get him.  His surgeon lost track of the suture count

June 2013, Hazel Dell, WA; Seven year old Pit Bull Clyde had over $1000 spent on dog training by his owner...That didn't stop him from disfiguring a 3 year old girl's face.  Clyde had to be euthanized...The unnamed Dog trainer owes a refund!

June 2013, Martins Ferry, WV; 10 year old girl hospitalized with extreme facial injuries after being mauled by her friend's grandmother's Pit Bull. According a police report, the grandmother of Johnson's friend told the girl, "That's just the way the dog is." The woman reportedly assured the girl she should not be afraid of the animal.

June 2013, Chicago, IL; Neighbors have to break in and separate two pit bulls from a 3 year old boy. Two days later a pit bull social worker from ACC saunters by and leaves a note on the door, but it was a harshly worded note

Another Medical donation fund 
June 2013, Lubbock, TX; 7 year old girl in the ICU after being mauled by 12 year old pit bull "Sadie".

May 2013, Houston, TX; Former pit bull owner who 's 5 year old cousin was mauled by her previously rock solid family pit bull sets up facebook page to warn other families

May 2013, Roseboro, NC; 3 year old boy dropped off with his aunt while his mother runs some errands.  Hauled off to the ICU after friend's pit bull locked behind door number two gets passed her and starts a maulin'.  "She actually saved his life by taking the dog off his head,"..."She was poking him in the eye, biting him and finally pulled his jaws apart."

May 2013, Colonial Heights, VA; 5 year old boy rushed to VCU with serious injuries to his face and throat after his baby sitter's pit bull goes nanny on him. The baby sitter is also injured while trying to pry the jaws apart.

May 2013, Eustace, TX; 4 year old girl being baby sat by a relative is mauled by family pit bull and takes a life flight to a Dallas Children's Hospital...Hospitalized for several days.

May 2013, Exeter, NH; Man hailed as a hero for rescuing a woman and a baby from loose pit-mastiff frankenmauler.  Police used a rope to try and subdue the beast but it ended up strangling itself  Looks like no Lexus vicious dog fan club on this one!

May 2013, Memphis, TN; The city shelter "doesn't what to do" with pit bull that mauled 8 year old boy about the head.  A couple of options...Euthanize it or give it to the ex shelter workers who were busted supplying dogs to area dog fighters

April 2013, Bradenton, FL; Family pit bull with previous 2X bite history grabs 6 year old boy by the head and neck and thrashes until family members can beat it to release.
The boy is life flighted to a nearby hospital  One of the previous bites was to the owner

April 2013, Lebanon, ME; Two maul-spawners escape from enclosure and attack 12 year old girl who was playing with a friend.  Her friend, a neighbor and the owner are bitten during the rescue. The girl is hospitalized.

April 2013, Buckeye, AZ; Two boys playing in their backyard are attacked by the family pit bull when they remove a chew toy from it's mouth and the canine idiot decides to use them as chew toys. One of the boys is airlifted

April 2013, Merseyside, UK; 16 month old boy hauled off by EMS for severe facial and scalp injuries after being used as a chew toy by the family Staffa-shredder
They used them a baby sitters in England....Yeah...That's the ticket!

Another Maulifornia pit bull playdate ends in disaster
April 2013, San Bernadino County, CA; Pit Bull play date ends in disaster as visiting 1 and 2 year old children are hauled off in meat wagons

April 2013, Union County, MS; Two year old girl mauled by pit bull and hauled off to the hospital with "Severe facial injuries"

April 2013, Tarentum, PA; Breeder's pit bulls with attack history burst through screen door to attack and hospitalize three children who were playing on a neighborhood playground. Neighbors have to save the kids with baseball bats. Now that there has been hospitalizations, A/C will finally pursue Dangerous Dog designations.

*New OMS Slogan: "A ditch and a shovel for every able bodied pit breeder!"

Apr 2013, Fairfield, PA; Family sues pit bull owner's for 2011 attack that occurred when a six year old girl went over to a fiend's house for a playdate. When she was told to "Come on in" pit bull "Chaos" attacked her and bit her nose off  Parents: Just say no to pit bull playdates!

The Israeli's have enough problems and don't screw around with pit perps like we do in the US
Apr 2013, Be'er Sheva, Israel; 14 year old boy arrested and charged with negligence after his pit bull mauls a girl on a playground

Apr 2013, Weirton, WV; Family member brings home a pit bull recently adopted from a local unnamed shelter. It attacks 5 year old boy removes the majority of one ear and he is hauled off to the hospital.

OMS Note: This 2011 West Virginia Medical study "Dog Bites to the Face, Head  and Neck in Children" must have been put into a binder and used as a doorstop at the shelter:

Most dog bites occurred in or near the home by an animal known to the child/family. Most injuries were soft tissue related, however more severe bites and injuries were observed in attacks from the pit-bull and Rottweiler breeds. Younger (under five years) children sustained more of the injuries requiring medical treatment

Apr 2013, Geneva, NY; 8 year old girl staying at her grandmother's house gets attacked by the resident nanny dog named "King". Sustains 18 bite wounds and a cracked tibia. Hospitalized for two days.  According to the story, King had attacked and hospitalized another child a few days earlier....DSS investigation and fire the dog catcher please!!

April 2013, Brownsville, TX; 911 and A/C response required after 7 year old girl bitten on the head and her mother is bitten during the rescue. Both transported to the hospital and one nanny euthanized

April 2013, Bay County, FL; Community Benefit Cookout set for 7 year old Tyler Jett mauled by neighbor's nanny-mixes. The owner was arrested for tampering with evidence after washing Tyler's blood off the dogs. 

"They put prisoners on treadmills in England"
The pesky 8th Amendment prevents putting Pit owners on giant treadmills generating electricity to pay their victim's galactic medical bills!

Apr 2013, Monroe, LA; 5 year old boy suffers facial lacerations and a broken jaw while playing at a pit owner's home. The owners are actually fighting to get the animal back.  Man biters were always culled...way back in 1894!

Apr 2013, Londonberry, NH; First grader gets her face ripped by nanny dog with extensive bite history.

The tiny Chihuahua saved this girls life as a pit bull was mauling her. The little Chihuahua got between the pit bull and the girl.
Heroic Chihuahua "Honey" helped save this girl from a pit mook's shredder..Ever notice how the pit bull community really hates chihuahuas?
March 2013, Chiliwack, BC; 8 year old girl mauled in her grandparent's yard by neighbor's containment breaking pit bull. The crying pit owner did buy her a gift though...

