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"Rachel Ray, Jack Dempsy, Teddy Roosevelt and Jack Johnson are a few celebrity Pit Bull Terrier owners"

The Pit Bull site "" touts four examples of celebrities who owned Pit Bull terriers as examples as to why everyone should go out and buy one.  All four of the celebrity owners had "Issues", yet they are cited as a reason why the average unqualified 22 year old should bring one into your neighborhood. Either the site is dishonest or incompetent, you be the judge.....Begging the question: Why does a dog breed need advocates in the first place?!?

Let's Explore the statement:

"Rachel Ray, Jack Dempsy, Teddy Roosevelt and Jack Johnson are a few celebrity Pit Bull Terrier owners" A little digging reveals the following...

Rachael Ray's Pit Bull Isaboo inflicts multiple attacks on neighborhood pets, may have to be put to sleep

Jack Johnson poses with worshipped "Family Pit Bull" breeder John Colby...who had his own Nanny Dog issue back in Feb 1909:

February 8, 1910: Heavy Weight Boxing Champion Jack Johnson is incarcerated in Detroit after his "Prize Bulldog" nearly chews the arm off a Detroit citizen. He vows that he will spend all he is worth to save the dog's life...but manbiters were culled!

Summer 1907: President Roosevelt's Bull Terrier pup "Pete" banished then re-banished from the Whitehouse after several attacks, causing a national embarassment!

May 01 1907 returns to White house after banishment for attacking diplomat

May 10 1907 attacks Naval Clerk John Thomas and it takes Whitehouse police 15 minutes to make Pete release:

July 25, 1907 Pete permanently banished after attacking a telegraph worker installing a communication line:

1923 Jack Dempsey sued over dog Bite

Boxer Jack Dempsey sued for $10,000 for a dogbite in 1923....Inflation adjusted for 2011 dollars, that is $133,000.

4 for 4!... All grotesque examples of breeding and ownership! You can't make this stuff up!

Part 2: A few other "Celebrity" Pit Owners who have had "slight issues":

Jessica Biel...Adopts six month old dog as a companion for her Pit Bulls. Apparently, "Tevy" was killed in a yard accident

Exorcist child star Linda Blair left acting to become a Pit Rescuer....One of her Pits escaped her triple fenced enclosure and had to be shot 6 times to release a neighbor's pig. Despite the mishap she still makes appearances on convicted felon Shorty Rossi's Pit Boss show.

Former NASCAR Driver Jeremy Mayfield's 5 loose Pit Bulls shred a mail carrier

R&B Singer Christina Milan sued after her Pit Bull attacks 81 year old woman

Actress Mariel Hemingway’s pit bull recently attacked another dog and two humans in Los Angeles, according to TMZ on December 26, 2010

West Coast Choppers owner and reality TV Star Jesse James, pays up after one of his Pits shreds a neighborhood dog. Previously, his Pit Guard dog Rudy ripped the leg off and killed Pit Bull Cisco...Oh well..... hose the blood off the sidewalk and pump out another litter

2006, Tennis star Serena Williams Pit Bull "Bambi" escapes and chomps a security guard at a Neighbor's


Animal Actors Gentle Ben, Rin tin Tin and Lassie never had to be poisoned...
May 1931, Hollywood, CA; Lil Rascals "Petey" is poisoned on the set of the show, ....Think about it.

Another truth stretcher..."Laura Ingalls Wilder of Little House on the Prairie owned a pit bull named Jack"

In real life, when the Ingalls moved back to Wisconsin from Indian Territory, Jack was left behind when Pa sold Pet and Patty because, as explained, “he liked to stay with the horses.”  Apparently, Pit Bull family abandonment was popular back then also!

Pit Bull Advocacy claims such as "Nanny dog", "Pit Bulls bite less" and "a Pomeranian once (keyword) killed a baby" don't hold up under examination. They are carefully developed to give the Army of 22 year Pit Nutters easily repeatable talking points that can be easily and mindlessly parroted. Anything to keep the breeders in business!
All aboard the Pit Bull Crazy Train!...Next stop; Maulville!, Second Stop; Euthasol Avenue, Third Stop; Coroner Station!,

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*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!


  1. Another great compilation of facts for people with brains and the will to use them, thank you!

  2. In addition to Jesse James pit bull who mauled a puppy being walked, lest we not forget how the media gave huge coverage when poor Mr. Jesse James "mysteriously" lost another of his pit bulls, not once, but twice.

    Apparently properly containing a dog is a mystery to him. He is definitely worthy of the pit nutters holding him up as a responsible pit bull owner.........,,20494029,00.html

  3. Way to go, Vintage! You found some pure gold here!

  4. You have named someone who dated Rick James, Jesse James, a dead president and a man who was hit in the head too many times. Oh yeah, they're a great sample.

  5. I just see examples of bad dog owners and nothing to do with the pitbull breed. Any animal has the potential to harm other animals or humans. We all have to remember that animals are unpredictable. Educating yourself before you take on the responsibility of pet ownership should be top priority.

    1. True, but the VAST majority of serious life altering injuries and fatalities ARE from pit bulls. Pit bulls alone killed more than THREE TIMES as many people as the next most vicious breed, the Rottweiler, between 1982 and 2012 in North America.

  6. Let's add this one: