Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Grippers and severed digits, extremities and limbs

July 2012, Callaway, FL; 43 year old Veterinary Clinic worker has arm severed by Pit Bull during a 'cage cleaning" incident

Robin Johnson, lost an arm & an leg thanks to IAN SUMMERS (pictured above) Orange County, FL Feb 10 2012

67 yr old aussie woman's arm was partially severed by the family pet described as a pit/staffy cross. her face was also the target of the family can opener. neighbor heard her screams and busted through the front door and saved her. the council rangers turned pittie's lights out at the scene.
"We have no understanding of why the dog attacked, it was completely unprovoked." duh!

Chicagoan, Bill Lesnewski, a 20 yr pit nutter vet, had his nose removed by his neighbor's mutant. Bill has forgiven the mutant and now has his hand out for charitable donations to help out with his uninsured medical catastrophe.

Joseph Finley, 62 years old lost his foot Chicago IL, New years day 2012

71 year old woman’s nose and mouth bitten off by grandson’s pittie, Bridgewater MA

65 year old Whilimenia Saul was picking mangoes when she was attacked by her nephew's pits, she lost an arm.

Patricia Murphy, 74 years old  arm bitten off by daughter’s pit bull. Georgetown, DE

Emako Mendoza, age 75, mauled in her own yard by the neighbor's pit bulls, she suffered 2 heart attacks, one arm and one leg were amputated, she died 6 months later. San Diego, 2011

Roy McSweeney, age 74, mauled in his own yard by the neighbor's mutants, both arms required amputation, he died 5 days later. Florida

Karen Stewart, age 41, lost her right arm and her left arm was mutilated in an American “Pit” Bulldog attack in La Grange Maine Nov 2010
“I have been to homicide scenes where I have seen less blood.” Trooper Meserve

Duane Van Landham, the 49 yr old lost fingers and toes when he came to the aid of a woman being attacked by pit bulls. Michigan 2010
Van Landham received a Carnegie Medal for his heroism.

Joseph Bryam, 53, Trinity County CA, lost a leg May 2010

Erin Ingram 8 year old Lithonia GA, lost an arm

67 yr old woman's pit staffy cross mauled her, resulting in her arm partially amputated Australia March 2010

Janet Hartman 63, Both arms savaged off, Pierceton, IN Oct 09

John M. Venezia, 48, right hand bitten off by his pet pit bull. Paradise Township, PA Sep 09

Patricia Thiel 39, rescued pit/lab mix mutilated her arm. St Petersburg FL, Sep 2009

UK 23 year old woman lost an arm to her boyfriend's pit bull 25 Sept 09.

10 yr old Patrick Crouch lost his arm to the family pit bull, Paw Paw, MI 2008

"It was an accident, man. Stuff happens." LEE CARROLL
Brenda Hill, "stuff happened" to this 68 yr old grandmother when she took out the trash, LEE CARROLL'S mutants ate her leg. Indy IN 2008

Roger Lindee lost his leg to a pit bull. Sept 2008 Orlando Fl

Annette Williams' pit bull ate her arm. Greerberg, IN 2008

Henry Piotrowski, age 90, 3 amputations and eventually died, compliments of the sex offender next door. Staten Island NY, July 2008

4 year old boy lost his foot to the family pit bull. Toledo OH Feb 2007

James Chapple, age 59, lost a hand & an arm, he eventually died from complications. Memphis TN Feb 2007

Jewell Estep, 88, a family argument sent pittie into the red zone. Estep lost her arm. Ocala, FL 2006

Vicky Jeffries tried to bust up a dog fight between her pitties, police had to shoot one to stop the attack and doctors had to amputate both of her arms to save her life. Abilene, Texas December 29, 2006

Greg Jones, 10, lost his arm 2 days after Aurora, CO passed a "no new grippers" law. Nov 2005

A teen lost her arm and almost her life in a pit bull attack
. Springfield, OH 2005.

Cody Yelton 3 yr old lost his arm at the shoulder, Moore City OK, Spurned Cody’s Law which was defeated. June 2005

Ebrahim Cassiem 52, lost his arm. South Africa May 4, 2004

Ruby Sharum, 91, Orange county CA, Lost both arms in a pit attack. Feb 2004

8 yr old Angelica Osusky lost her thumb when she startled her neighbor's nanny dog. Romeoville, IL August 15, 2003

Charles Murray, South African Pit breeder lost leg and died in 2003 
okay, this one is actually kind of funny. the nutter breeder was working underneath his car. when it fell on him, he yelled for help and 4 of his grippers attacked him (maybe there is something to the darla napora ladder theory). please click the link for all of the details.

Soloman Koka 68 South Africa lost at least one leg to a pit bull.

Charles MacDonald, 9 yr old lost his leg. MI, Sep 2001

Omar Yepiz, 7 yr old lost part of his leg. Phoenix, AZ December 2001

Dennis Whitcomb, age 51, arm amputated, Rochester NY 2000

Janet Mngadi, age 40, South Africa, May 2000 lost both arms

55 year old man tried to stop his grippers from fighting and likely lost both arms. WI 1999

Arnold Nickell 64 years old, Morgan County KY foot eaten off Jan 9, 1999

Cody Fox, 11 yr old lost most of his left arm. Tehama, CA Sept 6 1998

James Vickers, age 62, lost his arm in a Pit/Rott attack. Ft Worth Texas, Aug 1998

Kevin Hoffman A/C worker, 29, his hand was re-attached. Montgomery County MD, June 1998

Maurice Farmer 74, Lost his foot from Pit-Rott mix. IL July 1995

Aug 1994, Moscow, Russia; Less than three weeks after Russkie Pit Nutter's husband is hospitalized by her Pit Bull and she keeps it. .... both of her arms get severed

Sylvia Richmond, 71, lost her lower leg. New London CT, January 1994

Shaye Lynne Emminger, 22 yr old, lost 4 fingers. Ocala, FL

1985 Article mentions mailman losing his leg to a pit attack

Jorge Cuertas 11 yr old lost his leg FL Miami Fl, July 1983

June 1982, Ramona, CA; 63 year old landlord George Demartini is mauled by his tenant's legally vicious pit bulls. Suffers arm amputation and later dies of his injuries.  At the time of their manslaughter conviction the Nutters where still squatting in his rental home 

Jan 1980, Carol City, FL; 62 year old man has thumb bitten off trying to save his dog from Pit Bull

Roger Stokely, lost an arm and a leg, Spartanburg SC, December 1954

Gladys Mowry, age 42, arm, Iowa July 1942

Mary Lester age 10, lost a leg. Allentown, PA Dec 1910

Harry Pheasant, leg amputated, Owingsville, KY Dec 1910

Lena Smith 1907...Arm Amputated, later died

Jessie Berglund 8YO, NYC April 1908

John Duffy, mail carrier, may lose leg July 1894
thank you vintage for compiling this list.

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