March 2013, Macon, GA; 5 year old boy scalped by pit bull while visiting his Grandmother. The boy's life is saved by neighbor who broke through fence. Caesar Milan wannabee Uncle stood over the incident shouting ineffectual release commands. Flown to Boston and In the ICU

March 2013, Warner Robbins, GA; Pit owner dine and dashes from Petsmart after "Nos" attacks a boy. Police are looking for a red Chevy 4-door with the plate: ATW0455 from Forsyth County.  This Nanny dog apparently didn't "Nos" not to bite a child...

March 2013, Scott Township, PA; Mother takes a 5 year old over to visit a sick friend that happened to illegally own 5 pit bulls. Now hospitalized at Pittsburgh Children's Hosptial with broken bones and gaping wounds to his head, arms and back. The owner's who claim to "train dogs" proclaim "they were just playing rough". OMS Note: Dear dog trainers, you suck at this,...time to fulfill your destiny in the world of ditch digging and heavy lifting!

March 2013, Athens, GA; 8 year old boy airlifted to Eagleston Hospital in Atlanta after being mauled by the family pit bull when visiting a friend's house

March 2013, Dundalk, MD; Pit owning uncle describes rescuing his 18 month old niece attacked by his pit bull. She was transported by rescue crews after a serious bite to the face

Feb 2013, Lakewood, NJ; 10 month old girl gets too close to the family Nanni-mauler while it feeds. MEDEVAC'd to the Jersey Shore University Medical Center and in Critical Condition

Feb 2013, Washington County, IL; A 22-month-old Washington County girl sustained severe facial injuries after she was attacked by a relative’s pit bull last week. According to police reports, the child had deep laceration about two inches long near her nose and facial fractures as well as bite marks on her face and head.

Feb 2013, Las Vegas, NV; Six year old boy savaged by pit bull playing at a friends house. Spends one week in the hospital as surgeons save his leg. "They put a metal rod in his leg for the bones to grow back together. They say in about eight weeks he should be healed,"

Feb 2013, Sacramento, CA; 9 year old Malik Harvey faces a long road to recovery after being mauled by a pit bull at a birthday party in January. He has already undergone 10 surgeries at Shriner Children's Hospital. The famly has set up a medical fund

Jan 2013, Washington, DC; 11 year old boy pulled off his new bicycle and savaged by three pit bulls belonging to neighbor. After the boy's uncle and police shot them, they followed the bloody foot prints to the owner's front door

Jan 2013, Greenwood, SC; 6 year old girl and her father encounter pit lion tamer walking his dog on the street. When she asks "Does he bite?", the Caesar Milan wannabe answers "only when I tell him to"...When the defective animal overpowers the dummy, part of her ear is bitten off and she gets stitches in foot.

Jan 2013, Montgomery County, TX; Mother has to pry her 1 year old son's face out of the family nanny's mouth. Mother utters  “He's gonna be paralyzed in his face,” and
“I wish it would've been me. I wish the dog would've eaten my face instead of my baby.”

Smiling: Milly-Anne lost her foot after she was attacked by family pet Rory
"They used them as baby sitters in England"
Jan 2013, UK; Young lass spends Christmas in the hospital....Milly-Anne Hemley, 10, was injured so badly when Staff-shredder "Rory" turned on her out of the blue that surgeons had to remove her foot and the lower part of her right leg. "They used them as babysitters in England"...Happy Maulidays!
Jan 2013, Calgary, AB, Canada; 7 year old boy has his cheek ripped off by sister's boyfriend's pit bull that had been involved in at least 3 previous attacks including administering stitches to it's owner's face.  Note: This is poor animal control and child endangerment.  Alberta knows it has a pit bull attack problem from it's own attack rate data:

*** Update: Calgary released data from 2003 indicating that certain breeds are overrepresented when it comes to aggressive incidents such as bites, chases and injuries. Nearly two per cent of German Shepherds, five per cent of Rottweilers and their crosses, and 15 per cent of pit bulls had been involved in an incident

In nonfatal aggressive incidents, the pit bull did rank highest in 2000 and 2001 (2.84 bite incidents per 100 licensed dogs of this breed type) in 1 Canadian municipality (Edmonton, Alberta) (12). Other breeds that followed in this municipality included the rottweiler (1.60 bite incidents per 100 licensed), Akita (1.52), mastiff (1.47), Dalmatian (1.40), and Great Dane (1.21) (12).

Calgary and Edmonton A/C "Professionals" are standing behind allowing pit bulls to attack the public at higher rates...Doesn't anyone get fired anymore?!?

Jan 2013, Lomas de Zamora, Spain; Boy mauled by Uncle's Pit Bull which had to be choked out with a belt to finally release his face. "There was skull sinking, detachment of an eyelid, facial lacerations and a deep bite to the neck"

Jan 2013, Chesterfield, VA; 17 year old girl mauled by her fiend's sic pit bull.  The young Nuttress who lost control of the animal blamed her victim-friend

Jan 2013, Henderson County, KY; 10 year old boy hospitalized after the family pit bull attacks his face and eats his nose. A/C officers and veterinarians had to recover the nose from the animal's digestive tract via surgery

Jan 2013, Bath, NY; Two children mauled by family pit bull. Sheriff says both children have multiple lacerations and the girl sustained a broken arm

Louis Currie, 12
They used them a baby sitters in England....
Jan 2013, Greater Manchester, UK; 12 year old boy attacked and mauled by a loose pit bull. Saved by neighbor who bashed the beast with a vacuum cleaner pipe.

Jan 2013, Omaha, NE; Defective Nanny dog "Beautiful" decides to maul the face of 16 month old boy. Hospitalized with multiple bites to the face.

Jan 2013, Tum Tum, WA; 2013 kicks off with a bang when a breeding pit bull and her cubs attack an 8 year old boy walking home from school.  Hospitalized with "severe injuries to his skull"  Just makin' a little off the books income selling man eaters...

Dec 2012, Cole Harbor, NS, Canada; Father takes four year old daughter over to Pit owning fiend's sic house. She leaves with 50 stitches in her forehead.

Dec 2012, Roturoa, New Zealand; Pit auntie babysitting a 2 year old leaves the toddler with teenager and her two pit bulls treat the child like a match dog.  The boy was bitten on the face and chest and was taken to Rotorua Hospital with serious facial injuries

Dec 2012, Palm Coast, FL; Nutter apparently bought the oft repeated, Nanny Schtick hook, line and sinker.  Leaves 10 month old infant alone with pit bull to go out drinking. Police cite him with Child Neglect.

Dec 2012, Chester County, PA; Couple arrested for running dog fighting ring out of home where 5 children lived. "At one point, one of his daughters was bitten in the breast by a pit bull she was feeding, and the dog "wouldn't let go," according to the affidavit.  Colby had the same problem... "difficulty" prying the jaws off a child.

Dec 2012, Griffin, GA; 5 year old girl taken by helicopter to hospital after family pit mauling...I got a piece of wood and tried to hit him with the wood, but he wouldn't stop," Police dispatched the beast with firearms

Dec 2012, Albany, GA; 3 year old boy severely bitten in the face by aunt's pit bull during family visit. Transported to the hospital where he received more than thirty stitches in his face

Dec 2012, Mansfield, TX; A toddler was seriously injured Monday evening and another man also was hurt after the two were attacked by a family pit bull.  The 2-year-old girl who was taken by helicopter ambulance to Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth and her condition was unavailable Tuesday morning.

Dec 2012, Boynton Beach, FL; Fundraiser set up for 2 year old Shelby Churrey who was mauled by her uncle's Pit Bull while sitting on her grandfather's lap. Her parents say Shelby needs three more operations, including two laser surgeries and skin graft surgery. But these medical procedures are considered cosmetic, and their insurance won't pay for them. Apparently, this dangerous animal wasn't covered by homeowners insurance...Pit owner Standard Operating Procedure!

Dec 2012, Hagerstown, MD; little girl and adults hospitalized after two loose pit puppies attack them. Responding police officer bitten resulting in the defective nanny dogs being shot.

pit bull money
Landlord's insurance Company mauled for $508,000 pit bull bucks
Nov 2012, York County PA; Attorney mauls landlord's insurance company for $508,000 after boy sustains 17 surgeries and 46 injections to restore his ears and scalp

Nov 2012, Memphis, TN; Toddler recovers after being mauled by neighbor's nanny dog. 18 surgeries and speech therapy since his June 2012 attack

Nov 2012, Pasadena, MD; 7 year old boy takes a life flight after being savaged by his aunt's American pit bulldogs during a babysitting operation. "It was not clear how many bullets were fired by police at the dogs"

Nov 2012, Dayton, OH; Nutter fastens his pit bull to a light pole outside the Dollar General store. As mother and three year old toddler walk through the parking lot, the nanny breaks loose and bites him in the face. According to the HSUS, Pit Bulls are 14 times more likely to break containment and attack compared to other breeds

Nov 2012, Bradenton, FL; After toddler is mauled by family pit bull, parents refuse to allow first responders to provide medical treatment. The second family pit is shot by law enforcement. No child endangerment charges?!?....

Nov 2012, Calgary AB, Canada; The owner of a pit bull terrier has been charged after the animal bit a little girl in the face on a southwest Calgary tobogganing hill Sunday afternoon

Nov 2012, Houston, TX; Family party ends up with 6 year old going to the hospital, gun play, and owner bitten.  Harris County Animal Un-Control did not impound the animal  County A/C  shelter must be filled to the brim with other family pitties

Nov 2012, Garland County, AR; 7 year old girl mauled by the pit bull her mother was keeping in the bedroom. This is the third Garland County child attacked by a nanny dog in the past few months

Oct 2012, Maricopa County, AZ; Baby sitter's Pit Bulls escape locked bedroom and put toddler in the hospital with life threatening injuries.  Never, EVER allow a Nutter to baby sit your kid!!!

Oct 2012, Memphis, TN; Family abandons pit bull ownership experiment after their two year old is mauled.  "Family members said Monday they will not be taking the dog back into their home, for fear another attack might happen  Just one day too late...

Oct 2012, San Diego, CA; 22 year old Pit Nutter just has to let a child pet her Pit Bull. Child is mauled about the face and the Nutter is apprehended by Police trying to leave the scene. Child Endangerment charges with $100K bail flow with the blood

Oct 2012, Marshall, County, MS; 9 year old girl airlifted to trauma center after Nanny dog attack

Oct 2012, Harrisburg, PA; 10 year old boy mauled and hospitalized with serious injuries.  While police are at the home, the second family pit bull attacks them and they have to shoot it.

Oct 2012, Wailua, HI; Prospective Pit owner scared off the breed after stroller attack while walking to the bus stop to pick up son.  Rescued by two good samaritans.

Sep 2012, Muskogee, OK; Pit Mommie arrested for Child Endangerment after her Pit Bull mix puts her child into the ICU. Story says the girl was life flighted and is on a ventilator.

Sep 2012, DuPage County, IL; Family member cited after unlicensed and unvaccinated pit bull bites 11 month old toddler in the head

Sep 2012, Raleigh, NC; Pit bull escapes owner's home and attacks a group of boys riding bikes, then sieges a children's birthday party down the street. Owner states he will traffic the animal to "family out of state"..   Man biters were always culled!

Sep 2012, Akron, OH; Pit Bull breaks loose and attacks children playing in the neighborhood. Rescuers are also bitten by the animal

Sep 2012, Rochester, NY; Three children attacked in one day during three separate attacks by Nanny dogs, does not deter Pit Bull Awareness month celebration planning

Sep 2012, St  Cloud, FL; 4 year old child poured into life flight helicopter after defective nanny dog attacks.

Pit Bull ownership can be a great source of exercise. Here two trailer park pitophiles burn off calories during the "Walk of Shame" out to the A/C truck
Sep 2012, St Cloud, FL; 10 year old boy hospitalized when two pit bulls escape trailer. Listed in serious condition with bites to head, neck, ears and back. It took two adults to "break" the dogs off of him

Aug 2012, Raleigh, NC,; Pit-Leper Neighbor's 3 loose Pit Bulls storm into a kids backyard birthday party and start ripping into children. Incompetent Dogcatcher chimes in with: "the adults who chased the dogs made the situation worse by throwing things at them"

Aug 2012, Washington County, PA; 11 year old boy gets mauled by Uncle's three Pit Bulls while playing a video game. The Uncle coaches him to lie about the attack, then disappears with the three Pit Bulls resulting in his nephew receiving rabies shots
Should be felony child endangerment charges here, but preparations for Pit Bull Awareness month have started, so A/C is swamped!

Aug 2012, Rochester, NY; 3 year old girl mauled by Aunt's Pit Bull. Article states that 3 children mauled in separate attacks occurring in Rochester on the same day.

Aug 2012, Elgin, IL; Aunt and boy mauled by room mate's newly adopted Pit Bull during babysitting . Police Officer has to shoot the mauler off the Aunt.

Aug 2012, San Diego, CA; Pregnant woman knocked down and bitten by Pit Bulls at an apartment complex. Transported to local hospital out of concern for the unborn baby

Aug 2012, Philadelphia, PA; 9 year old girl open cage at baby sitter's, severely mauled and in critical condition

July 2012, Suffolk, NY; 3 Year old Boy hospitalized with "Serious bite to the face" after Baby sitter's defective Nanny dog attacks him. Animal euthanized buy A/C the same day.

July 2012, Stockton, CA; 3 year old girl airlifted after the nanny dog gets ahold of her head during a family gathering. "Knife therapy" had to be used to make the animal release  Man..How many goddamn pit-airlifts a year do they have in Maulifornia?

10-year-old Garrett Carrier shows off his nanny dog nibble wounds.
The pit mooks responsible for this have moved away
July 2012, Middleburg, KY; 9 year old boy knocks on his neighbor's door to tell them their pit bull "Titan" is loose. Titan attacks him and nearly severs his arm off

July 2012, Effingham, GA; 5 year old boy life flighted to Memorial University Medical Center after being mauled by the family pit bull at a neighbor's home during a playdate Parents: Just Say "No"!

July 2012, Clifton, NJ; 15 year old girl mauled by family Pit Bull while babysitting her 9 year old brother. The responding Police officer followed the trail of blood through the house to find her and shoot the wiggle butt off.

July 2012,  Chino Valley, CA; Pit owning neighbor convicted of child abuse after her two pitties send a 4 year old boy on a life flight ride to a Phoenix Hospital

July 2012, Oceanside, CA; Oceanside Police Family Protection Unit investigates after six year old girl is mauled by a family pit bull in an apartment, then takes a helicopter ride to Children's Hospital  Severe facial injuries

July 2012, San Antonio, TX; Neighbors stage the rescue of a 4 year old girl being mauled in her own yard. After 5 men futility pound the animal and it won't release, one of them retrieves a hand gun and shoots it off of her.

June 2012, Pulaski County, AR; Mother wants estranged Father charged with Child Endangerment after 7 year old daughter has arm bitten and broken in two places during visitation

A 7-year-old girl gets rushed to hospital with tissue damage to her arm after she was attacked by a pit bull in East Harlem.   >
         Hauled off in the meat wagon from a Daycare...NYC is fully nutter metasticized
June 2012, East Halem, NY; Girl on her way to pick up brother at day care is mauled by Pit Bull and mauled for two minutes.  Evans, 30, was charged with reckless endangerment, endangering the welfare of a child and obstructing governmental administration. His brother Vincent Evans, 28, who was in the apartment during the attack, was charged with two violations.

June 2012, Merriville, IN; A 9-month-old Merrillville girl suffered brain, head and neck injuries after her family's dog attacked her Saturday morning, police said.  She later was airlifted to Comer Children's Hospital in Chicago, where she had surgery

June 2012, Tampa, FL;  After a 4 year old girl sustains facial injuries during a play date which send her to the ICU, Pit Mommie charged with "Culpable Negligence" since her pittie that had previously attacked two dogs and shredded the leg of a woman

Keiron Guess
"They used them as baby sitters in England"
June 2012, Swindon, UK; Toddler mauled by staffa-shredder bull terriers at Jubilee party..."airlifted with serious wounds to the face".

Concord pit bull mauling airlift
The attack below produced these first responder costs
May 2012, Alameda, CA; Parents arrested and 2 year old girl placed into protective custody after family pit bull attacks

May 2012, Norco, CA; Navy Veteran saves toddler being mauled during babysitting operation. According to the babysitter, the toddler “dropped a sippy cup“ to trigger the mauling

May 2012, Harriman, TN; A 4-year-old Harriman boy's ear was nearly torn off when he was attacked Monday afternoon by the family's two young pit bull dogs, authorities said.  Pit nutter mommie is relieved that his ear was successfully sewn back on...Thank God!

May 2012, Prescott, AR; In a travesty of Justice, 21 year old Amber Moody is charged with Child Endangerment because she adopted a Nanny Dog which mauled her son. She drew more than the customary mere ticket for a Nanny Dog mauling because the local Humane Society has a policy of no Nanny Dogs in homes with children. Amber's real crime was ignoring the Humane Society's warnings about Nanny Dogs by not disclosing she that had children when filling out paperwork to adopt the Nanny Dog, When the Nanny Dog predictably mauled her son, the DA charged her for bringing a Nanny Dog into a home with a child. *It would be good to see this No Nanny Dog policy expanded to all neighborhoods and towns with kids!

April 2012, Newport News, VA; Pit Bull "Spike Lee" gets off his chain and attacks thirteen year old boy at bus stop. The boy is saved by bus driver and then the misunderstood wigglebutt attacks police and is shot to death

Apr 2012, Osceola, FL; 4 year old girl mauled by pit bull at St Cloud Meth house. Hospitalized with injuries to face, back and head. Florida DSS investigating.

April 2012, Martinez, CA; Three year old girl MEDEVACed out of Pit Granny‘s house when misunderstood Pit Bull "Turk" savages her head

April 2012, Westminster, CO; 10 year old boy goes over to see his a pit bull belonging to the grandmother of his friend. Leaves with serious injuries to his fac and abdomen.
"The owner provided proof of current rabies vaccination and said it had just completed a six-week obedience training course."   Too bad the trainer who issued this 'certification" isn't professionally liable for his/her incompetence like in other professions

April 2012, Gainesville, FL;  9 year old girl is airlifted to Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta after newly adopted pit bull rips her.

Natalie NewtonBridgette Harper
The wild ride of pit ownership ended badly for these two young experts, see their handy work below:
April 2012, Hammond, LA; Pit bulls escapes the home of two ethereal young pit owners and savage an 8 year old girl who is rescued by her heroic young friend.
"They bit her in the neck, in the back of the neck, between the legs, on her legs, all up and down her arms, on her face," Mikayja is listed in fair condition after undergoing nearly eight hours of surgery over the weekend. The worst of her injuries was a torn artery in her leg.

March 2012, Lawrenceville, PA; Grandpa takes his granddaughters over to see Fiend‘s sic new litter of Pit puppies. 600 micro stitches in the face later, it proves to be a Bad Move

March 2012; Cathedral City, AR; Father arrested for Child Endangerment after his brother's pit bull bites his 3 year old daughter for the second time. This time the attack produced 150 stitches to the side of her face 

March 2012, Etowah, TN; Doris Fletcher was holding her 10-month-old grandson, Isaac, on her lap on March 6. She put Isaac on the floor for a moment to pick up something. As soon as she turned her back, her good-natured 10-year-old Pit Bull, Roxanna savagely attacked the baby without warning. Doris had loved and raised Roxanna since she rescued her as a puppy.
March, 2012; Oxnard, CA; Pit Bull mauls 2 year old on the face and neck at baby sitter's

In the 2010-11 fiscal year, pit bulls were the ninth most popular breed of licensed dogs in Ventura County. The breed had the largest number of biting incidents that year, 172, according to Animal Services. Chihuahuas were second, with 130 incidents, and German shepherds third, with 74.

Feb 2012, Ft Worth, TX; 18 month old toddler crawls through doggie door out into his Grandfather's seven Pit Bulls then ends up at Cook Children's Medical Center. The Pit-Grannie is arrested after getting into a "scuffle" with a judgmental neighbor

*Update...Deputies had responded to the 7800 block of Eastland Drive six times in reference to the dogs.  Another F-Troop Animal Control Performance
Feb 2012, El Paso County, CO; 9 month old girl takes a helicopter ride to the hospital after being mauled buy the illegally kept family pit bull. Father in law charged with illegal ownership of a dangerous dog  Obeying the law would have prevented this

Feb 2012, Chino Valley, AZ; Woman arrested for aggravated assault and child abuse after her wiggle butts maul two children. The 4-year-old suffered serious injuries and was air-lifted to Phoenix Children's Hospital

Jan 2012, Robbinsville, NC; Pit Grannie Susie Andersen sent to prison after her Grandson is mauled by her defective Pit Bulls back in 2010. NC DSS had been to the house on three previous occasions

Jan 2012, Sacramento, CA; 9 year old boy attacked mauled by a pit bull at a birthday party. Malik Harvey has undergone nearly 10 surgeries at Shriners Children’s Hospital to repair the extreme damage. The family is accepting donations to help cover the costs of medical bills for Malik’s injuries.

Jan 2012, Westfield, MA; Pit owning Babysitter, toddler and responding Police Officer bitten by stupid Pit Bull

A nanny dog stole Christmas for this family.....Family gatherings with pit bulls on the premises is not safe

Dec 2011, Walterboro, SC; A joyous celebration turned into tragedy when 4-year-old Christopher Ranly was attacked by a family pit bull while attending a Christmas party at his uncle’s home near Walterboro, South Carolina, on Saturday.  Happy Maulidays!

Vicious: The girl needed plastic surgery after she was mauled by the ferocious Staffordshire bull terrier (file picture)
"They used them as baby sitters in England"
Dec, 2012, Chingford, UK; As an early Christmas present, 6 year old girl has her ear removed by loose pit bull. 

Dec 2011, Plumstead, NJ; Neighbor's pit bull jumps 2 fences to attack 3 year old playing in her own yard. Life flighted to trauma center with severe injuries to back and head.  Out: Nanny Dogs...In: Life flight Dogs!

Dec 2011, Titusville, FL; 11 year old girl rides bike over pit fiend's sic house. Leaves with two broken arms and chunks of flesh missing in an ambulance

article image
This boy is looking at 15 years of surgeries to reconstruct his face..ten bucks says the idiotic pit owner doesn't have two nickels!
Nov 2011, Herminy, PA; 5 year old boy attacked by neighbor's loose nanny dog. airlifted to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, where he immediately underwent surgery. According to reports, he required numerous stitches for a large laceration from his right ear to his jaw and puncture wounds on the left side of his face, and surgeons placed a metal plate in his chin

 Bad Smokey!!...Bad, Bad, Smokey!!!
Nov 2011, Merced County, CA; Family pit bull "Smokey" mauls a 3 year old boy after charging into the home, when the sliding glass door opened  "He took a big chunk of his skin and most of his eye," Smokey had previously bitten the boy's sister, yet police found no signs of neglect

Nov 2011, Vinita, OK;  Nanny dog "Big Boy" jumps privacy fence to play with girl riding her bike...Emma Stonebarger has a broken jaw, a bruise on her brain, and puncture wounds all over her face. All of the injuries came from a two-year-old pit bull named Big Boy.  Pit nutter SOP is not having financial resources to pay for years of plastic surgeries..having homeowners or renters insurance is giving in to "The Man" who judges pit bulls through risk calculations. The Nutters actually believe insurance companies don't just sit back and collect premiums due to a "secret agenda"

Oct 2011, Sheboygan, WI, 2 year old boy life flighted to Children's Hospital with  broken jaw, swollen eye, and he has a cut on the left side of his face.  The pit bull  owner and the boy's father couldn't make the animal release, so "Knife Therapy" had to be used
Oct 2011, Broward County, FL; 13 year old girl tries to put the family pit bull into the bathroom when it starts acting strange. Neighbors have to beat it with baseball bats then shoot it three times to make it release her face

Oct 2011, Maul-timore County, MD; Pit bull burst through door at owner's lair to attack six year old girl playing at a neighborhood playground. Hospitalized, then transferred to another hospital

Sep 2011, Columbia County, FL two Nutter-Babysitters arrested after boy is poured into life flight helicopter and they tell investigators, “a roving Boxer did it”

Sep 2011, Franklin, OH; Pit bull breaks chain in back yard then attacks two children and two adults. The perplexed owner who was bitten uttered " “It was a pretty scary few minutes, especially when he wouldn’t respond to my commands,” Hipsher said. “He’s always been a good dog and I did everything I could to keep him from being a mean dog."
Sep 2011, Corpus Christi, TX; Pit breeder's cash cows escape to attack 9 year old girl who is rushed to the hospital by 911 crew

Sep 2011, Lincoln County, TN; 2 year old life flighted to trauma center after being attacked by un-nanny dog...Noticing a trend with the airlifts...

Sep 2011, Charlotte, NC; CMPD spokesperson Bob Fey says "the child was taken to the hospital with very severe lacerations and puncture wounds the mother received some injuries herself while fighting off the dog."  In the article breeders warn "not to judge the breed"..Yes,it would be terrible if they had to get real tax paying jobs!
Aug 2011, Portmouth, OH; Pit breeding Grannie and Gramps charged with felony child endangerment after their breeding stock maul their 14 month old Grandaughter from head to toe.  Photographing the girl brought tears to the eyes of the investigating A/C Officer  Nothing to see here, just making a little money!

Paramedics prep another mauled infant for airlift...Up, Up and Away!

Aug 2011, Trenton, NJ; When rescuers arrived, they asked that the 1-year-old boy be airlifted to Children's Hospital for treatment of "severe facial trauma."  Pit-Mommie of the Month told investigators that the animal had run off, sending them off burning tax payer dollars. She had the man biter stashed in the house the whole time

Aug 2011, Monterrey, Mexico; Surgeons have to re-implant the face of a 7 year old boys after it is removed by a pit bull. A night watchman was kind enough to pick it and put it in a bag of ice  OMS Note: This is at least the 4th "Face Removal" by a pit bull in North America

July 2011, MS; When wife goes off the deep end and immerses herself into the world of Pit Bull and Rottweiler Rescue, divorce/custody battle becomes a War of the Roses

Aug 2011, Fayetteville, TN; Family pit bull attacks 2 year old toddler. Flown to the hospital with serious injuries to the head.

This 7 year old girl is a hero
Aug 2011, Indianapolis, IN; Heroic 7 year old Amaya Hess is an example to all after enduring her 57th surgery since being mauled by a pit bull in 2006.  Plastic Surgeons refer to this as "The Life of Ten Thousand Cuts"...A perfect example of why treadmills in prisons are necessary...

Aug 2011, Monroe County, FL; 1 year old boy takes a life flight to a Miami Hospital.
"She was a few feet away, heard the initial attack, went over and initially couldn't get the dog off, but then started screaming at the dog by name and the dog then ceased the attack."  Another life flight?!?

Aug 2011 Upshur, TX; , Mother takes two year old girl over to pit fiend's sic house . Life flighted to Dallas hospital  Up, Up and Away again!!

July 2011, Millville, NJ; 7 year old boy loses thumb and sustains 250 stitches after being attacked by neighbor's pit bull with bite history. Airlifted to a Philadelphia Hospital  F-minus grade assigned to the lazy Animal Control department

July 2011, Crosby, TX;  10 year old boy pulled off his bike by neighbor's containment breaking pit bulls.  “The boy was mauled on his upper torso and lower legs,” Gilliland wrote. “He was Life Flighted from the area and is in good condition.”

July 2011, Yellville, AR; 9 year old boy attacked by the family pit bull suffered multiple wounds all over his body and was flown to Little Rock Children’s Hospital with serious injuries

July 2011, Douglasville, GA; 8 year old Dakota Holt was mauled by neighbor's pit bull that had been cited 12 times by the pit lovers at pit bull services for leash law violations. The owner was slammed with a $700K liability judgment but has flown the coop.  Nice job A/C !

June 2011, Pottsville, PA; A family pit bull attacked three children early Wednesday afternoon in Pottsville. Two children were sent to a local hospitals for treatment while a third was taken by helicopter to Lehigh Valley Hospital, Allentown.

June 2011, Park Forest, IL; Aunt's Pit Bull named "Soldier" attacks 11 year old niece who happened to be sitting on a bed. 20 staples on the crown of her head and Soldier got "The Needle"

June 2011, Heritage Ranch, CA; 4 year old boy mauled about the face neck and shoulders by neighbor's breeding female.  Transported to local hospital for surgery. The owner had warned the children to stay away from the pups    Back in 09, Colby had warned his two year old nephew to stay away from his chained pit fighters too...Oh well... another litter of kid-rippers incoming!

May 2011, Corpus Christi, TX; 18 month old remains in the ICU after being mauled by the family pit bull. The attack happened when the 20 year old mother who was supervising six children went inside to make drinks. Police shot the animal when responding to the 911 call

May 2011, Portsmouth, OH; Three family pit bulls jump barricade and maul 14 month old toddler. The boy's mother and grandmother are bitten during the rescue

May 2011, Sumter, SC; 2 year old George Sumrall transported to Shriners Hospital in Cincinnati for scalp and ear  resconstruction after being mauled by pit bull  Shriners hospital in Cincy is becoming the Walter Reed of Pit bull victims

April, 2011, Houston TX; Child on CPS approved visitation with her mother, sustains fractured skull and numerous facial lacerations Texas CPS is responsible for several child rippings..F Minus grade assigned

April 2011, Toledo, OH; A 6-year-old boy spent a night at a hospital this week after being bitten by a family "pit bull" at a North Toledo residence when checking on the dog's newborn puppies, authorities said

April 2011, Fairfield, ME; Fairfield firefighters and a Delta Ambulance crew responded to the Ricker Street home and the mother and infant were taken to Inland Hospital in Waterville by Delta, after being attacked by boyfriend's pit bull

April 2011, Akron, NE; 10 year old girl mauled by two pit bulls while playing in the backyard. Hospitalized with "numerous bites and puncture wounds to the head and neck area,"

April 2011, Jamaica; Newly acquired pit bull forces way into home and scalps one year old boy who was merely watching TV.  A courageous neighbor rescues him by bashing the animal with a shovel. Outraged neighbors then beat the misunderstood wiggle butt to death

April 2011, Calexico, CA; 2 year old boy bitten in the face during a barbecue at a local church. Flown out to Loma Linda Medical Center

April 2011, Burgaw, NC; 4 year old girl taken over to visit family with 5 pit bulls chained out back...departs in life flight helicopter

April 2011, East Baltimore, MD; A little boy’s leg was mangled by his neighbor’s dog in East Baltimore. After a dog attack, the kindergartner is recovering with 106 stitches and 12 staples.

Brutal: Phoebe Meredith needed more than four hours of specialist surgery for facial injuries after a savage dog attack
 They used them as baby sitters in England
April 2011, Humberside, UK; 7 year old girl savaged by her friend's Staffashredder. Hauled off in the meat wagon for four hours of surgery to her head

March 2011, Del Ray Beach, FL; DCF investigators investigate safety of the home after 18 month old girl flown to hospital after being used as a chew toy by the family pit mix

March 2011, South Bend, IN; Pit gramps defective Nanny-dog named "Spike" rips the ear off of his 5 year old Granddaughter. "He's never done anything like this before, he's always been real protective"  That's what they all say...

Feb 2011; Saugerties, NY; Police dispatch defective nanny after 3 year old is mauled at Babysitter’s and saved by The Cable Guy Nanny Life flight!

Feb 2011, Belize; "The pit-bull grabbed her and pulled her under the house and didn’t want to let go,” said Sarah“ He didn’t want to let go and I just grabbed him by the neck and pushed it, and the pit bull’s owner chopped it on the head, and that is how my daughter got free,” said Sarah.

Jan 2011, Lexington, SC; Sleep over at pit nutter's house ends up with police shooting a pit bull off a little girl. The girl had extensive injuries to her neck and arms, and was airlifted to Palmetto Health for treatment  Parents...There is a lesson here

Jan 2011, New Zealand; A source said the 18-month-old baby's injuries were so horrific that it looked as if the pit bull had tried to "eat" the child. The dog was the beloved family pet, which had never previously shown aggression.

Jan 2011,  Palm Bay, FL; 5 year old boy tries to ride pit bull "Blue Sky" like a horse. Ends up in the ICU with ripped ear and fractured/lacerated eye socket. Florida DSS investigating

Jan 2011, St Lucie, FL; It only takes the jury 20 minutes to slam pit bull owners for $70,000 after a girl was attacked during trick or treating back in October.
Prevent and PUNISH the Deed!
Blade and his reptilian stare...Blade mauled a boy to the tune of 1000 stitches...PS. They used them as baby sitters in England!
Nov 2010, 10 year old boy needs 1000 stitches when UK Nanny Operation goes bad

Oct  2010, Calgary, AB, Canada; Pit Bull attacks trick or treater

Nov 2010, Des Lacs, SD; 46 year old babysitter scalped and life flighted after family Pit Bull attack. Hazardous Duty Pay for in house Pit Bull owner babysitting services NOW!

Nov 2010, Robbinsville, NC;  A 2 year old boy lies in critical condition after being mauled by 6 pit bulls that lived at his grandmothers home

Nov 2010, Paso Robles, CA; Neighbor's pit bull loved kids so much it broke down a fence to attack two year old boy..."Doggie bit me"

Oct 2010, Azusa, CA; A 4-year-old boy was flown to the hospital Saturday after being bitten in the face by his family's pet pit bull, police said.

Oct 2010, Van, TX; 2 year old Summer Rayne Adams is attacked and scalped by the neighbor's pit bull while trick or treating.  The pit bull that mauled Summer was only seven-months-old, and she had known the dog her entire life.

Oct 2010, Riverside, CA; 6 month old toddler has testicles bitten off and will need hormone therapy for life. Despite having two older children removed by CPS a week earlier and Riverside County having 5 Pit Bull DBRFs, Judge McConaghy dismisses Child Endangerment Charges against the mother!

Sep 2010, India-maulpolis, IN; Pit Granny arrested on child neglect charges when her Granddaughter is mauled by Pit Bull “Fang” and she didn‘t seek medical treatment. “Didn‘t want Animal Control or Child Protective Services involved“ *Note: Then you shouldn‘t have gotten a frickin' Pit Bull!

Sep 2010, Marshall County, MS; 9 year old girl airlifted to hospital after pit bull attack

Erin Ingram arm amputated after pit bull attack
Heart warming nanny-action...
Sep 2010, DeKalb County, GA; 8 year old Erin Ingram is mauled so badly by a neighbor's pit bull that she has her arm amputated  DeKalb County has also had 5 pit bull DBRFS

Sep 2010, Wayne County, KY; 9 year old boy pulled off his bike by neighbor's pit bull. Airlifted to the University of Kentucky Hospital to repair the mauled areas in his face

Aug 2010, Titusville, FL, 8 year old girl and her grandfather attacked by the family pit bull.  The girl is transported to the hospital with scalp injuries.

Aug 2010, Clayton County, GA; Toddler rushed to surgery after being mauled the Great Uncle's Pit Bull

Aug 2010, Blackmon County Township, MI; 6 year old girl savaged and scalped while playing at friend's house by the three family pit bulls. Life flighted to the University of Michigan Medical Center in Ann Arbor.

Aug 2010, Trenton, OH; After 1 year old boy is mauled and life flighted by the family pit mix, his mother hides the dog from the dog warden.

pit bull money
$512,000 Pit Bull Bucks!
Aug 2010, Collingdale. PA;  6 year old girl who was attacked in her front yard by neighbor's pit bull reaches settlement with First Liberty Insurance Company for $512,000

Aug 2010, Williamson County, MO; 5 year old boy attacked by loose pit mixes...The 5-year-old was taken to Herrin Hospital with multiple bites on his face, head and body. He was flown to a St. Louis hospital, where he is listed in critical condition at this hour

Aug 2010, Bush, IL; 5 year old boy attacked by loose pit bulls in a public park. Lifelighted to the ICU at Cardinal Glennon, he is in a medical induced coma and on a ventilator Maybe they should be rebranded to "Life flight Dogs"?!?

June 2010, Knox County, TN; 9 year old boy goes over to visit family. Leaves in life flight helicopter courtesy of the Nanny dog tied to the front porch

June 2010, Middletown, CT; 11 year old girl mauled during court ordered visitation

Eva Anatya pit bull attack
 Pits frequently overpower their young female pit-nitwit owners. They are driving other breeds out of the world of canine weight pulling just like they did in dog fighting.  Take heed....

March 2010, Plattsmouth, NE, 10 year old boy badly bitten in the face during visitation with his Pit Breeding father. The animal had previously bitten the Owner's brother.
Doing the Nanny Shackle Shuffle....

Tax payer funded Nanny-Family photo op

pit bull money
$1.5 Million pit bull Dollars.....

May 2009, Pittsburgh, PA; Steeler's Linebacker James Harrison's son spends five days in the hospital after being attacked by Pit Bull "Patrone".  Patrone escapes PA Dangerous Dog Declaration and appears listed for sale on Pet Finder by FurKid Rescue  Note: Former Steeler's Linebacker Joey Porter's Pit Bulls killed a Neighbor's horse and also appeared to escape DD Declaration by star struck A/C officials. Joey's pit bulls later killed a neighbor's dog while he played in Phoenix, Joey's pit bulls didn't kill anything while he played in Miami though...Weird!

March 2009, Bay County, FL; 2 year old girl mauled by pit mix at baby sitter's home. Transported to a Pensacola Hospital with ear, neck, and torso injuries. A passerby stopped and beat the animal with a piece of steel to save her.
Dec, 2010, Callaway, FL; Appeal court reinstates a child neglect charge against a 17-year-old baby sitter whose pit bull attacked a 2-year-old child under her care.
Feb 2009, Pierce County, WA; Two girls placed in Protective Custody after their convicted sex offender and animal abusing father jumps into to Pit Bull Rescue. Neighbor's rescue daughter being attacked in the backyard while the father is inside asleep on the couch. 
*Note...This is why the Pit Bull Community is different.... Which Rescue is giving Pit Bulls to an individual convicted of animal cruelty and a sex offender to boot?!? Shut them down!

Normally, kids would love a helicopter ride, but not after they've been ripped to shreds..average cost of a lifeflight: $17,000!
* Note : Expect the average pit owner to only have about 16 bucks...

May 2008, Youngstown, OH; 6 year old boy mauled around the head, neck and arms by Father's Pit Bull during visitation  "I heard the bones crush on his left arm," she said. The dog bit the boy’s face and neck, ripped his lip and "bent his arm back like paper."
Broke out three teeth but the pit granny tried trafficking the animal to an unsuspecting community


2008 Pit Mommie of the year nominee


Martina Jennings collapsed to the floor of the Lucas County Common Pleas courtroom after learning she would spend four years in prison. Jennings was convicted of child endangering for failing to protect her disabled 4-year-old son from having his foot gnawed off by the family's pit bull puppy.
WTF you lookin at?!?....
Dec 2007, Toledo, OH; 24 year old Pit Mommie Martha Jennings is sentenced to 4 years for Child Endangerment after her Pit puppy chews the foot off of her disabled son. Sentencing Judge: "That special-needs child doesn't have a foot because a puppy chewed it off," she said. "Puppies chew furniture. Puppies chew a favorite pair of shoes. Puppies don't chew off children's feet."

 Kenneth Garrison's pit bull attack son Jadyn
 Swearing off the breed

Aug 2007 Slocum, TX, Mother and child mauled by neighbor's pit bull. Two separate helicopters fly them to medical facilities  True story: Poodles actually cause more life flights than pit bulls, it's just that a government conspiracy keeps it a secret...The poodle victims are flown to Sweden by the CIA for plastic surgery

corsicana 2/16/06 5
Two weeks of paperwork awaits these police officers


Oct 2003, Newark, NJ;  Pit Bull "Murder" that belonged to the boy friend of a 7 year old boy's mother nearly chews his foot off  Just a guess...The taxpayers of New Jersey picked up the tab for the medical costs on this one


Nov 2001, Hercules, CA; A 3-year-old Hercules girl was bitten in the face by her family's pit bull last night and flown by helicopter to Children's Hospital in Oakland, where a nursing supervisor said she was in stable condition

  Nutter Stockholm Syndrome is becoming more frequent 
Sep 2001, Grand Rapids, MI; 9 year old Charles McDonald has his life saved by neighbor that shot mauling pit bull off of him.  His leg would be amputated and he would grow up to be a pit bull advocate.

Aug 2001, Superior, MN; 2 year old boy rushed to the hospital to have his nose, lower lip and cheek reattached after the family  pit bull goes pit bull

Aug 2001, Waverly, FL; 2 year old girl life flighted after mauling by relative's pit bull. Ironically, the girl is saved by the family Rottweiler

Aug, 2001, Baltimore, MD; 8 year old boy mauled in the face by neighbor's pit bull. Flown to John Hopkins Hospital.

It is becoming apparent that the pit bull talking points actually come from a cook book
April 1998; The American Kennel Club recalls the "The Great Dog Book" after Breeders have a tizzy fit that it listed some breeds not suitable for families with children  Factoid; The first Pit Bull accepted by the AKC as a "Staffordshire" Terrior in 1936 was John P. Colby's "Primo".  John P. Colby is featured in the death section of this piece when one of his moneymakers killed his two year old nephew.

Okay...These are no longer accidents!....

Mar 1992, Los Angeles CA; Grandmother‘s Pit Bull mauls toddler  "They had to beat the dog with the telephone to make him let go,"  
pit bull money
 $350,000 Pit bull Nanny-Bucks!

March 1991, Virginia Beach, VA; Mail Carrier Eugene Parker named Eastern Regional Hero by the National Association of Letter Carriers for rescuing an 8-year-old girl from the jaws of a pit bull.

Now we are into systematic Child Abuse!!!

July 1987, Cambridge, MA; Aunt's Pit Bull has brain tissue examined after mauling her niece who was visiting from Texas. "Face ravaged and ear nearly torn off". Police wore riot shields to capture the beast.

July 1987, Los Angeles, CA; 9 year old girl goes over to pet the family labrador which sets the family pit bull's maul switch to the "ON" position. Hospitalized with dozens of puncture wounds to her face

May 1987, Akron, OH; Loose pit bull attacks ten year old boy and pregnant teenager. "I wrapped my hands around my stomach to protect the baby".  Good Samaritan rescuer: " I hit that pit bull as hard as I could right between the eyes with a crowbar"..."That crow bar rang like a bell"

Feb 1997, Pasco County, FL; 10 month old baby flown to Bayfront Medical Center in St Petersburg after being bitten in the neck by a pit bull

pit bull money
$813,000 inflation adjusted Pit Bull dollars....

pit bull money
12 Million inflation adjusted pit dollars....

How Unfair!  A judge forces a lesbian Witch Coven to choose between a child and their Pit Bulls in land mark child custody case


The Original "Petey" was fatally poisoned on the set of the Lil Rascals show back in 1931...Animal actors Rin Tin Tin, Gentle Ben and Lassie never had to be poisoned though....Nutters will not know this!


Larry just had a children's book written about him by a Nutter decepticon....of course, much like the Colby books, it omits this "misunderstanding" .  Expect nutters not to know this...

1885 heartwarming nanny action!
Part III: School Siege Attacks

Charges possible over dog attack  (Source: ONE News)
 Pit Bulls love children so much that they have to come “play” when they see them. Keep in mind, the School District is likely on the hook for the liability in these bizarre and unacceptable attacks. Somehow, these costs didn’t make it into the Best Fiends sic BSL financial calculator program….

In a pinch, Janitors can utilize trash cans can be used to bash attacking Pit Bulls to release third graders in a school bathroom
June 2008, Seattle, WA; Heroic custodians save 3rd grader girls being mauled in the bathroom by bashing savage Pit Bulls with trash cans

A pit bull is subdued by police in the Bronx on Wednesday. >

 Calm and well behaved pittie poses for the media

pit bull money

The Florida Senate authorized a school district to pay $1.8 Million pit bull bucks to a boy who was bull baited on school grounds.  Again, Best Fiends sic BSL financial calculator doesn't have a line for this...

In a pinch, Janitors can utilize trash cans can be used to bash an attacking Pit Bull to release a student in a school bathroom..wait a minute..didn't I just write that?!?

Dog bite victim's injuries
They used them as baby sitters in England
Oct 2004, Edinburgh, Scotland, Staffordshredder Bull Terrier attacks girl at the Royston Primary School Police asked for the public help finding the owner when she left this girl bleeding at the scene


**Note: an astounding collection of Bus Stop attacks may be viewed here.

May 1992, Long Island, NY; Pit Bull comes onto the field at Huntington High and bites girls during Gym Class…Heartwarming.

This incident may have been the official start of the Pit Nutter movement...remember man biters were culled!

Parents…Watch where you send your kids!

Jeffery was thrilled when Jimmy told him the family was getting a puppy. Then Jimmy told him it was a pit bull…

*DISCLAIMER…You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

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